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Yella Beezy Feat. Lil Baby "Up One" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Up One" by Yella Beezy Feat. Lil Baby. Follow Yella Beezy on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yellabeezy214/ Shot by Halfpint Filmz https://www.instagram.com/halfpintfilmz/ SUBSCRIBE for more: http://bit.ly/subWSHH More WorldstarHipHop: http://worldstarhiphop.com https://twitter.com/worldstar https://facebook.com/worldstarhiphop http://instagram.com/worldstar Shop WorldStar: http://shop.worldstarhiphop.com WorldstarHipHop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more. Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude. We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.
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Text Comments (8169)
Bre Amoako (12 hours ago)
"I'm always on beat" is that a diss to blueface??
Dameon Parrish (17 hours ago)
C's up nigga yeah
Mr Ft. Worth (19 hours ago)
Stand the f up triple D.....
Mr Ft. Worth (19 hours ago)
Cup full of mud running up in my liver pray to God that don't put me in the hospital, put dick all in ya hoe crotch nigga🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 beezy be on fire right now
Simon Farias (1 day ago)
Lit Bois/ Caminator (1 day ago)
2:11 🥵
rickori1 (1 day ago)
I Like this song
Umekia Harris (1 day ago)
Wh Okk don't like thate chit
Oscar Rene (1 day ago)
I’m up one up one
Lil Ice (1 day ago)
Bruh if I see that fuckin Facebook ad one more time...
kionna Brown (1 day ago)
that nigga said no tick tock😂😂😂
Jeri's Artis (2 days ago)
This shit hard
Rebecca Loya (2 days ago)
Melanie Lytle (3 days ago)
Shout out from VA this song is the new strip club anthem we out here dancing to this song everyday we are open. 🔥🔥🔥
Marco Davis (3 days ago)
I up one
Tiffany Kennedy (3 days ago)
Im up 1❤
Sonia Ocasio (3 days ago)
Am up one boom
MyBallz MyWord (3 days ago)
Yella killin it strreeettttttt R.IP BANKROLL KICK ROCKS IM ON ONE 😂😂😂😢😂 LUV DIS SONG
Suits N Ties (3 days ago)
Duck ass music videos! All this quacking with the rental jewelry and tough talk will get you stripped doing a show in Chicago!
Ja'Niya Magee (3 days ago)
I love this song good job
Big T Banks (4 days ago)
2nd Life (4 days ago)
Tekessia Fields (4 days ago)
We like your songs😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🙃🙃😢😔😔😛😝😤😖😔😜😲☹😤😞😖🤤😲🙃😕😓😌🤐😓😜😝🤤🤧🤥🤒😧😩😷🤬🤫🤡🤕😵😬😰🤯😬😰😷🤧😳😡😷😇🤫🤫💩👽👽👿👿👺😺🙀🙊😻👻🤖😺😺👶🙉😻👽💩😺😿👸💂‍♀️👩‍🎤👩‍🚒👮‍♀️👳‍♀️👨‍🚒👮‍♂️🕵️‍♂️👳‍♂️👱‍♀️🧕👷‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♀️🤱🧛‍♂️🧞‍♂️🙎‍♂️🧟‍♀️🙍‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧞‍♀️🙎‍♀️🙆‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧝‍♀️🙎‍♀️🧟‍♂️🚶🏾‍♀️🏃‍♀️💇‍♂️👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👦👨‍👦👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👋🏾🤚✋👍✊🤟🙌👌🏽✊👏🏾🤲🙌👌🏽👎👏🏾✍🤝
Superterri225 Kin (4 days ago)
This my favorite song
Diana Cervantes (5 days ago)
KUBOOM TMK (5 days ago)
he go hard!!!! 😬
4: 20 (5 days ago)
Martin Barrera (5 days ago)
Here for lil baby
Luan AFB (5 days ago)
Quem veio pelo Matue?
Fernando Molina (5 days ago)
Subwoofered to the jokers
Fernando Molina (5 days ago)
I got gofished out
Dwayne Lipkins (6 days ago)
I did it's ok like Yella anlib
Logan Forbis (6 days ago)
Where he stay now? Lol got scared out of Texas
Lamar Donald (6 days ago)
Lil baby is the best rapper in the world
Brittney Williams (7 days ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎧
Jose Diaz (7 days ago)
Mexico chain is nice bro.
Lil baby is Gucci to
Yella Breezy is Gucci
joaquim barbosa (8 days ago)
Lil baby the boss
Jaiden Garcia (8 days ago)
You are my favorite
Rosa Ford (8 days ago)
i love what i did yella beazy by kenidee
Daniel kun (8 days ago)
Pedrito tiene que ver esto
Antonio Pickenpack (9 days ago)
I like this guy
TigerOG (9 days ago)
Lil Autotune hahhahaahaha
wordonroad (9 days ago)
New Yella x Roddy Type Beat - Slaps 2 F!!! https://youtu.be/mPvi44BXEqo
wordonroad (9 days ago)
Nelmarrie’s Kiss (10 days ago)
He’s supper hot I’ve been following him for a while now and he hasn’t let me down
antoniow916 (10 days ago)
That Mexico chain is wet aff!
Eden Weaver (11 days ago)
I love yo music but not the haircut
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
mom o we good ok mom these nigga changed this shit up
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
now your thugs tring pop my crew ok ok shot shot my nigga I wish u would touch my son let me call ny mom
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
u told me and my crew u wanted do an album my nigga
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
we popping too my nigga prison ok we will see I got lawyer and judge pop I got my shit to pop my nigga
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
u gear me I'm too damn hot nigga pop my nigga
Lakendra Jones (11 days ago)
I'm piss these niggas off cone fuck with us o we don't these hoes man let's go play some dice these niggas bringing these bitches do they dirt
Bobbie Cole (11 days ago)
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 fire ☯️🇧🇿🇩🇿🇩🇪🇪🇸🇩🇪🇩🇪🇬🇫🇪🇬🇵🇾🇶🇦🇵🇷🇸🇧🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇫🇵🇬🇵🇬🇸🇦🇵🇫🇷🇼🇵🇫🇸🇧🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇦🇷🇺🇸🇦🇷🇸🇸🇨🇷🇴🇪🇸🇧🇿
Rhonda Johnson (11 days ago)
Nigga hotty💕💕
Life Of A Serious Diva (11 days ago)
🙌🏾 🔥
Kyrie Blltch (11 days ago)
baby really a different breed💯🤞
Rodney C (12 days ago)
Fuck yo hoe in my flip flops yup
Str8_Finesse_Ent_4Life (12 days ago)
Click link this gone crack you up***FUNNY***MUST WATCH https://youtu.be/3587biyn8do
Lougens Jacques (12 days ago)
Lil baby
Yoda Offical (12 days ago)
dis OP
Timothy Walker (12 days ago)
Kerp it coming
Milke Bim (12 days ago)
Yaaawwwnnn same boring shit negros showing off useless trinkets
Lakendra Jones (13 days ago)
Kendra she just boss Wendy's owner loves your spirit fuck her
Lakendra Jones (13 days ago)
I got u threw zales this Wendy ain't shit u going get your car just chill
Lakendra Jones (13 days ago)
Kendra u got this just listen don't say shitt
Adriane Chatman (13 days ago)
What he ten in the pants🍆🍆🐍🐍💋💋😣
Qazybek Aimakhambet (13 days ago)
Что за хуйня!?(
Braylen Hullett (14 days ago)
up one 2019
PAYN M.C.E (14 days ago)
Im up 1
Chartesha johnson (14 days ago)
Pharaohmarcus81 !!! (14 days ago)
I fucks wit beezy up ☝
steven Sullivan (14 days ago)
Nawh it murderworth 817 aggland
Michael McCormick (14 days ago)
My dad loves this song like I do
Em Powers (14 days ago)
Yella Yella Yella 😍😍😍
Jaeden Drullinger (15 days ago)
Jaeden Drullinger (15 days ago)
Bra they both got them bars bra
a ala (15 days ago)
IMA بقصم 1:01
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
Jasiel Rosas Almeida (15 days ago)
igunna harder (15 days ago)
Ill whoop yo ass yella...untill u black and yella...like a steeler....cause i wanna fuck your bitch so i can steeler.....we going play cards all night......hurry baby im your dealer.....call the police baby.....cause yella mad he wanna kill her.....yella.yella stop hollering at that girl..u fluffy little fat fella
Ina Jackson (16 days ago)
Have you less on to this song
Christine Ochoa (16 days ago)
Be gang banging in my catholic school cause I’m up one
Star Brown (16 days ago)
Toyshara Anderson (16 days ago)
Andy Carr (16 days ago)
Andy Carr (16 days ago)
I got big rocks big chains big watch big bean Big Blocks Big Bill's Big Blocks my shit 💪👌🤙
wolf Fang Alpha (17 days ago)
JAMES Jones (17 days ago)
Up one
JAMES Jones (17 days ago)
I’m get money forreal
80sbaby _83 (17 days ago)
MH Rules (17 days ago)
Good cool good raper👍👍👍👍
Vanessa Garcia (17 days ago)
Do you like this song😝
Chartesha johnson (17 days ago)

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