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Plain T-Shirts - Men's Wardrobe Essentials - V-Neck, Crew Neck, Designer, Budget, Cheap

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http://awest.me/tshirts - for what t-shirts you should own, v-neck or crew neck, how to wear t-shirts & the t-shirt mistakes to avoid. http://awest.me/tshirtfit - for an in-depth article about how your crew neck and v-neck t-shirts should fit you no matter your age or body type! Related Videos Jeans/Denim - https://youtu.be/A8rPbNwtLn4 Polo Shirts - https://youtu.be/jWUks-bO6xs Chino Pants - https://youtu.be/IHVvKOL6gsc White Sneakers - https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o Underwear - https://youtu.be/aGcZLtAHE6E Backpacks/RuckSacks - https://youtu.be/1ZnxTwZ4BHQ Messenger Bags - https://youtu.be/Cwl1xoqqKxg http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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Text Comments (308)
VerryLongName (5 days ago)
what does an average neck look like?
Rodney Leavy (16 days ago)
You must have only white clients cause black men dont dress like this
AWxInc (16 days ago)
Might want to google who she styles first... We'll await your apology reply...
Rodney Leavy (16 days ago)
I wear v necks in the summer
Nakai (1 month ago)
Do you go to college to get her job or...
Filazy Arubazy (2 months ago)
well said mam,that's awesome!
Clyde Kimsey (3 months ago)
So, should I have my T shirts tailored?
Bunny (4 months ago)
That intro music felt like horror sci fi
The classic men's fashion as a must have f & # x178; R fashion-conscious M & # x160; 's jacket. Made from lightweight material highlights the t-shirt ... * Check website for latest pricing and availability. Images
Jeff Sansone (4 months ago)
I love plain t’s but its hard finding a good company who isn’t overly expensive do you have any recommendations for companys?
Afsh Naz (4 months ago)
You have gain a fan.
Brad Metcalf (5 months ago)
Shits getting weird boys
asi amiria (5 months ago)
Your cute but your Opinions on the t shirts part, such as the V necks being more appropriate for longer necks is kind of subjective.
Hussein Isse (6 months ago)
Women supposed talk us our style outfit, that is the best way guys
Heng Chang (6 months ago)
I agree that t shirt must fit and not big or oversize.
Clyde Kimsey (6 months ago)
a jacket with a T shirt is a contradiction . Is it hot or cold outside? Make up your mind! Worn together, it is too ostentatious.
Clyde Kimsey (6 months ago)
Her T shirt color options are boring.
wilhelm Achilles Arabani (6 months ago)
talking about Double standard... wellplayed feminist
Dave DyO (6 months ago)
I like your advice!
RayLo (7 months ago)
You saying you can only wear a band t-shirt to a concert? You have no clue what your talking about.
David Arbelaez (7 months ago)
I dare to say that 80% of men dress like complete shit.
Graham Jefferson (7 months ago)
Not sure about ruling out graphic tees all together. Some non-intricate all-over prints or small clean/simple designs can be very interesting without derailing a look or appearing immature. I also *love* faded black garments, but I am a graphic designer so I could be biased.
Harsha Venkatesh (7 months ago)
I'm in love with this channel.i don't need to follow my other site or channel.its perfect
odon seel (7 months ago)
I also have a question what do you think about t-shirts in base colors, but with pockets? can you tell me your opinion in answer , is it worth to buy it.. for example simple white t-shirt with a small graphic pocket? or should it be avoided like graphic tees? and if i can have a few tees with pockets should i put something there? or is it just for the visual there? if you dont like this tees on men, just say so. I fully believe in your taste
odon seel (7 months ago)
i just came back from buying basic color t-shirts. i must say ur guide on fit and colors helped me a lot with choice. but there is something you would probably want to add to your guide on website (if u want). there is a thing that t-shirts also goes in slim fit and regular fit. and as a skinny guy i started first to try on the small size regular fit t-shirts and it was looking bad, i almost gave up on that, but lucky for me i had 1 tshirt of slim fit small size and when i puted it on.. the difference was huge. its like from bad baggy on me to perfect fit. maybe you would like to add this to your article, that for skinny guys they probably should 90% of the time go with slim fit on t-shirts. (just like you told to do with jeans - slim fit) p.s. i also bought dark denim jeans , took all your advices. fit is perfect, looks very nice. i will build my whole wardrobe from zero with using your guides. ur amazing, i felt so much more confident when i knew what i was looking for (the fit, the colors, the exact items to start with) and not just randomly buying all my eyes see (like i did before). I Love you so much. Have feeling like i got best stylist out there to guide me on my journey. p.s.s. I cannot leave comment without telling you, that your also very beautiful, just like your taste. Thanks!
David Malinovsky (7 months ago)
The best T-Shirts are the ones sold in the workwear section of WalMart, JCPenney or Sears. Some are also sold in local shops and on Amazon. Think Carhartt or Dickies. They have the best heavyweight cotton and the longest wear. The "fashionable" stores that sell to "young men" have flimsy thin junk.
ndstuckey (7 months ago)
This new plain man's uniform is very tired and uninspiring. Who started this trend?
Csanád Bakonyváry (7 months ago)
You make clones...
Dyn Jonny (7 months ago)
baggy t shirts always and u a bum if u wearin a v neck lol
TheBackstreetNets (7 months ago)
Holy shit!!! I need to throw out half my wardrobe! It's like 90% t-shirts with graphical designs on them!
VC (8 months ago)
Loved your videos, new here & subscribed today😍😘
Rye Hots (8 months ago)
I have a story about this. I was at a store checking out t-shirts. I had some picked out: white, black, uh...i can't find any grey ones so i guess just white and black tees. Anyway, because I didn't have any "colorful" shirts the clerk woman person convinced me to get a brighter blue colored shirt (so not a dark or navy blue) I still wear this "blue" shirt, but because I also tend to wear jeans with my casual outfits, I find that the blue on blue doesn't make any sense. I try to layer it with something over the blue shirt sometimes, but when it is 25C or hotter outside, forget it! Ugh. Now i have to go buy more t shirts.
Atam Adi (8 months ago)
How about wearing it in a blazers??
Mohamed Bolbare (8 months ago)
New subs here. Usually, i dont sub nor drop a comment on videos but I'm impressed how you dedicated to man wardrobe series and how youre on top of it. I'm liking it so far.
Jay (8 months ago)
What’s wrong with my nipples and hair? I’m offended...
TheReaper (8 months ago)
She relatively long neck and wore a v neck... she said not to do that...
TheFabbening (5 months ago)
TheReaper for men
nouradin abdi Ahmed (8 months ago)
Good you are nice one
Jibril Channel (8 months ago)
Wearing plain black looks like your punk
Peedy (8 months ago)
I was wondering what you think of those bamboo tshirts and merino wool tshirts?
bobTom37 (9 months ago)
What about guys with broad shoulders and small waists? Literally impossible to find a proper fitting tee
Matthew (9 months ago)
I feel graphic T-shirts are good with basic designs, when they become obnoxious I agree they look shit but basic designs add a flair (something like a gucci tshirt except less gaudy)
Isaac Contreras (10 months ago)
what do you think about Buck Mason curved hem tees?
Nate Bailey (10 months ago)
@ashleypweston what do you think about t-shirts with breast pockets?
Let Go (10 months ago)
Basically if you’re a model this channel is for you
Blake Williams (10 months ago)
Giving style tips with hair like that = definition of irony
Ferdinand Vazquez (11 months ago)
Too many neutrals AW! Can we get some "vib" colors! Much ❤.
Charles Valix (11 months ago)
Uniqlo crew shirts are the best bang for the buck!
J D (11 months ago)
What do you think about t-shirts with pockets?
perez gonzalez (11 months ago)
Any Brand that is thick and no rinkles on neck? No matter the price
ben schram (11 months ago)
My problem with the plain tee's is that EVERYONE is wearing the same tee's from the same few places. Topshop, H&M etc. I find them to be the cheapest nastiest teeshirts around that are only good for about 3 wears, after that they're all stretched and weird. Plus that material they use doesn't breathe at all (maximum sweatyness) and they're just not a good fit unless you're a non-shapely bean pole hipster. Good if you wish to look just like every other iphone carrying basic-bastard out there. I'm rather particular and selective with my tee's, A minimalist design or logo is best.
PrebenOlsen90 (11 months ago)
"If you have a long neck, don't use V-neck"? Ashley, you have a long neck and in this video, you wear a V-neck :O
kafaya77 (1 year ago)
i agree for the most part and she is right it depends where you're at. when i'm at work or out at night i'll wear a white/navy/black t shirt (don't really have gray) but if i'm doing errands on the weekends in shorts and tennis shoes i'll wear a t shirt w/ a graphic or art. add: Armani Exchange has some nice fitted t shirts when they're on sale they're like 2 for $40 or so
Kevin Moratto (1 year ago)
hi Ashley in another you said that we should never wear oxfords with a t-shirt, why here you put them with a t-shirt? Thank you I love your videos :)
srinevous (1 year ago)
I'm 33 and apparently I have no clue how to dress. Somehow, I managed to get married and have 3 kids though. This advice should only be taken if you are a rich prissy male type who lives in California or New York.
music (1 year ago)
crew neck makes me feel like the shirt is choking me out. super uncomfortable
Paul Bailer (1 year ago)
I watched a few of your videos and the main thing I noticed is that all these videos are just a description of your dream man's style.... this is no guide on how to attract women this is s guide on how to look like this crazy woman's dream man. Tips on how T-shirts should fit and which colour they should have are just guidelines that no man on this planet should follow. When you want to attract a women you should dress the way you want to dress and in a way that you like looking at yourself. Because when you like your appearance and others do to, they don't look at the wardrobe which an irrelevant brat designed, but a happy man who is confident in the way he looks.
Navaneeth Krishnan (1 year ago)
My favorite is Solid dark grey
Club Soda (1 year ago)
You can wear a sloppy T shirt with an ugly logo if you're out fishing with old men, out in the woods, gardening, etc.....There's a place for that.
Kile (1 year ago)
Cool...she has some good points but the part about the graphic tees is a bit retarded... So what, everyone should look fall into that robotic we all look the same fashion sense....oh please. Don't let your personal opinion interfere with professional advice....imagine everyone in a bar wearing only white or black...sigh
Kile agreed. Depends on your mood. If I want to throw on a plain black tee I will, if I want to put on a graphic tee I will, I have a tee shirt with Bruce Lee on it, I see her point however in a few years the trend will fade and what's old is new.
muhaimin chowdhury (1 year ago)
whenever I search for what to wear or how my hair cut should be or anything related to fashion I find lots of videos talked about body types or face types.. for example they say oh your face is oval than go with any kind of hair cutting.. now you are saying I have to go crazy and wear any kind of T-Shirt!!!! I think I am to perfect to have an exceptional hair cut or wear something..
Dodge Blake (1 year ago)
Ahsley's advice is not just "taste". It's exactly what makes us look sexy. It's instinct, it's sexual. Cars or wrist watches that look sexy are naturally more attractive. For me, women who wear well fitted clothes are sexier because they show only enough skin, they look mature and it shows they pay attention to how they look. If you want to wear whatever you like, do it. But if you want to look sexy, follow Ashleys guidelines. Her clothing advice makes us look sexy and mature.
Andy Bryant (1 month ago)
I think as far as sexy cars go. Vintage cars are the way too go.
Roehl Galang (1 year ago)
Just want to say you look amazing as a blonde.
TheEloquentEye (1 year ago)
The part she missed was : Be able to fill out a medium sized tee by working out, make sure that your biceps are big enough to fill out the sleeve. Advice taken from professional fashion photographers
AWxInc (1 year ago)
+TheEloquentEye if you make sure not fits properly, it'll look good on anyones arms.
Joce Appe (1 year ago)
please make a video how to looking good or a great outfit. for a shorter guy (5'8)below) and have a litttle belly . and have a (36)beloe waistline. i hope you notice this . i love to wear sneakers most . please teach me how. thanks 😊😊😊
Pradeep Nayak (1 year ago)
Joce Appe just hit the gym bro !!
Alex (1 year ago)
You should make a video on how to match different colors of clothing( for example what plaint-shirts work better with pants and with shoes etc.).
Rocket Junior (1 year ago)
ooow so difficult, i like tshirt so much. you try them out in store and make indication how much and were it will shrink after the first wash. and often turns out it shrinked the wrong way, lol. but when lucky that tshirt is awesome, to bad some wear of that fast :D
spasta (1 year ago)
u are best teacher..love u mam..<3
muff10000 (1 year ago)
Pretty amusing. Learn what collar and clothes say about mental health to begin with. For instance you attract a lot of girls that have low developed insides and have a lot of depression/anxiety going on on the inside, also insecurity when wearing dark coolers. You also say you are depressed when you wear dark.
TommyBoy8771 (1 year ago)
"The like bar better be as big as the view count! Or else bad ashley is gonna come pay you a visit!" *looks at like count* *looks at views* "Well, we're fucked"
AdamLuxueux (1 year ago)
how boring can an outfit get?
AWxInc (1 year ago)
Let's see your unboring outfit for comparison then?
chewinternet (1 year ago)
Viktor Mikhail Abalde (1 year ago)
Although I'm a married man but I still want to look hot in front of my wife.. hahaha cheers for this tips ashley.
s b (1 year ago)
Whats wrong with a t-shirt with at least one logo on it?
TheEloquentEye (1 year ago)
Unless you are a graphic designer/artist the odds are that you have really shit taste. 99% of the tee's that I see look like absolute shit.
i can't believe 150 people disliked this!
TLDR, Men should dress boringly nude colors.
Emilio Pastore, Jr (1 year ago)
Some of the things you say are just a kind of taste, you know... Not all nor most women think the same.
Best Products (1 year ago)
thank you
abhishek singh (1 year ago)
hey Ashley. I'm a bottom heavy guy. I have more volume on my hips and thigh. plz suggest how to dress to look balanced.
Abdealii (1 year ago)
You are awesome.
here's a question, what about a t shirt (darkish blue with white letters) say this "Jesus washed away my sins"?
Chris K. (1 year ago)
How do you know if you have a long or short neck?
Arjun Kaler (1 year ago)
Court Paul (1 year ago)
Ashley I agree with alot of what you've said just another thing most of us don't do sufficiently when it comes to clothing is to have it properly Iron....sent to the laundry. To me when it has a crisp sharp look Not ONLY does it make the clothing last longer but it makes One Looks Better.
Brotherhood Times (1 year ago)
thats a good guide there,i have a quition,why justin b ieber wear these sought of large t shirts and large shorts do that look better on him
Zenon (1 year ago)
Ahhh, I've been wondering about the crew neck vs V neck debate for forever. Now i just need to figure out whether I have a long neck or not...
Mathew John (1 year ago)
You are gorgeous
ELi Bel (1 year ago)
So, here's what I'm not getting- you say to not have graphics on a t-shirt, but you also suggest that we have something about which we're passionate. So, wouldn't a t-shirt like that show that? As a personal example, I'm a nerdy vegan and passionate about both, so what's wrong with a t-shirt that says, "May the Vegan Force be With You"?
Glenn Cross (1 year ago)
What a sweet and fragile girl. Lovely.
Austin Vickers (1 year ago)
are designer shirts with a dime sized logo on the chest acceptable?
Black Jesus (1 year ago)
Austin Vickers yes as long as it's no bigger than your thumbnail
J. Kingsmith (1 year ago)
Ashley hates body hair
iCid Moto (1 year ago)
After watching this i pushed the subscribe button.
Ronnie Acampado (1 year ago)
thank you Ashley for the video you make. I tried most of you advice and it help alot for first impression of people and when im job hunting. continue the good job
Patrofan Maasmechelen (1 year ago)
I like your tips on mens fashion. God knows I can use them. However, how realistic is it for normal people with normal paying jobs? If i have to dress the way you speak of in your videos... price tag 1000€... which is 3/4 of my monthly income.
Bunny_The_Lifeguard (1 year ago)
Did anyone manage to find some good (budget-friendly) brands in Europe/Germany? As of know I can't find good fitting T-Shirts, even tried Scotch&Soda, they look great on my chest but hang like a tent on the body… ): Prefer V-Neck btw.
Daniel Schroeder (1 year ago)
You should make a video about baseball tees (3/4 sleeve). Are they a no-go from men's style? Why or why not?
Marc SP (1 year ago)
My girlfriend is a agree with you in most of your videos! when i was single i used to wear red t shirts but she told me she hate it! ;)
IMBlial (1 year ago)
oh right, if you're a man, you should always settle for these non-colors - blacks, browns, dark greys and navy blues. God forbid you stand out from the crowd by wearing red or blue, or orange
Aakash bhardwaj (1 year ago)
she doesn't know anything new.
andej (1 year ago)
Fuck off.
Eduardo Diaz (1 year ago)
Did you say "paisanos" at the end? 😂😂😂 that's awesome, great advice too!
Philip at Tube (1 year ago)
Not a fan of Givenchy t-shirts, then.... ;-)
Kanna Kamui (1 year ago)
Her style tips at the end freakin awesome. Glad i found this channel. imo

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