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International Dating Scams - Who Are You Really Talking To?

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http://www.DreamConnections.com/scam-education -- Do you have that sinking feeling that something isn't right on the other side of your computer screen when you think you're writing to a cute girl overseas? Mark Edward Davis, famous international marriage and relationship coach, unmasks the industry of scams and deceit to help you be fully informed about what is really happening on the other side of the screen. For more information on international dating and scams, be sure to download your free copy of "The Quest Playbook" - 27 Things You Must Know to find your wife overseas: http://www.QuestPlaybook.com.
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Natalie (1 month ago)
I have no pity for these „good hearted“ men, they are just penis-controlled and shallow ... They have high expectations and are looking for a young pornstar-like but modest wife. Mostly the only thing they have going for them is a green-card ... These woman are described here as if we were on a farmers market It’s a mess shallow and sad
Debbie Kent (1 month ago)
If I can't see it. I don't need it.
Bergsman100 (2 months ago)
Very good video ! You got it on the spot. For about 9 years ago I got trapped on a site and it didn't get me anywhere. It just drained my money... I am familiar with many things you said. So true, indeed. But, will I try again...? I don't think so, unfortunately... I made my shot and that was that. Yeah, I may be one of the hurt ones who now are discouraged to try again...
Randy Roberts (2 months ago)
unfortunately my father is being taken by a Ghana dating scammer. I don't know what to do. the 1st time she was supposed to fly out here she supposedly had a visa that expired the day she landed at the airport. so she told him the government won't let her leave the airport. she was supposedly flying to Washington state with a connection in Kansas then a connection flight to Washington. Would a country let you board a flight with a visa or passport that was going to be invalid in a day or 2 from the day of departure??? Something tells me no....they wouldn't. Then she supposedly got into a car accident during her stay at the airport and it was life threatening. A KIND nurse let her stay with her till she recovered and got her travel papers figured out. so after a year they flew her back to Ghana. then she was supposed to leave for the U.S. again...but her mom died. so she couldn't. then she was supposed to leave again but the airport said she didn't weigh enough to fly. I told my dad babies fly....what does that mean she don't weigh enough? Supposedly in Ghana you need to be cleared medically to fly. I'm not doubting that...its everything else I'm doubting. supposedly she lives with her step father and the power goes out a lot in Ghana and she can only talk to my dad in the evening at a specific time. DOES ANYBODY ELSE HERE THINK THIS IS A SCAM ???? Also....he claims he's not sending her money....but my father has ALWAYS.....AND I MEAN ALWAYS had a savings account. He has ALWAYS PUT MONEY AWAY. For as long as I've been aware and from what my mother tells me ( they are divirced 33 years now ) he's always been a saver. Always put cash away. So anyway....now , all of a sudden , my father is broke. He's been broke for 5 years now. He's been talking to this ASSHOLE for 5 years. ( I don't even think its a women. I think its a guy behind this with a woman they use for Skype and telephone purposes. that would explain why she can only talk in the evening at a specific time ) Well now, regardless of having a pretty good salary and a pretty good Social Security check, he's freakin broke. TOTALLY NOT LIKE MY OLD MAN.
gabry the italian cooker (2 months ago)
Holy mac and cheese where is my soulmate ?
sly pan (3 months ago)
i meet someone in China. We got out of the dating site and been on skype. But recently all of a sudden the site got blocked and now i end up chatting with back on dating site. Is this normal? Do you have any photos from China?
sly pan (3 months ago)
Thank you for the advice. I think with this trade war between China and America, I don't feel safe to go there now. Thank you once again. I am glad I have found you in Youtube.
Dream Connections (3 months ago)
China is very difficult because they can and do block websites at their own discretion. As you know, they've blocked Facebook and every Google site, including Gmail. It is very likely that they block dating sites - it's not widely accepted in the culture. But, if you have her on Skype, Line, WhatsApp, or their tools that include video chatting, you should be good. Stay off the dating site if you can, but, most importantly, go meet her in person! Never give too many emotions to anyone you haven't met in person yet.
Margie Adair (4 months ago)
My profile picture is my dog and there will never be nude photos on my page I'm not that kind of person
Margie Adair (4 months ago)
U can't see the person only pictures so u don't really know whom u are talking to they use scripts
Margie Adair (4 months ago)
I'm not sending anything to them they are trying to contact other women not me
CHUCK EHRESMAN (4 months ago)
I see it.Victoria brides from Ukraine.I mess with them,,,, they certainly are fine models,,, however its a scam.I wink at them. I jerk off to the photos ,,hahahaaa,no,,its a scam.
stan pritchard (4 months ago)
These site nick unsuspecting female pictures from facebook and twitter and post them up on their sites , they even take a lot of stills from porn sites to attract you. and attach them to unsuspecting people's profiles.
stan pritchard (4 months ago)
There are enough fake date sites in the uk without going international, the most are based in Holland, and just try to keep you chatting all the time as you have to pay for ex amount of messages these women have no intention of meets or anything like that they just want to chat, they won't even go to e-mails they just want to chat on the site which is costing you the punter, about £1.50 per message
Sweet Shea (4 months ago)
Great information!
Corey McKeever (4 months ago)
The thought that I have been talking to a translator blows my mind. I use to think exactly what this guys says in this video. Not all women are scammers.  Some women it seems would just cut and paste a letter that would make no sense at all. Some women would answer all of your questions. Many times I would get a picture and in the picture the girls would hold up a sign saying I am real. What a joke!
Dream Connections (4 months ago)
Exactly. Very sad, but true.
Andrew Heller (5 months ago)
Dear Mark, Are there any women in ur pool, that are aged: from: 56, to: 66? A.
Andrew Heller (5 months ago)
Dream Connections Hi, Mark. Thnks for reply. Understood. Plus, noted, the 54 year old in the above video. A, question: How does ur firm get around the general lack of English requiring translators? Do all ur candidates possess English fluencies? A.
Dream Connections (5 months ago)
Hello, Andrew - No, I don't have that age group, but I did do an interview today with a woman who is 52. I should have it published in a few weeks.
R Verro (5 months ago)
Dammit ! I have fear of flying. That's not good. Not good at all.
Ilse Wenzel (5 months ago)
I have gotten 3 different men to deceive me, thank God I caught them with red flags. All 3 told me they live locally and have to go overseas for a contracting job and will be gone for a number of weeks. All 3 said they were engineers. Is this common for them to do. I have not given them any money but am curious to know
Dream Connections (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, it is common. The sad part is that it wouldn't be common if it wasn't working with some trusting women. Very sad.
Thank you so much for this!! It's great! I am an advocate for Romance Scams and I can appreciate all of the hard work! Thank you!
CC Pederson (6 months ago)
I need a response from you guys, I'm am communicating by text with a women in Ghana, yes she has sent pictures, but they are different in some ways, I am still communicating with her even now, I want to know what to do, if she is a scammer I want her exposed, if she isn't, I'm going to marry her. HELP!!!! Yes she has ask for money too, $600.00 for a plane ticket. I want to be part of your tribe, but I need a mate, LoL,,,,
Oly L (2 months ago)
+CC Pederson I am here!Not all people are heartless.
CC Pederson (4 months ago)
One other thing even if you take your profile off they sell it to other sites
CC Pederson (4 months ago)
Margie Adair yes Margie, I can say by experience now that most of these dating sites are homes for con artists, guys if there is any nudity on the site, run for your life,& do not look back , its a for sure thing that any of those girls , actually all of them are scammers, when they contact you first, its a scammer, especially if she has nude pictures of her self , saying this is what she looks like, I feel very proud that the two top female scammers tryed to scam me , they both live in Accra Ghana, I found several websites devoted to these scammers, & it could well be they where guys, lol,,,,, Anyhow they didn't get a dime from me. But they was so good, that once i almost did, then I started to research the pictures that she or he was sending me, & guess what? After a couple of hours i hit gold, lol,..... Those pictures was stolen & i got to read some texts from the scammer her self or him, & they had exactly the same style of writing.
Margie Adair (4 months ago)
They are all scammers if they ask for anything it don't matter what its a scam
gitanasanda (4 months ago)
i was in a similar situation . and believe me now it's very hard to trust on someone
CC Pederson (6 months ago)
I'm talking to a girl on her text phone in Ghana, I'm in Arizona, she wants me to send her $600.00 to fly here to Arizona, she said she will go in half for the rest of the ticket, yes she has sent me selfies of herself, but they all don't look like her, any how , I need a investigation on her, any help would be appreciated.
R Verro (5 months ago)
If you have doubts, bite the bullet and pull the plug. I went through the same thing. Some pictures didn't quite match. I was about to transfer some cash and, on my way to the bank, decided to stop by a provincial Police station. The officer was female and told me " Don't do it. As far I'm concerned, she could be a man in Africa". Women intuition saved me a lot of aggravations.
Luffy Crew (6 months ago)
they are the true criminals "the heart crusher"
AnnaMariavonAsgaard (6 months ago)
You are a poor creature and a chauvinist. Phrase "Africans, Asians or Eastern Europeans" shows your level. Of course scam exists, you just need to think to detect it, it's very easy. I will report your video. TBH I feel personally offended as Eastern European. We don't speak English? If we learn we speak few languages. Do you think Eastern Europeans or Asians or Africans are kind of subspecies of humans?
Eric Turner (2 months ago)
+JAMES! Since the 70's k
JAMES! Since the 70's (4 months ago)
AnnaMariavonAsgaard I sort of agree. Alot of people in Europe speak more than one language. The reason I would or have looked else where for a woman. Is because I don't care that much for the way American women act. It's like they do not know what they want. Personally I think the eastern European women of some of them have a better family values. Similar to how things were once in America. Before it went to pot! I didn't even realise that alot re very pretty. I do not want a woman specifically for looks. I am looking for family values. And a caring nature. I am a caring person. Ben alone for a while. And to the point where I'm fine either way. Single and alone or not. Sorry I didn't intend to let all this out. I'm sort of been talking to a Russian girl. Who contacted me. And I'm thinking maybe it's a scam. I am looking in to it. I wouldn't even think of something so horrible to do to someone. And again sorry for all this. I was just hoping to find better people in Europe. I do not know about this guy .... Have a great day!
R Verro (5 months ago)
Well said. I want to learn a foreign language so, if I meet someone special, I will be able to communicate with her. I mean, if someone puts the effort to learn English, why shouldn't I, learn her mother's tongue. If everything fail's, I will have learned, a new dialect. Nothing ever goes to waste.
stelun56 (6 months ago)
How about this suggestion for men who don't want to get scammed. If you're an ugly, bald, middle aged ignoramus then any babe in a bikini who looks like a million dollars is not going to be interested in you unless you've got a million dollars to give her. If I woke up with someone my grandmother's age I'd pray it were a nightmare and to wake up quickly unless she had loadz money and mind altering drugs for me to avoid reality.
TheyRiseBand (6 months ago)
The fact that this is an *industry* means, it is not working.
john sgro (7 months ago)
I need a factory girl..i do have a very sucessful business and love to spend alot of money on the beautiful women i have met online.
amy BROOKS (19 days ago)
What IS a factory girl?
ellen lankford (7 months ago)
there are plenty of wonderful women in your own country. you have to make the effort, and not think "I want a 10 when I'm a 5". be realistic, and learn how to interact and respect a woman who is not going to kiss up to you to get citizenship or food because her country is in a famine. women have opinions, rights, and are equal to men. treat them as you want to be treated, and if you have a spare tire, don't expect a hot Ukrainian woman to fall all over herself for you. meet a nice plump lady at your mama's church. she won't leave you the second she has a green card. she's already here!
Bt Rec (3 months ago)
ellen lankford Well said Ellen. These men are not realistic, they don't want to date the local women around their age and who are also a 3. They try to find abroad a 10 when they're around a 3. They know very well a gorgeous, young and fit woman in their country wouldn't date them, so they try to get the poor women in disadvantaged countries in East Europe and South Asia. They deserve to be scammed.
German Camacho (7 months ago)
I don’t get it with today technology why not asking for a meeting face to face on line like face time or Skype you and them people will know if that’s the same people you have been chatting you can learn body language and get the feeling
Dream Connections (7 months ago)
I understand the thought, but it's not true in real life. We had a client who was Skyping with a girl online for 4 months and they were making plans to marry once they met in person. When they finally did, she was taller than him and her in-person mannerisms where a little too hyper. He couldn't take even an hour with her in person. His heart was broken. He did find a wife with our help later. If you start with meeting in person, you have all of your senses about you, plus a local translator who can help you truly understand if the girl is really in to you or just being nice. We've helped more than 300 become married in the last 8 years and no divorces.
d gj (7 months ago)
You guys seem like very sweet people but I'm telling you I am in the adult entertainment industry they don't love you they are not in love with you but it is a mutually beneficial arrangement so don't expect them to actually act like your first wife or your first girlfriend or your first love because it's different than that they are in it for something in return as are you so I'm not knocking the ladies and I am not knocking you guys but come on
Dream Connections (7 months ago)
I understand the skepticism. But we've been a marriage focused company since we started in 2011. We've helped over 300 men and women become married and no divorces.
luz mata (7 months ago)
since i saw lots of videos here in youtube,i am careful now,my latest issue when i met a person told me he was a US airforce,we talked a lot in Skype on camera,he talked to much introducing himself he was from Honolulu ,i was asking why you have black skin are you an Indian National or from Nigeria,he said no dear am not ...i let him talked and talked ..at first he calls me 2x or 3x a day and he gone ..theres a time he got upset when i open the cam its so dark then i said i chat you later if the power on,i find him angry to me that i am not trusting him ,i just trying to prove myself that i meet this scammer ...on the other hand he never ask my accounts nor my fon even mentioning money,but yea in my heart i believe he is a scammer new styles what he did is to gain my trust then the plans uh he only what the next is but he loss i blocked him asap
Felix T (7 months ago)
Is there a reason some comments here are lacking in punctuation???
tapsulinka (7 months ago)
I like to correct you a little bit. There is different kinds of visas, even to USA. If person is applying visa for visiting friend then invitation is needed (can be said sponsor is needed) but if a person is applying tourist visa then there is not needed any sponsor or invitation. Tourist visa is normally organized by tour operator and it includes flights and accommodation
stephanie N (7 months ago)
Dream Connections thank you for your explanations.
Dream Connections (7 months ago)
stephanie N - Ok. You told me. The topic here is about men who are trying to cheat the system and bring a potential wife over to the US to visit so they can be certain she’s a good fit before marrying. That’s not what the visitor visa is for. That’s the purpose of the K-1 visa. They don’t like the fact that the K-1 is called a fiancé visa because they’re not ready to marry yet, so they’ll have the girl lie that she’s just coming to see Disneyland. Then, when he decides he does want to marry her and tries to change the reason of her trip, she’s flagged for dishonest entry. On Man did this with a work visa and ended up marrying the girl. When immigration realized when she’s done they barred her from coming to the US. On the other extreme, scammers are telling American men that they already have their visa and he just needs to send $2,200 for her airline ticket. When he does, she disappears
stephanie N (7 months ago)
Then let me tell you. A tourist visa is granted also by showing a proof of income..an employment certificate etc. Basically anyone can get their cousin or their friend who have connexion even if they are unemployed to get the documents to help them apply for a tourist visa. Just to give a simple example.
Dream Connections (7 months ago)
Fair enough. However, if a single young woman is hoping to use a tourist visa to come to America to visit a man and hopes to make something up to get approved - her chances are almost zero.
Christina Ostil (8 months ago)
Too bad I cannot find any good men in the church to date.
Tina (8 months ago)
I am not religious, but I think that the fact that almost no one goes to church or synagogue anymore makes it very hard for lonely single middle aged people to meet each other.
Gysore Mclibee (8 months ago)
why in the world, sending money to whomever you have never met in person....????
Dream Connections (8 months ago)
Thank you!!! Exactly!!
Melissa Johnson (8 months ago)
You guys deserve this...these women don't want you.
R Verro (5 months ago)
How so ? You might know something men doesn't. I've been broken 13 times (Nice number). 12 ex-girlfriends and one ex-wife within a span of 36 years. I'm probably not " Good North American material" for the women here. The ex-wife wanted to travel and, to do so, I had to work extra hours. I could feel some tension when, she started to complain about me working late. The day her salary surpassed mine, she decided to go on trips, by herself. I wasn't able to save enough, I couldn't afford it. And then, she left. She didn't need me for financial support. The worst part is, I might never, be able to travel. I have a mortgage to pay and all the "goodness" that comes with it. I do know that European mentality is different but, to what degree ? I might take another try at finding someone who, isn't so materialistic. I'm not an easy quitter. Peace.
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
MGTOW ADVISES THAT WE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL - When they get here, they "monkey branch" - get divorced then move on "up" to the "next best man" - dumping the first one. Internet is universal, and they LEARN all about their "new rights" once they get in the West. They learn "Western Ways!"
Mia (9 months ago)
It's an equaliser. You could be dating nice lady around your age but you are going after much younger, you then deserve to get scammed.
R Verro (5 months ago)
10 years age gap is, somewhat, acceptable. 5 to 7 is more in my preference. I'm not into dating someone that, could be my daughter age. It's too creepy.
Jeann Latter (9 months ago)
These gs noknow how to groom us
Jeann Latter (9 months ago)
That’s what exactly happen to me I am from Australia He said he was in Syrinin the peacecore he wanted to get married and for me to move to Texas to be a mother to his 14/year old som he said his wife died at childbirth
Dina Charlayne (8 months ago)
a sad trick sympathy story like this is not real. obvously fske.
Jeann Latter (9 months ago)
They really groom the one they want I had this guy his name was colonel Anthony Clark photo I sent the money they pressure you so much
Dina Charlayne (8 months ago)
sending money's a sign it is fake and you got ripped off n' if they pressure you it's bad and the colonel sould know how to get money beter than that if he is government that's what they do it's fake.
Jeann Latter (9 months ago)
The same thing has happened to me ob wors
Jeann Latter (9 months ago)
I have been scammed on word 2
Hazel (9 months ago)
<--American woman looking~
Charles van Dijk (9 months ago)
Don't send a penny till you meet face to face and meet her family.
lilcrunchy (10 months ago)
just find someone in your own country that u can meet for free.
R Verro (5 months ago)
Not a single spark ever happened. I don't look like Brad Pitt and, don't make 6 figures. My old farmhouse is under severe renovations and isn't decorated with unnecessary cushions and pillows. Most women here want shit that, a regular Joe, can't afford. I've been dumped because, I had to re-schedule a date, to get a cracked tooth fixed. It sounded like that, 3 stars restaurant date was, more important than my smile. Jeez !
Craig Rodmell (5 months ago)
Not always that easy!
Frugal Gardener (10 months ago)
Yes guys are super stupid. There is no other way to put it. However this definitely stimulates economic activity. And if you believe in trickle down principles then this is all good. Similarly to a principle of breaking windows stimulates economy. Otherwise this is highly entertaining.
Cary Doyle (6 months ago)
So says you, and your hand?
Felicity Ray Self (10 months ago)
Why is it that the men who go looking for poor women overseas are always fat, or old or geeky or a combination of the three?
Craig Rodmell (5 months ago)
ellen lankford One reason that both men and women seek love overseas is because no-one wants them at home. Both my wife and myself came under this category. I was asked if I would like to write to a Philippine lady (this was way before Internet Dating) I accepted, because absolutely no-one wanted me at home. I don't know why - as far as I know, I didn't look, smell or act like a baboon. Similarly, my wife had tried and tried and tried overseas, because no-one wanted her at home. When we were introduced (by a relative of hers already living here in New Zealand), we wrote to each other for 11 months before meeting in person. And sorry to go against Mark here, but we DID both fall in love with each other long before we met in person. We courted each other by letter and by phone. (My phone bills became Horrible!) I went over there to meet her, and we became engaged two days after meeting. She came back with me, and we have had a very long loving marriage. I wish to be married to her until one of us dies. Being completely unwanted at home turned from being a complete curse into the greatest possible blessing.
Slyvia Wilson (6 months ago)
True , just shape up & don't beg it's not all about looks .
ellen lankford (7 months ago)
then why can't they find a single woman out of the millions in the US or UK? what are their habits? are they clean? are they NICE? are they wanting someone out of their league? if they get her, they won't keep her. be realistic in your expectations! why do all men think they should date a bombshell?
Dream Connections (10 months ago)
You haven't watched enough of our videos. Our average client is 42. Most are not overweight. Personally, I've lost 50 pounds since making this video.
Miami Trees (10 months ago)
It’s probably the individuals working for those dating sites/apps who are the people acting as these “women!”
Tony Ronald (10 months ago)
22-- wasd a chatge once applied at Manila airport for Philippines going abroad.
Barb Thornell (10 months ago)
Hahahaha! You went on a trip to meet "the girl of your dreams" and dropped $800 on some other chick before you got there? And you wonder why women do this stuff? And you want to "be real" about this stuff?
13Gladius 2 (8 months ago)
AsianDate is a scam. A lady can send you hundreds of onsite love letters and say she'll marry you. Then if you spend $100 for 160 credits to exchange personal emails and phone #'s you may find she never responds to your personal emails n phone calls !!! You can complain to the agency and the lady will respond saying she wants to continue communication via onsite letters @ cost of 10 credits per letter. Hey! Why then did we exchange personal contact info @$100 to me. AsD will never give a refund, with the excuse that info was exchanged and they cannot force the lady to contact offline. What!? From the first day of she refuse offline contact!? Then why did she ask to exchange personal contact info at cost to me $100 USD!!!??? NOT once but 5 times, 5 ladies each doing exactly same behavior. They want fool = you, to keep on writing online letters to them. Someone's making making money and it ain't you, fool !!! If I'm wrong let someone prove me wrong. Let some real legitimate person (NOT a paid employee) come forward and tell the audience his story of success and much more than one, we need to see testimonials of success from numbers of men. As of now there's not even one, NOT ONE !!! But of course that can all change tomorrow and if it does I will delete all my negative comments but until then then claim of scam still stands !!!!
Dina Charlayne (8 months ago)
sounds like it'd be easy to make a fake site noone in asia has ever heard of write letters and ask f or cash and we wouldn't expect any refund. many sites in foreign coutnries aren't as busines slike or real businesses like htey may seem maybe what you get is hte mafia. there's a lot of mafia out there in them foreign sites from whhat we saw. they may even be hitmen. you can hire them to kill people at this dating site possibly. who knows.
Stacey Walker (11 months ago)
I was just going to say, ""Whys everyone going to other places looking for women??""..........After seeing the pics.....I totally get it!! These women are not only beautiful....but look classy, not trashy. Men just beware of alot of womens intentions, many are out to get your $$$......be very careful......there are always clues.
R Verro (5 months ago)
I don't think the beer gut and missing teeth is the main reason...well, it doesn't help but, be realistic. Him 55 and her 25 ? Its like dating someone older than your daughter. That is sick.
ellen lankford (7 months ago)
if you are 55, and have a beer gut, and don't have all your teeth...a hot 25 y.o. chick will NOT want you.
Margarethe Faust (1 year ago)
würde mich mal in die Nigeria connecton als potentielles Opfer ( Frau) einschleusen ...gute Idee?
Peps Haven (1 year ago)
That was really interesting and easy to listen to. Thanks
Don Dressel (1 year ago)
Can I have 5 minutes with the scammer who took 65 thousand from my ex? How do you catch these scum???
Razvan220 (1 year ago)
Men in the west are so retarded like 5 year old believe everything, im Roumanian and we nr 1 scammers electronic in the world . Here is a good tip listen tooo your inner voice , murphy law if something is too good too be true is not. Use that and you will never get scammed.
Dream Connections (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing!  I agree with what you're saying about many men being gullible - but it's also about laziness.  To meet a sincere woman overseas you must find someone you trust who knows her and will introduce you - and wait to correspond until you meet in person.  Have an interpreter with you who will have your back.  Then you can relax and just enjoy meeting people.  It costs more than spending ten bucks on a translated letter through a scam site, but the results actually deliver what men are looking for.
Douglas Robertson (1 year ago)
I've been on my own for so many years I got divorced 4 years ago IM lonely I have nearly been scammed several times have you any advice how I can meet a nice woman without being scammed
Bergsman100 (2 months ago)
+ellen lankford "...a 4 or 5 or 6..." It is all about the look, isn't it ? How shallow ! Do you all buy the media's picture of how you "shall" look and be ? So you think you must "measure" your own "look" first and then only contact people with the same "number on the scale"...? I know people that are different in looks and they still are together. But me myself, want a girl that I find attractive, both physically (in MY opinion) and mentally. Yes, I actually going to live with that person, hopefully for the rest of my life... Before you will oppose, I will say that I DO find many girl/women attractive physically. Not just the models... Actually there are many women that are "good looking" that I do not find attractive at all, because they lack inner beauty (inner qualities). For me it doesn't matter how "good looking" a woman is if she hasn't got a heart of gold. Sure, I am "lucky" and would not considered to be a "3 on the scale"..., if that matters in your opinion. I am good looking, according to several women. But that doesn't help me find my woman. Neither the fact that I got several inner qualities. I have learned that looks and charm doesn't necessarily leads you to a suitable partner. Every person has their life and they are different. You can not even say that a nice guy will get a nice girl. No, many bad guys get nice girls... and nice guys... well, being single... This world is messed up. You can say that you will not find anyone who will be with you if there is a big difference in age too. Well, again, people are different and some do get together, inspite of their age differencies. However, statistically, their is a less chance of getting a relation if the age difference is big, and then if a relationship would be, it would be less likely to last. That is a fact. But, I wouldn't dismiss someone just because of difference in age. (I have a broad range of age for the one I would consider to be my partner. Both younger and older. But different ages means different facts to consider. "Before children, during children and after children", as I use to say when talking about women. Three completely different stages in a womans life, which means different facts to consider for the men.) Sorry for the long comment but I found it necessary to write. I want to finish by just give an example of how it could be for a "good looking" man with charm who is single. I am living alone and have done that for years. I prefer that instead of living with someone I don't have the right feelings for. I don't want to break someones heart, just because I want love and affection. But I DO want love and affection (and I have got much to give too)... Too many are also too destructive nowadays, I am sad to say. I live in a small town and that affect the chances, of course. But I find it difficult to find a woman who is friendly and full of love. At least someone who is single... All the good ones are taken... I just want to add that I don't expect/demand (or which word is most suitable) of my partner more than I can provide myself. I just want to find someone alike...
Rem Reyes (6 months ago)
Hello Mr.Douglas Robertson, yes sometimes we need to have some bad, and sad experiences, to learned our lessons, me too, I once a victim of the fatherr and son scammers tandem, so that is first experienced, I'm aware now..
Linda M (6 months ago)
Douglas Robertson, PLEASE be aware that a comment like the one you just posted will very likely attract exactly the type of people discussed in this video. They look for : 1. You are lonely 2. Hoping /looking to meet someone special. 3. Trusting/ naive 4. Vulnerable (you've fallen victim in the past to manipulation) 4. And alone ( no one to look out for you) PLEASE avoid all long distance online dating interaction and instead look to meet only local people with whom you can meet and actually see in person. This will help reduce the chances of being taken advantage of again. Also PLEASE don't send /give people money. It's really not normal for someone you just met to ask you for anything. Huge red flag. Good people will not do this. Once you get married you can share what you have. :)
Rosalva Vergara (6 months ago)
Douglas Robertson. send me your friendrequeston fb. we have to talk about it.
A (7 months ago)
Blue Royal so true. I had the same experience, refused to use video calls, phone calls & even no voice recording & immediately I see these as red flag warning!!!
Đ.G. BLACKS (1 year ago)
Tagged and Hi5 thats where you will find that bitch Janssen Brazil aka Cynthia Rabiu aka Benta Mill you can also find plenty of pictures of her on the scammers website
Patricia Medina (1 year ago)
My friend almost got scammed by a UK 55 y.o. Widow with an 18 year old daughter. He was supposably a consultant for Shell Oil and was in meetings every single day. One day, he told her he was going to travel to Venezuela for a contract to close in on. He said before he left, he had bought my friend a bunch of gifts like iphone, mac computer and other gifts. Then, he told her he accidently put some documents into the wrong suitcase (the one he sent my friend), instead of tge one he took with him. So then he sent her a link and and a tracking number so she can see where her package is at. It all seems so real. The package says it will arrive in. 3 days to her address. Then, we get a call from Mexico and they said, that my friend has to pay a $2,000.00 fine, because when they scanned the suitcase, it contained currency and that was a violationso it was being detained. They sent an email with all the details of where my friend should wire it to. I was like , $2,000?? That’s crazy. So I started to research the global link delivery company and i went into reviews and complaints and woala!!!! It stated that there were other similar stories to what was happening to my friend. They are so dumb. They have been using these same stories for decades. Our father in heaven protected us. Praise His name. The guy didn’t care my friend was poor. He kept insisting my friend ask for a loan. After a while that my friend kept telling him no, the guy said he called the courier company and they were willing to accept $1,000.00, half right now and half when we get the suitcase. Yea right. So then I decided to go with the flow and I told my friend, tell him to ask one of his friends to send you(my friend) the money and then you will send it to him. He answered, “oh no, my friends and peers are all with me here. Remember, I am in Venezuela?” I then told my friend, “tell him to ask another family member to send it to the mexican authorities. Tell him you will forward the email with all the details and he can ask simeone else to send it.” The guy is getting anxious by now, and then he starts telling her how much he trusts her, and how terrible that when he needs the most help, he can’t get it. These people need Jesus. He is so lost. I just pray for God to direct his life.
Evelyn Sommer (9 months ago)
Dream Connections b
Dream Connections (1 year ago)
That's a very common scam where men are taking advantage of women. I've known friends who had a similar story, but her handsome businessman was in Africa and needed $7,000 for whatever reason. This is why what we do is so important so people can relax. Our reputation is built on the fact that we're helping only good people on both sides of the equation to meet.
Floriza Laja (1 year ago)
yes its true,, on the same situation i was been scammed ,fell in love and its really devastating ,, thought that i may not be abe to move on...but now sir I've learned a lot . I've been searching in googles, you tube on how they scammers work.. And tell you frankly sir your blogs and so many of you have this insights helped a lot to open us up and reminds us victims to hey stop your nonsense deed. so thank you very much. in part of this , well i came from Philippines sorry for my country s done the scamming.. but guys in fairness to my co Filipino they are just so nice and they really been in love to Americans and whosoever,, and i have a friend got online dating and they living now happily. So i therefore conclude that maybe you just have to be vigilant and be smart. well for i just don't... sorry for me. God bless .
Max Hadley (1 year ago)
Try ENJOE AFIWA TONGI KATONGO from Lome Togo, her and the police took me for Ten Thousand Dollars USD, The inspectors name is YAW ABKASI and works for the Lome police department
MY VIDEOS (1 year ago)
i felt i had to try this dating game out . i wish i could turn the clock back. this guy up above is so right. so can i suggest you spend your money on a real life like sex doll. fantastic, and what a saving. plus none of those,s woman problems all the time. good luck.
chocoboasylum (1 year ago)
Why do they go to such far away places to meet women? I thought it was common knowledge that you're extremely likely to get scammed if you go on sites like those.
DJ Regina (8 months ago)
Todd Mastrianna You are too smart for this
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
chocoboasylum YES! So sad but TRUE - from my very bad personal experiences, I AGREE!
DJ Regina (9 months ago)
chocoboasylum Because some below average looking middle age men want a young, hot wife.
dan Whitchurch (1 year ago)
None of these so called desperate old, fat and bald online bride seekers ever bother to learn the foreign language..they just want to get the sexiest young girl from 'Ukraine' to marry 'em for what they are and learn English
dan Whitchurch (1 year ago)
you are telling all common sense things. Who are your target audience ? Are people really that stupid ? Needless to say that most men who fall for such scams are 1) Old men 2) Fat or Bald. They can just look themselves in the mirror and ask why 'super model' from Ukraine that they wank over on mail order bride site would like 'em as a husband or boyfriend in the first place ?
irishxxkelt (8 months ago)
They harvest photos of innocent girls from dating site and middle-aged good looking men and men in camouflague .One -star American general's photo was used in 750 fake profiles.
Dream Connections (1 year ago)
dan Whitchurch - Dan, take a bit of time to check out what we do. There is no online dating, just face to face meetings. I require each prospective client to go through at least 2 Skype interviews and watch 6 training videos. I also do a lot of coaching in personal development. The net result is that 80% of our clients start a new relationship by the end of their Quest Tour. Not all of those culminate in marriage, nor should they, but they're genuine. We've had over 200 married with no divorces. We're doing the hard work up front to get better results - and our average client is not bald, fat, and can't get dates, inspire of that stereotype. But that's what the other 1,000+ sites cater to, so I understand that the stereotype is justified
dan Whitchurch (1 year ago)
Btw.. of all the tips you've put together on your slide... maybe you can advise these same men to put in a little more effort and learn the foreign language a bit... paying money to buy a bride won't get too far otherwise even if its a remote 0.1% genuine case
dan Whitchurch (1 year ago)
I don't think its the newbies though.. I think its old, lonely and out of shape men who are desperate and when one is desperate .. he is vulnerable and open to exploitation... Good luck with your cause
Dream Connections (1 year ago)
dan Whitchurch - Hey, Dan: I hear what you're saying, but I have a bit more empathy for men who are new to the idea of dating overseas and their first exposure is one of these scam sites. Most of this try to look like Match.com and suck guys in. They quickly start to get a bad feeling about it but can't quite put their finger on it. Yes, this is for newbies, but someone has to help the newbies. I volunteered.
Bel Jones (1 year ago)
It is possible to bring you girlfriend to US but she has to be sponsored to come with a special visa called fiance visa. This type of visa is a process that takes about 4 months. this is the only way that your boyfriend or girlfriend can come to US. Do not trust any other story they may tell you.
Wayne Cook (1 year ago)
I am a victim of May Claire Luyun and Gayle Zannett Luyun Filipina Romance Scam, who has been so thoroughly deceived, robbed, betrayed, and humiliated; and I may never fully recover psychologically from her romance scam. I am posting this message as a warning to others. Be careful and don’t give her any money!  After Ms. May Claire Luyun established trust with me, she then set about abusing my trust and destroying my trust in others. May Claire Luyun, next isolated me from my family and friends – telling you not to trust them and to trust only her. As the victim of Ms. Luyun’s romance scam I feel a profound sense of betrayal, I suffered badly and my ability to engage in future relationships has been seriously damaged.  Being scammed by May Claire Luyun has been a life-changing event with very severe, long-lasting psychological consequences for me. Even after two and a half years, I still suffer the consequences of knowing May Claire Luyun. May Claire Luyun did not care about ruining my life or the lives of others. She just wanted to keep the money coming in as long as possible, she also works as a prostitute, getting her clients from social media. Police think she has simply moved on to her next victim for more money and a phony immigration marriage. Ms. Luyun worked me over with her sister Gayle Zannett Luyun; once I caught her scamming me; also reported to police. Several victims have been scammed in immigration scams and sex scams, where she freely provides her sexual services without discussion of costs, but then demands payment, or likely be blackmailed. Romance Scammers are some of the lowest of the low. May Claire Luyun has ruined my life, I have been deceived, robbed, betrayed and humiliated and I may never fully recover. Police told me to join online forums and to share my story with other victims, a warning.
mantili harnum (1 year ago)
its almost happen to me too, he said from usa and he is a doctor (Johnson w his name) , after one week we are chat with eachother, then there something happen that his son is accident, but well i feel sad of course to heard that, and he ask me help to sent 2000 us dollar. but i said have no much money like that. so he push me to ask to anyone i know. so i pretending ask to that i look for it. but mean time iam searching on internet . what i think at first when he told me about he couldnt sent any money from mumbai to usa ,that not possible, and he is a doctor, he must be smart how he have to do when his son is something happen. not possible smart man like that asking a money to the persons he just know even he said that he loves me. so that what i think why i did no believe after he ask me a money. and what happen after i block him on my fb and any other chat app. he sent me with his other number ,he was very mad to me. i search again that new number from him, its code +243. but before he gave me numbe with code +1 909. so we are all have to be careful...
Michael Buckwheat (1 year ago)
I was emailing Anna for 6 months and she contacted me a second time like acted she was new to Match an she loved my profile. I almost sent her 638 or him??
Gavin Waterman (1 year ago)
I wish YouTube was around 18yrs ago. This tutorial could have saved me lots of grief.
James Morrison (1 year ago)
you just made me feel like a bigger cool thank you so much I actually watched it from the beginning to the end omg if I drank or consumed alcohol I would be totally wasted or drunk on the floor after that great video jjm in Montgomery Alabama
Stanley Hudson (1 year ago)
How do they scam anyone?! The damn grammar errors are enough to turn you off! They can barely spell I don't understand how they get these people.
Nancy Kirby (1 year ago)
Stanley Hudson the one gor had very goid grammar
realbraf (1 year ago)
Really good and true information in here ! About these dating sites I must inform that AsianDate, AsianBeauties, AnastasiaDate, LatinDate, Eurodate, African Date.com...they are all the same, scamming dating sites which are owned by a Russian holding company. It is registered to Cayman islands. Reason for this is, that the Cayman Islands is one of the tax havens in the world. Unlike most countries, the Cayman Islands does not have a corporate tax, making it an ideal place for multinational corporations to base subsidiary entities to shield some or all of their incomes from taxation. Cayman Islands banking laws makes also money laundering very easy. Russian mafia (city of Saint Petersburg) owns and is running all these dating sites business which I mentioned above and they are making millions dollars profits EVERY MONTH... I am living in Finland, near Russia and I know personally few Russian women who have told me directly these things about this holding company, and 2 of them have actually worked in AnastasiaDate, as a hired scammers many years. Of course there are some sincere women, but they are very small minority. Truth is, that it is extremely difficult to find honest women in there who´s purpose is to find husband. With my experience I would estimate that maybe max. 20 % of these women are honest and rest of 80 % are hired workers which get percentage salary from their local agencies, depending how many their scamming letters men are reading. There might be some women who really are writing letters under their true profile, thing is that most of them are hired by local agencies. Many these profiles are fake profiles, and many local agencies - men and woman hired scammer workers are using these profiles, they have access and passwords for every profile. The fact is that biggest cash flow to this holding company comes from large-scale organized scamming. Whole business is based on scamming which are running professional criminals. Practically every city´s local agency has involved this criminal activity, in Russia, Ukraina, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Latin America etc. For All men I can just say, stay away from these criminal dating sites, only result what you get is that you will just lose your money. I have examined these sites and their ladies profiles for a long time and widely. Also I was in Asiandate website over 10 months, and I learned a lot what comes to these women scamming strategies. When you have got experience about these websites you will learn to know several signs which shows, is the woman hired scammer or sincere lady. Now, with my current experience if I read just first letter of any "woman" or person, I can say 80 % - 100 % certainty is the writer scammer. And believe me, most of them are hired scammers in these websites which I mentioned. Many of these scammers whom are working under fake profile are very hardy and patient, they can send up to 200 - 400 letter continuously for you, even though you do not ever reply to any of their letters. If someone starts continuosly ”bombing” you with letters daily, she (he) is a scammer for 100 % certainty. I am not going to enumerate the countless details how you can identify these scammers and liars. I will just say, that scammers most visible sign is that she will send you a daily number of reply letters. She does not usually never corresponds to a single letter. She will send 2-4 e-mails to you daily, so that she can get maximum profit. Do not start this kind of correspondence or result is, that you will just feed a scammer and this criminal website organization.... And, do not respond any chat invitations !, almost all these ladies who are spending their time 24/7 in chatroom are hired scammers...... .
Bassam Daoud (1 year ago)
Good Video. Russian Brides is a big scam. don't get anywhere near that site
KCunlimitedEATS (1 year ago)
You have people of all ages. Do you have any women in their 60's and 70's?
Laura W (1 year ago)
I did the online thing for 10 months. One guy tried to cat fish me but I was to smart to fall for his garbage. The scammer said he was a Sargent in the US Army serving in Afghanistan. Luckily my cousin is a doctor in the Army saw the scammer in his uniform and told me he was a doctor. Long story short the scammer stole the real guys photos from his Facebook page. We notified the real man that's identity was stolen and had a good laugh. Took me 2 weeks to find out he was a scammer. Other guys I met online were weak, insecure and whinnying. I'm too independent to deal with someone that isn't a real man. I'm no longer dating online because it's not a safe place for someone like myself. I wish everyone success online and be careful!!!
Brenda Beane (1 month ago)
What's his name Raymond Carpenter Logan Carpenter Roman Carpenter he comes under the three names with the same profile picture
Stephen Davis (2 months ago)
Laura W i'm in
irishxxkelt (8 months ago)
West African men aged between 18-30 or older, sometimes women as well who harvest US army pictures. One was used a lot. It was a silver-haired nice-looking man in dress uniform. But it was a CANADIAN dress uniform.
Marky Hursh (1 year ago)
.Laura W So sorry to hear THAT dear. Im 67 Viet Nam Vet and scammed out of thousands by girl scammers. My stupid fault.
mantili harnum (1 year ago)
happen to me too, one week after he begin ask me money, he told me he is a doctor by us goverment, he is 52 johnson w his name and he workd in india. he almost everyday call me ,but not video call. but i already found doubt from his voice, he is not so good english speaking, even my self not good in english. but i can heard the different between real american man and asian or africa or europe. on his picture he is very good looking. after while i found doubt he is nigerian. my friends help me to searching by his number.thank to GOD, i lose no 2000 euro. be careful for all of us
HAL TheBirdLady (1 year ago)
I would LOVE to have a long distance relationship with a German man. Ever since I was a young girl, I was fascinated with German men. BUT, there are SO many scams, I don't join any dating sites, never have. also, people really need to Skype with whomever they believe they're dating. also, if someone says they lived in Europe or America, and are now in Africa, you're being scammed.
Linda Burnette (6 months ago)
HAL TheBirdLady just go to Germany duh
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
Dina Charlayne My dear father who was a WW2 combat VET IN GERMANY SAID MOST GERMAN MEN WERE GOOD! Don't believe it!
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
Dina Charlayne That's a stereotype of bad men that could "fit" all men of all countries!
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+mantili harnum This is why the Bible says to "trust no one - all have sinned...." ALL DATING SITES ARE SCAMS, AND BIG TIME WASTERS !!! IVE LOST MANY THOUSANDS - DON'T DO IT!!!
mantili harnum (1 year ago)
even in asia many happen, many girls in my land a victims from romance scammed..its very bad..how they can do that. we can't trust anyone afterwhile
Todd Lazich (1 year ago)
tamara54 is also on VictoriaBrides....do these ladies double dip?
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+WayneShay00 Date sites use highly sophisticated algorithms, screen grabbing, professional photoshop, computer enhanced photos.
WayneShay00 (1 year ago)
Yes, sometimes they set up a profile with another introduction agency - but more often what happens, is their profile pictures are grabbed and re-hosted without their permission. Mark said Anna's pictures were traded among matchmaking sites for years AFTER getting married.
Rudolf Domkowsky (1 year ago)
I have met some of the Girls in Odessa and I have to say the are real, I never have been scamed by them..Sure I toke them out for Dinnerdates of course to be a Gentleman anybody would have to...I have to say the did not cost me to much Money...But Guys don't expect them to jump with you in the Sack on the first Date,non of the will do it..I found out there are many Men going over there just to have sex...But anyway I am going over there to get married to a women we have been writing to each other for many Years and she is real
mantili harnum (1 year ago)
you may just luck got real person, but some got no luck they just play with and broke the heart. its happen to me.. man using me after i fall in love, but of course i still wake that don't dream too much with all what his sweet words.
andrewteli (1 year ago)
Rudolf Domkowsky its been six months now... how'd you go?
I wish you have a Good Luck. Please write here later, how it was going with the meeting with thet lady..
mimasis januar (1 year ago)
day by day I live on bread and salt Iam  lucky if I have butter to put it on my home made bread
mimasis januar (1 year ago)
i would like to share my story..love of my life cost me $70k..i am on my rocky road every day feeling is horible
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
mimasis januar Not joking when I SAY I've seen it, been there, and done it!
Frugal Gardener (10 months ago)
mimasis januar it's nice to have so much money to loose.
Alex HyH (1 year ago)
Seriously,how about if ladies send nude pics to me in the site?? was fake too??
dannukesem (2 years ago)
There's another guy doing a set of videos here, his channel is Theo Evo . He does a pretty good job exposing this stuff. Good video, thanks.
Expats In Thailand (2 years ago)
Great video. I am about to do a similar video on the same thing happening in Thailand.
Dream Connections (2 years ago)
Yes, yes I will. :-)
WayneShay00 (2 years ago)
FYI, Mark is going to do a tour in Thailand in January and will probably post a fresh video about that.
Kelon Gray (2 years ago)
100% of the men that have come to me on Facebook, hang out, and two other date sites have all been scammers. my suggestion to stay offline it's not worth it
Marky Hursh (8 months ago)
Kelon Gray Thanks dear - my feelings exactly!
Tyra Obrien (10 months ago)
Kelon Gray
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+Amo Dating 😁😂😃😄😅😆
David Brunner (1 year ago)
Hello sir or madam, I see your site is a pay by letter site. Why use such a model? We are telling all men to avoid pay by letter services. If you want a recommendation, we can only make it if we know you are honest.
Amo Dating (1 year ago)
Hello Kelon, Not all dating site are a scam, I am afraid. I manage a dating website, and like other business we want to have profit in a future (at the moment is only expenses), but I agree, most of them are a scam. I have already tried many of them and is just crazy.
Jason Owen (2 years ago)
You dont have to be a professor multi millionaire, or CEO of a company to have common sense, in fact i find the ones who have brains have less common sense than most.
R Verro (5 months ago)
Indeed. us, average joe's get reeled-in for a financial disaster or, sometimes, you get out with some minor wounds. Around here, dating is turning into a disaster. I rather find my equal here than, "fishing" on the other side of the pond.
Carly Fournier (7 months ago)
People who are not book smart get scammed too. Like I say if you think that you are too smart to get scammed watch out because a scammer who is smarter than you might get your cash.
BLACKest Knight (1 year ago)
Jason Owen Yep....book sense and zero common sense.
CF N (2 years ago)
What if they say they are in to Tom clacy but I seen her on Skype and she said her Mic was broken though
Martin Smith (2 years ago)
I have had several interesting encounters this year, I have met 2 Raven Riley wannabees, now they looked real enough on skype, but i guess you can feed film into skype to fool people, however neither of them had done their home work, I checked out the Raven Riley website and she is obviously american, any video of hers makes that very obvious, but these 2, well one said she as french, I only heard her voice once, funny isnt it how their mics never work on skype :) she was obviously not american, the second one actually phoned me to harass me for money for medical treatment, a headache, she was decidedly african, no doubts there, so I was unable to send her $200 for some aspirins. I always reckon that non functional audio is always a bad sign...., and of course sudden medical emergencies and the like, even offering me to talk to their doctor... and I am into natural cures.... still it keeps you amused
Amo Dating (1 year ago)
Hello Martin, Not all the dating websites are scam. I wont say to try my website because that is to easy. maybe you will try it one day (when we reach the first pages on searching for some kwyords), probably never because the big ones just pay a lots of money to became the 1st and some of them are really a scam. I already tried some. Anyway, I am sorry that you had a bad experience with some of the websites. cheers
Martin Smith (2 years ago)
I guess if you have the right software these days it could be fairly straightforward, I guess a certain amount of scepticism is useful on all these sites, though probably it will be matching the audio to the face, although a seasoned lip reader could crack that
WayneShay00 (2 years ago)
I've wondered when these scams will become sophisticated enough to animate a face to the audio. I don't think it would be that technologically difficult - they could also filter the voice to sound feminine if it's a guy doing the talking.
drdrill59 (2 years ago)
If you think you have been scammed who do you contact to have them tracked down?
Tyra Obrien (10 months ago)
can someone help me
Tyra Obrien (10 months ago)
single love 24
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+David Brunner Add the Asian Dating sites - thats where i got burned big time!
Amo Dating (1 year ago)
Hello David, I agree on that :)
David Brunner (2 years ago)
There is no process. We have no jurisdiction in Ukraine. But you can join the fight and spread the word about these scam sites, Anastasiadate, Uadreams, HotRussianBrides, Natashaclub, Step2love, Charmingdate, RomanceCompass, Godatenow, etc.
Jeff in Canada (2 years ago)
I have used a site that is famous for Ukrainian and Russian women. I corresponded with women from both countries and made trips to meet the women who I corresponded with. The correspondence process was not cheap, but it was honest. I did actually meet each of the women I corresponded with. I did not bring any of them back to North America, but that was my choice.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
Jeff? How do you know it was honest? Many sites guarantee a meeting. But there is no intimacy at all. You could be on a "date" with a woman who is married or already in a serious relationship. So why pay so much money for an introduction you can do yourself????
Herb Wiseman (2 years ago)
What about those girls who approach us on Facebook and ask to be friends?
If you get random friend request don't accept wait till you receive a message and still don't accept. When the chick sends message start to mess with them. Usually in like 5 responses you can tell they are scammers one they will say some stupid story. Or they start responding oh really and okay. Why because they could care less to respond to you. Also if you choose to mess with scammers for fun. Be careful they instantly want to take you to hangout. Reason being they want email. Then slowly they will ask security type questions and you'll answer that stuff and you won't even realise. Like when they ask what you eat or you have pets or do you live your parents or what vehicle you drive or color stuff like that you may offer beacsue your thinking that doesn't have any money involved but with a email and time on your hands to sit there and guess they will hack you personal accounts.
Dina Charlayne (8 months ago)
US me n may no t realize the e xtent of the mafia and how poor 3rd world countries are so much and how they'll steal from american men and you lose 70K on dating scams soemeon said you are stupid but if you dont got the cash to lose in this gamble why can'tthey meet someone in their country? we do like foreign guys n saw some on fb chat though recently we just got on it but stil you got to be strategic thinking vision oriented use strategy n' all that.
irishxxkelt (8 months ago)
They are usually Nigerian "Yahoo Boys" of Ghanaian "Sakawa Boys" who even go to witchdoctors to get good juju in their money-making enterprise; YOUR MONEY. There are women in these countries who do it too. Sometimes there are couples working together. They steal photos of other Facebook users or US military men. They use surnames as first names. They live in places like California City or Ohio biscuit. They are separated or widowed and have a child. Their English gets ropier and ropier as well as their knowledge about the United States. I spoke about this on Ireland's national radio station RTE. The funniest one was from Dunford Joseph with a photo of a military man. There is really a 4-star general Joseph Dunford who has been mentioned in the news. "Dunford" told me another man slept with his wife and he wanted to find him and kill him. I replied that he wasn't going to find him chatting to me in Facebook. So beware of these scamsters. I am a woman and happily married, but I will add people from all over the world.
Felicity Ray Self (10 months ago)
Herb Wiseman ask yourself 3 questions.. am I considerable older, less attractive and less desirable than the girl? If the answer to any of them is YES in HER honest opinion.. not yours.. then it's a SCAM She doesn't want to be your friend. Duhhhh.
Jonny1000 (10 months ago)
Herb, there is no girl "out there" messaging you who wants to be your friend. Behind whatever photo/vid you've been sent is a criminal gang lusting not after your body, but after your money. Are there really still blokes out there who believe that some pretty young thing is going to be attracted to some old fart who looks like a bag of spanners and who probably has the manners to match? Apparently there are! More fool them. If you're that fucking dumb you deserve to get ripped off. Remember; never give a sucker an even break.
Anders Jørgensen (2 years ago)
Let me address the agency cover up while I am at it and this is a scam you never hear about either but 100% true. As it is the US and East European setups for dating agencies are 2 very different things. Meaning to be a business in US you play by the rules or get sued. Corruption and self sabotage is the opposite which happens. The girl I know once in a while would recieve calls about some man being in Odessa and showing interest in dinner with her or so. She would say yes and accept nothing strange there. However I got some details from an agency by incident as I asked if it was my fault she was removed from their website.We removed her as one of the dates ran up to $400 + taxi and her English is fine. We think she is a pro dater etc. Now I did confront her and she did not understand it. Taxi maybe?? So my girl, a man and a translator at a date. Result= no further date from the man, girl got the blame and translator was left with the cash. Oblivious the man complained to the agency. Where is the proof here? The same agancy later changed ownership and guess what. My girls profile is back online once again. The agency ban? 100% gone for whatever reason. I got the emails to back this one up 100%. $400 dollar pr date for the girl. 1 date pr month would do better than her tv job. Which she still has. That is a little insight to the self sabotage that happens in the East European MOB industry for the most part.
James Kiffin (2 years ago)
when you start to contact with a person who you like but not sure if it is a scam or not after a while ask them for their birthdate so you can send them a card or little gift then later on ask them for a certified copy of their birth certificate with the same date .if they cannot produce one or stop contacting you then you know its a scam
R Verro (5 months ago)
Your idea is well intended but, I'll never show any sensitive information to a stranger.
Eyesofthebeholder 33 (5 months ago)
James Kiffin The hardcore scammers can create fake docs pretty easily.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
Or you can ask for a physical address. Then send them flowers. The delivery man will take a photo for you. I did that with my lady in the first week.
Anders Jørgensen (2 years ago)
I am still in contact with the real deal in Odessa Ukraine. She knows who I am and is into me. By coincidence I found her on a ppl site but did not realize that she was in my top 5 list from a selling direct contact information to every girl Web site where I saw her first profile. She did inform me that a translator was involved and it became 90 letters but since she is a good and honest it was no problem there. We moved to Skype on her suggestion. You got good girls, bad girls, and party girls. Guess what websites and events attracts and scare away? The key point to take is to use a US based selling direct contact information as bad girls are not really on that kind of sites.
ellen lankford (7 months ago)
good luck with that.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
Haha! That is funny. But yes, in order for a man to find love in this business, he will have to let go of stupidity. It is why I call my group the Stupid American. We have played stupid for far too long.
erik schaepers (2 years ago)
I totally believe in the Law of Attraction. The universal forces of Hornyness and Stupidity will always attract loads of cash into the pockets of scumbags in Ukraine.
Anders Jørgensen (2 years ago)
Well law of attraction and honesty if you believe in that spiritual way of thinking and basic knowledge aka awareness. Awareness is key and knowing who are to be the more aware person gets better results in life. If you are honest you should attract honest people. I am European so the US culture is not something I am that into but seeing the 3 films on Ukraine dating being loveme, love translated and the one documentary here on youtube you can kind of tell how the men act and their mission + seriousness. What is the honest service? Being aware of the snakes with East European dating what can I recommend? Any sites where you can buy the direct contact information as then it is 100% up to you to write the right thing directly to the girl not a translator. Then if you do not get an answer maybe you need to learn what to write. The tours themselves with the number of girls is too much so why do you expect to find the one girl that way. But it is hard to say one way is the way to success in the pursuit of true love in Eastern Europe. Just get away from the agencies and work from there. Educate yourself on what to do. That is where it is at.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
+Anders Jørgensen It might be correct that not all women at ppl sites are scammers, but the chances are pretty slim. We all know about the job postings in Ukraine for employing women at these sites. So why continue to use them if you know that the vast of majority of women are paid to be there? And even worse, why recommend these filthy services to men who are honestly looking for love? A man should be 100% responsible??? Do I recommend anything different? If a man uses your advice and uses a crap scam site like Anastasiadate, after what I have revealed, then yes. . .that man is 100% responsible for being scammed. We all know that ppl sites are disgusting for the deception and lies the spread about their services. We know they are using agencies in Ukraine to populate their sites. We know these agencies pay the women to come to the site. Why on earth would we be concerned about the 5% of women who are honest? You would have to be a man of extraordinary means to find out if your woman is truthful or not. We have found women at these sites who are married, who are sex cam performers, there are women who have boyfriends, some who are pornstars, etc. And an honest man using one of these services, will never know anything truthful about the woman at these sites unless he finds a way to track her down and pay an investigator. Why spend so much money? Why date someone when you have no trust in what they tell you? Again, you are the one making the recommendation. I don't recommend disgusting services. If a man wants to find an honest woman, he should use an honest service. If he wants something else, then yes, Anastasiadate and Uadreams will work fine.
RedTango (2 years ago)
I cannot believe people fall for this stuff. Screwing with these scammers is such fun and it's SO obvious it's all fake...just taking advantage of overweight, socially retarded beta male losers.
Marky Hursh (1 year ago)
+David Brunner " Same shit, different day" for Asian Dating sites - i got scammed believing they were "pre-screened and vetted" which was all bull shit. They ONLY "screened" for manipulative gold digging bitches!
mantili harnum (1 year ago)
can not trust anyone now via media social...happen to me,but i am lucky, i sent him nothing ... i am not stupid girl
David Brunner (2 years ago)
We were lied to Red. It is hard to explain how good the lies that Anastasiadate and Uadreams tell. They tell men about their "anti-scam" policy. Which of course is shit. They post fake videos and photos of men with women claiming they met using their scam services. But of course, you can never contact those people. We were lied to in so many different ways. We were told NMBRA had to be observed, we could not get a woman's contact info without paying hundreds even thousands of dollars. We were told women were scared and did not want to talk to us outside of the website. We were told that women could not speak English so we had to use the site for translation. They just lied to us one lie after another. And we bought it. So many of us bought it. Now men like me are trying our best to warn others. We are going to bury this disgusting industry.
jjmdirector (2 years ago)
Has translation software changed the industry?
David Brunner (2 years ago)
I will tell you my experience. My lady knows a little English. We do use translate to talk a lot. But we understand each other. I guess when you are in love, you learn how to read each other. I know her moods. I know when she is uncertain about something. I know when she wants to ask something, but is scared of my answer. I know when she is shy or when she feels offended. But we are in love.
Mark Edward Davis (2 years ago)
That's a great question. You'd think so, but it's still causing more harm than good in many instances. If guys would just use things like Google Translate for casual and playful interactions, it would be fine. But often they get in to heavier relationship topics and things go south quickly. I still like it for fun conversations, but guys still need to set up regular times to communicate with their ladies with the help of a human translator until she is fluent enough in English. Mark
Steve Carter (2 years ago)
I heard that scam about the airport from a girl in Brazil. She couldn't leave the country without money.. I never sent it. The stories didn't add up. Craigslist is big on this scam. I have talked to three and they follow a pattern. The one that I sent emails to after 5 times and I brought up talking on Skype the next email said it was from the translating company that her account was now out of money and I needed to send some to continue. One her computer broke and needed money to fix. The same girl had posted another ad on Craigslist. I recognized her, sent an email. using a different email and got a reply. The same exact letter as the first one one I got in response to my first contact after the ad. Three times now.. I am done.
Brent Arnold (2 years ago)
Really good video! I was e-mailing this "girl" from Ukraine and after the 3rd e-mail I told her to take a pic of her holding a piece of paper with my name on it and I would then know she was ligit. I never heard back.  ; )
Keenangoal (3 months ago)
If you were so clever you wouldn’t be even contacting women half way round the world
Eyesofthebeholder 33 (5 months ago)
Christopher Taylor I will marry you for 25,000.00.omg are you serious?
R Verro (5 months ago)
She send me a video saying my name BUT, weeks later, I asked her to hold a "today's newspaper" in her selfie. That didn't go too well. I think she was only there for the video and the rest of the time, obviously it is someone else with a notepad..
Victor Washington (6 months ago)
Good Trick!
Christopher Taylor (6 months ago)
Since 2010 , I’ve been to Urkraine and Spent over £25.000.00 on chat and Visit! Still no luck, I’m on my last gasp now,,,, paid to meet her in Thai, cost 8k she was as cold as ice, but I’m gonna give it one last try! What’s 30k for true love? She wants to come to Uk, but already asking for Visa Costs??? Am I being fucked over? Or is it a patient game? They’re sure best fat UK girls.... I won’t give up! I think she’s warming to me after 5 years in Chat and one Luxury Tropical Meet? The other date in Kharkiv in 2011 was a Savage Frozen February nightmare and so was here Heart! Best things in live come to those who wait))) Fuck the fat Wester Girls! Great Video) ThankQ)
Frank Codispoti (2 years ago)
I was scammed by Anastasiadate.com as well. I even had a girl give me her phone number and email address over the phone call they make you have to get this information. The emails were all flowery promising love and that I am the only one. Then she wrote something that was clearly meant for someone else. When I confronted her on it, rather than talking it through and explaining, it was the reason to "break up" which in itself is a ridiculous word to use. How can you break off a relationship that never was. That was it for me with no heart ache, but a realization that having a guide whose been successful getting what I think all of us want, it makes sense to just cut to the chase and register for Dream Connections. Who wants to belabor the objective of finding your half? No me! ;) Good luck guys, she's out there somewhere and you'll find her.
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+WayneShay00 Right! I found that out the hard way on Asian Dating sites (All sites are the same)!
WayneShay00 (2 years ago)
+Frank Codispoti . Unfortunately they can be very thorough covering their tracks. A fraudulent girl may have several phones in her purse for each man she's stringing along. Guys feel like "they found a real one" when they have a direct line of communication.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
#anastasiadate #sdventures #hotrussianbrides #find -bride #find -bride.com #uadreams #findbride #fraud #scam #findbride #scammers #veronikalove #veronikalovescam #mailorderbride #gumball3000 #stupidamerican #1stattractive #natashaclub #Singlebridesagency #mariyaclub #stephanybaldwin #behappy2day #charmingdate #jump4love #romancecompass #ipayglobal #ipay #akermanllp #AleksasBarauskas #marriagebynatali #captaingregory Anastasiadate scam! Social Discovery Ventures scam! Russianbrides scam! You guys have to understand how this works! The corrupt infrastructure that runs this entire industry in Ukraine. Listen to Mr. Mark Davis lay down the law! This is the truth about how this industry works. YOU ARE ALMOST NEVER TALKING TO THE WOMEN IN THE PHOTOS. Sometimes, women who use web cameras handle their own business. They make extra money that way. Many times video chat is not even real. It is just a looped video that plays. The woman is at the keyboard typing in the video, the translator is typing to your chat. But in reality the woman is no where to be found. Many guys don't understand why there is no intimacy when they arrive in Ukraine. They see this woman they have poured their hearts out too and spent thousands of dollars to talk to. . .and she is a complete stranger. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU NEVER TALKED TO HER. STOP USING SCAM SITES!!! I know some of you guys want this to be real. But it is not. This industry is a complete and total fraud. If you go to a site like Ukrainedate, yes you will meet scammers. But the odds will be even. You can come here and ask about the ladies at these sites we recommend. We can research and give you our opinion. BUT AT A SCAM SITE, LIKE ANASTASIADATE, NASTASHACLUB, UADREAMS, HOTRUSSIANBRIDES, ETC., YOU HAVE NO CHANCE, YOU HAVE NO HOPE, YOU HAVE NO FUTURE!!! We have listed the scam sites. But they all operate the same. They use the pay per letter model to reward the women and the translators. Get away from the organized scam, give yourself a chance for happiness. We no longer recommend Ukraine as a destination. Scammers are not flooding honest sites to set up the scam all over again. And you have to be extra careful using honest sites. We recommend Columbia and Asia. . . mycolombianwife.com The owner is Alexander Klobe. He is a trusted friend of the Stupid American dreamconnections.com Mark Edward Davis and I go back a couple of years. They have tours to Asia and South America also! chinalovematch.com This site is low cost. It features Chinese women. They are very adept at weeding out scammers from their database. Take care, find love, but above all. . .BE SAFE!!! If you end up in the clutches of one of these scammer whores, you will regret it for the rest of your life! We are a small group trying to alert all men about the dangers of international dating. We post to social networks and spread information. We have a question for everyone who has heard of us. Will you join us?
Marky Hursh (1 year ago)
David Brunner dont forget all Asian date sites - Chinese gals photoshop/computer enhanced photos - "bot" profiles,cold, cunning, manipulative, ruthless - interested in them?
BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5 (2 years ago)
these ladies are beautiful, but I almost ran off the road looking at 1 & 3. These two ladies are insanely beautiful. Hell, I can't stop drooling.
Marky Hursh (11 months ago)
+BLKCOBRA 5 They sell you on a "image" - usually good girl/ porn star/ model - that you go for - "the BAIT, hiding the "HOOK!"
David Brunner (2 years ago)
BLKCOBRA/NINJA 5 (2 years ago)
+David Brunner BRAH, it is what it is. I know I shouldn't be driving while looking at intoxicating women.
David Brunner (2 years ago)

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