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Coleus Starter Plants - Veseys

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http://www.veseys.com See the great results you can achieve from growing Vesey's Coleus from starter plants.Your FREE subscription to the Vesey's family of gardening catalogues https://www.veseys.com/ca/en/catalogue Chance to win a free greenhouse http://bit.ly/1a7TL1S Subscribe to Veseys channel here! http://bit.ly/Y8gyVS Like Veseys on Facebook http://fb.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/veseys Follow Veseys on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/veseysseeds/ Follow Veseys on Instagram http://instagram.com/veseysseeds Please Like, Subscribe and Comment :) Happy Gardening!
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Ken Deininger (11 months ago)
I liked your Video..I learned something.. IF you like gardening you might like this Video..It shows you several ways to split and transplant Sedum, Autumn Joy variety.. ...If you can, Could you subscribe to mine channel. (Need to get to 1000 subscribers)...The Video
Gardenia and all (1 year ago)
very nice
hash glass (5 years ago)
Wendy (7 years ago)
@TheQueenoftheGypsies Awesome, thanks!
Natasha MacFadyen (7 years ago)
@glowbuggie Coleus can take 3-4 weeks to fill out and will grow even quicker if the weather is good and warm. The flowers amount to nothing much and can be piched back tp encourage more foliage growth. Fertilizing once a week will help or adding a slow release fertilizer to the soil.
Natasha MacFadyen (7 years ago)
@glowbuggie Coleus will take about 3-4 weeks to really fill out nicely and possibly even less time if the weather is nice and warm. The flowers don't amount to much so when they start to appear you can pinch them back to help your coleus bush out even more. Fertilizing once a week or adding a slow release pelleted fertilizer will also help!
Wendy (7 years ago)
They truly are beautiful. I just planted some very small ones that I bought in a tray. How long do they take to spread and really fill out???

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