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Text Comments (161)
Saad Razi (11 hours ago)
Fak 😂
Game Zone - Mobile (2 days ago)
Luis Seijas (5 days ago)
Fake, is not possible...
tanerrr (15 days ago)
*police with empty pistol holder? Of course its FAKE! Do you think they kiss the second Guy with his Funny Hairs? He looks like a Redneck*
Jeff Polaras (17 days ago)
Spanish girls so pretty
PATHAN Shaeque khan (21 days ago)
Its fake police
Marcus Baloyi (25 days ago)
she's a bitch
Seffi seffi (27 days ago)
Randy Cleveland (1 month ago)
IIts fake he pays women to dress up in cop uniform to kiss him so it' is fake.
MM Back (1 month ago)
Ha ha
Hshshsdb Jsjssjsjn (1 month ago)
The acting is REALLY bad 😒
Zach Hassen (1 month ago)
2:28 he was reaching for the gun
3=============D ------
The best coffee (2 months ago)
Real,fake,how about unknown
O NE LA ? (3 months ago)
CrazyTürk orda ne yapıyor amk
jerry tong (3 months ago)
Fake cops
Eddiel Eddiel Rivera (3 months ago)
me gustó el video
Eddiel Eddiel Rivera (3 months ago)
Llévame contigo
Adele Hernandez (3 months ago)
Gey Guy
Makeyla Marlin (4 months ago)
The other girl is lile wtf
yaniris aquino mercedes (5 months ago)
haseeb haseeb (5 months ago)
Fake police
Super Pow (6 months ago)
Felix Wenzl (6 months ago)
Wow thats great.
Henry Rogbe (6 months ago)
Fake...... booooo
Shadow Sport (7 months ago)
They are doing it
Edward Anthony (7 months ago)
Ben Teika (7 months ago)
Fuck that was hot
Coolmaster X (7 months ago)
What am I doing with my life?
New American Nazi Party (7 months ago)
You guys are idiots You lads dont even read the warning "completely staged" it says. But you still are disappointed when you find out its fake
Bagpackers (8 months ago)
Toques 686 (8 months ago)
Yassin Hossam (8 months ago)
Welp, now we know if you kiss a female officer that doesn't speak English, You won't get arrested :D
Hawaiian Kings (8 months ago)
Piss off this is fake as fuck, who in there right mind would hook up like that especially being a cop?
C-Lo Gaming (9 months ago)
Dylani Weekes (9 months ago)
This video fake
uma army muito louca (10 months ago)
Mais fake que isso impossível 😒😒
Reddog (10 months ago)
Stupid and fake
w ctba (1 year ago)
Is not true
donutz 美丽 (1 year ago)
Youtube recomendando ta foda
EL JØrge (1 year ago)
fake or not im faping rigth now
BrosephBrostar1944 (22 days ago)
EL JØrge Christ, that’s sad
Jassius Clay (1 year ago)
It's not fake police officers don't have time for personal life so they are just extremely horny
Kenneth Wentz (1 year ago)
It is fake because it's staged.
Kenneth Wentz uh
Cj Bazile (1 year ago)
All these ppl saying fake like it didn’t say it at the start of the video
necro mantis (1 year ago)
just kind of creepy and borderline harassment
amarir 2018 (1 year ago)
dop evo (1 year ago)
Adri barbosa (1 year ago)
bharath Bvm (5 months ago)
Adri barbosa hi
Xbox 2728 (1 year ago)
Sandro (1 year ago)
brasil police easy fuck
Chief Seattle (1 year ago)
Usmanmughal Mughal (1 year ago)
Sona Mughal g
S Exploda (1 year ago)
Venham para o Brasil beijar nossas policiais e vão ver onde vão dormir kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Fake
Bruno Der (1 year ago)
El yazid Ahlamine (1 year ago)
q pequeño el beso ¿no?
ahmad said (1 year ago)
You are so savage
Derrick Derrick (1 year ago)
fake no gun is in the host
THUG COMMANDER (1 year ago)
if that is real good lad go on
Slits Channel (1 year ago)
Что я одинешенек здесь российский
madmax0457 (1 year ago)
Ma vai a lavorare... idiota.....
I L.C (1 year ago)
hablan huevadas nunca mas vere tus videos gracias por despertarme !!!
Khaled Ibrahim (1 year ago)
The first cop took my Tommy up
Khaled Ibrahim (1 year ago)
She is gorgeous.
Maryam kmc (1 year ago)
i know right
Franklin Walker (1 year ago)
dis is fake
dabbing king (1 year ago)
why are you kissing cops are you in love with them
Ricardo Escanuela (1 year ago)
Não sei onde você conseguiu uma farda da PMESP, mas sei que você é um bosta. Faça isso no seu país, seu lixo.
Torsilva (1 year ago)
é FAKE, elas nem armadas estão
伊藤博文 (1 year ago)
Isn't it obvious? The whole situation was set up before filming.
RealSupaHotFireVEVO (1 year ago)
伊藤博文 Look at the start of the video.
black.kindergarten455 (1 year ago)
Mais fake impossível.
Winkle (1 year ago)
sideshow bob2002 It says it’s fake at the start of the video.
sabogako309 (2 years ago)
fuck!!!!😙😂kiss. cop 😚😥
The Smoking Ghost (2 years ago)
Bruh for real 😮😮
CoolCat (2 years ago)
lol dat english speaking arabic dude is so funny
A a (2 years ago)
que BOSTA!!!
olivio31able (2 years ago)
fake do carai nem postura de policial tinha as vadias, com certeza uma policial não se meteria a fazer essa bosta
FUCKNAITOR 3000 (2 years ago)
vdd nm armas elas usam ke policial Militar n porta armas
não entendi nada do que ele falou
NXNJA (2 years ago)
mais fake do que nota de 3 reais
Kesna Yzerbe (1 day ago)
NXNJA (2 years ago)
mais fake do que nota de 3 reais
Kesna Yzerbe (1 day ago)
NXNJA (2 years ago)
mais fake do que nota de 3 reais
Loco Chili (2 years ago)
pascoal analizzy (2 years ago)
dayum so fuckin crazy
Felipe Nanci (2 years ago)
Só falta comprar a farda igual da polícia brasileira seu babaca, as putas você já tem.
Marylu Bonadies (2 years ago)
Espero que este preparado porque sino es asi deja mucho que desear esa policia
Eliel Custodio (2 years ago)
fake puro, nem arma as policiais tem kkkkk
por que no vienes aca donde vibo y me tocas cosas y tambien las asemos 😏
Jesus Garcia (2 years ago)
Alain Barrios (2 years ago)
SamuraiXIX (1 year ago)
i thought that was a real spider on my cpu screen good one
Luis E (2 years ago)
Tam Hammell (4 months ago)
Literally says it’s fake at the start of the video you fucking dickhead
ja ja
Eazy Er (2 years ago)
best friend
Eazy Er (2 years ago)
hi I was thinking of
Eazy Er (2 years ago)
Denis Thaqi (2 years ago)
antrax loquendo (2 years ago)
j,mikel RR (2 years ago)
Policía??, y las cartucheras vacías... Que es el día sin armas??,
Guilherme Marques (2 years ago)
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA I can't beliave u did this😂😂😂,come back to Brasil it will so fun to have u here doing the pranks
Joao Pereira (2 years ago)
Police whithout Guns fuck this fake vídeos
kotsoulias kvtsoulias (2 years ago)
you are the man !!!!
Gabriel Silva (2 years ago)
as polícias nunca iria fazer isso tudo mentira
Yoli Frndz (2 years ago)
No se como pero lo he entendido todo sin subtítulos y solo se español e inglés
zodiako81 (2 years ago)
Sos mas trucho q la misma mierda pelotudo de mierda !!

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