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Austin Takes off Bras for the First Time | First Time | Cut

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Text Comments (6301)
Clayspo (17 hours ago)
My fellow Mexican is tired of working in my yard 😂
Berton (1 day ago)
Why not have more beautiful woman
legend say this guy still virgin
Rae Rae rodriquez (1 day ago)
He’s so cute!! Does he have an Instagram??
Dalal Dalal (1 day ago)
T G (1 day ago)
Aman Chand (1 day ago)
FUCK THIS AGE - RESTRICTION SHIT. I wanna see some tits 😭😭
Giovanna Perez (2 days ago)
Gasss Dasss (2 days ago)
Shit I would be nervous to asking me to take off some random persons bra
Earth+ (3 days ago)
I expect some meaningful content from this channel.....not these BS stuff made only for views.
Carter Evelyn (3 days ago)
okay but he kinda cute... WHATS HIS @ lol
Sophia Lanza (6 days ago)
2:48 did he say “you got me sweating nuggets” 💀💀
Mert Ali (6 days ago)
A guy take off guys bras
imfromfiji95 (6 days ago)
Austin looks high
king Alex (6 days ago)
He high af lmaoo like if u agree
Jake Tisdale-Campbell (8 days ago)
Shakera is one of the worst people to be on this channel
Chi Na (5 days ago)
shut the fuck up ugly
WH H (8 days ago)
How this still Monetized ?!
Thought Of Mine (9 days ago)
IDK why you can show your boobs, but not your tits?
Alyssa P (9 days ago)
he's so cute omg
this aint it chief (10 days ago)
*The way his hands were shaking. Like dayuuuum.*
Bacon Diaz (10 days ago)
Michelle Ramirez (10 days ago)
I mean he's kinda cute but I have a cuter boyfriend sooooooo yea
Janith Tharindu (11 days ago)
ok but I didn't really google or anything when I was sixteen I took off their bra's even with one hand not looking...........I think Im experienced
ElectroSalvo (11 days ago)
Wonderful, hire me!
Charmaine Gumms (11 days ago)
illbaby86 (11 days ago)
Black girl fine as hell & thick 🍑😍
Trina B. (12 days ago)
Hey man her eye's are little further up...😂
Kobe baby (13 days ago)
Kobe baby (13 days ago)
In 3:49 her boobs are shack
Daceciia (13 days ago)
Austin can get it . 🥵 he don’t gotta Worry about no bra I don’t even have tits . 👻
Mike Jones (13 days ago)
I' volunteer
Rita Walsh (13 days ago)
I know he smelled musty with all the layers on
Cherry Blossom (14 days ago)
1:12 I love Ruby (for those who don't know, she's a dominatrix)
Women are PROPERTY (14 days ago)
look at this fuckin weeb
Snoozy (14 days ago)
This nigga is stoned as fuck
ACE_stealth251 [ACE] (14 days ago)
Bro what strain did u have seems like u smoked some indica shit😂😂HMU with the bud. These days it's hard to find quality buds here.
C Elesh (14 days ago)
I got horney
Hannah Collinge (14 days ago)
That guy is really awkward
Valeria Talavera (15 days ago)
the three of them are so pure ❤️
JohnPaulSmith (15 days ago)
Can relate...
TINASHE ZULU (15 days ago)
So he was like "first imma get stoned before I start removing bras just to boost my confidence "
southeastmass (15 days ago)
Ruby is our queen
I think he got a boner but his bean smol
Leena Nayar (15 days ago)
that is disugting
GO BLIN (16 days ago)
brrruuuh please be my friend!
Clarence Allen (16 days ago)
He was cute, this was cute
Pure Salt (16 days ago)
Id where the baggiest pants in the world
elisha aull (16 days ago)
he’s cutee asffff
Some guy (16 days ago)
December 1st gang were you at?
Xgabe _Gamer (17 days ago)
1:39 this nigga was hopping to see some Nipples
Alva & co (17 days ago)
1. Why am I even watching this? 2. He`s so freaking cute wtf 😍
M.k. tech (17 days ago)
Due to people like u.today,s generation has got worse.
Oni (17 days ago)
pornhub xD jk
#TakeBraOffChallenge #AddictedtoSex https://youtu.be/2kokYbPaNac
Young Savage (18 days ago)
This man blazed asf.
King King (18 days ago)
Shout to the two women, i love woman with confidence
Galenode G (18 days ago)
Damn he’s cute af
Didi-beans (18 days ago)
He was da shaking I’m cackling
Bikrom Sen (19 days ago)
Savi Depass (19 days ago)
Aww he’s so nervous
Justin Simmons (19 days ago)
What kind of crack does this guy use?
Mckenzie Watson (19 days ago)
Ohhhllll he look godddd
Estrella Reyes (19 days ago)
Whats his @
Chanel Ross (19 days ago)
weird flex but ok
Afran 592 (20 days ago)
Lucky fella
Mikey Casasola (20 days ago)
mans high as a kite😭
Medicine 54246 (20 days ago)
He's so lucky
MONERISplayzTM (16 days ago)
Lol no. That was hella awkward for him.
pitlu raess (20 days ago)
nothing have work bastards
Y did I watch this again
big boi (21 days ago)
3:15 "it is pretty hard" *;)*
Eric Kennemer (21 days ago)
They should all take off shirts
rusaka. CH87 (21 days ago)
So fuck funny hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhwhahahahhahaahahahhahahahahahhahaahahhahahaahhahahahahahhahahaahahhahahaahhahaahahhahahahahahhahaha
ci rob (21 days ago)
The guy is really handsome and funny is he Mexican?
Bonnie Devante (22 days ago)
He fine though, whats his IG? He boo'd up yet lol?
Dark Knight (22 days ago)
Unbelievable! I would hold their boobs real hard, and for sure I would have an erection 🙂😂❤️🍆
edward mcclendon (22 days ago)
Yoooooo both women were hot, but that sister had that extra cargo in the back. Nice.
Hanysgs bshshs (22 days ago)
Wow so cute
dj cookie is so gucci (22 days ago)
you suck hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck
Antoine Weathers (23 days ago)
Nick Mangano (23 days ago)
I feel ashamed that this was in my recommended list
Blackkk (23 days ago)
Dude should of just said he don’t get pussy cuz saying your waiting to get married I GUESS clearly meant you don’t get pussy
Mike Delice (23 days ago)
Who is the black girl
Panda _fanty (23 days ago)
Dang the black girls boobs are really hanging at 3:54
Chronos (23 days ago)
3:54 ... Oh noes.. not the whip..
awsome swas swas (24 days ago)
The last comment hahaha
SOSA KILLZ (24 days ago)
You already know that dude was high
Pulse Heltic (24 days ago)
He a Christian but he higher than the Lord 😂 😂
Rays of Sunshine (5 days ago)
Higher than the most high
Matthieu Amani (5 days ago)
you are disrespecting the Lord son of bisut
Jonathan Hernandez (12 days ago)
Ur a legend
orhema oluga (14 days ago)
chill bruhhh yo
MegaPlayDoe (24 days ago)
That boy high as hell lmao
The hermetic Pagan (25 days ago)
Hey guys any chance you guys would go like the page and help us reach more people everything helps https://www.facebook.com/crowely420/
Malo Bouré (25 days ago)
He dances well tho
The Other Side (25 days ago)
*A good Christian virgin man who is also a Weed man.*
Vikrm Singh (25 days ago)
Bart Simpsonn (26 days ago)
wtf happened to cut?!
Sanu Dutta (26 days ago)
This type of feminism we need this in society.
knxg jahsia (26 days ago)
He high asf
Aztk F.M (27 days ago)
Kap g??
Based Angel (27 days ago)
Damn how I sign up for this!?
Malaya Boo boo (27 days ago)
Awe hes adorable

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