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Best haircut ideas for men in 2016!!

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Howdy awesome people After a long waited year and many questions about my hair style, and how to groom and keep the beard I finally had the chance to show you all how my favorite barber and i work together Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe and comment with your though ! Much love F
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Text Comments (161)
LEO TV TUTORIALES (15 days ago)
Ese tipo de cortes siempre me ago y me queda jenial
Nicolas Ortiz (5 months ago)
So we're all just gonna ignore how thicc that girl was?
Eduardo Padilla Valdez (7 months ago)
You are my inspiration!! 😉
Awais khan DC (9 months ago)
Tell me how much that costs?
jaijoshii (9 months ago)
nice video
Mario Barrio (9 months ago)
bro como se llama ese corte ??
Gamechain (10 months ago)
Beard style?
TONY GARCIA (10 months ago)
A mi el pinche corte me valio madres, yo solo le miraba las nalgas a la barbera
علي آلبغدآدي (11 months ago)
Nice 💓
Butterfly Books (1 year ago)
Pluto ❤
Victor Enriquez (1 year ago)
sos crack, de a poco estoy tratando de dejarme el corte americano que tenes porque tenia otro estilo que era tipo cresta y largo... vas a tener mucho exito en youtube segui asi que vas a de 10. Abrazo desde Argentina.
Suhail Khan (1 year ago)
what did you cute on the side of your head .. 1 and 4 ?
Leandro Botelho (1 year ago)
Name of the music?
the merit (1 year ago)
Joel Vieri (1 year ago)
hey man, i love ur work! try to come up with more vids on how to style your hair, its awesome! keep uploading more videos
Robs Motor (1 year ago)
Podrías, al final de cada corte, detener un segundo la Imagen del resultado final por cada lado, asi perfiles, al frente y desde atrás para ver como queda. Mis respetos pa tu pelo. Saludos!
BUFE [بوف] (1 year ago)
I can give him better haircut more then this 😎😎
سيف ہے (1 year ago)
منو يعرف اسم هذا الممثل
Marco Rodríguez (1 year ago)
Chulas nalgas xd
Angela Marques (1 year ago)
William Navarro (1 year ago)
Gino K (1 year ago)
To much off the sides
shobha maunddin (1 year ago)
NY dveturry (1 year ago)
lindo incrivel trabalho
PREM MASIH (1 year ago)
best haircut vedio on youtube
Leandro Amorim (1 year ago)
Whata Fuck, why do you hate your hair?
Leandro Amorim (1 year ago)
Whata Fuck, why do you hate your hair?
Martin Flischman (1 year ago)
What product do you use to style your hair?
Adolf Hitler (1 year ago)
Que hermosura esa negra!!
jad hzim (1 year ago)
she is so hot
TheLance3185 (1 year ago)
Now, ready for the gay bar.
kashi janu (1 year ago)
WTF.....she is illuminati member........she have a icon on her arm
Was (1 year ago)
She knows how to fade for sure!!!
Qasim naje (1 year ago)
خرب عقلج والله حلاقة
super sniper (1 year ago)
good job
sudais waheed (1 year ago)
What is name of this song?
Isaias Zagal (1 year ago)
Hair Styles Of Men (1 year ago)
EhJayCutz (1 year ago)
Awesome haircut thanks for the helpful content!!
MesaL (1 year ago)
Wow, big ass .
FAISAL RK (1 year ago)
PUBG star (1 year ago)
I love you brother your hairstyle is very cool and I am from India India
Dhillon (2 years ago)
the beard looks awesome!!
boss hugo (2 years ago)
Looks like Sergio Ramos
dương exam oke (2 years ago)
beautiful hair your reference and support yourselv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl5MovVm824
Bijoy Singh (2 years ago)
Really fab haircut, liked it
Caleb Alfaro (2 years ago)
God damm that girl is nice.. easy 10 right there. and dope ass hair cut/Beard by the way
*woman show some respect
The Human Spider (2 years ago)
what if im in 2015
Mossab Tayati (2 years ago)
I'm 21 can I do it like this or its not yet ? ?
Ma Name E Jeff (1 year ago)
pbure1 Im 19 and i already have a beard, and yeah... you can say my hairstyle and my beard are same as the dude on the video. If you have a beard then grow it up!
pbure1 (1 year ago)
Mossab Tayati it's not yet, you gota be 28 and up for that cut, sorry dude, 7 more years
Eevee (1 year ago)
Mossab Tayati of course you can
Akhil Awasthi (2 years ago)
will it suit on oval face ..?
Prince bagwani (2 years ago)
how 2 grow bread lyk u dude
James Casey (2 years ago)
awesome style .. but what do you ask for??
Eevee (1 year ago)
James Casey low skin fade blended with sciccors recommend a stylist for this haircut.
Paritosh Upadhyay (2 years ago)
You have a great beard man!
Boudy ElAgmawy (2 years ago)
God who is that girl!
Asad Forat (2 years ago)
?what is the name of your beard style
Pranav Pawar (2 years ago)
you must be drowning in pussies man...
s4sukesharingan (2 years ago)
he is not :D most good looking men are not drowning in pussies :D only assholes are doing that xD
Grammar Police (2 years ago)
Mad fade. Fresh AF!
Blush Viajante (2 years ago)
So Perfect...
987stampie (2 years ago)
i just saw the name of belgian beer pop up in the beginning of the video... vedett lol
vanderbonz (2 years ago)
the girl who cut your hair so hot
Shay Sashcov (2 years ago)
idk why.. that girl turns me on
Henrique Nunes (2 years ago)
muito legal
Sourabh Mhala (2 years ago)
macho !!! 👍
Sourabh Mhala (2 years ago)
macho !!! 👍
Los Videos De Chris (2 years ago)
2:01 I saw what you did there bro ;) HAHAHAHHAHAH ♥ anyways thanks for the view.
Ligia Marquez (2 years ago)
she is good!
naveen bathi (2 years ago)
I bet u can't give me a perfect haircut
valerio rser (2 years ago)
girl's ass at 2:00
Vinayaka Shankar.S (2 years ago)
what is the name of the haircut style
John DL (2 years ago)
damm no lines...nice job girl..fade on point
*woman bitch
Charlie Boci (2 years ago)
could have faded the beard in
aryan s (2 years ago)
hey man,what kind of beard should I grow!!
Fernando Rivera (2 years ago)
Forget the haircut. It's a normal low fade. The girl though 😍
newguy56 (2 years ago)
fuck the dude I wanna see more of the chick with glasses
matthew roberts (2 years ago)
hairdresser was fit!
Viral Bharakhda (2 years ago)
super hairstyle👌
Teja Rocky (2 years ago)
that hairstyle name plzz ???
Teja Rocky (2 years ago)
+Austin McDuffie thnq
Austin McDuffie (2 years ago)
Teja Rocky thats called a low fade
MRsayNO2hugs (2 years ago)
Does your barber have a YouTube? That is super clean.
iamdanishkhan 07 (2 years ago)
what are the mesurements ????????????? @fracrox
AJ (2 years ago)
wow... nice!!
M P (2 years ago)
how old are you? i still can't grow anything close to that facial hair (22)
CodiTheJedi (2 years ago)
Beards don't come in for some until much later. think late 20s, 30s, and 40s even. I'm 27 and still can't grow a full beard. But more and more comes in each year so I try every fall to grow it out for 3 months and see how it turns out.
Matěj Sivák (2 years ago)
Maybe you just don't have the right genes for it :( or it will come
Manish Gupta (2 years ago)
Try minoxidil
Mikael Bravin Karlsson (2 years ago)
High, great video. Leave the text longer. To red eyed to follow. Sincerely.
Robert Greenleaf (2 years ago)
where's that shop at?
Hicham Aglaou (2 years ago)
Miosotis (2 years ago)
You look really good :) ...makes me wanna be a barber to make people look nice!
ȼlaššíc Ğũŷ (2 years ago)
women can't handle the straight razor like mens yeahhhh
Lady. Nikki.95 (2 years ago)
DIEGO JARAMILLO (2 years ago)
so 2014...
Footz (2 years ago)
wat product do u use man
NovaNation (2 years ago)
pls tell me the name of the hairstyle..
Alan Rojano (1 month ago)
Low fade . Or show your barbero this video
Yos88ef (2 years ago)
كاني اعرف اللي شايل الكمره هو عنده برنامج سايق بالفطره
xelat sh (2 years ago)
Sandra Rojas (2 years ago)
Saludos desde Venezuela, deberias subir videos mas seguido.
and now m sure .... i look like a faking potato ._. ( not a cute one tho ) :|
David Marques (2 years ago)
omg its a perfect fade o.o
MrCoke (2 years ago)
you are too perfect fracox.
Benito Manzo (2 years ago)
GQ magazine should give you a ring for a photo shoot.
Fracrox (2 years ago)
i wish man hahaha
Isaac Soto (2 years ago)
that ass
Danielmeir (2 years ago)
this dudes beard is goals I'm 18 now can grow decent facial hair better than my friends and my brother who is 20 hope it matured more in my 20s so I can shape it up look like how I want to look
Fracrox (2 years ago)
awesome hahaha

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