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Which Do Guys Prefer? Skinny girls Or Thick girls | College Edition

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Went Around practice Asking guys Which Do They Prefer, Thick girls Or Skinny girls the result is funny asf !!!!! big thx to my camera man Isaiah. Jay's socials Instagram: @JAYXLL Olufemi's Socials Instagram: @kxng.olu Twitter: @aye_its_olu Glenn's Socials Instagram: @Moneyglenn_ Twitter: @monneyglenn2 #whichdoguysprefer #ThickorSkinny #TRENDING
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Text Comments (4)
Meme Asmr (1 day ago)
The guy with the Durag is irritating
Tootsie rolling (13 days ago)
Yellin’ Ellen (13 days ago)
Skinny or thicc can look good if you have that nice hourglass shape. But hey just MO.
OGTv (13 days ago)

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