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Reacting to James Charles's BEST FRIEND'S BUY EACH OTHER OUTFITS ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

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Just because they're influencers doesn't mean they know how to dress. The Sister Squad (James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, & The Dolan Twins) go sister shopping and we pray they sister serve looks. Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hautelemode/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauteLeMode Tumblr: http://hautelemode.tumblr.com Music: https://soundcloud.com/ujbeats/ifbeat TTYL
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Text Comments (1054)
D G (1 day ago)
I Stan but girl you NEED A/C that forehead is GLISTENING
Jesus the Bottom (2 days ago)
i def thirst watch
Hugo Sävström (4 days ago)
I wish they had bought fun and cool clothes for each other to make each other try things outside of their comfort zone and put on a show rather than just basic looking clothes from expensive brands. Imagine what actual interesting edgy clothes they could have bought for that same amount of money
Tomy Silas (6 days ago)
he's not a "bitchy pronunciation" gay, he's a "lowkey disappointed" gay
A. B. H. (13 days ago)
What's this shirt you're wearing? A horse?!!! I love it, I need it
clare beddor (14 days ago)
he looks so good here wtf
africkso (14 days ago)
who knew the dolan twins knew how to read? not even only in the sassy way, but like in general.
KC Johnston (19 days ago)
It was cute how much effort whatshisname was putting into chosing Emma's outfit
beautybywadzi (24 days ago)
U look so snatch in this video omg !!
Alicia Ryan (28 days ago)
I know how to say Hermes and I shop at only goodwill :P
Neincoal (28 days ago)
i have those same exact saint laurent glasses..except mine were $3
pinche hoel (29 days ago)
Love the bitterness of you wanting to design James merch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
M G (29 days ago)
I mean you dress in basic tshirts most of the time and hate eveyone’s outfits, even tho you have no style.
Albane (1 month ago)
It's Hermès like in mess btw not Hermèz if you want to actually talk in French.
Gray Anderson (1 month ago)
I love that T-Shirt with Bianca Jagger! I die laughing with your shade...❤️
Wayne Spotted Elk (1 month ago)
I don't like emma sorry but I am not sorry
lucaaaassssssssss (1 month ago)
someone be the plug, and tell me where his tops from!!!!!
Dahaf Oqlah (1 month ago)
"it has a name" I'M DYING xD
purple boi (1 month ago)
Idk if you would be interested but can you review BTS' style??
lmao it's a good video but damn nigga.. raf simons is pretty fuckin well-known, it's not impressive to know he exists
robert f. Trent (1 month ago)
They're not really iconic. The Dolan twins are bros. Queens die for them, but why? James Charles is functionally illiterate. BTW, you look sort of butch today. Don't know why.
Leaves and Grass (1 month ago)
YES finally someone who agrees with me that Ariana dresses like shit
Emelie Tm (1 month ago)
This guy is so negative and boring. I agree with some What he's saying but... soooo negative and boriing.
extra devilish (1 month ago)
Am i the only person who doesnt find emma chamberlain funny.... shes just annoying tbh
Dillon Bush (1 month ago)
You have no idea how proud I was when you pronounced Hermès with a French accent and it was actually accurate.
kat kap (1 month ago)
James Charles on the cover of Vogue? Never heard of that 😮 But I guess we've seen Kim, so anything can happen! But I think they could do sth with his outfit, makeup, hair. He looks like its just another day for him. He's not Mark Zuckerberg, they could mix it up!
Adovian Dones (1 month ago)
"you go to designers to get something with an interesting point of view, something that was actually designed" SO SIMPLE, LONG SIGH
April Perez (1 month ago)
Love u !!! Can I please get a like by you !!
Lea Morfin (1 month ago)
Love you. But it’s still not the right prononciation for Hermes. It’s a French « s » not a z. ;)
Lea Morfin (1 month ago)
Just saw the other comments. Sorry xx
Thornback (2 months ago)
Luke, so disappointed, you liked those fugly glasses just because of the label
Camille Schuster (2 months ago)
This was ruthless
Kathrina Alexander (2 months ago)
why cant you just watch the video and stfu geez
Lizzy Sitter Designs (2 months ago)
Tarah Stroh (2 months ago)
did you just call that a "dark pant?" Its a fucking black pair of jeans LMAO i am actually dead bro
HQ Novad (2 months ago)
I’m high key attracted to you and your attitude lmao! Slay me fashion king 🙌🏼
nicole milano (2 months ago)
8:28 get over it GEEK
Jessica Brobe (2 months ago)
Love 9:13
Adeline Crosby (3 months ago)
the fact that he just got up and left and didn't edit it out is the funniest shit I have ever seen
QR One (3 months ago)
It's Ralph Lauren, not Ralph Lau-REN. He himself, has publicly corrected this.
Johnny Garden (3 months ago)
omg you’re so entertaining😂😂i’m so happy i found your channel
Dirty Trip (3 months ago)
DAMN i love you
Celia C. (4 months ago)
Tabitha Totten (4 months ago)
Love your Bianca Jagger Studio 54 Birthday T
emma metzler (4 months ago)
He’s so great at fashion but good lord get this boy to get his brows styled
emily burns (4 months ago)
aquarius sis! love u
Jowita W (4 months ago)
react to a PAQ video
Cam Rheaume (4 months ago)
all I can focus on is that hickey?.. on your neck. its distracting in the best way possible. lol xo
Cam Rheaume (4 months ago)
am I the only homo that noticed that?! oops
jumpingabay y (4 months ago)
Call you Raven Simone? Call you bitchy gay boy😒🙄
jumpingabay y (4 months ago)
love how this bitch is being an ass about James in this video, but he tries extremely hard to be like him as he's talking. smh🙄 what an asshole
fern walker (4 months ago)
You should react to PAQ they are a channel with some cool fashion stuff x
Alex delos Reyes (4 months ago)
i love you
Gacha Girls (4 months ago)
the incorrect grammar in the title (James Charles's...it's meant to be Charles' im 100% sure) is driving me nuTs
Well I Tried (4 months ago)
Why is this such a good video
Kate Ravenscroft (4 months ago)
i love your idea of having a design student collaborate on march to make it more interesting. would love that.
kat v. (4 months ago)
The YSL glasses though 😪👌🏿
Strega 0 (4 months ago)
7:25 rolling his eyes at James is my general attitude towards sishter in general. lol
Humayun Samir (4 months ago)
Oh the burn.....😂🤣🤣🤣
Isabela Teixeira (4 months ago)
james charles, emma chamberlain and two bycicle seats
Faaizah Khan (4 months ago)
I need a friend like you 😩 💛💛 and i’m dying her- maze 😂😂😂😂
Domon C (4 months ago)
You pronounce it "erme"
Charlotte FUCHS (4 months ago)
You actually pronounce Hermès wrong. The s at the end doesn’t sound like a z but like a s like in snake
I'm old, wot is all this sister stuff?
MustacheN Beef (4 months ago)
SHADE!!!! that ghosty pic of James. lol
Toshi (4 months ago)
If you had a glass of wine while reviewing these hoes. BITCH 👌
Mari Labuddah (5 months ago)
Stop lecturing us in how to pronounce non-american brands because you can't do it yourself and showing off with your Chinese - stop it! The pronunciation is Off!
Mari Labuddah (5 months ago)
And by the way LE MODE this is the most difficult thing to pronounce IT IS NOT FRENCH! In French it is la mode. At least stand up for your mistakes
Mari Labuddah (5 months ago)
You have no French accent so stop being rude about them not pronouncing the designers correctly ! It actually annoys me that every American thinks because they are American they can change any name into what they want it.
Joelle Brandts (5 months ago)
i died when u said “no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade” 😂
Lyes (5 months ago)
Stop at 14:52
viceb7 (5 months ago)
Jesus those bros are too bro to function
Anna (5 months ago)
No bitch, i'm subscribed because you tell it like it is.
sewnsew (5 months ago)
Aquarius too, bb ☺️ February 1st ♒️
Carla MSM (5 months ago)
Basic, dumb bitches are basic and dumb.
Kodokushi Hill (5 months ago)
11:05 😂😂
TiredAsAMother (5 months ago)
Will do a review on Graveyardgirls shoe collection? Pleaseeeeeeee.
Hailey Gallagher (5 months ago)
Ok pause I love Luke’s shirt where is that from
Crapola Crapola (5 months ago)
This video is not for me sisters.
Rafaela Rocha (5 months ago)
7:35 that shoe could double up as a weapon lowkey hahahhaha, if someone is trying to steal ur purse u get ur shoe and give them a head traumatism
Meghan Martinez (5 months ago)
Lmaooooo you do NOT sound like James Charles 😂
josie (5 months ago)
the bitch says 'haute' wrong but its cute
isabeladorie (6 months ago)
I'm so off. I was getting strong Leo vibes.
Furiosa, Imperator (6 months ago)
"No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade" HauteLeMode 2018
venuslovechain95 (6 months ago)
The “I just read ha’ and then I related” pause + brow arch at 4:00 is hilarious 😹 relatable content
Bunnknees (6 months ago)
They just designer clothing everyone knows. Not special in any way, sort or form.
Noah (6 months ago)
do you put butter on your face? just asking
janis j (6 months ago)
More whining next vid, thnx
Oscar Vivier (6 months ago)
La mode. It’s French.
Alexis Ivy (6 months ago)
u literally wished u were james charles
Layla Naser (6 months ago)
Ur so annoying
Mila Givenchy (6 months ago)
You are throwing shade to the style of other people but here u are in the most fucking basic black shirt with a print
jake white (6 months ago)
Why can’t people wear whatever lol
ajdbbd Cheese Kimbap (6 months ago)
OK but you need to learn how to pronounce your channel's name in French
Carolyn McHugh (6 months ago)
when you realize she wore those pants and boots to the streamys this year
AND PEGGY (6 months ago)
Ok this isn't a hate comment I swear skdjsjjs but at first I literally couldn't stand you at all and now your videos are highly addictive like I NEED to know what you're gonna say and your personality grew on me
HauteLeMode (6 months ago)
it always does <3
Billie vinson (6 months ago)
i feel like the charm of youtubers are that they er just "normal" people, so for me they should not be expected to be fashionable? idk
notoriousPeanut (6 months ago)
Seriously, you are the best. I’ve been thoroughly entertained as I go through the videos since discovering your channel. Nobody reads these idiotic videos and it’s a joy to watch, truly.
Kasia (6 months ago)
hehe i love watching you serve up a commentary
Katy Crawford (6 months ago)
you sound like drew monson
Lexi Taylor (6 months ago)
YOU’RE AN AQUARIUS TOO OMGGGGGG I knew we relate too well
sugagustd (6 months ago)
3:58-4:05 me waiting for my food

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