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Police Helicopter Chase Steve DUI Lawn Mower Guy

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Text Comments (244)
MangoSlicer (2 years ago)
The lawnmower guy sounds like wade from gta 5.
BOXXY what (2 years ago)
We trust Steve, he was the best Steve that we ever seen
Lemon Grenade (2 years ago)
World's best police chase!!! Police chase suspect on lawnmower!!!
Nathan B Ring (2 years ago)
cops are cool.
Tyler Kennedy (2 years ago)
Can't ya be cool just once in your life? lmao
SuperMoose7 (2 years ago)
If you watch this with auto gen subtitles, it's says "I'm Iraq" :')
Michael Brumley (2 years ago)
honesty bites you in the ass
sweetmsroslyn (2 years ago)
The money went into the cops pocket .
Isabella Bloom (2 years ago)
I Absolutely love this guy He's my personal Hero ROFLMAO
alexander bonilla (2 years ago)
this shit isn't real. but it's hilarious!
Stoned FR (2 years ago)
No shit
Bruce G (2 years ago)
I dunno like 10 or 6! haha
Celeste Schoolcraft (2 years ago)
lmfao these aren't my shorts!
big country (2 years ago)
"these aren't my shorts"
Shavonna Harrison (2 years ago)
Lmao " man can't you be cool just once in your life?"
Im w combat veteran my hero is steve in Steve we trust
my hero Steve
Melissa Moore (2 years ago)
Richard Nhoebra (2 years ago)
I really want to see one where Steve wins !!!
Jaydon Morrison (2 years ago)
Damn Steve we have the same mower huskee 46inch deck getting a new one don't know what brand it is
Ivan Ss (2 years ago)
Tim Medahko (2 years ago)
Anyone who has followed 'Steve' realizes, this USED to be funny, not it's just arbitrary and foolish.
Darrin Moneer (2 years ago)
Steve is hilirious!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THESE SKITS LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!~!!
Connor Lucht (2 years ago)
+Roasty Toasty this is 100% real non debatable, ik cause k was flying that helicopter
Connor Lucht (2 years ago)
This is real tho
AshnKksmom2 (2 years ago)
Again another asshole who knows their rights, but does that include stealing a cop car? The only thing I see wrong with this picture is that the police should be in shape at all time just in case they really have to run after someone that is not running around their car.
BaByLaStrAnGe (2 years ago)
+Diane Blackford It's all staged!! FFS! do you not see all Steve's Videos? This is how he got popular on YouTube,and Now FaceBook..and he is making $$$$$
BaByLaStrAnGe (2 years ago)
+AshnKksmom2 It's all staged!! FFS! do you not see all Steve's Videos? This is how he got popular on YouTube,and Now FaceBook..and he is making $$$$$
Diane Blackford (2 years ago)
+AshnKksmom2 Well said
WILL LAFLAM (2 years ago)
lol I hope ur kidding and know this is a skit
Codex leet (2 years ago)
+AshnKksmom2 you do know it is fake right?
bouybouy95 (2 years ago)
one copter for a BIG creminal ! hahaha Your police arrest realy the real creminal ? :)
big country (2 years ago)
Mike Teel (2 years ago)
Thought the cop pocketed the alledged weed from Steve's alledged shorts at first.
Highice007 (2 years ago)
somebodies got some money to make this movie. the helicopter rental must have cost massive cash.
Tim Medahko (2 years ago)
+Highice007 Drone quad...100 at Walmart
Highice007 (2 years ago)
oh, fooled me. 
Yuv (2 years ago)
+Highice007 RC Drone + Helicopter sound edited in
Eathan Ralston (2 years ago)
I think 10 or 6???
Tedd Anon (3 years ago)
Robyn Knowles (3 years ago)
this real? he like to drink that much or is he getting paid. if its real then he is dumb as fuck.
Ghost Girl (3 years ago)
I LOVE Steve! Frickin' Hilarious! Especially "These ain't my shorts!"
Im a combat veteran been to Syria lybia Iraq and south Africa but my hero is steve In steve we trust steve 2020
Ghost Girl (3 years ago)
Jerome Drake (3 years ago)
these aren't my shorts brought me down crying
Garry Harville (3 years ago)
I was jus kiddin'. I'm a child of Gawd. I know my rites. Lol.
Lori Hook (3 years ago)
So funny, I've got tears in my eyes.  Just the laugh anyone needs!
killer1931 (3 years ago)
He knows his rights
D (3 years ago)
"im a child of god" lmfao
John Chavez (3 years ago)
Fucking savage!
Diana Punneo (3 years ago)
Those officers should loose their job for treating that man like that !!
Chase Dykeman (3 years ago)
Christian Trahan (3 years ago)
My goodness, is this real?! Lmao
nickxcore74 (3 years ago)
Funny as fuck, I love Steves videos lol.
Christian Trahan (3 years ago)
Same here
Seth Lawver (3 years ago)
They never read him his rights when they make the arrest 😂
The Tactical Agenda (3 years ago)
+Seth Lawver they dont have to
Marshall Knotts (3 years ago)
These aren't my shorts
Jonni Ingrm (3 years ago)
he sounds like cartman
Auntie Kimberlee (3 years ago)
This fool said 10 or 6 beers... !! he walked in the Save and Pack like it wasn't nothing wrong in his life! h ah aah ah aah ah  I love him.
Émilien Laguë (3 years ago)
This guy is hilarious
phatrides222000 (3 years ago)
LMAO, The onion of youtube.
El Shaddai (3 years ago)
There's a epidemic ppl!!!!😟😮
Shelly Romer (3 years ago)
I'm a child of God.....I love this man
Raymond Kowal (3 years ago)
"That's not mine!!! These aren't my shorts!!!" hahahahga "Steve put your hands in the air and put the beer down" hahahhahaha
Christian Trahan (3 years ago)
Jess Bautista (3 years ago)
God I love Steve , He's the fucking man !! I'd love to do this kind of shit one day !! GO STEVE !!
Sky Styles (3 years ago)
This guy is crazzzyyyy hahaha
give the man credit. he knows his rights
blazer tehgamer (3 years ago)
g2g fast
Super Dynamite (4 years ago)
"Subject has my unit". LolololololololololoL
frank roden (4 years ago)
Aw man you crack me up brother !! this is funny shit !!
Jonathan (4 years ago)
cop never saw it coming
Im a regula hahah
The Stig (4 years ago)
oh shit this guy is a hero hahahahaa
brandon franklin (4 years ago)
no way...im not worthy
Frank Potter (4 years ago)
NO Steve NO! ... Dispatch this is 924. Subject has my unit... LOL Why'd you take the cruiser Steve? I was just kiddn,,, XDD
8baller (4 years ago)
lol NO STEVE NO!!!!
romoe69 (4 years ago)
So how long you get in jail for this one steve?
Mindy Martin (4 years ago)
Poor Steve....Just 10....or 6...lmao
Jonathan Quenga (4 years ago)
Best shit ever..
Jennifer Jensen (4 years ago)
U just needed one more beer. I know my rights.
Kaden S (4 years ago)
Their so used to him they just let him out alot
Georgia Rossiter (4 years ago)
Love the Fleming Store!!
Hein-Dirk Smit (4 years ago)
That guy has balls man!
Sean O'Hara (4 years ago)
I got it. Never put your cigarette down. They can't touch you.
Furyan451 (4 years ago)
can't you be cool once in your life  oh, jesus  lol
buggingout67 (4 years ago)
lol seems like a daily thing for this guy
Michael Deases (4 years ago)
msillicitbarbie (4 years ago)
Omg this guy is hilarious
Fox Racing (4 years ago)
Calebmoto1997 (4 years ago)
He should of started to cut the grass on the edge of the road lol
Scott Beaver (4 years ago)
Lol 10 er 6. Hmm maybe 16
Brett Dman (4 years ago)
I love how he strolls into the store like nothing happened.
Michelle Torres (4 years ago)
Omg really!!? This guys is drunk and driving on a lawn mover on the ROAD?!!! Lol he is running off from the police officers I like it hahaha!!! :) <3
Jennifer Fisher (4 years ago)
Go Steve! Lmao😂
Jonathan Powell (4 years ago)
Are police afraid of cigarettes?
Kitten Rose (4 years ago)
oh god this man is just out right funny on so many levels " I know my rights"
Terry Massey (4 years ago)
Hi Steve, I am your brother from another mother. We need to talk 
the chipa chip (4 years ago)
these aren't my pants lol haha
GuilleV04 (4 years ago)
These aren't my shorts...
Corbin Jones (5 years ago)
Cant you be cool once in your life...lol
scott cline (5 years ago)
who steals a cop then stops for bear and then doesn't get back into the cop car......... oh steve... and on top of that has week on him
r Oy (5 years ago)
"How many beers?" "Like, many, you know... ten orrr six?"
Christopher Stickler (5 years ago)
Why does he do this?
adsf (5 years ago)
Dave F. Macias (5 years ago)
It's so... Funny. I love it !
ChuckNorrisTSH (5 years ago)
what the hell is a helicopter following steve around? I he SO dangerous he needs vision from the sky! Lmao.
BAMAfisher34 (5 years ago)
im a child of god!
Isabel Hanf (5 years ago)
oh ya know... 10, or 6..
Marko Jozak (5 years ago)
steals a police car..and everybody loses their minds
Alex Lindberg (5 years ago)
I'm not gonna lie that cop had to have gotten some shit from his fellow officers!!! How the hell does a drunk guy steal your cop car!!!! Lmao this guy is my hero!!!
shaudee67 (5 years ago)
Poor Steve is dimwitted but what does that say about the cop who got his unit stolen? Ha!! How embarrassing! But did they REALLY need to pull their weapons on him? Steve is harmless.
train672 (5 years ago)
LOL !! I know my rights ;-)
Devil's Cadillac (5 years ago)
Can't you be cool? Once in your life!?
Larry Nobles (5 years ago)
I know mah rats.

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