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Why Do Men Wear Women's Sexy Underwear? | Transvestites & Cross-Dressing | Undie Mondays

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Are you a man who wants to wear a sexy pair of ladies' panties? Or has your partner suggested trying this, but you aren't sure? Lovehoney's lingerie expert, Sammi Cole, discuss the reasons why some men want to wear women's underwear in the bedroom, and how you can bring up your kink with your partner. **** Liked this? You'll love these! The Best Lingerie to Have Sex In: http://bit.ly/2nKmBSv The Easy Guide to Underwear Styles: http://bit.ly/2mMscqh **** Don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all our vlogs every week! http://bit.ly/2a1MrxE
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Text Comments (112)
Malcolm Wiedemann (3 months ago)
I'm a guy that loves wearing women's panties as thay are just so sexy and I love how thay feel
Raptor Man (3 months ago)
Been barring girlfriends clothes for a while. She actually was okay with it when she found i was bi and wanted to wear girls clothes now and then
[email protected] (3 months ago)
I love wearing women's underwear feels good on my bits very comfortable and turns me on.
Kiram N (4 months ago)
My girlfriend motivates me, I am into crossdress ING. It is awesome
jon jones (4 months ago)
Thank you!!!!
Jason Sanders (4 months ago)
Uh we do it because it feels good and is a turn on! Not cool when you have the neighbor chick across the street come to your front door while role playing in a pink thong being led around on a leash by my whip wielding wife!! Er uh--- INSTANT RED FACE!!! Some things just can't be unseen!! I still kick it with the chick across street but there's still that unspoken awkwardness!! She's pretty cool though and has shared some pretty freaky shit about herself which I WILL NEVER share with another living soul!!! Kind of an ice breaker moment for us both
OX4-Jumper (4 months ago)
This video is amazing, thank you for talking about this subject. :)
Rock Star (4 months ago)
I always wear ladies soft and tight underwears because by wearing this, i feel very comfortable about my dick
THOMAS RUTKOWSKI (4 months ago)
love honey 💋 I think your great ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋
THOMAS RUTKOWSKI (5 months ago)
I used to do it all the time with my x-wife she was good with it we'd both get dressed up in lingerie 💋💋👠👠💓👗
Gary S (5 months ago)
I can see me dressed up in my lady's teddy, as she is about to peg me or making me suck on her strap on😉
Julie Crawford (5 months ago)
A lot of girls that I've been with, For some reason or another, really turn on to this. I'd like to know why some girls are really turned on by this !
Lovehoney (5 months ago)
I guess for the same reason that lots of people aren't into it: it's just personal taste! :) Jess
Rob Fair (5 months ago)
I,m a heterosexual male. I love wearing PVC and leather garter belts!
Lawrence Acree (6 months ago)
I have been wearing bras and panties for a very long time Guess mainly because back then to was more of a taboo
Riki Martinez (7 months ago)
I’m not a cross dresser I just like to wear women underwear and women bras. I just think its more comfortable than men underwear
Megan Green (7 months ago)
I love the thing on the mannequin. It's so cute. Is it in the love honey store?
Teacake - (7 months ago)
Hello Sammi long term member of the LH forum, This is a perfect video for anyone who likes wearing women's underwear/clothing but isn't sure how to tell their partner, If your partner is young they might feel awkward if you just surprise them that's right the key is to talk to them about it, When i was young the person thought it was to much that i was going towards being a woman this video would of been great for her. Mine started out as i Scent fetish which now has got me into buying them just for me as well. I have even been told by my current partner that i look better in some of her stuff than she does. You just have to be up front and say why you like it, I agree with some people doing it for the naughty kinky bit me too. Women do get away with wearing men's clothing without anyone saying anything. I have been doing it for years and i still don't know what i would call myself (crossdresser) as it is a lot to do with scent and knowing she has been wearing them. In the end its just a name.
Marvin Allen (7 months ago)
I just received some of your panties from lovehoney and omg I love them so much. Thank you so much for this video! I wear panties everyday! 😊
Lovehoney (7 months ago)
Yay! Thanks Chester... Enjoy! Jess
Marvin Allen (8 months ago)
@Lovehoney thanks for the video I love wearing panties especially lace thongs and have been embarrassed by it
Marvin Allen (8 months ago)
Lovehoney thanks for the reply! I’m mostly scared people will think I’m gay which I’m not. How should I as a guy go to a lingerie store (Victoria’s Secret) and ask for help buying panties. I want to feel comfortable and not make anyone uncomfortable.
Lovehoney (8 months ago)
Hey Chester Thanks for watching! Don't be embarrassed. If you like it, and you're not forcing your interest on other people, then crack on! Whatever makes you feel good... Keep at it! Jess
Payton20ADZ (10 months ago)
my boyfriend like s to wear panties and he is super masculine
Emily C (10 months ago)
Clothing shouldn't be gendered in my book. Just wear what you want.
Scott Anderson (3 months ago)
yeah but it is
Lovehoney (10 months ago)
bobinmissouri (1 year ago)
I wear sport bra's tights and tights with stirups and dresses when I can but all the other I wear all the time i have 3 fav bra's and don't really care who knows lol oh and i have all kinds of night gowns and nighties live in a house full of woman and they all know that I wear them
Kristal Satin (1 year ago)
Be careful who you trust because some women will say they are okay with it then suddenly all your friends are looking at you strangly the next day, and she is arm and arm with your former best freind, doh!
Common Nons3ns3 (5 months ago)
Kristal Satin trust is definitely an issue when exposing your fetishes. I am lucky enough to have found my dream partner who actually plays with me and loves it:) you're definitely right tho.
Matty Indeed (7 months ago)
Kristal Satin so Kristal..may I please hear your story. You seem to be well educated.
Rajesh Yadav (1 year ago)
cute and sweet comfortable
Rajesh Yadav (1 year ago)
I am wearing my crossdressing. and bra panty Saree blouses bindi lipstick kajal etc
Suryakant Ingale (4 months ago)
I am family holder i have two Dougherty's wife i am crossdress when i am free or off time in house only I attend chamaya vaillanku in Kerla 5 time
Havvik (1 year ago)
for 1: comfortability. 2: I am trans gender
David Bloxham (1 year ago)
Wearing the opposite gender clothing isn't the issue, it's the money I have spent on them
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Wish more YouTubers was like this redhead that don’t judge guys what they wear
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
If your large and you wear women thongs go for a medium size it a tighter fit
farmboy 002 (1 year ago)
The thing people need to understand is their is only one human form. And from this form you get male or female which are nothing more then illusions. You are not the body, You are the witness to the experience of the body. No one is 100% male or female, Ask yourself why do males have breast/nipples? Just like females do. Maybe we are more alike then you have been tout? It's all in how you look at it. Example...I wear woman's panties or I wear panties, The word woman's puts in place the idea that they are for woman only. But what are they really? Nothing more then fibers woven together to make a pair of panties. These same fibers can also make a necktie a man would wear. My point is the panties or the necktie are the illusion or the essence of what is truly there. (Fibers). Nothing in this reality is real it only seems real. So if you feel the need to wear panties or bras or what ever (DO IT).
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Yesterday I buy a thong at Target also it my first thong so I tryed it love it also it feels like your wearing nothing at all
Sissy Girl (1 year ago)
Crossdressing fun and very healthy for the mind its stress and depression reliever away from the world of society of ugly humans.
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Women underwear is so comfortable and the make them in all different kind of fabric and they look nicer
josh summers (1 year ago)
Gamerguy1990 I agree with you
Jamie Maher (1 year ago)
I love wearing French knickers n skirts and dresses and leggings I also like thongs and G-strings
Neil Park (1 year ago)
I'd like Sammi to make me wear panties
Neil Park (1 year ago)
I realise it's not going to happen, but I very much like the thought.
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Cool. Thanks for sharing with the group. Jess
Joseph Davies (1 year ago)
I love wearing pantyhose
Delmas Criss (1 year ago)
I like this. lady she made sense 😍
Payton20ADZ (1 year ago)
thanks sister
DevlishSovereign (1 year ago)
As a man I love wearing womens' clothes because they are way cuter and much more comfortable
Alan Howard (7 months ago)
+silk ER I love wearing panties and bras every day and I too love looking at other men in sexy undies and I love getting behind them and rubbing my hands over there cocks then putting my hand inside there panties it makes me rock hard.
silk ER (8 months ago)
I do it because it gets me rock hard. Plus looking at an erect cock in panties gets me hard as hell. Its so sexy and makes the erection look so suckable
Elnora Williams (1 year ago)
DevlishSovereign I'll any thing because I'm a bitch can I make adeal turn me in to bitch
Yosseph Osher (1 year ago)
There comfortable??? I’m not jagging you for wearing it, just a lot of girls say that men get the more comfortable.
Jeremy Crawford (1 year ago)
Your right I love them to
Lexi Madison (1 year ago)
I didn't really fit in with anyone when I was young. It must have been common knowledge that I was a very effeminate boy: the boys made fun of me, the girls played dress up with me and members of my family talked about me. I remember feeling stuck within a body that was not my own, wanting so badly to be a girl. While playing with a group of boys at a birthday gathering in a small wooded area, I felt the urge to pee and made my set off away from the group. As I stood and peed, I saw all the boys had started laughing and pointing at me, whispering and making hand gestures to each other. They had seen my penis and made fun of it, which deepened my desire to be a girl. I was 12 years old. Not long after that, I discovered a pair of black panties in a laundry basket. It was a lycra/spandex thong and I fell in love as soon as they were around my waist. Fate is not without a sense of irony. That thong taught me that though I could not physically change and fulfil my desire of being a girl, feminine inside and out, of being whole and honestly expressing myself.... I could slip on a pair of panties, look at my figure in a mirror and feel the comfort of femininity. Now, 22 years later, I am no longer that shy, effeminate little boy: I have embraced my feminine characteristics and work to diminish my residual masculine qualities through a sort of self-sissification/self-feminization. The beta boi body I was born with is now a tall, slender, soft, smooth and sensual expression of my femininity. I am Transfeminine.
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Hi Lexi Madison Thank you for sharing your experience. It's lovely to hear that, despite feeling lost when you were younger, you've flourished and grown into the happy, content, proud person you are today. Finding harmony between how we feel on the inside and how we're perceived on the outside can bring a lot of inner peace, and I'm happy for you that you've been able to do that. It just goes to show how much the right piece of fabric (like a pair of panties) can help a person find themselves. Thanks again for commenting and for helping others achieve a new understanding of what the word "gender" means. Jess
Cammi Rosanov (1 year ago)
I'm (closet) trans and I have not worn mens underwear in years. Even when I have to behave and dress as male, which is about 90% of the time, I still wear panties. That's the one thing that I can do to retain my femininity throughout the day. Although I have to be careful; of the style becasuse most of my panties have the zig-zag stitching that leave tell-tale bumps in my pants, or the ones that don't "cup" my manly bits very well. It's not a kink or fetish for me. It's just part of who I truly am at heart. Unfortunately I still have to remain secretive about all of it.
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Cammi Rosanov I'm just a Straight man that tryed many different men underwear find none comfortable so I started wearing women underwear I find them more comfortable then men underwear also women underwear let my downstairs Breathe
Missy Elliot Vynn (1 year ago)
I'm a crossdresser I do it when I'm sad or upset
THOMAS RUTKOWSKI (4 months ago)
Missy Elliot Vynn me too that's what happens when I'm depressed 💋💋👗👠👠❤️💄💄
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
You are definitely not the only one - in fact it's a pretty common release :) Thanks for watching! Jess
Missy Elliot Vynn (1 year ago)
thankyou love your chanel
Missy Elliot Vynn (1 year ago)
Lovehoney thankyou I am straight but I'm had I'm not the only one
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Hey Missy Elliot Vynn That's great that you've been able to channel negative emotions into a creative, positive release for yourself. We hear this from crossdressers and drag acts a lot; that the experience of crossdressing often starts as a cathartic release. Keep doin' what you're doin'! Jess
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Lovehoney I'm glad a beautiful redhead woman like your self is not a judgmental person .i hate judgemental people
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
I'm a guy that like wearing women underwear because I find them more comfortable then men underwear.sorry for the confusing comments.this is what I was trying to say also what do think about guys wearing women underwear weird right
josh summers (1 year ago)
Gamerguy1990 we have something in common.
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
No, it's not weird at all. Have you watched the above video? We advocate anyone wearing whatever you want. And some women like wearing guys underwear because guys underwear is comfortable! I've replied to your other comments too. Hopefully that covers your question. Jess
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Only reason is he like wearing women underwear
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
Lovehoney what do think about guys wearing women underwear that just like to wear them for no reason at all
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Well, if it's for no reason at all, we would think that was a little unusual. If there's no reason, why bother? If, however, it's because the guy just likes / prefers women's underwear, then great! Carry on :) Jess
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
You are a beautiful redhead goddess
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
I'm not a cross dresser i just like wear women underwear because they feel more comfortable then guy underwear
Willie Beachy (18 days ago)
+Lovehoney I wear panties all the time
Mickonthebong (5 months ago)
Me too especially microfibre.
Mr T1 active (9 months ago)
Gamerguy1990 I know I love to wear bras
Gamerguy1990 I agree with you
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Great point, Gameryguy1990!
Bumbi's Kitten (1 year ago)
So I have a men in women's Lingerie fetish and my partner knows this how do you go about picking out women's lingerie that can look good and fit on a 6'2 broad shouldered man?
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Hi Bumbi's Kitten, Thanks for your question. Fit-wise, it differs from person to person, but given the height and the broad shoulders you've mentioned, I would advise looking at plus size lingerie, because it allows for more room across the chest and bust. Stretch-to-fit plus size pieces are also a good option, because they're very flexible and give a skintight look on a wide range of heights and sizes, or often have adjustable ties and fastenings. I would also avoid anything with moulded or padded cups, and steer towards lingerie pieces with soft or triangle cups as they're better suited to chests with a smaller difference in size between band and cups sizes (which, generally speaking, is what many men are shopping for). With this in mind, here are a few suggestions for you from the Lovehoney website for the kind of thing that could work: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34587 https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=36961 https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=37550 Hope that's some help! Thanks, Sammi
Dave Moore (1 year ago)
Well done! Well presented. Unbelievably we all are different and so what!! Clothes haven't really got a gender anyway! The best lovers are crossdressers!!
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Thanks Dave - so glad you enjoyed it! Jess
Dora Ostrek (1 year ago)
I have the exact same thing that is on that mannequin!
Lovehoney (1 year ago)
Well it seems you have impeccable taste! 😉 Thanks for watching! Jess
Jack D (2 years ago)
Love the ending 😘👌🏻👍🏻😂
John Sewell (1 year ago)
Jack Driver
acsf_ (2 years ago)
This video is so important, thank you so much for it.
Lovehoney (2 years ago)
Thank you for watching and commenting! Jess
H. W. Johnstoke (2 years ago)
I have on a pair of panties now -- I love to wear nylon panties, usually over stockings held up by a garter belt...
xd luckyjackie (3 months ago)
same but i like the thong more
Sugarkikkis Okay (2 years ago)
:3 my fave, mmm... yes, let's talk about that.
Thomas Williams (2 years ago)
i as a man wear panties all the time have to be cotton spandex blend so they don't stretch and my junk fall out have never found any men's that don't stretch out can't stand that found this out by accident one time when i wore a pair of my wife's panties by accident one time i had some that were the same color as a pair of hers thought they were mine only discovered they weren't about half way through the day when they weren't stretching out and my junk falling out don't like the boxer briefs either like my junk not moving call me weird but this is just me and my wife doesn't care she even tried to get me to wear thongs but that ain't for me either
Patrick Huffman (4 months ago)
There a reason crotchless panties were made.
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
josh summers here in the USA we just call them panties but you already know that
josh summers (1 year ago)
Jasey Jones I mostly wear knickers
josh summers (1 year ago)
Gamerguy1990 that makes three of us
MrNiceGamer (1 year ago)
josh summers club I’m part of club

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