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Navionics Navigation Introduction and Tutorial

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A quick introduction to the basic features of Navionics. More information here: http://savvysalt.com/blog/navionics-navigation-introduction
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Johny Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Thanks for the instruction. Can I ask what the fractions represent on the tide and current symbols? I imagine they represent speed, but I'm not familiar with the way they're represented there. And the difference between a red current symbol and a blue one.
Johny Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Thanks so much. That's exactly that I meant. I love this app and just want to make the most of it. Cheers.
SavvySalt (8 months ago)
If you mean the subscripts those are tenths of a unit. So 1 subscript 8 is 1.8 for current. 16 subscript 4 means 16.4 feet of water here: https://youtu.be/7rOE07_Rhhg?t=25 . I've seen this notation a lot in charts in meters where fractions of a meter matter but decimal points are difficult to see. Red indicates more dangerous than blue. Specifically: the red tide level bar indicates a falling tide; a blue bar means a rising tide. For current red means a strengthening current; blue means a weakening current. Thanks for asking this question; you prompted me to dig into what I now know are useful colors :)
OvSki house (10 days ago)
Big thanks to u bro
Всем привет! Русский стиль кушать в программке?
Willis Sutherland (1 month ago)
Thank you so much...This answered my questions and got me started on the right way...I can practice in Sarasota because we are not cold...Sorry just had to add that (:
lowell cooper (2 months ago)
I thought the App works like my on road gps, but the map doesn’t move with me and I Have to keep moving the map. Is there a setting to make this automatic
SavvySalt (2 months ago)
If you click on the button in the bottom left that looks like a cursor it will center on your position. Until you click something else it will keep your position centered. Though I have noticed it doesn't seem to work if you switch out of the app or turn off the screen; I'm not 100% on the rules.
Elizabeth Virgo (2 months ago)
I've especially bought a 8" tablet to use this app, as I already have it on my phone, but would like a bigger screen. And a message comes up that this device is not compatible with this app.!!!??? Not good enough!!
Rafi K (1 month ago)
Which tablet did you buy ? I bought galaxy tab 4 for the same purpose and it works just fine.
Dave Katz (3 months ago)
This is cool!
Deb Schack (3 months ago)
Not unnoticed, nice touch choosing Hell Gate given the history there.
Mohamed Kherbachi (3 months ago)
thank you so much !
Ct Formula (4 months ago)
AWESOME Job, Thanks for making it! A+
George Canakis (4 months ago)
How do i keep the boat curser on the screen at all times. When i am using navionics app the boat goes off screen and i have to scroll to catch up with it. Thank you.
George Canakis (4 months ago)
SavvySalt ok thanks i will try it cheers.
SavvySalt (4 months ago)
the arrow (triangle?) in the bottom left corner of the screen. It doesn't always work if I don't keep the app in the foreground.
松田もしくろす (6 months ago)
Looks interesting. Most apps I have seen only use US waters. Are maps/charts available for Japanese waters?
SavvySalt (6 months ago)
When I zoom in on Japan it says I can buy detailed charts for Japan and China sea for $21.99. You can always confirm for yourself via the free version.
M-STYLE HAYNES (7 months ago)
Question. Can this work without cellula internet data and wifi?
Chase Mixon (30 days ago)
how can it track you without cellular or wifi?
M-STYLE HAYNES (7 months ago)
Thanks brother i'm getting it right now. You've been a great help
SavvySalt (7 months ago)
Absolutely. As long as you download the charts to your phone's local storage beforehand. When you first install the app it prompts you to select charts to download. You can download additional chart data at "Menu" > "Download Map"
Bill Roberts (8 months ago)
How the He** do you rename a route? I look, I try, and your logic sucks!!! Why do we have took for such simple things? Please put a college educated person in charge of writing an adequate help file!!!
IrieDiver 225 (4 months ago)
Bill Roberts He was nice enough to make a basic how to on Navionics, and you’re and idiot for not being able to figure out how to rename a route.

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