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What high school guys ACTUALLY WANT in a girl!!

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Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today’s video is about, what high school guys looks for in their significant other. Regardless of what some may say or think, get ya bag boo!! Big moves all 2018 😘. Anyways, let me know if you guys want “ what high school girls actually want in guys!”. Social media: Instagram: @oops.kayla Twitter: @oopskayla_
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oops.kayla (10 months ago)
These are their @‘s... well the one’s I know: Also make sure you follow my instagram @oops.kayla 0:22 @_.renogotjuice (instagram) 0:24 @nickpresley_19 (instagram) 1:20 @mickblessing (instagram) 1:46 @a_adil12 (instagram) 2:23 @colinmoore._ (instagram) 3:19 @liamvollbracht (instagram) 4:13 @Johnathan.levy13 (instagram) 4:30 @lilsushiporter_26 (instagram) 5:12 @brxnkstrucks (instagram) 5:48 @xxzach_delaneyxx (instagram) - please don’t go out of your way to contact these guys.
Kayla Ingrum (16 days ago)
We have the same name!!
Mr. Roach (16 days ago)
I want a girl who is calm with a good personality
"Please don't go out of your way to contact these guys" omygosh that killed me 😂😂😂🙌😆👏
kiera nastasya (23 days ago)
omg thx u HAHAHA
here for the tea (1 month ago)
"please don't contact these guys" *Literally gives out all of their @'s* 💀
emili morales (2 hours ago)
I don’t got a Ass soooooo
v (21 hours ago)
oops.kayla (15 hours ago)
I get that a lot 😂😂
Pearllyn Techur (1 day ago)
*"YeSS NIcK"*
Samantha Cabral (1 day ago)
The dud at 4:09 made me laugh
jiminchi (1 day ago)
how come guys in ur school are cute....meanwhile in my school😐 but the guy in 4:13 is really cute uwu
Mean Onion (2 days ago)
If someone asked me “what do u like in a boy?” I like good personality, kindness, loyalty, maybe good looks, huggable, and funny
BTS ARMY 101 (3 days ago)
one word: looks.
x.bun. x (3 days ago)
who else clicked cause of the thumbnail 😱😍
Jess Studies (4 days ago)
guy in the pink hoodie seems so kind and he's cute too and yeah ik what he said. but I feel like he'll treat his girl right lmao
Royal Chukwuka (4 days ago)
OH YESS NICK! i relate to you on a spiritual level.
Nightcore Cutie (4 days ago)
Do you go to MHS?
Fela (4 days ago)
I prefer with the sandwich boy 🙄
Chia Astrid (4 days ago)
I sort of like it when Mick said :” Reno what did you say.” Lmao
Chia Astrid (4 days ago)
I think u have made Mick popular 🔥
Gillian Herod (5 days ago)
The guy with the pink hoodie is so cute
Sophi Diggles (5 days ago)
The fourth guy was tryna finesse youuuuuu
Noeline Ileogbunam (5 days ago)
wнy'ѕ everyone jυѕт ѕayιng perѕonalιтy. only very ғew мean it
Linda Smith (5 days ago)
uh pink hoodies socials please 😂💕
pyt ._.yarith (6 days ago)
lol that nick dude is funny bro.
Moara Paul (6 days ago)
*OH YES NICK* great minds think alike 😂🤣
TheRealAspect _ (7 days ago)
The freshman😂
kornak :- (8 days ago)
Now do what girls really want in a guy
sofia (9 days ago)
how to have a good personality even my friends get mad at me soo
This comment section is so funny, I’m a girl. But you girls are actually saying the same thing. You gals are like “guys just date us for our body” but then be like “I want a guy that’s 6 fEet tall, masculine, and has curly hair”. Buh when a guy says “I don’t want a girl that’s obese”. Everyone goes bonkers. This society is amazing. 🤦‍♀️
Sergeant Fluffy (11 days ago)
I'm actually here for the info and advice and not for the damned thumbnail. I have my very own boyfriend and I just want to know maybe what hes into. I'm very insecure and looking for the things I should work on.
Give me them memes (12 days ago)
Valdeja Jean (12 days ago)
What if the high school boy is a Junior now a senior and the girl he likes is a supposed to be a sophomore but a freshman now a sophomore he 17 and she's 16 which is me he liked me first he carcassion but he has strong feelings for me even tho our relationship isn't like vsco couples we do our own thing and we're still hanging on strong were both very busy so it works out go 2019
Bibi Eyelash (12 days ago)
1:29 a boy in my school looked like that while he was still there, he's in high school rn rip 😂 he had a gf tho and i had no chance with him edit: btw he had blonde hair
Lillian Grey (12 days ago)
Guy in the yellow sweater is so cute
Mal Unicorn (14 days ago)
when most of them like girls with good personality and i be like: bitch i'm a bipolar.
Flower Sunshine (14 days ago)
Nick got me rollin
aada (14 days ago)
i mean it's hard to not look how do they look but it really sucks :/
Kitrap Tiansay (14 days ago)
The first curly guy is cute
KIM TAEHYUNG (15 days ago)
1:53 i just described u HAHAHHA SmMooOothH bitCh
Mae Lin (15 days ago)
Nick is reminding me of Troy’s friend from high school musical
Olivia Michel (16 days ago)
When u go to an all girls school😭😭😭😭
Tiger kid (12 days ago)
↠ Dreams ↞ (15 days ago)
aw, it’s fine :)
Mya Diaz (16 days ago)
The only thing that is real is when they say something about their body
Mya Diaz (16 days ago)
This is a joke 😂 you already know they just tryin to look good
Salty (16 days ago)
The first two guys are really cuteeee
Isabella H (16 days ago)
Why half the boys at your school so cute
Ulrika Vectirāne (16 days ago)
''OH YES NICK, i relate to him on a spiritual level"😂😂😂
Jolie (16 days ago)
Nick is cute af
xJustSumx (16 days ago)
Twicesus (16 days ago)
Some highschool boys are so cringy oml
kel (17 days ago)
a NiCe pErSonAliTyy aNdd
Emerson Bond (17 days ago)
The guy in the pinkish purple is mineeeee🤧😅😅😅😅
Yolanthe Louise (17 days ago)
Chrislene Ferrer (17 days ago)
the guy at 3:40 really looks like swae lee
Anna-Christie Leke (18 days ago)
Renata FM (18 days ago)
g i r l 2 (18 days ago)
the second boy is sooo fryckin cute!!!
your mom is a dad (18 days ago)
o shit they all fine asl , all the mfs at my school looking like rats 😕
Papi_chulo.m (19 days ago)
Gina Atinado (19 days ago)
She’s cute
Aneesa Saldivar (19 days ago)
Honestly this is why people have such low confidence because all people(not just guys) actually care about is looks and ass like MOST people don’t take the time to get to know someone. First impression seem to always be based off looks and honestly it’s really sad because guys who likes butts can have a super thick girl that will drop him and not even care about his feelings or he could see a girl that isn’t very appealing to him but could show him the most affectionate love. And same with girls that only care about muscular guys they could have a jock that would cheat on her without even thinking twice or you could have a not as muscular guy that could treat her like a princess. I just really think it’s time to grow up and look past the covers and actually open the book 🤷‍♀️.....but that’s just my opinion right. Probably gonna get hate on this comment but the people who actually read through this thx. Please spread the word if you agree 👍. And just to clarify I’m not hating on anyone I mean hey if appearance is a big thing for you that’s you I just disagree.
Rio Zeta (19 days ago)
What do you like in a girl... ma weener
chalker forlife (19 days ago)
What's sad is that most of them said thick, dang
meme dweeb (19 days ago)
That kid with the yellow sweatshirt is honestly so adorable
Yourdailydoseofme (19 days ago)
3:27 all I noticed was the bag in the back co
Yourdailydoseofme (19 days ago)
Corner *
Dilara Eroglu (19 days ago)
Fluffy Chick (19 days ago)
I want a girl to not be a feminist LOL. Girls are crazy.
flow - sick (19 days ago)
m i d only one who think the guy at 3:19 is really cute :(
Chantē Moore (19 days ago)
Girll why can’t I live where you live🤣 them guys were cuteeee
Nataly LeBlanc (20 days ago)
The boy with the yellow hoodie is cute:')
Hannah Maisarah (20 days ago)
It's great how you could to talk to boys at your school and boys in mine just barks at us when he even come close to them 😂😂
MRcreafty (21 days ago)
Amelia May (21 days ago)
is it just me or do you reeally want a guy to say after she asks what do you like in a girl to say "i dont like girls im gay"
Jenna Pastore (21 days ago)
Kisa Kyo (21 days ago)
Subscribe to Pewdiepie (21 days ago)
I am a high school guy and this is my standards: Good looking Can’t be overweight Smart Funny Optimally fit Bust most importantly KIND
Subscribe to Pewdiepie (19 days ago)
lily kowatch lmao I didn’t even realise lol
lily kowatch (20 days ago)
lmao "bust" ik it meant to say but (i think) but it was really punny😂👌
Mohd Kaif (21 days ago)
After watching you I want to leave with you
Mohd Kaif (21 days ago)
Bei Gong (22 days ago)
How many boys said thick and good looking?
why does Nick look like he from high school musical 😂
Person (17 days ago)
He look like chad
Abigail Thompson (22 days ago)
I remember when I thought I was straight and watched this type of video.
Em (22 days ago)
The boys at my school are small and I’m just tall.... ugh
Arya Stark (23 days ago)
"I just described you so." SmooOoooth
kiera nastasya (23 days ago)
the first guy r rlly my type
Ugly is Who I am (24 days ago)
Why can’t guys be like this at my school
Funmito Oladejo (24 days ago)
Damn there some guys there I'm already completely in love with especially the first two
holy fuck (25 days ago)
*oH yES niCk*
Brooke Belsky (27 days ago)
Everyone one is talking about Nick, but he’s the basically the description of all the guys at my school him and the yellow shirt with curly hair. But they all act like they’re better than everyone and treat everyone like crap because their all rich and spoiled. Anyway. I liked the kid with the maroon shirt at 3:25, I personally thought he was kinda cute
h a y a a t (27 days ago)
it’s always the ugly guys who want the most.
Dalia's Animations (28 days ago)
I am ugly AF sooo no boy is gonna like me.
Gigimelon And friends (28 days ago)
ツKarmas super world (28 days ago)
Kunkka _void (29 days ago)
You can't see me you can see my teeth 🤣 my gawd am dead already
Mario Playz61 (29 days ago)
80% Niggas in vid 20% White peoples in vid
lovely (1 month ago)
i subbed as soon as i heard cold sweat
Debbie R (1 month ago)
Please enlighten us 😂
Kaylei Stine (1 month ago)
Honestly I'm wondering if half these dudes actually know what the word personality means 😂
surya sapkota (1 month ago)
What do you like in girl or what do you want in girl????
Brooklyn Smith (1 month ago)
“You lying!” 😂
Satanvfx (1 month ago)
Fuckin Nick
lunar,kittys (1 month ago)
Åñëśšä Vâłž (1 month ago)
Tiggle biddies
Juliafaith Guzman (1 month ago)
Whats the whole name of that cute guy with a curly hair wearing yellow shirt Nick what??

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