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Top 14 Doritos Super Bowl Commercials - Ten Best Funny Superbowl Ads

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This video is NOT sponsored by Doritos, we just love their Super Bowl commercials! Top 30 Superbowl Ads of ALL TIME ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsTG8Do2q1o Sexiest Superbowl Ads ►► http://youtu.be/ixhYk4q0fK8 Top 10 Funniest Superbowl Ads ►► http://youtu.be/zLtAOhol_jo Check out http://www.youtube.com/MediocreFilms on Sunday to see the Top Ten Commercials from the Big Game with the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos! SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/SubMF POSITIVE PRANKS! http://bit.ly/MFpranks This year's average Super Bowl commercial price is approximately $5 million for a 30-second commercial, a more than 10% increase from last year.
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Text Comments (338)
Riya rajni (13 days ago)
We all know why are we here !
Accessrelated (28 days ago)
Eric L (1 month ago)
Ads for ads. Y?
21111980rose (1 month ago)
Can you fucking stop the CUT
Tony V. (1 month ago)
Nice job!!!☺
Kawaii Unicorns (1 month ago)
I want Doritos now...
chicken leg (1 month ago)
Tanae Johnson (2 months ago)
it is so funny and cool
????? le ???? (2 months ago)
ItsYourBoy_Dylan Will (2 months ago)
Wow that one was funny
red nosed raider (3 months ago)
First one naked woman so 🔥 hot damm she got nice tites and thise
Marcus Joly (3 months ago)
If only the first one was real.
Ketchup Studio (3 months ago)
3:39 When i stub my toe
Mario Caez (3 months ago)
Talk about nipple slip the 1st comercial had a bikini slip.
Brian Boyles (3 months ago)
Third one I'm not going to be surprised if she gets fired
Gaming with Walid Sinno (3 months ago)
Keimer Nael (4 months ago)
Brian Boyles (4 months ago)
Him: Girl in dress then girl in her lingerie Me: Girl in dress then girl completely naked That's right I'm a sexual weirdo We all know that there are more than 100,000 people like me in the US alone!
Renè Kreisel (4 months ago)
Doritos kackwerbung
Matty Kemp (4 months ago)
Matty Kemp (4 months ago)
My girl has that set
Leonel Oliden (5 months ago)
Cuale son las canciones
stell4you (5 months ago)
Oh man. This is all american crap. Terrible.
Kopterfreund (5 months ago)
Lucie Weber (5 months ago)
n ni
Kurt Sorensen (5 months ago)
Early cowboy moves
BEPIS (5 months ago)
uhhh spiceee
Agent 666 (5 months ago)
It's Just A Meme (6 months ago)
the baby looked so cute when he was flying and smiling with his little teeth
Jaro (6 months ago)
*** milf alert ***
Davinator (6 months ago)
is that my wedding dress??? it could be....
La Li Lu Le Lo (6 months ago)
"is that my wedding dress?" "could be...."
Blake Pooler (6 months ago)
How did he fit into her wedding dress? She must have been huge!!!
Dmitriy Rudenko (6 months ago)
you DIDN'T see NOTHING? Is that even English?
ip Ran barud (6 months ago)
You didnt see nuthin......LOL
imelda sabado (7 months ago)
All pf the video's is so funny!
Christofer Riche (7 months ago)
Denmark Deposotario (7 months ago)
that girl was hot
Clément Rodrigue (7 months ago)
I especially liked that one at 2:55 😃 (with dogs)
Yasemin Yilmaz (8 months ago)
Doritos is so good
Natascha Corrigan (8 months ago)
The first one is the funniest 🤣!
Arcanjoe Almeida (8 months ago)
Stupid add
gerry o sullivan (8 months ago)
Looks like Americans are easily amused
1K994 KingS (8 months ago)
2:50 Is that my wedding dress 😂😂😂
Versus61 (8 months ago)
those are all cut versions of the originals...why not show the actual ads?
PatToad (8 months ago)
The dogs at the store one is my favorite
Alex Luen (9 months ago)
2:29 girl name plz
yixnorb (10 months ago)
Little Elon Musk at 1:39.
N N (10 months ago)
Objectifying women always works! 👍
lapounddogs lapounddogs (10 months ago)
Mostly awful but the animals are great
xD4rkridex (10 months ago)
wtf america
ElChacu (10 months ago)
Where is Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman comercial?
Tony A (10 months ago)
Been a Doritos fan since they came out
te baby
Sunanda Ghosh (10 months ago)
2:33 girl name plz
Mikayla B (10 months ago)
So funny 😂😋
Gaby hicban (11 months ago)
Jeffrey Hayward (11 months ago)
2:41 Braun Strowman?
Jesse Martinez (1 year ago)
Ahhhh I want NEEED Doritos agggrr why do I do this to myself !! PORQUEEE!!!
Animesh Nanda (1 year ago)
what is the background music at 1:13 and 1:57, seems to be familiar.
Özge Solmaz (11 months ago)
first one is "la donna e mobile"
elfofcourage (1 year ago)
Goat for sale......New England five years later. XD
Numan Lincoln (1 year ago)
ist so funny when people lie for doritos😂😂😂
Dean Lonagan (1 year ago)
..excellent entertainment..only in America..
TheRandoms YT (1 year ago)
Can anyone please help me get to 1k subs its not a lot but it will help so much
Harry Stallone (1 year ago)
fucking stupid
Acepil (1 year ago)
I want Doritos now....
Anas Siddiqui (1 year ago)
Anas Siddiqui (1 year ago)
Anas Siddiqui (1 year ago)
Tim Thompson (1 year ago)
Those are funny as hell.
Poonam Sharma (1 year ago)
Free Bikini (1 year ago)
David the old fart (1 year ago)
lol coincidence Doritos ad for this video
Brainfreeze NJW (1 year ago)
the baby..best,ever
Rodrigo De Triano (1 year ago)
1:17 i wanna kick that kid in the head till its death
Draagon1977 (1 year ago)
Fajny :)
André Boset (1 year ago)
Superbe ...normal,c'est  une Mercedes
Salwa Ahmed (1 year ago)
King Of Flirt (1 year ago)
2:03 whats the name of the music
Craft MANIA (1 year ago)
Every video was amazing
ClassicDuck (1 year ago)
Tube Fish Animal (1 year ago)
oh! good
Justloveit 456 (1 year ago)
I remember most of em. Especially the one with the flying pigs.🐖🐖🐖
sound waves (1 year ago)
0:47 what the fuck did the man and had sex hahahahahaha shit
Harry Kuheim (1 year ago)
Who the Fuck eats Doritos and drinks Bud anymore ? I can't believe they pay Millions each year for Super Bowl Ads...
Chidi Akara (1 year ago)
Sheesh, these guys in these ads are legit assholes
poke diger2 (1 year ago)
I live pugs
Themoria Themoria (1 year ago)
1:30 what is the name of this song please ?????????????,
oh well (5 months ago)
Themoria Themoria ur mom
Gzmar zapp (1 year ago)
Vanessa Klinger (1 year ago)
The crystal ball is my all time favorite...
Dragos Rap (1 year ago)
Fouad Nachar (1 year ago)
CettiK (1 year ago)
Have you ever eaten Doritos? I have eaten
S. Stricker (1 year ago)
The song at 3:49 - does anyone know it?
🖕😤🖕curse you
Techy (1 year ago)
These aren't any better than the Japanese Commercials. Equaly as weird.
Rudolf Zmełty (1 year ago)
Laugh or cry ... is it supposed to be funny?
Markus Clemens (1 year ago)
Whaaat 3:11
EthanLego461 (1 year ago)
Your not even playing the whole ads

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