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Back to School Struggles: Dress Code!! Alisha Marie

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Back to school struggles anyone?! Dress code can be such a struggle!! Everyone has completely different dress codes so everyone may not relate to this but trust the struggle is REAL!! haha Also who wants more #mialaurisha collabs? xo -Alisha Marie Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6diQsi4H2Vs Mia's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALgIspIPNQE&feature=youtu.be Lauren's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzxLo-YkaNo Instagram: @Alisha Twitter: @AlishaMarie Snapchat: LidaLu11 **IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "milaurisha is life" Business: [email protected] Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Back to School Struggles of Dress Codes!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!
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AlishaMarie (1 year ago)
3rd #schoolisha video is a #milaurisha collab!! AHH!! What's your dress code like?! xo -Alisha Marie
BTS LOVER (6 days ago)
Mine is navy kaki black white I just wear a navy shirt with kaki pants
Josie Lovegood (2 months ago)
We have a uniform
sweetie 18 (3 months ago)
It sucks
Playtime With Khyla (3 months ago)
AlishaMarie is my favorite type of thing
Amber Dumas (4 minutes ago)
My mascot is a gator
Susan Herrera (2 hours ago)
"I don't even have boobs"😂💀
Avery Brooke (3 hours ago)
My shcool mascot is big red
Brianna Fegan (3 hours ago)
Love you and your vlogs
My school's mascot is a Bearwolf. 🐻 🐺
Rowena Lin (4 hours ago)
Lauren:I don’t even have boobs Me:me either 😂😂😂😂😂 It’s been so long sense I watch this
Karen Amaya (5 hours ago)
Kallei OG (6 hours ago)
Mia’s like “I just want to eat my damn serial
Evelyn LaMere (6 hours ago)
😭😼😼🤖😼👽👽🤕🤖 I don't want my school to be robed so I'm not going to say
ItzMeAngel (8 hours ago)
My school doesn’t have a dress code I’m so lucky
Miabubbles Love (8 hours ago)
Highlander 😑
Lynn-Li DeGuzman (8 hours ago)
My school mascot is Dryden Lion
J&J Forever (10 hours ago)
Grizzly bear
Olivia Gallant (11 hours ago)
My schools maskot is a Tiger
ItZ yA gUrL aRi BiTcH (13 hours ago)
Aviva Waggyyolo (16 hours ago)
In my school the dress code you have to wear a skirt :( luckily for me I'm going to move to a school with no dress code :)
Kate Freebairn (18 hours ago)
We are the Eastlake Dragons! Go Firebal!!!!
Tuva Ström (23 hours ago)
in sweden wee dont have dress kode
Tom Eudy (23 hours ago)
My mascot is a bison! Go Bison!!!
Deijanay Lewis (1 day ago)
And plus I have to wear a uniform
Deijanay Lewis (1 day ago)
I am from Jamaica so we do not have a mascot
Desiree Snyder (1 day ago)
Timberwolves is my school mascot
My mascot is a bulldog and my dress code is Tookie in my shirt
galaxy kid (1 day ago)
Lizzy T (1 day ago)
Mia tho... LOL 😂
Haily Gomez (1 day ago)
Our school doesn't have dress codes
Manjinder Gill (1 day ago)
Our mascot is bengal tigers
Hailey Antonitis (1 day ago)
My school mascot is a lightning bolt
Norah Hartsock (1 day ago)
Kara Jones (1 day ago)
Mia eating the cereal is mood
Briar Penwell (1 day ago)
At my school my school mascot is a red streak and my dress code is you can wear whatever you want I don’t know if you can wear belly shirts but one time I wore a t shirt and tied it up as a belly shirt and I did not het in trouble
Katie Buttaci (1 day ago)
My school mascot is a penguin
Lady Bug (1 day ago)
There always telling girls not to do certain things meanwhile men are out here raping women and the still get away with it
Squishy Life (1 day ago)
Hi please give me a shoutout
Vidyotama Tejram (1 day ago)
Milaursha is life
Chloe Donahey (2 days ago)
Pugs For life (2 days ago)
My mascot is a orca
Jenna English (2 days ago)
Anyone in 2019
Krystal Harrell (2 days ago)
I've watched this video so many times, and i just noticed the sign on the locker said "Holla" instead of "Hola" *no hate tho*
lena and layla (2 days ago)
4:10 it's literally windy
Claudia kitty (2 days ago)
Im in middle school and we are the cubs. The high school are the bears lol 🐻
Moon Watcher (2 days ago)
I love how Lauren is just like "Please stop!!" while Mia is screaming "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
SkeletonGirl AvaJ (2 days ago)
i have no dress codes 😎
Breanna Burton (2 days ago)
Me and some of my friends nearly got a couple of guys dress coded. What we did was when a couple of guys at our school wore tank tops, we all were talking about how unfair it was that they got to wear tank tops but we can't. So what we did was during class and in the halls, we pretended to get distracted by their shoulders and stuff, and one teacher asked what was going on (why we were "distracted"), and we said something similar to "I can't help staring at his shoulders." Honestly, I don't remember what we said, because this happened a while ago, but I hope that one day guys WILL get dress coded for it. There are some guys that agree and think it is unfair, and others that laugh. If you try this out, (probably not), but if you do, reply to this and tell me what happened! I'm curious to know!!!
Nicole Villella (2 days ago)
My school’s mascot is an alligator 🐊
Dalia Hernandez (2 days ago)
Haley McDonald (2 days ago)
I wore a jersey to school and got dress coded. AND MY BEST GUY FRIEND WAS TOO AND HE DIDNT GET DRESS CODED!!!!!
Belle Janssens (2 days ago)
A dolfin🐬
trivera2105 (2 days ago)
A bull🐂
Mikia Hawkins (2 days ago)
Who else goes to RES
Mikia Hawkins (2 days ago)
Our mascot is a Roadrunner
Kay-Ann Wilson (2 days ago)
Milan richards is...LIFE
Miranda Alcantara (2 days ago)
my school mascot is an eagle
Esme Foster (2 days ago)
This is why my school has school uniform 😂
Ella Teesdale (2 days ago)
My school mascot is a squire.
Shannen Farman (2 days ago)
Whats a mascot? Im aussie i have no idea
•rainy dayz• (3 days ago)
When you were writing back to school and when you were done all you did is crush it
Katie Winkenhofer (3 days ago)
This is Lillie 1 Like = 1year old 👱🏻‍♀️ 👚 👖 👟
Ethen Gins (3 days ago)
Lauren: it’s like a thousand degrees The wind starts blowing LMAO
noemy Epanuceno (3 days ago)
My school mascot is a wild cat
Clint Walton (3 days ago)
You can't where pants or shorts
Ami Patel (3 days ago)
My school mascot is an eagle
dakota feathers (3 days ago)
love the intro 😎
Maya Maldonado (3 days ago)
Mina Valberg (3 days ago)
We don’t have dress code in Norway 🇳🇴
Rosa Morris (3 days ago)
My school still has a dress code even though we wear uniform!
sanzala Achakzai (3 days ago)
"I dont even have boobs"
My school mascot is a cardnal
Grace B (3 days ago)
I don’t even have boobs lol
Izabelle Otis (3 days ago)
*Wears a tank top shorter than 2 fingers* *what teachers think* Guys: *WHAT A SEXY SHOULDER!*
Scarlet Truly (3 days ago)
A shark
Hey! *What's your school mascot*
Cindy Loo Woo (3 days ago)
My school mascot is a bulldog
Crafty monkey (3 days ago)
There complaining about nothing we have to wear a uniform all year round and so we don’t even have a choose of what to wear. (We have to wear our jumper and blazer all year round and skirt has to be past your knees)so u guys r actually rlly lucky
Sn ow (3 days ago)
My school mascot is a tiger!
Farah Khan (3 days ago)
is our knees and shoulders to sexy?
Ruby Matatunoa (3 days ago)
I don’t get dressed code because I have to wear a uniform
Pizza Lover (3 days ago)
JoAnn Montelongo (4 days ago)
My school mascot is a eagle
GachaLife Rockstars (4 days ago)
Tank tops… Girls: Skinnyer Boys:Thicker
seba alnesafi (4 days ago)
My school mascot is eagles
JoJo 13cool (4 days ago)
I don’t get dress codes at my school because my school doesn’t do dress codes
Aria Jackson (4 days ago)
Eagle is our mascot
M Lea (4 days ago)
My mascot is a panther
Sieyanah Impens (4 days ago)
4:00 mood
Karissa MacDonald (4 days ago)
my school mascot is a bison
WILDSIDEGAL (4 days ago)
My school's mascot is a panther.
Jíaqíws Cool (4 days ago)
my school mascot is a bulldog and my town mascot is indians
Vanna Wagner (4 days ago)
I think my school Mascot is a eagle
Wait, then how come they let cheerleaders wear short outfits it is definitely dress code
We don't have a dress code in my school
Grace Mullin (5 days ago)
At my school Kids are wearing Tube tops and booty shorts
Jeimy Machorro (5 days ago)
sabina razi (5 days ago)
I love how Mia is eating cereal
xd GhostRocket (5 days ago)
My schools mascot is an Eagle
a boy with a mohalk is so baaaaaaddd

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