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How to Look Sexy in a Hiking outfit

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Tom Moose (3 months ago)
Is this a fake video? There's a saying that "cotton kills" because it doesn't retain heat when it gets wet. Jeans are one of the worst things you can wear in the woods.
Jelly Bean (5 months ago)
Shelby Wheeler (2 years ago)
e q (3 years ago)
jeans are not 'hiking' clothes. (walking for 20 minutes isn't hiking.) If you get rained on, or have to do a river crossing and your pants get wet, not only will it be heavy but you could suffer from hypothermia if you get lost and don't get home before sunset. you need quick dry synthetic pants (cargo pants of which partial leg pants zip off so it can be shorts as well as long pants is popular.) pretty shoes are not hiking shoes. if you are experienced and can get away with running shoes that is the lightest you can go. ideally you need hiking shoes or boots with an aggressive lug sole like vibram. Some hike with approach shoes which have a sticky sole for bouldering, good grip on rocks.
Dystopia (5 years ago)
How to Be Sexy in a Hiking Outfit 1: Don't wear a hiking outfit.
molly katelyn (5 years ago)
I think the girl is kinda pretty :/
jena pete (6 years ago)
Masha Girard (6 years ago)
why don't just wear so jean shorts, bright cami (so you don't get shot in the woods jk) and a flannel with the ends tied to your rib cage area and normal hiking boots? not sexy? still will make everyone feel like a pedophile
babydisey (8 years ago)
or you can just wear normal clothes such as pants shoes (and a shoe isnt high heels or flip flops and fancy dress "shoes") and a tank top and a jacket just in case :D
SkyMaro (8 years ago)
@InfluencingYou Especially with that ugly ass tattoo in the weirdest place ever.
Deva Cooper (8 years ago)
It looks like this girl gained wait. Too bad, but she's still pretty. (:
Jason klein (8 years ago)
frenchmakeup (8 years ago)
Or just don't hike O_O
Wolfjpf2 (8 years ago)
Should of used a different girl if you wanted sexy.
Fekemek (8 years ago)

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