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HEINZ Ketchup 2016 Hot Dog Commercial the 'Wiener Stampede'

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www.WakeUpWithChrissy.com HEINZ Ketchup 2016 Hot Dog Commercial the 'Wiener Stampede' - Extended Version. So cute weiner dog stampede during the Super Game 2016! Visit my blog at www.WakeUpWithChrissy.com.... Wake up to nutrition news. https://youtu.be/6igElOW4hUA
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Text Comments (97)
T Janes (3 days ago)
im hungry dem dogs look good
Denise Eulert (3 days ago)
When they get to the line "I can't live, if living is without you" I look at my dachshund Mauser and get tears in my eyes. I also remember Nathan and Twickster, now gone, but lovingly remembered.
Zeyelex (11 days ago)
damn i love this shit
Gracekk24PL (21 days ago)
Doctor: You have one minute to live Me:
Nerwik (24 days ago)
2067, the post-nuclear war that turned human kind into bottles of condiments. After escaping the clutches of a vicious cat-burger Jack and his team of survivors find themselves in a tight spot again. Its been like that many times over in last 12 years but this time something was off. Out in the open, tired, without as much as cheap dog treats to fend off the mutated hot doggies.. they knew its the end of line. Jack exhaled slightly "sorry guys, I tried to.." "ah quit it" replied Hank "you werent such a total shit of a leader as I thought you'd be. You were allright.. you helped us stall the inevitable, bought us some happy moments. Thanks" The rest of team nodded in approval. "Here they come" uttered little Steven. Hundreds of tiny paws sounds began approaching the group. They knew how it would look like, they've seen it all too many times already, being licked till nothing is left is a horrific view, let alone an experience that you cant escape. "Hey, Jack..", "yeah, Sam?" "What do you call a hot dog race?" "What?." "Wiener takes all!" replied Sam, laughing at his own joke. "Thats Sam for you" giggled Judith. And so the whole group smiled, determined to embrace the incoming doom. A group of friends, family members, even former foes.. they stood together, recalling the happy moments they shared. A perfect group.."
Ncr veteran ranger (21 days ago)
This is perfect
Santiago Herrera (1 month ago)
Delicious (1 month ago)
it makes me wanna cry
Veli-Pekka Kultanen (1 month ago)
She was my dog, you little minions.I could say something worse you!
Veli-Pekka Kultanen (1 month ago)
Pluck you plucking plucks! My dog!
Savyer_ forever (1 month ago)
Infinity winer
Ralsei The Prince (2 months ago)
Welcome. To the adoggolypse.
Brian (2 months ago)
can every commercial just be this?
Yann Lee (2 months ago)
Brian 👋 Yes
Brian (2 months ago)
I don't know that language, Yann Lee
Yann Lee (2 months ago)
That kid tolib ___ (2 months ago)
And then we eat the dogs LMFAOOO
Jack Hughes (2 months ago)
I love this ad too much
Aidan Foster-Balsdon (2 months ago)
Mj G (3 months ago)
"It's hard to resist daschunds"
Gaynor De Klerk (3 months ago)
soooooo cute 😆😆😆
Expiration Date (3 months ago)
Master Peice
Nate Burnside (4 months ago)
It must of cost a lot of money to make this especially for all those dachshunds Worth it
Nate Burnside (4 months ago)
How does one dislike this
JJ Styles (4 months ago)
I can't hear "without you" without thinking of this commercial.
Lexus Falcon (4 months ago)
That was my favorite heinze commercial because there is a dog for everone
Raj Varghese (4 months ago)
make me a dog sausage .....lol...
DogBoy2268 (4 months ago)
So um, did anyone notice that there was only one musterd? Also that thers one bbq sause and that theres only eight er 9 kechups........ AND THAT THERES HUNDREDS OF WEINIE DOGS!!!!!!! i vote this the best commercial of history!
fakity faker (4 months ago)
1000th like,may the dogs bless me
Andrew Dickerson (4 months ago)
Can dachshunds really jump that high?
Andrew Dickerson (4 months ago)
Maria Fernanda Toso Awwwwww
Maria Fernanda Toso (4 months ago)
Andrew Dickerson Rabbit, but we call her Babi 😃
Andrew Dickerson (4 months ago)
Maria Fernanda Toso What's her name?
Maria Fernanda Toso (4 months ago)
Andrew Dickerson My dachsie is 6 years old and very fit. She definitely can jump in m'y arms.
Andrew Dickerson (4 months ago)
Maria Fernanda Toso I have a dachshund too. Her name is Puddin. She can't jump that high because she's old (9 years old) and fat. Hell, she even has trouble getting on chairs and couches and she usually, if not always, needs help when it comes to getting on beds.
ItzZionicFX // Designer (5 months ago)
0:19 The lil Doggo
Maca Pyon (5 months ago)
Hans Hintermann (5 months ago)
Help, I can't stop watching... why is this so epic?
pubg gamer (5 months ago)
Eljah Boomsma (5 months ago)
This is very accurate.... #dachshundowner
Cherry Fletcher (5 months ago)
It's a dream come true
felix regie (5 months ago)
lol hahahhahaa
Réka Nagy (5 months ago)
Running hotdogs
zilla vlogs (6 months ago)
0:23 the dogpocalypes
val-lorenz roxas (6 months ago)
Jay Dee (7 months ago)
Made me smile and that is hard to do....PEACE
Emilotta Leoncino (7 months ago)
Un maltrattamento tra i tanti. I Bassotti non possono fare corse del genere né salti.
galaxygamer roblox (8 months ago)
I wish I could wake up to this
J Hall (8 months ago)
This is the single greatest thing to ever exist
Brian Presson (8 months ago)
As a member of a family who at its hight had 12 dochshunds, I can confirm that this is an accurate depiction of a dachshund stampede
Christina Bequette (4 months ago)
That's so funny!
Brian Presson And if anything Dachshunde, not Dachshunds
Brian Presson DACKEL
Eljah Boomsma (5 months ago)
Brian Presson yep.... Still have one 😂🙋🏼‍♀️
Molly Aboud (8 months ago)
Just beautiful
Miguel Angel (9 months ago)
Name song
funny doge memes (5 months ago)
99% of the time song titles are in the description
卢笑 (5 months ago)
Welington Machado thank you very much,you save my life too
Welington Machado (8 months ago)
Oh thanks man
Miguel Angel (8 months ago)
Welington Machado ty man you save mi life
Welington Machado (8 months ago)
Miguel Angel https://youtu.be/-lvLYTC3nAo
Libby Noon (9 months ago)
So cute
Joseph Bonczyk (9 months ago)
This is just too cute. I cried at first when I first saw this.
Mr. What It Is (9 months ago)
Whats the song
Lisa s (9 months ago)
The song is by Henry Nilsson the song is called without you ☺
Lauren LPS (10 months ago)
Expiration Date (3 months ago)
LukeAfied - MC xxx (10 months ago)
Love the grandpas face
ɯơٳʄ ɧơɯٳɛř (10 months ago)
que weenie dog commercial è tão fofo
James Winterfield (10 months ago)
Я терпеть не могу этих людей
Maxime B (11 months ago)
Pure genius !!!
Maxime B (11 months ago)
Nathan K. Quoi t'aime pas les teckels????
Nathan K. (11 months ago)
Maxime B mdr bâtards
Oliver Cababa (1 year ago)
Sorry, but I had to dislike. No ketchup. Just sauce, raw sauce
Scrub Wave (1 year ago)
None of the humans survived.
jamiia butler (6 months ago)
I laugh every time I watch this commercial they say meet the ketchup they do know one is mustard right
Green Inkling (1 year ago)
Idk what about this commercial makes me cry.......maybe it's the music, maybe it's the weenie dogs, eitherways this makes me emotional
Malcodex (4 months ago)
Green Inkling it’s so beautiful
Skyrilla (5 months ago)
Green Inkling you need help lol. Did you lose a dog?
Todd Willoughby (7 months ago)
I was going to post the same damn thing.
Sebastian Ruiz (7 months ago)
I thought there was something wrong with me....but no, thanks! Lol
Ibrahim Khan (9 months ago)
It's the animal abuse that makes you cry.
Jérémy Bartholon (1 year ago)
C'est quelle titre de Musique ?
el Garee' Bee (9 months ago)
Ecrit par 'Badfinger'; Cette version Harry Nilsson 1971
Jérémy Bartholon (1 year ago)
Merci .
charbel moussa (1 year ago)
without you
chasm671 (1 year ago)
Well done Heinz, I'll never buy any of your products again. Nor eat a hot dog. Freaks.
Colby Hatfield (6 months ago)
chasm671 sounds like you [email protected]
Todd Willoughby (7 months ago)
hynkel (1 year ago)
Ooo clever
chasm671 (1 year ago)
Imagine being a smug prick with a micro dick. But then I doubt you need to imagine.
hynkel (1 year ago)
Imagine getting upset over a ketchup commercial

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