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Styles P - Keep Ya Vest On

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Styles P - Keep Ya Vest On Big Mike & Styles P - Phantom Empire-2009
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E.B Jombo (1 month ago)
2019! Caution! Do not listen off the vodka and 💊! 😂😂😂 Could lead to unforseen outcomes!
donmymicpleaseaplaud (3 months ago)
2019 boss shit💯
Greeno B (4 months ago)
When ppl put the year in the comments 😂 You and thousands of others still listening... Congrats *STiLL BuMPiN iN 2o0o... **_FoReVeR_*
Rodman Gillespie (5 months ago)
I ain't need pad I needed my dad but he was lame! 🔥💯
Rodman Gillespie (5 months ago)
Never Worry Make Decisions!
Tracy Higgs (5 months ago)
2nd verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Slizz 2Thawizz (6 months ago)
Jada went different on this 1. Oldschool banger
Mitchell Moroz (7 months ago)
2018 n this is fuckin dope
Alizah Jones (8 months ago)
Its crazy how some of the best rappers like Styles and Big L don't really blow up
Afro Revolution (6 months ago)
he not selling his soul
AstetiK Productions (8 months ago)
Ghost in his prime
Tar heels 215 (8 months ago)
The GHOST is simply on another level.....i be outside in the white Tee on Jordan's And my sweats on gas like Exxon U gonna need State Farm Allstate Gieco some type of life insurance Yeah Ghost dangerous like Johnny Dangerous cane on the plane hanger who u think you banging with I'm Boss you a gang member Catch me in the hoopy or the coup or the train with the hoodie with the I-pod hammer and the live rod aint nothing sweet still street come and try God. SP D block niggas know I ride hard Damn
Prek Gjurashaj (10 months ago)
They both killed it but Snyp Life ?????? Mannnnn he murdered it and Styles is my favorite rapper sheesh
Ramsee Muñoz (1 year ago)
Ramsee Muñoz (1 year ago)
Still bangn this 2018 BLOCK!!
VASpecial036 (1 year ago)
*sigh* would've loved at least a track that the lox and little brother collab'd on....
big t aka styles (1 year ago)
I grew up playing styles he tort me shit and I ant even met him now that's wat raps about my nick name is styles I played him every morning day and nyt for years when I was in jail
Sean Rose (1 year ago)
Gas like exonn prolly off of one dutch
Lawson Draper (1 year ago)
Respect S.P
Alisson Guimarães (1 year ago)
so rap de periferia das antiga ta lokoo
NJJIBBER (1 year ago)
ASARADEL (1 year ago)
how the fuck is a teflon vest gonna protect u against a teflon bullet 1 - 1 = 0 so don't pull shit
KOTOR 2 cover with Darth Nihilus lol, P goes hard fuckin love this track
Stay Alert Stay Alive (1 year ago)
Rae Santana (2 years ago)
Yeah Ghost Dangerous , Like Jonny Dangerous 💪💯💯💯💯💯💯
Money mitch (2 years ago)
Listen to Dee Flaim ft Bonic - KOS (Track3) by Gbb the family Official pg #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/dee-flaim/dee-flaim-ft-bonic-kos-track3 New banger alert Philly vibes #abcbm
bar none (2 years ago)
never knew about this. Darth nihilius in the background?!!
Neil Bedeau (2 years ago)
You gone need state farm, all state, geico, some type of life insurance fucking with a phsyco. . OMFG styles
Timothy Minton (2 years ago)
No one real as Lox homes talking oh seen the comin thru in a hinds box...and? how many cars,etc. plus...must b low key wen u hot ha
Jamar Stallworth (2 years ago)
this shit is fire but should I expect from styles I hardest both verses crazy ny niggas stay wit lyrics these corny ass radio niggas suck industry Dick
TahRahJoh (2 years ago)
Dreams - Little Brother Styles did a song with them titled "Black Hand Side." Unbelievable.
Afrika 365 (2 years ago)
rappers keep they vest on not me.
GangeHrolfr (8 months ago)
best opening
Shoemanati (3 years ago)
Ghost top 10 I always loved his flow! just gutter!!! D-Block
RIP George Smith (3 years ago)
2nd dude killed dat shit
Darrell Powell (1 year ago)
Snyp Life. Yeroooo
ericjlivingstone (2 years ago)
George Smith Snyp Life
Nick Laflare (4 years ago)
King Gill (4 years ago)
This nigga is a tru mc... Ridiculous word play
Shawn Smith (5 years ago)
the G-Host killed this shit.
Dice Rolliin (5 years ago)
the way that beat flows.......
Kizer Sosei (5 years ago)
this beat goes hard ...
GAME_ON_2010 (5 years ago)
Catch me in the hood right by the light post mansion and the coupe upstate by the white folks!
Derrick Ross (6 years ago)
9th wonder did not make this beat he left Little Brother before this album came out. Rashid Hardee made this beat.
DjDash24 (6 years ago)
rather keep your vest on , not me i be outside in a white tee jordans and my sweats on .!!!! REALSHITT
Jizzo's World (6 years ago)
I been bumpin this shit since it came out and I still can't tell who the second cat is.. I just know he kept up wit that nigga Styles!
EgyptianLover Don (1 year ago)
RayJizzo718 snype life if u don't know yet.
flben64 (6 years ago)
9th done the remake to little brother
dirmaster0 (6 years ago)
Anyone know where the sample came from? Its drivin me nuts tryin to figure it out!
cityking9ne (7 years ago)
Who you think you bangin wit / I'm boss /you a gang member /understand my lan-gu-age.BEAST.
Disturbdindahed (7 years ago)
"The dutch is my apprentice, the streets is my bitch, and the money's my princess, use a gun when I'm inventin'..."
steveofromthecuse12 (7 years ago)
fuckin gone
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
Hard fya!!!!!!
jason111286 (7 years ago)
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
@dow360 Man i feel ya , lyrically & storywise he murded it , Im from dayton by the way,
dow360 (7 years ago)
@dow360 check out my page ima be online soon wit some videos but i got a nice verse on there check me out much respect if you like Im have the mixtape video soon like 20 hours of footage and studio shit I just feel my D Block shit though, One
dow360 (7 years ago)
@MrBoogyman1988 yea he killed it lyrically like no other, you know B.I.G was a good story teller but this man is the best. That story he told was too crazy but in a good way. where you from - Im from Chi Town
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
@dow360 Nobody Believes Me is my favorite song!
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
@dow360 Yeah man , i got that shit in my favorites
dow360 (7 years ago)
@MrBoogyman1988 i been fuckin wit dis dude since the lox and ruff ryders shit, Check out Nobody Beilives Me if you aint heard it
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
@dow360 Mine too,
dow360 (7 years ago)
@yasmin10170 thank you , the truth, chi town got luv 4 d block
dow360 (7 years ago)
@MrBoogyman1988 yessir dis my fav artist of all time
MrBoogyman1988 (7 years ago)
Fuckn' killed tis shit!
keith Last (7 years ago)
1 person is a disgrace to tha human race
Sunny On The Beat (7 years ago)
what instrumental is this??
AJ Katib (7 years ago)
thats not large amount... its snype lyfe...
AudiDavis (7 years ago)
FMAN13 (7 years ago)
Large Amount went in on this one!
dirmaster0 (7 years ago)
Tom Baric (7 years ago)
styles went in
royalnaz1 (7 years ago)
right by the light post
Rob1Esco (7 years ago)
Yo what's a liverod. That line so sickkkk but I jus wana know what a liverod is 'hammer in the liverod'
bocean07 (1 year ago)
Rob1Esco think about it fam a hammer is a gun a liverod is a knife
Tyrone Tillman (7 years ago)
freddy ga (7 years ago)
CATCH ME IN DA HOOP OR DA COOP OR DA TRAIN W. DA HOODY AND DA IPOD HAMMER IN DA LIVEROD.............u cud tell he straight hood nkkkaa!
azquiet (7 years ago)
Thumb up if u caint understand why Ross n Wayne get more views for being fake or make believe rapping when Styles n DBlock be tearing shit up.
devendixon37 (7 years ago)
Dats real rap dug B-more ox
407MikeG (8 years ago)
man i bagged up so much to this shit right here......this is my shit right here
gravityhammer25 (8 years ago)
on that star wars shit gangsta as hell
jakemandel92 (8 years ago)
you gon need state farm, all state, geico som type of life insurence, YUR FUKIN WIT A PSYCHO
Anton Komarov (8 years ago)
Cindy Vang (8 years ago)
PHANTOM'S Back!!!!!!
Alex Fransis (8 years ago)
this beat crazy man sp the ghost
wasteman99 (8 years ago)
I seen that logo with the person in the black hood with his hands in the air. Can some tell me who it really is
makavelisaucy saucy (8 years ago)
real rap and justin bieber has more views? instead off listen to ur itunes go on youtube and listen to the videos so we can try and get real rap to have more views, like this if u want it to happen
barona fucciano (8 years ago)
FUCK boys can never dig this
Abstract Mind (9 years ago)
yo this is crack styles killed it and snyp life over killed it
Juan (9 years ago)
catch me in tha hood, right by the lightpost mansion and a coupe, upstate by the whitefolks you gon need state farm, all state, geico some type of life insurance fuckkin with this psycho SP THA GHOST!! HE A BEASTT!
TeddyPalcer (9 years ago)
Snype goes hard on this track, if that's him of course
John Bones (9 years ago)
this shit right here is it SP THA GHOST stay goin hard
roosterfish17 (9 years ago)
I must comment on the awesomeness of the mixtape cover. Star wars is the shit haha.
roosterfish17 (9 years ago)
Dreams - Little Brother
Nic Castellano (9 years ago)
A life of pain is what i write off the brain, And I aint need a pad I needed my dad but he was lame, so I promised Id never be the same, now my sons in my team all shine like the ice in ya chain...we in the game
Nic Castellano (9 years ago)
fuckin with the psycho*
MEANMUGG82 (9 years ago)
you gon need statefarm,allstate geico some type of life insurance fuckin with this psycho! that shit go hard!
noel123192n (9 years ago)
sumone find the lyrics.
drogba11soccer (9 years ago)
mrhappy19 (9 years ago)
hot beat
jubie5285 (9 years ago)
THIS IS NOT 9th Wonder its Rashid Hadee
dsetgetatme (9 years ago)
I am not suprised... D-block go hard period. I expect Styles to rip any beat he lay a verse on.
truthisverbal (9 years ago)
9th wonder beat....
KingDaniel16 (9 years ago)
THIS BEAT IS SICK!!! BEST BEAT IVE EVER HEARD REALLY!!! Has a little bit from Memph bleek - The Roc Luv it
Allah Power (9 years ago)
EgyptianLover Don (1 year ago)
Allah Power Little Brother my g.
Lefty Luciano (9 years ago)
good looks!

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