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Brand New - Fight Off Your Demons (Full Album)

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--TRACKLIST-- 1. Untitled 1 (Good Man) 0:00 2. Untitled 2 (Morrissey) 2:03 3. Untitled 3 (Brothers/Coca-Cola) 7:01 4. Untitled 4 10:38 5. Untitled 5 (Cleanser/Nobody Moves) 15:39 6. Untitled 6 (Mamas/Luca) 22:35 7. Untitled 7 (Fork and Knife) 26:37 8. Untitled 8 (Sowing Season) 29:34 9. Untitled 9 (The Edge Takes Over For Vin/The Archers Bows Have Broken) 34:35 --Support Brand New: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/brand... Fight Off Your Demons is the name of a leaked collection of demos that were supposed to be the upcoming third album from Brand New now known as The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. The leak had come about when an acquaintance of Jessy got a hold of the songs when repairing Lacey's iPod. He shared the songs with friends at school, and eventually, the songs leaked. The leak had affected Jessy Lacey so greatly that the entire album was scrapped. The few tracks that weren't scrapped were rewritten and re-recorded at a later time. In 2015, the band released the demos officially under the name "Leaked Demos 2015" on trape and digital file. --All rights go to the members of the band Brand New and all respective labels. This video is meant only for the enjoyment of listeners and fans of the band. If you enjoy what you hear make sure to check out and buy the groups merchandise.--
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Matt (1 day ago)
They are all great in their own ways, I think some people draw that opinion because they are used to bands playing the same thing for 20 years.
Lindy Raimbow 2.0 (4 months ago)
Best musics
Paul Boothe (1 year ago)
Imagine if these songs hadn't leaked, we would have had a hybrid between these songs and TDAGARIM. Of course TDAGARIM is a masterpiece, wouldn't want to lose it, but it's fun to speculate what might've been
Emily (1 year ago)
I didn't fully appreciate Daisy until I heard Science Fiction. Now that I see the full picture of their progression, it is becoming a close second to Devil and God. Kids today missed out huge. It was a true privilege to have grown up with these guys. Wouldn't change it for the world.
gozibabu (5 months ago)
I feel the same way. I grew up with this band as well. I enjoyed all of the albums when they came out, but I didn't understand exactly how they all fit together until Science Fiction came out. Brand New's discography is a masterpiece in my eyes. We were lucky to grow up with Jesse and the band.
Ben Blue (1 year ago)
If you don't like Daisy, you were probably a teenage girl who got into the band after Deja Entendu for the cookie cutter sound. Devil and God, Daisy, Science Fiction are all light years better than the bands earlier work. It's really not even a comparison.
Daniel Gray (1 year ago)
when your demo album is better than 99.99% of music ever made.
Myshel Whatserface (1 year ago)
Number 9 isn't the archers bows have broken. It's battalions. Look it up, yo.
D F (1 year ago)
Re: the video's description, the name of the officially released demos was "Fight off your demos." Saw the cassette tapes at Brand New's official merch table when they appeared in Glens Falls, NY, in October 2016.
jonxoni (1 year ago)
wow so Fucked up Jesse's the fucking man... sad to see them go... but when you are literally the band... he's like Trent Reznor years and years before he sold out... at least Jesse's still got a soul...
Maxmilian Dealy (2 years ago)
I love these songs I'd love to here them fully recorded but most of the vibe I get is because they're demos
Matt b (2 years ago)
Because I'm Batman dude I agree. The demo vibe is really raw and feels more emotional. Good stuff
Maxmilian Dealy (2 years ago)
+Matt b I was under the impression that this was the only audio form. so cool
Maxmilian Dealy (2 years ago)
+Matt b I was super tired I meant to say fully proccessed like with all of the editing I like how raw they are though. But thank you.
Matt b (2 years ago)
They did re-record these song 2 years ago bro.
IncoherentClam (2 years ago)
Might be my favorite album dark af idk what u kiddos r talking bout
Will Campbell (2 years ago)
.... opinions are like b-holez. everyone's got one and they all stink.
lmao when the intro cam eon I was like "THIS IS SO MORRISSEY!" so I looked at the title and its Morrissey im laughing
Moves Like Jäger (2 years ago)
Janice Griffith anybody?
Madison Ozment (2 years ago)
Sowing Season. ❤️
jokawaii meatartjo (2 years ago)
Circuit of the America's tomorrow is going to be lit
The Cooliest? (2 years ago)
fork and knife is fucking amazing
keepthedevilinside (2 years ago)
Im getting the tattoo "fight off your demons" for my birthday bc i wanted it since 2013. i never knew it really was a thing and im really happy i found this band, theyre literally amazing and now i want the tattoo more than ever because it means so much to me
Jocey Unicorn (2 years ago)
Cleanser/Nobody Moves is my current favorite song omg.
Munch Smith (2 years ago)
this is breathetaking at some points. also quite talking shit about daisy, it was exactly where they needed to go, sounding more fricken mature
Amanda Knight (3 years ago)
You can download the leaked album at procrastinatemusictraitors.com
Andy Sandoval (3 years ago)
I get it!!!!!!! Us before just reaping
Dayra O. (3 years ago)
in case anyone wants a link for the official demos for free.. http://store.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/products/560841-brand-new-leaked-demos-2006
ElectricFire9000 (3 years ago)
Just cause I'm a good person. The official release of these tracks: http://store.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/. You can get it for free.
James Harris (3 years ago)
The thing is, I kind of "grew up with" Brand New... YFW came out when I was starting high school, Deja came out around Junior year and Devil and God came out while I was in college. Daisy dropped while I was in the Navy and focused on other things. But, Brand New was around for my first love, my first heartbreak, graduation... you know, MAJOR life events. I think the Daisy haters just either never had that experience or never grew up. There are tracks on Daisy I don't like, but there are tracks on every album I don't like. Just let the music be the music, and the rest is manageable
Bradley Gackowski (2 years ago)
You know.... I have such a weird feeling about the Daisy detractors. When I first heard it I had little love... but I grew to appreciate EVERY song because it was part of the overall tone of Brand New's movement at the time. But either way, it is just amazing that we get to love and appreciate a constantly evolving band. I don't know you, but I know we'd get along ^_^
MUTEGIO36 (2 years ago)
That's pretty awesome dude. I was a fresh twenty when I met my girlfriend and she showed me Brand New. I have an amazing new found obsession for Jesse Lacey's writing.
Isaac Sheets (3 years ago)
Well said.
Tyler Hunt (3 years ago)
Is this like an old demo thing?
Tyler Hunt (3 years ago)
+AwesomeMusicStreams ok sweet man. Thanks, I'll look
AwesomeMusicStreams (3 years ago)
+Tyler Hunt They actually released a remastered version of the demos this year, with far better studio quality. You can find the tracks online if you look hard enough. 
Tyler Hunt (3 years ago)
+AwesomeMusicStreams oh wow. thanks. I can't believe I didn't know about this
AwesomeMusicStreams (3 years ago)
+Tyler Hunt Demos are from 2006. This was the original The Devil and God, but because of a leak that happened the entire album was scrapped.
Tyler Hunt (3 years ago)
I've never heard of this before
didjano (3 years ago)
Andrew Ware (3 years ago)
+AwesomeMusicStreams I am looking for it on soundcloud, where is it????? PLEASE LINK!!!!!
AwesomeMusicStreams (3 years ago)
mitchell fortnum (3 years ago)
Demos are available on cassette today! Good luck everyone!
Failing Novelist (3 years ago)
Actually Daisy reaaaaaaaaaaaaally grew on me so I take back what I said.
Nice2347 (1 year ago)
Its pretty good. But def their worst besides Your Fav Weapon
Evan Beckstedt (1 year ago)
Failing Novelist love the fact that your picture is Modest Mouse. How'd you like that last tour with Modest Mouse and Brand New? I saw them in Nashville, it was a dream come true to see them together.
Colton Hubbard (3 years ago)
Unknown Unknown (3 years ago)
The official track listing for when Brand New releases this officially on cassete titled "Leaked Demos" 1. Good Man 2. 1996 3. Brother’s Song 4. Missing You 5. Nobody Moves 6. Luca 7. Fork and Knife 8. Yeah (Sowing Season) 9. Battalions
mitchell fortnum (3 years ago)
+Jason Hernandez They released them today FYI
Unknown Unknown (3 years ago)
Brand New is officially releasing this on Cassette!!!!
AwesomeMusicStreams (3 years ago)
+Matthew Sawyer I own a copy of it. All songs have been remastered to full studio quality + given official names. Beyond that, the digital copy contains a new version of Untitled 5. I may post a stream of it up here.
Matthew Sawyer (3 years ago)
+Brendan Leuthner it will likely be more polished and have acctual names
Stephen McDougald (3 years ago)
im only here because im drunk, im 30 and i know what this is.....old oass leaks from 2006. cassettes comings out in december 4. check out the sub reddit.....weirdos
who's joe (3 years ago)
daisy let the team down.. but this album makes up for it in my opinion. Deja Entendu is still the king
who's joe (3 years ago)
TDAGARIM/Deja Entendu for joint 1st place actaully aha... then Your Favorite Weapon, then Fight Off Your Demons, Then Diasy.
Failing Novelist (3 years ago)
+Josef Wheatley Exactly even though I like Daisy I prefer YFW
who's joe (3 years ago)
+Orbsfearbefore8 *progression of music. evolving is for Pokemon. and yeah i think they progressed towards a different style on Daisy, a style in which i didn't like as much as there other stuff. i even prefer your favorite weapon to daisy. But if i were to make a 'brand new greatest hits' i wouldn't include a single daisy song...
Failing Novelist (3 years ago)
+Orbsfearbefore8 Well you kinda misspelled it so...........
Failing Novelist (3 years ago)
+Josef Wheatley No matter what they say I am still the king! But now a storm is commin! A STORM IS COMMIN! YEAH!
courtney1644 (3 years ago)
untitled 4 ♡
C H (3 years ago)
not "fight off your demons" silly.
MiketheWalrus59 (3 years ago)
Song 2/Morrissey is one of the best songs brand news ever written its a shame it wasnt on any albums.
Michael Bush (3 years ago)
Devil and God is my least favorite album. Daisy is incredible but I can't pick a favorite between Daisy and Deja.
William Meakins (3 years ago)
Never even heard of this! nice one.
Jared A (3 years ago)
Well I wrote your name and burned it, to see the color of the flame, and it burned out the whole spectrum as if you were everything, :/ I feel you Jesse.
Northlane darko (3 years ago)
rrrrrrrr waiting so long for a new album,im scared its not going to happen
CCONX (3 years ago)
To think what The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me would be if this hadent leaked... Personally I like all their albums, so between this and TDAGARIM I love the both, they both have their own sort of charm... But maybe thats just me.
shiona x (2 years ago)
tdag turned out very very different from this collection though, if you think about it. it ended up a lot more dark and bleak, focusing on things like death and criminal behavior and experimenting with loud vs. soft and very unsettling tracks, something that may not have been achieved quite as well if these demos had ended up being the 3rd album. personally i'm glad the leak happened because without it, we wouldn't have the masterpiece that is the devil and god. i still adore these demos though, they all have their own beautiful melodies and brilliant lyrics. it's just definitely less dark and more uplifting than the final tdag album which gives me a very unsettled but very excited feeling (nobody moves gives me that feeling too though, i think it's the most tdag-like track here)
CCONX (3 years ago)
+CCONX Although there are versions of songs on FOYD I like more such as Brothers I like more than aloC-acoC, and I like The Edge Takes Over For Vin more than The Archers Bows Have Broken, but vice versa I like Luca more than Mamas.
Lexi Larkspur (3 years ago)
My first thought was, "Wow I wish they'd re-record this." It's too raw for me. I am weak. Natural selection is coming for me.
Michael Strain (3 years ago)
the album fight off your demon? They hardly read or follow the 2nd commandment of not creating idols.
Ryan Burch (3 years ago)
IMO their best album
B. Henderson (3 years ago)
I remember finding these demos in college back in 06. Song 2 is so stupidly Morrissey. But the assortment is very Aeroplane Over the Sea. Which is what Jesse has been trying to go for, I think.
Eric Wensel (3 years ago)
Not a bad album, im socked they i have not heard it till today.... still not topping devil and god raging in side of me!! im liking track 3 brings back a lot of memories of my brother and i back in the day... Keep it up brand new and il keep on jamming to yall!!
Alex Cisneros (3 years ago)
Naming track 2 "(Morrissey)" ... i see what you did there...
Beau Brenner (3 years ago)
thomas shealy (3 years ago)
ya this is an old album. Mele is the new song check it out.
M Spacely (3 years ago)
+thomas shealy Mene*
thomas shealy (3 years ago)
Ummm ya daisy rocked man. I never understand when people say...Why can't they make an album like the last. The point of music is to progress i mean come on man. This album will bout soon. I saw Brand new with Manchester Orchestra. Great concert great band!!
tarotjill (3 years ago)
this is the worst spam i have ever seen on craigslist. do porn, it'll serve you better ~
Tom Dabek (3 years ago)
I think this album is better than The Devil and God itself, but i'm a sucker for raw music
Wilkster111 (3 years ago)
+Tom Dabek Are you a sucker for anything acoustic?
Ryan Burch (3 years ago)
+Tom Dabek Agreed 100%
M Spacely (3 years ago)
+You Promised No? He doesn't think that?
You Promised (3 years ago)
GuitarParts101 (2 years ago)
People on here don't like Daisy ? What !? There's been a clear progression through all of their albums from the Fall Out Boy esque favourite weapon, to slightly darker yet still very catchy Deja, then progressing into maturer and darker music in Devil and God, and Daisy. I'm surprised to hear people like Devil and God and don't like Daisy? I've always got quite a similar vibe from both albums.
colin rice (1 year ago)
GuitarParts101 daisy is my personal favorite out of all their albums
HORROR_PUNK_GAMER (1 year ago)
Robert Lewis agree, great lyrics "sum ppl live looking for gold while others die just looking for a hand to hold" (know those are exactly correct)
Robert Lewis (1 year ago)
I completely disagree. You Stole is one of the most provoking songs I've ever listened to, it challenges what it means to be human. I don't think that's why they stopped making music, Jesse Lacey actually said that when writing Daisy they wanted to write songs that they enjoyed playing. It "hit them in the feels" (such a stupid term, I hate the internet now). I listen to At The Bottom and I can relate "Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart Think something darks living down in my heart " I listen to Noro and I can relate with lines like "Why doesn't anyone with no sleep oh oh just get theirs When they lay down there heads down at night What are they haunted by Why won't anyone just close their eyes Couldn't hurt them to rest for a while Do they need their friends to be alone Or their lovers to be their friends". There are a lot of drug addicts in my town that fuck up their lives and the lives of their loved ones over meth and other drugs that cause an insomnia induced case of schizophrenia. Daisy is a VERY good album, you've just gotta give it a chance.
Billy Martinez (1 year ago)
GuitarParts101 daisy sucked in my opinion. It doesnt hit you in the feels like this album, god and the devil and Deja. Pretty sure thats why they stopped writing music for so long. I actually think this version is better than the devil and god version.
Robert Lewis (1 year ago)
Daisy is the best album they've put out
esellanta (3 years ago)
Good god, track #9.......
The Man Cries Panic (3 years ago)
Mark Herbert (3 years ago)
Untitled 3 (Brothers/Coca-Cola) is simply amazing
Josh Pike (3 years ago)
the 4th song is so awesome! Very unique sound
Joe King (3 years ago)
love not being an up to date brand new fan... waking up and searching n find a brand new album on my head.
Taimir Gore (3 years ago)
dafuq? Are you trying to rap or something?
adreamersmusicgroup (3 years ago)
Untitled 5 is my favorite!!!! Its a bittersweet shame this album was leaked.
Caelan & Samantha (3 years ago)
Untitled #2 sounds so much like morrissey I thought I was listening to him goddamn
s0lar0rbit (4 years ago)
the clicking noise at 39:23 throws me off every time I listen to this
yourfriend marcus (3 years ago)
+Poilkjmnb20 it sounds like someone turning off their iPhone every time i hear it. haha
The second song is very reminiscent of Morrisey. Actually sort of like if Morrisey and Alkaline Trio had a baby.
Darren Chambers (3 years ago)
+VaxXi Eh? Elaborate?
Raz & RiRi (3 years ago)
+Animals Mistaken for Monsters It was re-recorded into Morrisey. So...
Where can we go to download this stuff?
Gangla Perdogie (3 years ago)
+Animals Mistaken for Monsters http://www.mediafire.com/?xntjgxhgyya
Marvin Roach (4 years ago)
how come i didn't hear this before?
MrTheedizzz (3 years ago)
+You Promised 🙋
BAMBI (3 years ago)
+You Promised hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh my god, I don't even know you, but I love you
You Promised (3 years ago)
Because you probably heard of Brand New on tumblr with the children
Anna Willert (4 years ago)
This is so beautiful
racistmatesonacid (4 years ago)
Im kinda glad this got leaked. This album is so good as a stand alone, and the devil and god will always be my all time favorite album.
Jules Marie (4 years ago)
i think i like this version of Luca 100x more and holy shit Sowing Season is beautiful
cammie gonzalez (4 years ago)
love this so much
Nichole Pagnotta (4 years ago)
I would probably die if I ever heard them perform #9 live. That bass and drum line... it's haunting.
Dan Marino (4 years ago)
sorry to break it to you guys... this is a very old leak from before The Devil and God.
David Dangerfield (3 years ago)
+Aaron Steele I'm pretty sure f-bomb was being....how do I break this....,sarcastic
helly (4 years ago)
+f bomb being that this leaked before TDAGARIM, which is before Daisy released, exactly how is this their new album?
AwesomeMusicStreams (4 years ago)
Im pretty sure thats common knowledge, its been stated in the description too that this album was the demos for their third album before someone leaked them and they had to trash most of it. It just so happened that no one had uploaded a full stream of the album so I went ahead and provided one. 
splendidoyster1 (4 years ago)
I hear the Morrissey influence, and I like it.
Sarah Smith (4 years ago)
This album is amazing. I have to say I love TDAGARIM with all of my heart but this is a very close second, if not equal. BRAND NEW PLEASE COME BACK TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!
M Spacely (3 years ago)
+AwesomeMusicStreams Truuuuu
AwesomeMusicStreams (4 years ago)
I wish that Untitled 4 made it onto the album, such a great track. 
Henry Stahl (4 years ago)
untitled 4 oh my god thats so good
Hannah Holmes (4 years ago)
where can I get this album????
Austin Chappell (3 years ago)
You are my hero, HH.  
Hannah Holmes (3 years ago)
http://ionlylikedthedemo.blogspot.com/2011/10/brand-new-fight-off-your-demons-demos.html Here ya go buddy. Enjoy this wonderful masterpiece (:
Austin Chappell (3 years ago)
+Alex Effertz +AwesomeMusicStreams - Would you be willing to PM me a link as well?
M Spacely (3 years ago)
+Hannah Holmes Pirate Bay?
Gangla Perdogie (3 years ago)
+Julian Perks =) I figured that after 7 months of requests perhaps it was time someone finally posted it
carter wahl (4 years ago)
is the edge really on the last song or is that a joke about all the effects he uses
Daniel Gray (1 year ago)
yeah its a joke about U2
Rocket6 (3 years ago)
+Gooman130 I do not :(
Ryan Kennedy (4 years ago)
+Gooman130 i remember this moment, it was fucking mindblowing
Gooman130 (4 years ago)
Oh my gosh. That sentence just explained so much. I now understand that song title. Thank you kind sir.
foster kardos (4 years ago)
best brand new record. No production, no problem. Thanks Jessie n crew 🙆
Rachael Miles (4 years ago)
Honestly these babes can do no wrong. Everything they do is perfect.
Kurt Cobain's Microphone (5 months ago)
Except for like...ya know, the kiddy diddling.
amanda mc (6 months ago)
Rachael Miles yikes....
Scott Smith (4 years ago)
So much better than The Devil and God... could ever hope to be. As Shai Hulud says, "Without Pretension!"
josefvickers (4 years ago)
I heard it here for the first time yesterday. And I'm back! I almost hate to agree because I like Devil & God but this is such a better example of BN's range and songwriting talent.
Speef (4 years ago)
Thank you for uploading this
No Wifi (4 years ago)

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