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Carenado Phenom 100/300 Navi Pack Expansion G1000 Manual Flight Plan

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This is only to show u how to manualy type in flight plan in to G1000.
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Text Comments (16)
KIM JONG FAT (2 days ago)
The autopilot sucks :(
Chris Norman (1 year ago)
Far to fast and could do with a commentary. Essentially comes across as a clever dick showing off.
Vincent Chan (2 years ago)
You can't enter airways?
Vincent Chan (2 years ago)
Ok. I found it working. When you in FPL -> Enter WayPoint Page. At the bottom right soft-key, there is Load Airways
Tomasz Zajac (2 years ago)
I Didnt try that
Michael Moriarty (2 years ago)
Need voice...
PKPat (2 years ago)
sir. how to install navdata form navigraph into G1000? Or do you have clip to install it?
Greg Bergman (2 years ago)
I agree that an explanation is needed. Watching button being clicked and knobs being turned is rather useless.
Tomasz Zajac (2 years ago)
what explanation u need?
Will Silky (2 years ago)
Would appreciate if you might explain how you got all this working... According to avism posts, the phenom Prodigy 100 and for myself, will not offer a departure option... It is grayed out. It jumps to Arrival or approach only... I am tearing my hair ou to try to understand this unit and it seems either it was modeled only partially according to avism... or something is not set up right. I have navigraph set to up[date all carenado products.... even installed the extension that supposedly is for both... Help please... I love this aircraft but am very much in to the reality part of things,,, Thanks....
Will Silky (2 years ago)
Hi Vincent... The expansion pack is for the phenom 300 only... At least that is what carenado says... Its sad that all these beautiful aircraft they sell us mostly with the garmin 1000 are no use for real training... On the other hand... PMDG has everything programmable....
Vincent Chan (2 years ago)
+Will Silky You need to purchase the expansion pack http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php
Tomasz Zajac (2 years ago)
+Will Silky Hey.I did some test and looks like for my Phenom 100 Departute is not working to.As I found at Carenado forum (avsim) coz Prodigy is as default so its means there is no SID and STAR for it.Its not working with others airplanes that use Prodigy 1000.Here In movie I showed how to manualy setup Flight Plan I didnt check this for Phenom 100
Bus_Pilot_320 (3 years ago)
thanks sooo much!!! just one question. is there a way to select your STAR at the end, or change the star after you have already done your flight plan without deleting it?
Bus_Pilot_320 (3 years ago)
+Tomasz Zajac yeah ur right, its just that u entered in the star and it didnt come up on the flight plan. and sorry for all the questions... thanks for your video and help!
Tomasz Zajac (3 years ago)
+Fsx_Productions should be but u need to figure out this ur self

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