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MGW Sight Pro and HK VP9 sight change

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This was the best prize table pick up of the year!!!! The MGW sight pro tool makes it easy to change the VP9 front and rear sights as well as any pistol's sights! Hope this helps give you an idea of how easy it is!!!
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Ozzie Alarcon (9 months ago)
I just ordered this tool and I really don't need it at the present time. I know it'll come in very hand when I buy my next gun with aftermarket sights.
Jonathan Frost (2 years ago)
Hmm....I may need to invest in one of those. All my my hk's except my usp have stock sights on them. I'd like to put some better competition sights on one of my vp9's. Is it as easy as it looked?? I have zero gunsmith or mechanical skills. Zero. Do you know if there is a fiber optic front sight that won't need to be filed to fit?
WDLC1911 (2 years ago)
Just used my MGW Pro sight installer in my HK VP9 and let me tell you the MGW Pro is well worth the money. You'll have to purchase separately the "shoe" for the pistol of your choice for about $20. For example, there is a shoe for the HK VP9/40; HK USP/P2000/P30/HK45; GLOCK; Glock 42/43; 1911; SIG; S&W M&P, etc. Remove sights from Left to Right and install from Right to Left. The dovetails and sights look symmetric so maybe it does not matter. Purchase with confidence!
Th3Resurreccion (2 years ago)
Could this sight adjuster work for the MK23 and the USP 45?
Steve Sinclair (3 years ago)
I just bout a HK VP40. AT 10 YARDS it is shooting 3" left...over 100 rounds..same result. It is also shooting low, but realized HK sights there guns with dead on sight picture. I've seen other people complain about HK shooting left. They also sight HK in at 27 yards according to HK. Do you think I need to adjust my tear site to the left or something else wrong?
Chris Hanson (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. This helps.
Chris Hanson Hey Chris! If you are consistently left with your POI, I would 1st have someone else who you know is a good shooter try your vp40 for confirmation. Then, to move your POI, you will drift your rear sight in the direction you want the bullet to go. To move your POI right, tap the rear sight to the right. If the sight picture/hold is not to your liking and you feel the bullet impacts low, then you will want a shorter front sight. Dawson Precision has a perfect impact gtee and a formula to help you get the right height based on your hold preferences. One word of caution, standard pistol sighting is for 25yds and if you set your gun up for 10......just be sure to shoot at 25 yards and beyond as you may have some funky results. If you don't care past 25 yards, then not an issue but I would suggest you learn your bullet flight with a 10 yard zero and the ammo you use. Congrats on your VP40 and let me know if this helped. Cheers
Chris Hanson (1 year ago)
Bystok, I have the same issue that Steve noted above. I have shot around 2000 rounds through my VP40 with the stock sights. I've also taken classes and the instructors have stated my stance and trigger pulls are fine. Last week I put a laser round in the barrel and aimed it. The laser dot was left and slightly down, exactly where I have been hitting. Will this tool allow me to adjust the sights for better accuracy? If so, how far would you recommend moving the sight, and which sight would you recommend adjusting?
+Steve Sinclair Steve...what pistol are you moving to the VP40 from? What sights are on the VP40? Do you have the Lumova or the Meprolight night sights? If you move your rear sight left, you will shoot further left so please don't do that!!!! 3" left at 10 yards is likely a function of you not being used to the trigger yet. Practice dry firing to where you feel the trigger break and the front sight doesn't move. Let me know and hope this helps.....your VP40 is a tack driver....sometimes the drivers just need some tuning! Best regards
t44e6 (3 years ago)
Did you need to buy any custom shoes or any addintional parts to fit the slide? I just got my new VP9 and the rear sight is WAY off from the factory. Like more than 1/8" off center. Don't feel like sending it back for who knows how long.
+t44e6 just used the vp9 shoe.....super easy.....you will not need anything else....just the tool and the vp9 shoe
Jim Duyck (3 years ago)
Did you have any marring issues on the rear sight with the part of the tool that pushes it not being angled? Thanks!
+Jim Duck No sir...no marring....done several sight changes and zero marring with the tool

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