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Rona vs Tatyova vs Regna | Krav vs Riku EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Text Comments (118)
Cole444Train (8 days ago)
Those are servos, not thopters. Wouldn’t matter, except thopters have flying and servos don’t. Great game 🤙
Sebastian Ahrens (11 days ago)
Where is that Ultra Pro Animar Playmat from? I can't find it in any store or elsewhere. Does Original Magic Art have Ultra Pro make these playmats for them?
MTG Muddstah (11 days ago)
They're only available via the Kickstarter campaign right now. You can find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/originalmagicart/commander-playmats?ref=9o696l
Douglas Cassidy (11 days ago)
Wow. 3 v 1.... Tal is an idiot. He took himself out to really spite Joey. Whats the point of playing the game if you are not playing to win... Seriously, I understand Riku being the threat and going for him but using that bomb liked that was next level hate. Awesome videos as always
Ryan Burks (12 days ago)
The Tatyova deck just seemed like it was durdling while everyone else was killing each other.
albertoxFTW (12 days ago)
Now that Commercial Zone is no longer providing EDH content, I'm so happy I can always come back to MTG Muddstah !! Bless you !!
Anon Ymous (12 days ago)
> autopopping the reservior, leaving yourself at single digit life for someone else to finish you. *What did we learn?*
MTG Muddstah (12 days ago)
That Tal doesn't play by the rules OR give a fudge!
FTWinchester (11 days ago)
As a person who plays Regna | Krav, Regna actually is really strong if you go down the Soul Sister route http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/athreos-god-of-passage-ftwinchester/
Boss Tsuna (13 days ago)
I liked that riku deck
PhazonOmega (13 days ago)
I love how fun and clean these videos are. I can chill, and MTG!
Jym Greenfield (13 days ago)
Joey getting hated out....
Andreas Orphanou (13 days ago)
He shouldn't have killed joey when he did imo
gahbunk (13 days ago)
Just subbed, not for this game in particular, but because it is about damn time. Every time a video of yours pops up in my feed, it just makes my day. Thanks bud :D
Will Lozinak (13 days ago)
best goblin noise yet
Simon Wellsted (13 days ago)
They forgot blind obedience's ability
dale way (13 days ago)
Why didn't tal shoot in response to the comet storm?
Station (13 days ago)
Joey should be banned for tapping to the left.
Station (13 days ago)
I take it all back. That little white board thing is awesome.
Cyberium (13 days ago)
Finally, another person who built a Rona deck. I'd love to compare the decklist with my own!
Benjamin Spiewak (13 days ago)
Awesome video. I really want to see Harry’s Zacama storm deck again. It was super cool to see.
Bonehead Cycler (13 days ago)
Can I request a Trevor Xenagos/Yidris game?
Diogo Azambuja (13 days ago)
I built a Krav/Regna deck a while ago and I think the exact opposite of what you said. Regna does all the heavy lifting while Krav just makes boardwipes not that bad for you.
shooflies (13 days ago)
drop from 51 to 1 to kill a single player in a 4 player game is next level spite
Daniel Gilbert (12 days ago)
shooflies Especially an opponent at 10 life lol!
Harry BuddhaPalm (13 days ago)
I looooove my Tatyova deck. It's a lot of fun. Well, fun for me at least. My friends don't seem to like it much. Apparently, me dropping five lands in a turn and drawing a dozen cards and gaining a bunch of life is annoying to them.
Ryan Rust (13 days ago)
Tal had me crackin up.
John Mobley (13 days ago)
Man do I love Tatyova! This deck has a few cards I'm going to need to slot into mine. Thanks for the content!
DragonBloodosoHD (13 days ago)
I was tired about same decks competitive, now I'm happy to see new commander for fun. Lovely all decks!
Daryl Chiu (13 days ago)
Tatyova can be just as scary as the Gitrog with the right build and the right hands. Love to see Regna/Krav since they're also my commanders in more casual games. :3
jadiekat56 (13 days ago)
i just built krav/regna...like 10hrs ago. sweet
Ada Bee (13 days ago)
I think I would have used Reservoir too.
carlosjm (13 days ago)
Am I crazy or are you using playmats for your playmats? lol
shane pearson (13 days ago)
Smooth smooth voice
Austin Plaisance (13 days ago)
Blah Tatyova is my bae, was so excited to see her being played, it’s a shame that was hardly a land deck.
eXistanCial (13 days ago)
would be amazing if OMA could take requests, looking for a playmat for my volrath the fallen deck :/
sushimandaddi (12 days ago)
that would be sweet, I'd love a yisan the wandering bard....
Brad LeBoeuf (13 days ago)
Ok kristen started off with one land in a six card hand. Her land draws were ridiculously lucky
animeexpresscon (13 days ago)
Given her commander, she most likely has a land heavy deck. She also started with a preordain that set up her first 3 turns.
Derelict Dragon (13 days ago)
So I just realized somthing awhile back, I have been watching your videos for awhile but aperrently I haven't been subscribed, once I figured it out tho I rectified that as soon as possible lol
Brandon Young (13 days ago)
Is there anyway when you show the cards you can go slower? I really like your series but I can't read the cards that fast.
Brandon Young (12 days ago)
because thats not annoying for every card+Poop Poop
Poop Poop (13 days ago)
pause video
Dennis (13 days ago)
I respect the revenge play. Never negotiate with terrorists. Good job Tal!
VampCoffee (13 days ago)
That boy Tal reckless AF.
sheldon rotondo (13 days ago)
Joey using B for what I assume is blue is a bit confusing rather than using U.
ErikTheRedd1 (13 days ago)
8:15 so satisfying
Jørgen Ringgaard (13 days ago)
wow.. Tal has a horrible threat assessment. paying 50 life to shoot for 11?? You're just bound to lose.
Jørgen Ringgaard (13 days ago)
​+BlockyTG nice with a "counter comment" to explain the thought process ^^ makes a lot more sense to me now. Nice deck btw - been thinking about building that pairing myself.
BlockyTG (13 days ago)
Tal here: it wasn't mentioned in the video, but Kirstyn made a deal not to kill me if I could kill Joey. Unfortunately Ben knows my deck better than she does and figured it was smart to kill me while I was low.
Patrick Janes (13 days ago)
I really wish I could listening to 105.3 The Gerbler while watching this.😎
Darth Soda (13 days ago)
As a Krav & Regna player myself I find that I almost always prefer Authority of Consols to BO. I think the trick with this deck is not to go full-on lifegain but to ensure you can trigger lifegain as much as possible since gaining even 1 life will trigger regna you don't need a lot of life. In that vein i play all the soul sisters and any other cheap stuff that can gain me life on an opponent's turn. Having a lot of life AND a huge army just draws attention to you. Second thing you need is ALOT of protection from board wipes and commander removal, dark steel plate, GIFT OF IMMORTALITY, mother of runes, bastion protector all them booties, and teferi's protection are essential plus anything else that gives your stuff indestructible. Best thing you can probably draw tbh is eldrazi monument. buffs and protects! You can't always rely on regna to produce tokens too since she's so expensive so throw in elspeth and some other efficient token generators I found dawn of hope to be very gd card draw or tokens depending on what is more pressing. The vampire from M19 is also a good choice and who could forget crested sunmare! You'll run into land issues too so run sword of the anamist, cabal and urborg, plus the black mana doublers crypt ghast etc... In the past I've always thought it was a gd idea to play Regna before Krav, but after playing it for awhile I realised sometimes it's better to have krav out first so if there is a board wipe you can sac everything and draw a lot of cards. There's good aand bad for both, but i tend to only cast regna when i can protect her. It's a fun deck to play! And once you get your engine up it gets pretty insane! The dream is having krav and regna out with anointed procession, sac 1 token to draw, pump and gain life and get 4 more tokens. That's the life! Hope more ppl play these commanders!
hafusan (8 days ago)
thanks for taking the time to share this!
Mike van Laar (11 days ago)
I build mine the same way. Its very fun to play.
Haim1124 (13 days ago)
Ty for sharing this!!
Zev (13 days ago)
Kirstyn's deck was seriously interesting. It was also neat to see the interactions between Tal's and her decks.
Christopher Rue (13 days ago)
Brie Baggaley (13 days ago)
Riddlesmith's name is "Thomas." Just so everyone knows <3 Great game as always, the mana reflection + cataracts was super spicy!
addam barcelos (13 days ago)
yeah, lands wins o/ xD
R.A.W. (13 days ago)
A reservoir hits the field... Tactical nuke incoming! It's over!
The GoldGenji (13 days ago)
Unpopular opinion time. I think that these videos have become better than Game Knights, because of their consistent schedule and variance in commanders. Ever since Game Knights was sponsored by WOTC, they have just been pumping out whatever content Wizards wants them to promote, which makes their videos boring.No hate towards game knights, they make good content, but I feel like wizards is hurting their channel.
T!TO (8 days ago)
Unpopular opinion: People that say 'unpopular opinion' are desperate for attention and are nearly never saying something that is actually an unpopular opinion.
Cole444Train (8 days ago)
The GoldGenji completely agree
RebootThis (11 days ago)
You are so right
Mike van Laar (11 days ago)
Commander clash. While on modo is very fun to watch, they have a very fun dynamic.
Genya Arikado (11 days ago)
That's why they made the new show "Extra Turns" so they can play what they want.
Thingonometry - (13 days ago)
The last time I was this early, WOTC hadn't fucked up a Masters set
Kenneth Lawson (13 days ago)
kristyn could have played her commander sooner and probably could have had a bigger grip in her hand. still won but could have just accelerated harder with those land fall "recycle" like triggers.
Lars B (13 days ago)
Finally a Tatyova game <3 It's my most liked deck that I own
T!TO (8 days ago)
Every Tatyova deck seems like generic value brand. Have yet to see an interesting card in the five Tatyova decks I've seen.
Station (13 days ago)
Aether Veilborne - her*
Aether Veilborne (13 days ago)
+derick moore Their deck could've just whiffed this time.
Lars B (13 days ago)
+derick moore Yeah, I have to agree, my deck is also a lot stronger
derick moore (13 days ago)
my Tatyova wins turn 5 everytime I didn't like this Tatyova deck it felt super weak.
imGrisky (13 days ago)
This bless! Weekend starts with a muddstah vid. Feelsgoodman
Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer (13 days ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Riku should be Riku of ONE reflection. There's two Riku's in the art, and that means only one can be the reflection. There should actually be three Riku's for the name to make sense. That's that. Carry on.
Derelict Dragon (13 days ago)
Actually neither riku is the true riku, riku wanted to study both spellmastery and biomagic, and didn't have enough time to devote to both studies, so he learned of a spell that split him in half, thus neither are the original riku, just reflections of the original
Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer (13 days ago)
+Tu Mama Produccions last time I checked, I'm not Riku ;-)
Tu Mama Produccions (13 days ago)
Actually, what you see in the art are the reflections, and the true Riku would be you.
ScooterMcLewis (13 days ago)
Y'all are doing a wonderful job. These videos are perfect for any commander player!
Johann Pöhland (13 days ago)
Why the riku hate? He doesnt even have anything particulary scary in his deck -_- at least tal didnt win
DakingofAP (13 days ago)
Disagree, Riku had basically all the mana in the world, was drawing tons of cards each turn, AND was able to cast all the cards he drew every turn. Tal basically took one for the team, and did what was necessary as otherwise Riku would've for sure won. Also like others are saying, Tal should've had another turn as the spellbomb comes into play tapped, and I think he could've maybe stabilized.
Darth Soda (13 days ago)
mana reflection is a scary card and he managed to get it back PLUS con sphinx. If he wasn't blasted by the reservoir i'm pretty sure he could have won haha
BlockyTG (13 days ago)
Tal here: Having played against his deck before, I wasn't in the mood to see him target Magmatic Force with a kicked and copied Rite of Replication :^)
Pietro Masneri (13 days ago)
i swaer, those playmats are awsome, but super confusing, i was like, "why is the nekusar playing green?" xD
steve fitch (13 days ago)
because you know generic goblin noise. Is best noise.
DarkEinherjar (13 days ago)
Tal forgot that the Spellbomb should've entered the battlefield tapped... that would've given him a full turn to at least try to bring his life total to a comfortable number.
OrangeBananaMonster (13 days ago)
Wow, Tal was super mean to Joey this game
Kaelen Divine (13 days ago)
First time i see another rona player Salut :D
Cyberium (13 days ago)
Me too. :3
OOM- 32 (13 days ago)
regna performed really well. I liked that deck a lot.
Seth Seven (13 days ago)
Never seen a group of players be so untempted. Great game, thanks very much. Also that spite kill with the reservoir was fantastic, i do that kind of thing all the time. Accepting a loss if it means taking out someone who mildly annoyed you is always worth it.
Levi Coleman (13 days ago)
+isaac haahr I disagree. Though Joey had mass card draw, Tal was way to aggressive with the reservoir. Personally I think that cost him the game, all in all. He was very far ahead on the board state, and could've responded with resevoir after gaining life from other spells the table had cast, given there was no Krosan grip, to kill any player.
isaac haahr (13 days ago)
I disagree with the thought that it was a spite kill. With alchemist refuge and seedborn muse Joey was set up to get a turn on each other players turn. It did put tal in a very precarious position but he head enough blockers to survive until their next turn if Marianne master had not hit play
Kenneth Lawson (13 days ago)
you never take a tempt with discovery unless you get fetching stripmine
Killatrap (13 days ago)
good content
Samuel Comeault (13 days ago)
Blind Obedience would've tapped Nihil Spellbomb, Tal wouldn't have died until later on in the game.
DarkEinherjar (13 days ago)
The Comet Storm was cast while the Reservoir was on the stack. It wasn't on the battlefield to be activated.
Ian Matsumoto (13 days ago)
Even if he did not have Blind Obedience. Tal could have answered the Comet Storm on the stack with Aetherflux Reservoir. These 8 life were relevant.
DarkEinherjar (13 days ago)
Rona should've been like Mairsil and the second Karn: putting counters on the exiled cards so you can use them even when Rona leaves and returns... :/
Paul Dyson (13 days ago)
Taty AND RegnaKrav? <3 <3 <3
Affinity For Commander (13 days ago)
Superb game! I love the angel/demon pairing!
nerothewizard (13 days ago)
Krav and Regna are the Commanders of one of my very favorite decks.
nathones (13 days ago)
Jolt intro was great
Elijah M Thompson (13 days ago)
Man..... I really hope this tatyova build is good..... She is so busted, but soooooo sloowwww at winning.....
Elijah M Thompson (13 days ago)
+derick moore Slow as in due to all of the shuffling and fetches...... not slow as in turn win.
derick moore (13 days ago)
Disagree mine wins turn 5 or 6 everytime.
Michael Sagi (13 days ago)
What is a private video and why is this one? Nevermind

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