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DeJ Loaf - Try Me (Video)

592154 ratings | 78697487 views
Download ""Try Me"" on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DLTryMe Follow DeJ Loaf Website: https://www.dejloafmusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dejloafhottest Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeJLoaf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dejloaf Listen to DeJ Loaf iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dej-loaf/id835015448 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kFfY4UjNdNyaeUgLIEbIF"
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Text Comments (23358)
JelsQuiah2realTV (1 hour ago)
i wonder if she still live in ciraq?
vanessa Cordova (6 hours ago)
Kaylin Derisod (6 hours ago)
Bhupqd KayilnDeiso
Aaliyah Henry (7 hours ago)
Leave a like if you still listening in 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RELLYRELL616 (7 hours ago)
] 911 you guys crying no food no problem at the end of your life 😵👀
SIN Jones (9 hours ago)
Shelbey Young (10 hours ago)
Who's listening in November 2018
EFH (11 hours ago)
FLY COLORED ASIAN (11 hours ago)
My Mood 😍
Lana Davis (12 hours ago)
Lana Davis (12 hours ago)
Lana Davis (12 hours ago)
sharon conyers (14 hours ago)
I like the Song
kay Rangel (14 hours ago)
For you rolling with your nisviez
Jenea Mann (15 hours ago)
Thanks for the Rap lady!!
Better Bodies2, LLC (15 hours ago)
Zachary Erans (1 day ago)
Ms Causeway (1 day ago)
Dej Loaf is one of the baddest ☺️
2018 still lit 🔥🇵🇷💛💎🌈💫yall heard her tho let a nigga try me tho pull up 👌🏽👑🦄⭐🌹🌺🌸
what happen to her ,havent heard from her in a long time
Oscar Nunez (2 days ago)
Kill the whole mf family who in the family mommy and daddy and Johnny
Bud Simmons (2 days ago)
Dane this song got some bass with my headphones
reyrey raisa (2 days ago)
Sound like a lil Spanish mix boy smh 🤦‍♂️
duhh its nini (2 days ago)
Iv Raechelle (3 days ago)
i love it
A Nicole (3 days ago)
Fawmly lol 😂
Megan Vergara (3 days ago)
Deelishis still looking delicious!😘😘😍♥️
Jericho Pettaway (4 days ago)
Devn Riley is my bad
colin mccarthy (4 days ago)
Who else thought this was a guy...till they saw the video lol
Adorable Niyah (4 days ago)
Who 2018 🤟🏾💖
Kayla Bonnie (4 days ago)
2018 still BOOMING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🍾💯🎉
Luke Straps (4 days ago)
Melvin Bryant (4 days ago)
She hard foe that no Mee I feel what she talking about!!
MąRÌҾ Dz (4 days ago)
Dej loaf 🌵💞💞 in 2k18 almost 2k19
IfckedYoSister (4 days ago)
Mouth full of money heart full of demons
LDiableo (5 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Evelyn Juarez (5 days ago)
WA1 (6 days ago)
Billy Dexter (6 days ago)
Dej Loaf of Bread 🖤
Crystal Marie (6 days ago)
Back in 2015 this one here was one of the last videos my bro posted before he died.. 2018 still like try me
Barbara Harris (6 days ago)
Always gone be my jam
BMT Entertainment (6 days ago)
She started this whole new style that everybody is using now, like nba youngboy, roddy rich, juiceworld
Tajoun Studios (6 days ago)
Anyone still rocking with this song in 2018🔥
AMR (6 days ago)
Mir 2300 (7 days ago)
Anyone in 2018 ? 👀
this bring back memories wow bc I was born in 2008 im 10 wow dejjjjjjj love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
queen wavy (7 days ago)
And I Ain't playing wit NOBODY
The woke one Haynes (7 days ago)
Omg no dike so lady like
Still go hard almost 2019 🔥
NU BRANCH CO (8 days ago)
Jb Entertainment (8 days ago)
3:13 Tereo all grown up
Jb Entertainment (8 days ago)
3:10 Dexter Fowler
Jb Entertainment (8 days ago)
3:06 lil Reese or is it Cj Edward
Jb Entertainment (8 days ago)
3:05 The Weeknd
Paradyce Olman (8 days ago)
Donald Andrews (8 days ago)
I want her
cherokee king (8 days ago)
Love it 24-7
Asheka Foster (8 days ago)
Jamaala Hamilton (9 days ago)
god for ever
XxSasha GamerXx (9 days ago)
were you @ girl friend we need you the views is crazy we calling for you
Bobo Jenkinsbig (9 days ago)
Go out my little brother TED rip briua
ari jackson (9 days ago)
My daily anthem
Madam Queen (10 days ago)
Who still rocking this in 2018. I❤️it. 💯💋👉💪🏿👏🏿🙌🏿👌🏿👐@madamqueenworld 🙌🏿❤️💯💋👉@em.fa.me turn up 🤪🥰😘😍
Candice Alane (10 days ago)
When she said "put the burner to his tummy n make it bubbly", I felt that...(ouch 😩).
Shannon Mccann (10 days ago)
2018 anyon?
Lachelle Reese (10 days ago)
Great song
Anamae Robinson (10 days ago)
Man she hit this song bro
Tyler Bailey (10 days ago)
Anyone still bumping in 2021 ?
Marlon Duran (11 days ago)
Try Me
Deadzte23 Gaming (11 days ago)
This still 🔥
Jeremy P. (11 days ago)
B**** you TT!!!LOL
toy jackson (11 days ago)
I like this Lady!
Jake (11 days ago)
This influenced my youth more than anything.
James williams (11 days ago)
Richard Herrera (11 days ago)
evo hlrwainmhp. Tokyo. go fomkl. how. g full house yoewafo. foml yo. yo. o. hi. homer a6k vkhouse. lS1. job to. zo
Keya Holidays (11 days ago)
Back when everyone was trynna figure out if a dyke or na😂
Keya Holidays (11 days ago)
November 2018 anyone ?
Andre Hawkins (7 hours ago)
Yea girll
Lana Derwa (20 hours ago)
Pour Baby (11 days ago)
Still salty because we never got that Big Sean Remix..
Good Builds (12 days ago)
Still a hit
Peighton Settles (12 days ago)
Kitana Campbell (12 days ago)
I got a Q: for everrybody is this singer a tom: Or sumthin Like that??/ Juss wondering 😡😇😏
sheldon Reid (12 days ago)
Mad....Mmm 🆙 🔝 links
sara Ahmad (12 days ago)
2018 All the love from saudia Arabia 🙏🏻🙏🏻💚💚💚
Paula Coleman (12 days ago)
This my song
perspicaciouscritic (12 days ago)
Namechecked by Sheck Wes in 'Wanted'.
Shombie Dixon (13 days ago)
That Chick whats up for tha 2018
MasFacil Mejor (13 days ago)
Klk wawawa jajajajajaja
Zaven Ouzounian (13 days ago)
Can we please stop normalizing this shit? Did y’all not hear half the shit she said? Why tf is she so damn violent
Kiya Marshall (12 days ago)
Zaven Ouzounian (12 days ago)
Kiya Marshall i mean i get that most of hip hop glorifies violence and ive grown up bumpin that shit but like this song, 6ix 9ine, trippie redd, and so many more just sound so disturbing.
Kiya Marshall (12 days ago)
Zaven Ouzounian I read this just when she started singing about being a nazi 😬😬😬
Rudy Ray (13 days ago)
Put me on wats that
Rudy Ray (13 days ago)
Spiritual sexying ya
Stephanie Coker (13 days ago)
Karelys Badillo Vega (13 days ago)
Ive been on my mind since they killed my cousin man my cousin Devin man he just called me all these niggas love me cant get them off me fuck around gave him my number he wont stop calling
Karelys Badillo Vega (13 days ago)
niggas im a naughty love wearing all black u should see my closet rock that all white when im feeling girly
Tutty & chichi (13 days ago)
We still here 2018💯❤️
Stewyrich (14 days ago)
November anyone?
Siphelele Ndabeni (14 days ago)
Yha iyatsho le ngoma yakho sisterrr
Gee_clipz (15 days ago)
The original aboogie
MBTv Time (16 days ago)
She one the only female rapper I can listen to all these “dolls” and stuff fakin the real
Kelley Darion (16 days ago)
This my song

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