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60 Grey Beard Styles For Men

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60 Grey Beard Styles For Men
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Gigsand Busking (2 months ago)
This looks pretty gay to me!
gussy2241 (4 months ago)
All white guys????
Jordan Augustin (1 month ago)
gussy2241 look at 1:23
Yoda Man (4 months ago)
too many women, but other than that, very nice.
david foulkes (7 months ago)
Be yourself ..love your self ..the rest will take care of its self ..
Sachu Sachin (8 months ago)
music name plzz guyzz
Craig Herriot (8 months ago)
Is a grey beard style any different from any other colour of beard like? Ridiculous!
Eduardo Valadez (1 year ago)
Im 49 and turning 50 by the end of year. I have, ever since I could remember had facial hair off and on a at a young age. Had to go with clean prep, frat look during my college days just to fit in corporate America.  Surprisingly,  I have grown my beard full length in one year and rock very well. It defines me at how I feel towards myself and have gotten very positive feedback. Its a multi colored tint beard: light brown, ginger red, with white fluoresced strands (not patches)disbursed through out. I would like to contact some one who is looking for beard models. This is a first for me so be patient.  Thank you
Bravo Luca (11 months ago)
Lloyd Dailey Hey dude, embrace your grey or white hair. Forget about what others may say. It will look cool.
Lloyd Dailey (1 year ago)
I am 68 and I had a mustache for over 20 years now ! it s at the point that it s turning white but I am allergic to dye so I guess I will have to settle for a white mustache !
Patrick Pray (1 year ago)
What almost all of these men have in common is they are in great shape. If you have a nice, full grey beard, but you're overweight, then you probably aren't going to make a super impression...
david foulkes (7 months ago)
Bravo Luca spot on ..to much people pleasing in the world and creates all the problems..
Bravo Luca (11 months ago)
Patrick Pray Who cares about what others think or making an impression. Stop living for others. Live for yourself. Do it for yourself.
AMERICAN KING (1 year ago)
Paul mark (1 year ago)
levent gulgonul (1 year ago)
untill the beard grows there is time to lose some weight and get in shape.

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