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Austin Takes off Bras for the First Time | First Time | Cut

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Text Comments (6755)
Rebecca Birtles (9 hours ago)
I thought he was going to be really awkward, but he was actually not
Davis B. Vlogs (9 hours ago)
He high af
Seldane 321 (9 hours ago)
I would lie to get in some of these challenges Legit though I lost my virginity when I was 14 28 now and still bad at getting some bras off
xoGenesis (10 hours ago)
He stoned
Ranch Life (13 hours ago)
I love my boy😙 he sexy
Danielle Levassur (16 hours ago)
Ewww faints for years
Fractured Films (22 hours ago)
He high as fuk
Masked Moonlight (1 day ago)
Him and the black girl would be cute as best friends 😤😍
Jacobie Gray (1 day ago)
He’s fried
JR (1 day ago)
That black girl fire. 🔥
alo star (1 day ago)
He can come take mine off
Who is the black girl? Got dam.
ASPECT 00 (2 days ago)
‘‘Tis dude stoned AF
Malique Mclean (3 days ago)
The white chick scary bruh 😂😂
jk47fudge (3 days ago)
Half the people are calling him innocent, the other half are saying he’s high af
Gallant Gamer (4 days ago)
Seeing that Ruby has a tummy makes me so happy! She looks so gorgeous without her corset and with it!
Lacharra Mccalister (4 days ago)
*Cough *cough awkward*
Saos Nuo (4 days ago)
Makai. (5 days ago)
Imagine being a virgin till u get married😂
Jennifer kier (6 days ago)
is he single I want him he is fucking daddy
The girls were so patronizing towards him the whole time. Feelsbad that a man literally needs a high level of sexual experience to get any respect at all from women.
Sabrina Medina (6 days ago)
Astrid Wierda (6 days ago)
Im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
deonte dixon (7 days ago)
That beautiful black Queen stole my heart ❤️
hanlei (7 days ago)
That’s ruby!! The one from the kink video wow
jason isbell (7 days ago)
I love boobs
Katherine Berrios (8 days ago)
Why am I here? 😂
Toxic Angel (8 days ago)
Awh he’s so innocent. *but so high*
Chella Baby (9 days ago)
Anybody know his ig @?
Bella B (9 days ago)
Why wouldn't let me see it?
Kalani Brimmer (9 days ago)
I wanna fuck him
Emily Louise (10 days ago)
I love this man
Isobella O'Connell (10 days ago)
I like Austin's vibe
Cesoe Felony (10 days ago)
These nerds and that gang gang shit,Sounds so goofy they ain't gangbanged a day in there life...
H _ (10 days ago)
He’s not shy and nervous he’s just high
mspsnwjf nspa rjv (10 days ago)
He still a virgin....he christan...and waiting to get married....Isn't that what we all want in a man...mmm mabey not
Sude Kilic (10 days ago)
You should make a gay man takes of bra for the first time video
Oscar Vitlue (12 days ago)
I feel like the producers drugged him just to make it better😂
Oscar Vitlue (12 days ago)
He’s more high than snoop dog
Oscar Vitlue (12 days ago)
My mans is more high then the burj Khalifa
Oscar Vitlue (12 days ago)
He’s High af
Atheism (12 days ago)
Ya that dude is me besides the Christian part
JoinAnamoly (13 days ago)
I am jealous
ali iftikhar (13 days ago)
Why people watch tihs
romantic goth (13 days ago)
AWW He’s so cute :3
Nile Allen (13 days ago)
Buddy high af but that black girl tho😍😍
Shaniqua Saunders (13 days ago)
Singlepringle takes of bras for the first time im dead LMAO ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😅😅😆😆
נועם חפצדי (13 days ago)
Lekan Abatan (13 days ago)
ABRAR FACTS (14 days ago)
So big
M. Naufal Ashofi (15 days ago)
i love you
Lolly Joonie (15 days ago)
Melissa Mayer (16 days ago)
Them tits ain't young no more. You can tell. Too much folks been playing with them
Chandan Kumar (16 days ago)
Stooped girl
M.J. Meece (16 days ago)
Isn't Ruby's whole job intimidating people? 😂
Subaru Eric (16 days ago)
I really like the black woman
Pokemon MasterMode (16 days ago)
Des v (16 days ago)
Whats Austin’s insta
SimranYT (17 days ago)
I thought that was Chris brown in the thumbnail 😂
XoxoNay (17 days ago)
What’s his ig ?
Alec Uchiha (17 days ago)
Wish that was meh 😂😂😂😂😂
King Doni (17 days ago)
first impression of austin:"nahh this nigga high asf"
Chinga TuMadre (17 days ago)
Oh yeah yeag
White Cam (18 days ago)
Adlet Mayer (18 days ago)
Can i join? 🙄
Isaiah Nyalali (19 days ago)
I can do it with my teeth
Lela Cintron (19 days ago)
sow thary BoBS
Jerome Hatake (19 days ago)
Yall really pushing the limit huh?
Taylor Teachey (20 days ago)
He's so handsome 😍
Aderemi Williams (20 days ago)
How can I sign up for this 😭😭
VisionGamesSZ (20 days ago)
Who would be trying to take off that white chips bra damn
Totii ElGebaly (20 days ago)
3:48 come with me home and I will take from you the bra and what you are wearing under it
Kiowa Benally (21 days ago)
Young GirlBaller (21 days ago)
He so cute tho😬😬 and the white girls first bra was to big for her😂😂
Savage God (21 days ago)
I e
mixed bag (22 days ago)
Why the fuck it is age restricted? All those *P* eople who have the guts to click *O* n this video , has already seen things which they know it's not for thei *R* age , ...but well, have already see *N* it ;D
Enzo Odulio (22 days ago)
I hate you😈😈😈😈
Carlos Ramirez (22 days ago)
Who was taking off the bra nobody was there If you dont k ow what im talking about its cause he has camo on
Dysonop690 Youn (22 days ago)
boi im 14,l white, and i still know how to do it better
Emily Anne (23 days ago)
Damn, he is a damn hottie. And damn, that Africa American woman. 🤤🤤
Hannah Robinson (23 days ago)
why american christians care so much about virginity? i am a christian but if i feel i want to have sex i would.. i wont wait till marriage. thats pointless
AJustlikethat (23 days ago)
This is the cutest thing ever.
Ghostkiller 15 (24 days ago)
Lucky 🍀
3 Dolla Ya (25 days ago)
1:39 bro her bra is like 836278 cup sizes too big for her
Beckett Montgomery (25 days ago)
bruhh we all know he been playin he jus wanted to have some fun
Antriksh Kumar (25 days ago)
I won’t mind doing that challenge
karan sharma (25 days ago)
In a couple of years this channel is going to become a porn site😂😂
Maurice Dareus (25 days ago)
yall must be running out of ideas.
urmom (25 days ago)
Seems like someone likes weeed
LhageGT (25 days ago)
Wild beast...
A K (25 days ago)
Love how men make everything look hard
LucKie (25 days ago)
Who has checked his virginity?
Sarah DeMirjian (26 days ago)
naeem j.shaikh (27 days ago)
Fucking hot chicks..
Sanaii Brogdon (28 days ago)
Eyes up here 🤣
aigne k (28 days ago)
he could take my bra off anytime.
Bgn N (29 days ago)
Dancer_ Tiana (29 days ago)
75% Of the comments are definitely prostitutes😂

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