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Men's Business Casual: 3 Killer Outfits To Wear To Work 😎

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Today marks my very first video devoted to Men's Fashion! I've been wanting to create some content centered around the subject for quite some time now. Some of the content in this video I actually got to use for another channel I manage for Easy Agent Pro. The center of focus in this video is men's business casual attire. All three of these outfits can be dressed up or down even further than what you see in this video. You have quite a bit of flexibility with everything I show you here. Before I dive into the outfits themselves though I bring some attention to some of the staple items of my wardrobe that I like to use on a very frequent basis. The Shoes, Watch, Belt, and Sunglasses #1 - Double Monks (Cole Haan) These are easily my favorite dress shoe, and they are definitely under-represented in the professional community. If you're looking to attract attention and stand out start with a pair of double monks. #2 - Chrono Watch (MVMT) Very simple and versatile watch that gives you plenty of flexibility. I'm a very big fan of MVMT, the balance of quality and price they bring to the table is insane. The cut out the middle man in the pieces which allow them to keep their costs lower than higher priced timepieces out there. #3 - Leather Belt Always make sure you have a belt and always make sure it matches your shoes. I matched the belt and shoes very closely here but you can also play around with different shades of brown to add more contrast between the watch, shoes, and watch. #4 - Clubmasters (Ray Ban) I've been a fan of Ray Bans since I was a little kid. This specific pair is a pair of clubmasters (black and gold). Subtle touches of gold can have a dramatic impact on the overall feel of an outfit. I defintly think it adds to the level of professinoalism in every single outfit.
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Kelvin Krupiak (8 months ago)
Mannnnn almost 30k views!! Thank you so much guys! 🙌 I've got more videos up on my channel now so feel free to browse them and give me some feedback I'd love to hear from you.
Anon (12 days ago)
Throw that mvmt in the trash along with all the Dan Wellington stuff, those watches are sweatshop garbage.
Kelvin Krupiak (12 days ago)
Anon I feel you the quality is not good like...at all lol it was just a gift and it went color wise with everything so I used it in the video. Timex is what I prefer to wear most of the time I did a video on Timex recently too actually. Thanks for checking out the video brother
Ahmed Yanaal (14 days ago)
You should check out Seiko 5 and Timex for watches. MVMT is not so great.
Kelvin Krupiak (14 days ago)
Ahmed Yanaal I totally hear you it was a gift and the colors worked well with everything so I decided why not but you’re right not the best quality at all. I did an accessories video where I showed my Timex I think Timex is the best entry point watch bringing quality and value to the table. Thanks so much for checking out the video and dropping some feedback brother!
Word Bearer (1 month ago)
Have you ever heard that you look like Marc-Andre Fleury?
Kelvin Krupiak (1 month ago)
Word Bearer the Hockey player? I haven’t heard that before actually haha
nedErlands (1 month ago)
Step one: dont be fat
Kelvin Krupiak (1 month ago)
nedErlands lol nah even if you consider yourself more on the husky side you can rock all these outfits. A proper fit works to a mans favor regardless of size. Thanks for stopping by my channel man I appreciate it.
Brandon S (2 months ago)
Once i realized you were MVMT, I just decided to not finish the video. Get ya watch game up before you push a menswear channel. lol Lots of options for affordable watches. MVMT watches are universally considered junk among even the most casual watch enthusiast.
Kelvin Krupiak (2 months ago)
Brandon S this video was over a year ago. It was a gift from someone and I appreciate that. I’m not going to not wear a gift from someone important because YouTube hates the brand. I just posted a video talking about timex being my favorite entry point brand. Thanks for watching anyways.
Rramirez246 (3 months ago)
but where can I find that Buddy Guy remix lol
Rramirez246 (3 months ago)
+Kelvin Krupiak It's such a smooth mix I love it thanks for sharing your tips as well somehow got the theme of your vid with the song matching great, its like it was meant for you to use lol
Kelvin Krupiak (3 months ago)
Rramirez246 right?!? It’s soooo fresh hahah you can find it here https://g.co/kgs/3rcvUH
Donovan Lewis (3 months ago)
Hey man just checked out your video pretty awesome. But I have one question what are your thoughts about Chelsea boots for professional attire or is it too casual?
Kelvin Krupiak (3 months ago)
Donovan Lewis thanks so much for watching Donovan!! I appreciate the question man I love wearing Chelsea boots with both formal and casual attire. They’re usually considered to be an incredibly versatile style of boot.
LiftOrGTFO (3 months ago)
I just started working in a business causal office myself and wear "tight" fitted jeans with a nice sweatshirt and my supervisor told me that I shouldn't be wearing jeans. To be honest, some of the guys that work there wear dress pants and dress shirts that are ill fitting and look worse than the jeans/fitted sweatshirt I wear. Never understood that.
Marcelo Zapata (4 months ago)
Very very nice
Kelvin Krupiak (4 months ago)
Marcelo Zapata thanks so much for watching!!
Daniel Lopez (5 months ago)
What brand are those chinos?
Daniel Lopez (5 months ago)
Kelvin Krupiak Thanks for the reply! Keep up the good videos!
Kelvin Krupiak (5 months ago)
One of Us those are from Banana Republic 🙌 thanks so much for watching btw!
eh Joe (9 months ago)
Caught your video on live stream, i had one up as well. Smashing everything here bro. Toronto Canada
Kelvin Krupiak (9 months ago)
eh Joe Yooo 🙌 thanks man I really appreciate that and thanks for taking the time to come comment means a lot 🙏🏻
khaled leedavan (9 months ago)
Exactly what I was looking for. Love this
Kelvin Krupiak (9 months ago)
khaled leedavan thank you so much for watching, glad I could help!!
Young Suk (10 months ago)
wow u deserve way more subscribers man
Young Suk (10 months ago)
Kelvin Krupiak except for the rayban part, everything is perfect
Kelvin Krupiak (10 months ago)
Young Suk thanks for saying that I really appreciate it 🙌
Aaqib Bora (11 months ago)
Wow. Love this video. I follow alpha m , real men real style and guys with 1m subs. But this video was amazing. Keep it up with the videos. Subscribed!
Aaqib Bora (11 months ago)
Kelvin Krupiak Anytime buddy. I'm from India. If you have anything specific according to Indian weather because it's mostly hot in here , it would be great as we don't have a lot of good channels when it comes to men styling. (just a suggestion) Good luck.
Kelvin Krupiak (11 months ago)
Aaqib Bora thank you man I follow those channels too and I can't tell you how big a compliment that is 🙏🏻 been working on a spring look book video this past week so more content coming soon 👊 thanks for subbing!
FREE HAN (1 year ago)
whats the brand of that belt?
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Anson is the brand its actually a really cool belt because its completely adjustable in terms of sizing. Meaning you're not constrained to the pre determined notches you would see on most belts you can check out their website here--> https://ansonbelt.com/
Vulpex (1 year ago)
whats the songs name?
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Soul (Vlog Music) by Dj Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads I totally forgot to add that in the description thanks for reminding me!
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Man 10k views? You guys are awesome I honestly didn't expect this video to be received so well. I better get my next video out then I guess :D I'll film it this coming week!
Stephen V. Tran (1 year ago)
Kelvin Krupiak do get it out soon, I’ve subscribed in case you do. You could build a massive audience with consistent uploads, especially if you keep giving awesome content like this
Daniel Bustos (1 year ago)
Really like the last two outfits. Keep it up 👍👍
Ismail LaPaz (1 year ago)
Is this in Albuquerque?
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Ismail LaPaz it is! Close to Rio Rancho by the Rio Grande.
Sabroso Lopez (1 year ago)
thanks for the advice man. currently trying to lose weight so I can dress like you. any ideas for outfits for fat guys?
pattgsm (1 year ago)
That's good advice... I was 235lbs got on keto w/ intermittent fasting to lose 1 lb per week (I was in no hurry). After losing 30lbs I made a rookie mistake and purchased 2 expensive suits. Who knew I would lose an additional 30lbs!? 235lbs - 175lbs in 9 months (165 lbs right around the corner). Here's few more style pro tips, big man to big man that you may find helpful: - As suggested, Stick to budget friendly brands and tailoring until your weight settles. - I'd suggest 2yrs at same weight before you drop $600 or more on suits. - Even though you are losing weight, you still should have at least one tailored charcoal grey suit (nothing shimmery), just in case life puts you in a situation where you need a suit (interview, court, wedding, funeral). Plenty of low and high end places sell fused suits (good looking, affordable, low quality) try not to speed over $200 w/ tailoring for any fused suit as this is only a placeholder suit. - While you are still losing weight you can spend more on quality Goodyear welted shoes, boots, and accessories (ties, sports watch, dress watch, sunglasses). - Quality footwear and accessories instantly makes budget friendly outfits look high end. - Once you are w/n 20lbs of desired weight you can pull the trigger on on your more expensive coats. - No matter if you're cutting or bulking, buying affordable or high end... Never pay full price. Wait for the sale, clearance, off season, last season, (Can be challenging if yours is a popular size). - Skimp: sneakers, jeans, chinos, casual shirts, workhorse dress shirts, sweaters, place holder suit, sport coats, lightweight jackets, ties. - Don't Skimp: navy suit, charcoal grey suit, special event dress shirt, special event ties, top coats, winter coats, watches, eyewear, leather footwear, gloves, undies & undershirts. - Learn how to care for your high end items (wool suits, leathers, watches) - Be aware of what tailoring is difficult and easy and what you should expect to pay before you find a tailor. There's more to tailoring than hemming pants and taking in a waist. - Unless your tailor is highly recommended you should have them do projects on your low end garments. Cheers!
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Thank so much for watching my friend I really appreciate it! Now first if you're working on shedding some weight don't go over the top on anything since the goal is for it to not fit in a few months. Now, clothing patterns can be used to place emphasis on you in different ways so here are some ideas. Vertical stripes help you to appear more slimming, so instead of the bright red polo I had in this video you could have a vertically striped button up. Next, don't wear clothes that are way too big for you, you can still wear fitted clothing even if you're packing a little extra weight. Also, the common misconception surrounding tailoring is that it's expensive but you can get a SLIGHTLY larger shirt tailored to a good fit on a minimal budget. Next stay away from high and low rise pants, low rise makes your legs seem shorter than they are and your stomach look bigger than it is. Medium rise without pleats is ideal. Also, get your want pants that are tapered so you don't get that baggy look around your ankles. There's really a lot more I could discuss so I think I'll try and make a video on it mind if I use your comment in the video? :]
Nawfling Molotov (1 year ago)
really nice , please keep on thank you
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Will do thank you so much for watching!
Weston (1 year ago)
This video is incredibly underrated!
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for watching!
Cademan Lillywhite (1 year ago)
Killer stuff man.. love the 1st and 3rd looks ..
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Cademan Lillywhite thanks for taking the time to watch and comment man I really appreciate it!
Karel P (1 year ago)
Polo it's not business
Kelvin Krupiak (10 months ago)
I think it really depends on the culture of where you work and how you dress the Jeans up :] Thanks for watching and commenting Ceezer!!
Ceezer (11 months ago)
Polo, yes. Jeans, no. In fact, jeans are explicitly forbidden in most business casual environments.
pattgsm (1 year ago)
Most of the population don't have white collar jobs where polo shirts would not be appropriate. Did you think this content was aimed at the white collar workforce?😂
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Hey Karel! Thanks for watching it really depends on the polo and how you dress it up I certainly believe a nice polo dressed up with some double monks and a nice watch with a matching belt can easily fit into business casual especially if its tucked. However, if you don't personally feel that way thats cool too :]
Tyler Zey (1 year ago)
Virginia Asbury (1 year ago)
This is awesome!!
Korbin Krupiak (1 year ago)
Kelvin Krupiak (1 year ago)
My man 👊

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