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Offshore Weather Routing using just your Android Phone: GRIBs and Polars!

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How I use SailGrib for offshore passage planning. Please let me know if you have any lead on conservative polars! What tools or apps do you use for offshore passage planning? More: http://savvysalt.com/blog/offshore-weather-routing-using-gribs-and-polars
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SailGrib (6 months ago)
Congrats on the nice video! There is a very easy way in SailGrib WR to update the polars using the 2 efficiency parameters (under 10 knots and above 20 knots). Note that in between, the app interpolates efficiency linearly. For example, on my SunFast 3200 , I use in delivery mode 80% for the under 10 knots efficiency and 90% for above 20 knots. That means that for 15 knots, the app will interpolate the efficiency to 85%. In you example, simply taking the Swan 56 polar with both efficiencies at 80% should give you better routings. Keep up the nice job. Fair winds, Henri
SavvySalt (6 months ago)
that's great info! I'll definitely give that a try on my next passage. Nice job on the new user interface as well. Though I'll have to re-shoot some bits of my next SailGrib WR video (;
steve heathcote (6 months ago)
hi, got a couple of questions: Q1: i have Sailgrib installed on my Samsung Tablet, and i would also like to have it on my samsung mobile phone. Do i have to pay again to do this or can it share across devices like in Navionics ? Q2: How do i save a bunch of routes from Navionics and load them in Sailgrib? (I tried copying many of them to the directory "Sailgrib/Route" but when I use the Load instruction it only lists the last route) many thanks
SavvySalt (6 months ago)
Q1: You don't have to pay again. I've never tried to move routes between navionics and SailGrib so I'm not sure about Q2.
steve heathcote (6 months ago)
Brilliant video. I do most of my sailing in SE ASia (Thailand and Hong Kong) but planning to lots in the Mediterranean. Will definitely purchase Sailgrib WR which seems the best value for money out of all available Apps (some are ridiculously overpriced!) .
Brent Moran (6 months ago)
Well down video. Thanks for posting.

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