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Rosemary Gladstar's Garden Wisdoms: Cilantro, Dill, and Carrot Family Plants

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http://mountainroseherbs.com Rosemary Gladstar joined us in the garden to share plant wisdoms as part of the Free Herbalism Project. Rosemary discusses the healing properties and uses for Cilantro and Dill, as well as tips for identifying plants in the Apiaceae family. You can find organically grown Cilantro at https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/herbs/index/c#product-376 and Dill at https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/herbs/index/d#product-515 Learn more about identifying plants in the Apiaceae family on our blog: http://mountainroseblog.com/botany-carrot-family/
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Bonnie Hatcher (1 year ago)
Just love the wisdom you share <3
Rosemary, you are so sweet and humble and beautiful. I've learned so much from you, especially your book, the beginner's guide. Thank you so much for teaching all of us the beauty and legitimacy of herbal medicine. Much love!
R Dy (1 year ago)
We are never hopeless. We just have to step up for it.
Vitality Massage (1 year ago)
I like Rosemary. She once replied to an email I wrote to her. Very gracious and kind.
Dabney Fountain (1 year ago)
Love, love, love this video...Rosemary is not only knowledgeable, but also articulate and interesting. Powerful information.
Qua Goldbook (2 years ago)
Ben Duru (2 years ago)
Hi do you have any videos of her talking about Digestion and herbs to help with that? Is she the Ceo of Mountain Rose Herbs?
sue jose (2 years ago)
I really love your garden!
Romel Madray (2 years ago)
Hi Rosemary I love your channel and your seminars. Can dill roots be eaten like a carrot given it’s a tap root. I know that fennel roots are eaten cooked? Whole stems of dill including roots and flower buds are traditionally used to prepare Polish-style pickled cucumbers (ogórki kiszone). Your advice and experiences are appreciated
Romel Madray (2 years ago)
Hi, Can dill roots be eaten like a carrot given it’s a tap root. I know that fennel roots are eaten cooked? Whole stems of dill including roots and flower buds are traditionally used to prepare Polish-style pickled cucumbers (ogórki kiszone). Your advice and experiences are appreciated
West Coast Experience (4 years ago)
you are groovy!
Emily BH (4 years ago)
The live foods are better for you than the fermented foods.We humans do like our fermented foods though. Wine, Beer and other alcohol are fermented. It just makes common sense as fermented foods are decaying (dying)plant foods and you end up eating the wastes produced by the bacteria eating away at the plant.  There is a BBC series, "The Truth About Food"  where the digetive flora of people taking probiotics versus those that ate fresh dandelion, alfalfa sprouts and other live plants and herbs and the person who had been eating the live plant food had an exponentially greater increase in friendly bacteria than those that were given the digestive enzymes themselves. It just goes to show that no matter how hard he tries, man CAN NOT improve on Nature. The whole live plant is going to be the most easily recognized; broken down and used by the body.  I'm surprised more herbalists aren't purists believing that Nature has all the cures and provides the best foods we can consume for health and vitality. Any "improvement" made by man only creates problems and ill health down the road. A few of the purists I know of point out that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Robert Morse N.D. is one of them.Taking  digestive enzymes just sends messages to the pancreas not to create them since they have been provided by another source, thereby weakening the pancreas. Why would you want to do that? Now that I know the truth about fermented foods, I eat fermented foods as a treat or a condiment -- or for short term use but not for long term expecting health benefits from it when it could actually do the opposite.
roman star (3 years ago)
+Emily BH agreed . its impossible to create anything better for our cells than raw plant matter . the trick is finding the proper combination of raw plants for each individual . to this end the future shall bring massive popularity of high powered juicers and ''wild gardens'' full of each persons ''foundation plants'' which they juice on a regular basis .
Suzanne Amsalem (4 years ago)
I love coriander lol Australian pronunciation
Suzanne Amsalem (4 years ago)
I am over joyed to have found this sight you are a born healer! Thank you :)) may I ask , if I am using dried white sage is it alright for tea?
Amanda C. (4 years ago)
Herbalism, Homeopathy, Holistic runs in my blood from my Great Grandfather (I'm sure further) through my Grandmother passed down to my Aunt who has taught me so much from a child I have always loved being in nature I used to play with leaves etc as a child almost like I had the hidden desires of herbalism as a small little person. Now I am a mother and since my pregnancy I was so turned off to things I thought I could handle like chemicals etc. I have ventured off into my Journey of herbalism and natural health and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with what I learn. I have even started my own garden with my son from seeds (he is now 2). When I discovered Rosemary Gladstars books (my first purchase was medicinal herbs for beginners) I just felt like I had another Mentor to learn from and watching her videos just puts such warmth in my heart! I hope to pass all this knowledge to my son as he already looks to honey and oats to help when his eczema is having an episode <3 Thank you for your wisdom Rosemary!
LARK'S GARDENS (3 years ago)
+Amanda C. I thought the exact same way as what you said, "Listening to Rosemary WARMS MY HEART." I feel the radiance of her caring personality.
Rui Lopes (4 years ago)
Coriander is used a lot in Mediterranean cuisine (Portugal, Spain and Italy use it in several dishes - and always used fresh to give aroma)
Keturah Gibson (4 years ago)
I LOVED this video! Your enthusiasm is infectious. Im feeling so inspired :)
I think it is bad that you do not ship international orders except to Canada. I really want to get some herbs from you.
Mountain Rose Herbs (4 years ago)
+Wuraola Falana Thanks for sharing your feedback. This was a very difficult decision for us and we are sorry that we are not able to meet your needs. We wish you the best of luck in sourcing quality organic herbs closer to your home. Cheers! ~Kori
Nathan Wilhome (4 years ago)
So Great! A very wonderful video, thank you so much!
Cindee Smith (4 years ago)
Thank you Rosemary . Your videos are amazing. Thanks Mtn Rose for making them available... I love cilantro , the seed can be tinctured. Also can anyone recommend good info on Lyme Disease?
SoulMan (4 years ago)
Great video and tips, love this family of herbs.  Thanks for sharing :)
D (4 years ago)
I just love Rosemary (: She is so cool !!!
Fran-Sez I'Magina (4 years ago)
That is empowering, to be able to eat off the land. Thank you for sharing this video. 
Pat Christy (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us!
gr8light (4 years ago)
Interesting talk with a knowledgeable woman . Being an enthusiastic gardener myself, I love listening to others who get all excited about plants.
Mountain Rose Herbs (4 years ago)
New Video Lesson!  Rosemary Gladstar shares some wisdom on Cilantro, Dill, and the Carrot Family!
I order from Mountain Rose all the way from Florida! Good stuff!
Nessa CrescentMoon (4 years ago)
<3. I adore cilantro ! And I just learned that it's sees = coriander !!

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