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Top Tips: How to create a core wardrobe: men

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Save money with our video guide that shows how to create a great core wardrobe for men. There are men’s fashion tips on how to choose versatile clothes, dress to suit your body and invest in pieces that’ll last for years. Never be short of something to wear ever again. Fashion advice to help you invest in less but wear more! Put your new skills to the test and try it for yourself and download the step-by-step guide: http://loveyourclothes.org.uk/videos/how-create-core-wardrobe-men For further inspiration, tips and guidance visit http://www.loveyourclothes.org.uk/buying-clothes This guide will help you to define your wardrobe into a selection of wearable, interchangeable items for all occasions – saving you time and money. INVEST IN LESS A core wardrobe is a collection of essential items that you can mix and match to form a wide variety of outfits to suit any occasion. Owning a simple, clutter-free capsule wardrobe allows you to invest in great clothes that suit you and your lifestyle down to the ground CORE PIECES Jeans – classic blue jeans are always in fashion, and black jeans are great for a more formal occasion. Corduroy offers an alternative to denim, and in a neutral like tan can be teamed with muted tones like grey. Plain scarves can be teamed with sweaters for a smart casual look. Shirts – button down shirts can go with jeans or corduroys for a more formal occasion. White T-shirts should be considered a staple piece in any man’s wardrobe, much like the classic white shirt. Jackets – to help keep warm, a sports jacket is great for casual events. Padded or quilted versions are ideal for cooler weather and, as always, black, tan, brown or navy – neutral colours – will go with anything. If you want to inject some color, consider coloured scarves and belts. Shoes – consider a classic moccasin or Derby shoe, in black or brown. For relaxed occasions, a pair of trainers can add colour and provide comfort and are an essential item. Suit – this should be considered one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe. A well-fitting suit is ideal for the workplace or formal social functions, especially in the basic choices of grey, navy or black. With these items, you should find you have a simple, de-cluttered wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and can see you through all occasions and from season to season.
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Jay Sterling (11 months ago)
I enjoyed your relaxed low - key presentation. Can you avoid the indirect camera angle though ( I just think a stalker is watching but shouldn't ( maybe my paranoia?))?
abc (1 year ago)
You are by far the best. I stopped to comment at 0.52. You are organized and know your stuff. Don't be discouraged by few views because i am telling you are the best so please keep going. I am liking it and subscribing.
Laylaah A (1 year ago)
Great tips
Sean John (1 year ago)
Good options,can't understand why this video has no views or comments
abc (1 year ago)
I had to go through other bs vids who have no clue about dressing to get here. I had to scroll down to find this.

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