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Splunk For DB Connect V3

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Text Comments (7)
ronald reddy (9 months ago)
Can you show me how to add MS- SQL Server Db from beginning, I am new to this so can you please share a video?
Thái Đức Phương (8 months ago)
Hi, You see in the video, I have shown quite detail about that
Armin Vand (9 months ago)
is there a way to export data from splunk to postgresql? could you make video for that?
Thái Đức Phương (8 months ago)
Hi, I still have not tried it yet
Iris Eng (1 year ago)
Problem restarting task server . May i know how to solve it ?
Thái Đức Phương (1 year ago)
can you describe detail about it, please ?
bich ngoc (1 year ago)
very well for monitor

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