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Reacting to James Charles's BEST FRIEND'S BUY EACH OTHER OUTFITS ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

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Just because they're influencers doesn't mean they know how to dress. The Sister Squad (James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, & The Dolan Twins) go sister shopping and we pray they sister serve looks. Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hautelemode/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauteLeMode Tumblr: http://hautelemode.tumblr.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/ujbeats/ifbeat TTYL
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Text Comments (1011)
QR One (3 days ago)
It's Ralph Lauren, not Ralph Lau-REN. He himself, has publicly corrected this.
Johnny Garden (21 days ago)
omg you’re so entertaining😂😂i’m so happy i found your channel
Dirty Trip (27 days ago)
DAMN i love you
Celia C. (27 days ago)
Tabitha Totten (28 days ago)
Love your Bianca Jagger Studio 54 Birthday T
emmy irene (30 days ago)
He’s so great at fashion but good lord get this boy to get his brows styled
emily burns (1 month ago)
aquarius sis! love u
Jowita W (1 month ago)
react to a PAQ video
Cam Rheaume (1 month ago)
all I can focus on is that hickey?.. on your neck. its distracting in the best way possible. lol xo
Cam Rheaume (1 month ago)
am I the only homo that noticed that?! oops
jumpingabay y (1 month ago)
Call you Raven Simone? Call you bitchy gay boy😒🙄
jumpingabay y (1 month ago)
love how this bitch is being an ass about James in this video, but he tries extremely hard to be like him as he's talking. smh🙄 what an asshole
fern walker (1 month ago)
You should react to PAQ they are a channel with some cool fashion stuff x
Alex delos Reyes (1 month ago)
i love you
Gacha Girls (1 month ago)
the incorrect grammar in the title (James Charles's...it's meant to be Charles' im 100% sure) is driving me nuTs
Well I Tried (1 month ago)
Why is this such a good video
Kate Ravenscroft (1 month ago)
i love your idea of having a design student collaborate on march to make it more interesting. would love that.
kat v. (1 month ago)
The YSL glasses though 😪👌🏿
Strega 0 (1 month ago)
7:25 rolling his eyes at James is my general attitude towards sishter in general. lol
Humayun Samir (1 month ago)
Oh the burn.....😂🤣🤣🤣
Isabela Teixeira (1 month ago)
james charles, emma chamberlain and two bycicle seats
Faaizah Khan (1 month ago)
I need a friend like you 😩 💛💛 and i’m dying her- maze 😂😂😂😂
Domon C (1 month ago)
You pronounce it "erme"
Charlotte FUCHS (1 month ago)
You actually pronounce Hermès wrong. The s at the end doesn’t sound like a z but like a s like in snake
I'm old, wot is all this sister stuff?
tiger t (1 month ago)
SHADE!!!! that ghosty pic of James. lol
Toshi (1 month ago)
If you had a glass of wine while reviewing these hoes. BITCH 👌
Mari Labuddah (1 month ago)
Stop lecturing us in how to pronounce non-american brands because you can't do it yourself and showing off with your Chinese - stop it! The pronunciation is Off!
Mari Labuddah (1 month ago)
And by the way LE MODE this is the most difficult thing to pronounce IT IS NOT FRENCH! In French it is la mode. At least stand up for your mistakes
Mari Labuddah (1 month ago)
You have no French accent so stop being rude about them not pronouncing the designers correctly ! It actually annoys me that every American thinks because they are American they can change any name into what they want it.
Joelle Brandts (2 months ago)
i died when u said “no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade” 😂
Lyes (2 months ago)
Stop at 14:52
viceb7 (2 months ago)
Jesus those bros are too bro to function
Anna (2 months ago)
No bitch, i'm subscribed because you tell it like it is.
aliyahleggs (2 months ago)
Aquarius too, bb ☺️ February 1st ♒️
Carla MSM (2 months ago)
Basic, dumb bitches are basic and dumb.
Kodokushi Hill (2 months ago)
11:05 😂😂
TiredAsAMother (2 months ago)
Will do a review on Graveyardgirls shoe collection? Pleaseeeeeeee.
Hailey Gallagher (2 months ago)
Ok pause I love Luke’s shirt where is that from
Canto Melon (2 months ago)
This video is not for me sisters.
Rafaela Rocha (2 months ago)
7:35 that shoe could double up as a weapon lowkey hahahhaha, if someone is trying to steal ur purse u get ur shoe and give them a head traumatism
Meghan Martinez (2 months ago)
Lmaooooo you do NOT sound like James Charles 😂
weeaboo josie (2 months ago)
the bitch says 'haute' wrong but its cute
isabeladorie (2 months ago)
I'm so off. I was getting strong Leo vibes.
Furiosa, Imperator (2 months ago)
"No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade" HauteLeMode 2018
venuslovechain95 (3 months ago)
The “I just read ha’ and then I related” pause + brow arch at 4:00 is hilarious 😹 relatable content
Bunnknees (3 months ago)
They just designer clothing everyone knows. Not special in any way, sort or form.
Nopo Lade (3 months ago)
do you put butter on your face? just asking
janis j (3 months ago)
More whining next vid, thnx
Oscar Vivier (3 months ago)
La mode. It’s French.
Alexis Prodromou (3 months ago)
u literally wished u were james charles
Layla Naser (3 months ago)
Ur so annoying
Mila Givenchy (3 months ago)
You are throwing shade to the style of other people but here u are in the most fucking basic black shirt with a print
jake white (3 months ago)
Why can’t people wear whatever lol
ajdbbd Cheese Kimbap (3 months ago)
OK but you need to learn how to pronounce your channel's name in French
Carolyn McHugh (3 months ago)
when you realize she wore those pants and boots to the streamys this year
AND PEGGY (3 months ago)
Ok this isn't a hate comment I swear skdjsjjs but at first I literally couldn't stand you at all and now your videos are highly addictive like I NEED to know what you're gonna say and your personality grew on me
HauteLeMode (3 months ago)
it always does <3
Billie vinson (3 months ago)
i feel like the charm of youtubers are that they er just "normal" people, so for me they should not be expected to be fashionable? idk
notoriousPeanut (3 months ago)
Seriously, you are the best. I’ve been thoroughly entertained as I go through the videos since discovering your channel. Nobody reads these idiotic videos and it’s a joy to watch, truly.
Kasia (3 months ago)
hehe i love watching you serve up a commentary
Katy Crawford (3 months ago)
you sound like drew monson
Lexi Taylor (3 months ago)
YOU’RE AN AQUARIUS TOO OMGGGGGG I knew we relate too well
sugagustd (3 months ago)
3:58-4:05 me waiting for my food
Grayson Smith (3 months ago)
sweaty but into it
Grayson Smith (3 months ago)
"i hate straight people"
strike star (3 months ago)
I am having trouble, how to pick the right outfit(s). You show your audience your fashion knowledge. In which caused you to gain many trusts
Maialeen (3 months ago)
It is astonishing how unlikable they all are.
Mith (3 months ago)
Mith (3 months ago)
honey love you the most you can't criticizie emma's pronunciation when youre literally saying it the american way... its a fucking french brand thats not how they pronunce it sis
Maggie Buchanan (3 months ago)
im honestly stressed about how they have money and have 0 measurable taste
Li (3 months ago)
Saksha Verma (3 months ago)
I love his ass
Mitchel Bryan (3 months ago)
Omg I LOVE you so much you remind me of Mitch Grassi from pentatonix
Emily Slack (3 months ago)
lol i love all of these people flexing on teens who can't afford shit. like Luke roast them.
Loes Lose (3 months ago)
lol but did you only film this video to use their names in the title and try to get a lot of views?
Shelby Hill (3 months ago)
0:59 Jesus christ, do they let this boy do his own makeup at photoshoots? They gotta stop cause he looks so fucking cakey. There is no goddamn reason to look cakey in a photoshoot.
Zoe James (3 months ago)
Idk why people support you. you act like you're someone big in the industry. You have no room to talk shit about james because you're jealous. 1. You're a hypocrite 2.youre using their names for views 3. You act like you know everything about fashion. If you know so much why you look like shit?? Just saying
justsayneenuh (3 months ago)
the point was to dress each other in clothes that they would wear themselves not to be hollywood stylists but ok
thegirlwithpaints Avya (3 months ago)
What you do us the lamest thing ever, but I AM OBSESSED.. WHY DO I LOVE THIS
Taylor Carter (3 months ago)
I’m so over shitty sweatshirt YouTuber merch...
Not-Not Nooo (3 months ago)
Isn’t like Pronounced Hair-Mess !? I don’t know that’s the grec ( and French !) pronunciation...so I guess you are not a fashion idol either 🤣🤣🤣 ohh actually you tried at least !!!!
Mia Priestley (3 months ago)
Look we have the same drink bottle. And that’s the only thing you couldn’t murder me about
Mia Priestley (3 months ago)
“Her maze”
Z VU (3 months ago)
I’m an Aquarius too and I have mental breakdown alone so that’s good and fresh
Miki Wong (3 months ago)
Kelly Van (3 months ago)
I love you! Like I wouldn’t mind you dragging me. I wish we were friends
Kelly Van (3 months ago)
I’m not trying to be mean. It’s a genuine question. Are you a professional stylist for people? You should. Because you tubers need it. I heard they hire them, but don’t listen to them though. Kinda like how Shawn Mendez did at first
i f (3 months ago)
Love this chain moment
Ulquiorra Michaelis (3 months ago)
You don’t need an s after the apostrophe if his name ends in s
Savana Taylor (3 months ago)
So many ads interrupting meee
kale kičen (3 months ago)
I honestly hate this guy from the bottom of my heart hes so rude and just no Im not saying that bc i "loOve" james, no, it's just he's so salty for no reason
Daria Axelsson (3 months ago)
Even as a straight girl, I'm literally so into you.
Aurora Borealis (3 months ago)
sis you were Sweating in this video turn the air up
soulsearching4mali (3 months ago)
Yaaas aquarius breakdown squaaaaad
Lucie Pignouxderoubaix (3 months ago)
Hey just saying as a french gal I dont see the big deal saying Hermès correctly I understand if you say Hermez idgaf
jane haviland (3 months ago)
ok don’t come for them for pronouncing hermès wrong but you can’t pronounce haute right
Elliana Polyak (3 months ago)
sorry what was 4:00 that was such an awkward pause but i understand ur reasoning to not waste time editing to much ;))
jane haviland (3 months ago)
you’re annoying as fuvk
Michaela (3 months ago)
Why do you look like Kiera Knightley tho
valentine marie (3 months ago)
ok I’m french and i’m pretty sure u pronounced Jacquemus very well!!!!!
sadie Martin (3 months ago)
omg is that a kicky on his neck

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