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Woman Gets Her Freak On With A Male Stripper-WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!!

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Ellen Joy (2 months ago)
damn 😂 dawg
Lakita Butler (7 months ago)
LMAO they look GAY male strippers
Danielle Cruz (1 year ago)
psdeadat29 (1 year ago)
It confuses the hell out of me how harsh women are with rejected men that would be a sucker to wait for sex, yet always end doing some serious instant slimy stuff with just about any guy. I heard and read so much from the women themselves how all it took was being lonely, drinking, smoking pot, wanting revenge on someone, or being bored. Scary. Maybe MGTOWs have a point.
Natsy (1 year ago)
I reckon a lot of these male strippers (if not most) are gay anyway. They can't stand women, but they know how to put on an act when it comes down to earning a crust!
Nikki Perry (1 year ago)
Omari Monyé Truth (1 year ago)
He really just pat her butt like a teammate
Dre’s Mommy (1 year ago)
"iight who next" lmao.
Kelly_ Kurls_ (2 years ago)
Martine Davis (2 years ago)
Hell no... My husband would kill my ass
Carletta G (2 years ago)
y'all some haters
Ken Harbich (2 years ago)
I love to watch you guys get rough with my woman when you're f****** her she gets freaky on that kind of stuff especially when she can't go anywhere because she's tired of being held down
Black Bullet (2 years ago)
So sexy i want that stripper
Dablkwid0w2008 (2 years ago)
dem voiceovers looool 😂😂😂
he's fired
The Executioner (3 years ago)
well hes hot! cant blame her
Dr Smith (4 years ago)
how is that hot for a woman? So demoralizing, and not very empowering for the woman. 
Cover (2 years ago)
+Black Bullet Speak for yourself, I'd cut a nigga if he dares to be that fucking rough with me. Everyone has different taste and different opinions on sex because every person is different, not just gender.
Black Bullet (2 years ago)
We women like that,our view about sex is diffrent than yours
mike ryan (4 years ago)
women are such sluts, where are the wholesome girls without herpes?
OriginalJoseyWales (2 years ago)
+mike ryan Only my mom and your mom are left in the wholesome category.
Jayfeatheryy (2 years ago)
suck my dirnt (3 years ago)
Lmao says the one with all the guys horny as fuck showing off their dicks to girls and asking for nudes okay then
Johnny Unitas (3 years ago)
There are plenty of wholesome girls, they just live in the 1950s, not the shit world we're in now.
mike ryan (4 years ago)
+Sean Morrissey they are dirty hoes and more subtle about it 
CandySweetTexas (4 years ago)
omg I know she str8 ashamed
Milton French (3 years ago)
Ce .
MsCLady925 (4 years ago)
Too funny!! Lol
Coco Rich (4 years ago)
dvddmc (4 years ago)
OMFG Too Funny!
Aeija Blu (5 years ago)
singeress2 (5 years ago)
O.O why I wear a weave
TheBloggingQueen (5 years ago)
Swaggalicous Gunz (5 years ago)
Oh shit lol
Bebe A (5 years ago)
LaToyaB81 (5 years ago)
maurice exum (5 years ago)
WarmasterCreations (5 years ago)
That is unbeweavable!
Caleb Owusu (5 years ago)
Janell B (5 years ago)
Hahahaha ha
izzythesinner 666 (5 years ago)
true shit lol
Toni Vereen (5 years ago)
If I would have worn a wig and he took it off I would beat him down
Abrianna Kendrick (5 years ago)
Jamela Simon (5 years ago)
they wrong cause the pics just started flashing after that...
Phyllis Gray (5 years ago)
Lady Baroness (5 years ago)
hell naw!!!
The Melancholic Tigah (5 years ago)
kaylovez TM (5 years ago)
oh my god that is so embarrassing!
Lala C (5 years ago)
Fail. Lol
meena Wilson (6 years ago)
Quoia (6 years ago)
I failed out ma CHAIR Laughn!
Ender c (6 years ago)
uechiblu3000 (6 years ago)
Plenty of people are saying "I'm soo glad I'm not dumb enough to make assumptions about a race". Being "Black" doesn't mean you will have a weave, some people have them, its not everyone so even if you were of the race you call "Black" it wouldn't mean there is some sort law requiring you to wear a weave. You sound incredibly ignorant.
laflood 1121 (6 years ago)
ha! ha! ha!
rbk QUEEN (6 years ago)
itSme109100 (6 years ago)
Well, Candyblack7...I hear ya! This is one Sistah that wil say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud who can go somewhere and have her 'Natural' hair pulled and NOTHING will come off. Where is Chip-n-dales??? (LOL!) Give me the cornrows, dregs, afro, jafro, whatever! No worries when it's natural...All about love!
Konica S. (6 years ago)
LOL I'm soo glad I'm not black.... REAL HAIR FTW! For all you brothasss out there, don't pull the weave!
shawn rains (6 years ago)
what the hell!
edna goola (6 years ago)
Evonne77 (6 years ago)
Ms Kimlo (6 years ago)
nchoneync (6 years ago)
I have seen this happen too many times...LMAO!!
J Yard (6 years ago)
"She tell'em boy dont grab my hair because you fuckin up my weave!" - Meek Mills (House Party)... You get the picture, lmao
mzdrea00 (6 years ago)
IamDottieDandridge (7 years ago)
LovelyLarRika10 (7 years ago)
jaw drops....
T'Challa75 (7 years ago)
realmanallen73 (7 years ago)
ROTFL! omg! OMG!!! THIS IS AN A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C FAVORITE! thank you!
381MEDALLION (7 years ago)
dude don't ever pull a woman's hair unless ur having hot sweaty, sex! hahaha

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