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MTG Ultimate Masters: 41 Cards Revealed! Price Point, Release Date, and My Thoughts

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Today we get our first look at the final Masters set; Magic the Gathering Ultimate Masters. In this video we will examine forty-one cards from the set including all of the Mythics. We will also discuss Ultimate Box Toppers and the price point for this upcoming product. Check out https://www.flipsidegaming.com/ and use the promo code HEROES to receive 10% off any purchase of at least $10 USD. If you use this promo code between now and December 16th, 2018 you will automatically be entered into a drawing where thirteen winners chosen at random will each win one of the thirteen FlipSide Gaming Masterpiece Series Playmats. The thirteen playmats (one of each) will be randomly assigned to eligible winners. No matter how many times you use the code you will only be entered once and cannot win more than one of the thirteen playmats. This promotion is open to anyone no matter where in the world you are located. Using this promo code also supports the channel so good luck and thank you for your support. Here is a link to the Masterpiece Series Playmats that you could win: https://www.flipsidegaming.com/collections/masterpiece-playmat?page=1 Order our featured products on Amazon including Guilds of Ravnica Booster Boxes, Bundles, and Planeswalker Decks: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928286?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Check out our Patreon Page to find out how you can help the channel grow: https://www.patreon.com/heroesandlegendsmtg?ty=h This video is made possible by our Patrons through Patreon. Thank you to our Patrons: Gold Tier Patrons Aaron Posion Adam Hall Adam Mosher Andrew Graham Chris Nelson Joe Rapoza John Johnson Jonathan Alling Joseph Veteri Justin Hartsock Kay Drechsler RJ Dennis Silver Tier Patrons Adolfo Soto Andrew Caltagirone Daren Manville David Foreman Giovanni Fox M Holmgren Michael Jacques Mon Consul MTG Strategist Nicholas Koppenol Pinnito Sean Brown Bronze Tier Patrons Alexander Levine Allen Ott BlueDaNewb Chris David Dissanayake David Olivares David Werk Dru Sepulveda Ernest A. Enriquez Geert Borger Ivan De La Torre Jake Linderholm James Peyster Jason Coleman Maxim Jakunin Mitchell Davenport Patrick Peter Stanko Philip Piotr Jedliński Preston Endres Quintin Ang Richard Gass Ryan Barolo Sehanine Moonbow Squick Thinger Stevan Jechura Heroes and Legends is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
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Heroes and Legends MTG (16 days ago)
What are your thoughts on Ultimate Masters? Also, I accidentally called Mana Vault an uncommon in the video. Clearly it is Mythic:)
Derva Kommt von hinten (13 days ago)
you saying "i would be fine with this costing 6,99 per pack" is a little weird. i would be ecstatic if it were that price, i would be ok with it beeing 9,99 as previously.
Sean Allwang (15 days ago)
20 mythics. 20 darn mythics. The variant is so darn high for the mythic you want, I'm going to support my LGS for 1 box, and if I get any packs, It'll be at walmart where they're cheaper.
kornkobb420 (15 days ago)
You're high. Msrp is 335. If you think stores are going to be selling these for less than 300 you're smoking something and have no idea what you're talking about. Period. 350-400 without batting an eye. Watch.
Paul Stewart (15 days ago)
The enlarged art is a joke Set is awesome Price point is outrageous First time pack foils of DT and Mana Vault, and some others I think Cavern of Souls will not budge from this reprint
Shawn Diaz (15 days ago)
I'm glad low supply medium demand cards like Ancient Tomb are being reprinted at rare. I'm excited for potential commons and uncommons and the Pauper implications. I'm never buying a pack and shame on them for the ridiculous MSRP. Hasbro needs to stop flexing the profit margins so hard. It's exhausting and consistently disappointing.
Devinius Maximus (8 days ago)
wizards is so far out to lunch they're orbiting Neptune. This is embarrassing.
Simon Choo Sze Shiong (11 days ago)
Yes, WotC is cashing & bankin in very hard on jus the well-off portion of demographics. But the average income millions should also make up large volume revenue too. I don’t get it. WotC really wants to shut out &/or disappoint such a huge % of fans. What’s their message again? “This is not a product for everyone” I see...& we should see, that WotC’s message is they don’t wish to grow the masses for super popular non-rotate money cow format, aka Modern. Is that supposed to make sense?
A Ham (13 days ago)
I left the game earlier in the year being tired of years and years of frustration with WotC being oblivious to their customer base and price-gouging with the sub-par masters sets, standard rotation shenanigans and just everything in general. I peeked back in to the game to see the whole Ravnica debacle and now this price-gouging BS? No thanks. Maybe I'll look into it again in a few years. Maybe not.
Derva Kommt von hinten (13 days ago)
what does it mean that the online card price is 6,99 and its not REDEEMABLE?
Heroes and Legends MTG (13 days ago)
The only drawback to that process really is that the redemption windows are short so that by the time the online prices crash the redemption is about over. Also Standard packs do not have a discounted price online. You can do it but you have to stay on top of it.
Derva Kommt von hinten (13 days ago)
+Heroes and Legends MTG sounds like buying paper cards is bs then. if online cards are cheaper and you can use the redemption program to make them into real cards then why doesnt everybody do it like that?
Heroes and Legends MTG (13 days ago)
If you buy a virtual pack on Magic the Gathering Online it will cost $6.99. MTGO offers a redemption program where for a limited time you can collect a virtual set and trade it for a paper set. They do this for Standard sets but this offer will not apply to Ultimate Masters.
Tyson Exelby (14 days ago)
I wonder if they'll fix the card quality for this set.
Apex 0 (14 days ago)
John you seem like such a nice guy. Have a great day
Adam Schaible (14 days ago)
Your math is wrong. As Ringod dances around, the blisterpacks break individual packs down to $11.67/pack. You're basically paying $55 for a chance at the premium card lottery.
KimDahl77 (14 days ago)
Oh look it wotc failing to do proper fullart cards again...
All Black Everything (14 days ago)
Pretty obvious wizards is launching a new format starting with kaladesh possibly to go with MTG Arena. They will probably try to slow down support for modern in favor of their new non rotating format. Just a theory.
Jim Fitzpatrick (14 days ago)
I'm still seeing <17 money rares. The hot cards are mythic, even harder to get because there are more of them. If the other 34 rares are junk, how good is this set? I'm still not sold. It could be more of the same.
Jace tru (14 days ago)
Magic is stronger then ever???
Alpha Scorpii (15 days ago)
Tooooo expensive. Mythics, other sought afters, and box toppers still will cost very much as singles too....
gtsphoenix (15 days ago)
Maybe the new box art is a new Memory Jar?
ali kamali (15 days ago)
it could have been better but sadly its not
Chaos Monkey (15 days ago)
So, no new cards. Wow...
Benjamin Kham (15 days ago)
Why get this when you could get Red Dead Redemption 2 and Diablo Immortal.
gabrielle cisneros (15 days ago)
Biggest scam EVER!
Gotta love capitalism
BlindJustice14 (15 days ago)
I agree with you but at this price it also deters from people buying them just for flipping
Bryan Herber (15 days ago)
So...wait... $12/pack if you buy the triple pack, or $14/pack if you buy a box? Will it be $18/pack if you buy a case?
Mike Seliga (15 days ago)
I mean I was very happy to hear it’s coming out in a month. I’ve just returned to magic recently (about a month ago. Took a ten year hiatus. Played since Beta) and probably dropped over $3k so far. Buying booster boxes and singles. Card sleeves. Binders. Boxes and box protectors but I’m a freaking nut with some disposable income since I’m not married and I don’t have kids. But man this box will be as expensive as the modern masters 2017 booster boxes I bought? That’s crazy. Although I do love the mythics in this already more as they do seem like quality ones. But man my friends won’t touch this. Most of them just can’t drop the money I do because they have other responsibilities and priorities in life. I’ll give them cards I don’t want because that’s the guy I am. I’ve given most my white and black mythics and rares I’ve received to a friend who got me back in. I 100% agree with your last sentiments that you shared. I’ll buy it but for every guy like me that does, 10 others won’t. And that’s including the passionate hardcore guys. I’m not even mentioning the newer player base this game has been getting which makes me so happy. Happy in the fact that we have so many newer magic players. Thought I’d clear that up haha.
kornkobb420 (15 days ago)
All the haters bashing the product because you can't afford it. Anything highly collectable, shiny, rare, and new, you're gonna pay for it, simple as that. This is in ANY hobby. THIS SET ISNT FOR EVERYONE. If you're one of the bitchers/complainers, Don't buy the product, noone cares, that leaves more for me and others that this set is actually focused towards. ;)
kornkobb420 (15 days ago)
As long as it's not my cake.
Captain Hindsight (15 days ago)
Let them eat cake.
benjamin ratliff (15 days ago)
If the rest of the rares are good and the uncommon slot is good, then this product becomes worth the price. MM13 is 400-300 so 300 bucks for what's been shown isn't awful. The topper is kinda dumb since that's basically what you paying extra for, but hey it is what it is. If the go down after release like most master sets do than 280ish would be pretty fair in price.
benjamin ratliff (15 days ago)
+Captain Hindsight kitchen finks and eternal witness are at uncommon so not all of its gonna be bulk
Captain Hindsight (15 days ago)
it will be bulk as m25 and iconic masters had because muh draft envirement.
Mana-Ramp-Matoran (15 days ago)
I've said this pretty much everywhere. Selling the blister packs is a bad idea. Those things get stolen like crazy. I used to work at Walmart, and the trading cards was the biggest source of inventory loss in the whole store. People can just slide them down pants or up a jacket and poof that's almost $40 just out the door. WotC is clearly trying to squeeze into the singles market with the box toppers, and this masters set. They can't flat out sell you the singles, but the can package them into goofy boxes and upcharge them, and that's exactly what they're doing here. Its my hope that distributors can sell this below the MSRP and LGS's can to, because at $335, that's ridiculous. I'll try and get a box off my LGS but I'm hoping I can get it cheaper than that.
Daves GoldenDuck (15 days ago)
WOTC does not care for the fan base who can't afford expensive product. The Masters Modern format is not for beginners according to WOTC
Daves GoldenDuck (15 days ago)
Why make Dig through Time when the card is banned in every format and not worth anything
Daves GoldenDuck (15 days ago)
Will The Battle for Zendikar Creature Lands ever see any big price increase?
EL JOTT (15 days ago)
WotC should stop this expensive reprintmania und start focussing on real masterpiece cards randomly sticked in booster displays of the next editions. That is, what magic player want!
EL JOTT (15 days ago)
Like Amonkhet etc, exept with newly invented cards! ;)
greed0and0fear (15 days ago)
Yea no. This will still be sitting on store shelves for months to come, especially at this price point with the Holidays in town. People arent putting this over consoles and whatnot. Wonder if they will have the toppers in the box instead of loose separate shipments to the stores. Limiting stores from pulling shady crap with that.
Phillip Daigle (15 days ago)
So many things about this addresses issues players have had for a while. LGS exclusive: check Important reprints: check Special shiny promo stuff included: check Price point: wtf? The price is completely bonkers. It's like Wizards wants to participate in the secondary market (not just a random theory) and think they can charge marked up prices for their products before they've even hit the shelf. Tell ya what, if there is slim margins on this for LGSs, then this product will be a disaster for WotC.
Scott D. (15 days ago)
At this price point I can't afford a box and there's no way my lgs will be able to put a draft together. I have very little hope for how much this will help lower card prices too. I'm even more disappointed than when the set was bad because now i'm just being taunted by all these cards I still won't be able to afford.
kornkobb420 (15 days ago)
This set isn't for everyone man. Getting more copies in circulation will help a little with the prices of some of these modern and legacy cards. Just trade or buy singles of what you want if you can't afford the sealed product.
David Pépin (15 days ago)
We can say watherver we want, but there are enough people playing magic in the world that this will sell out. And in the end, Wizards (or Hasbro) is a business and their ultimate goal is to make money. If we stop for a minute to think about this, and think it clearly, we cant fault them for selling the product that will bring the most money. Lets imagine that they were selling pens instead. They could make ok pens for everyone and everyday uses for a couple of dollars and at the same time selling way pricier pens, lets say 4000$, for wealthy people. No one would fault them for selling those 4K$ pens. With that said, I'm not very happy with the price of this product because I know I wont be able to draft this with friends and that I will be missing out on yet an other fun looking product. Ho well, its still just a card game. Life goes on, there are worse things in life and all that.
John Lucier (15 days ago)
The price point is the only hindrance for me... I want to be able to play with these cards.... important to note that buying the 3card pack is 55$ cheaper (msrp) for 24 packs... is the box topper worth $55? ... you decide
Michael Perner (15 days ago)
I've been playing Magic since Urza's Saga, and this product just makes me feel used and angry.
Bj Bram (15 days ago)
HMMM coming out on D-Day
oxpolitik (15 days ago)
They wouldn't charge that much if they knew you wouldn't pay it. But enough of you will. Remember Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition? Everybody lambasted the naked cash grab and swore they'd boycott. It sold out within minutes.
benjamin ratliff (15 days ago)
That was mostly people looking to make quick cash since it was very very limited in number
Houston Moore (15 days ago)
I'm completely done with magic after seeing this.
World Kat (15 days ago)
I want this but it will be 600 dollars by the time it hits my countries shores...
Anarchius (15 days ago)
That's so f*cked up. You can basicly buy complete commander deck for the price of draft pack. Jesus, it can't be real....
Bankruptjojo (16 days ago)
It's not $14 a pack! Read the price for 3 in the big box stores! It's only $12 a pack... The extra money is due to the blister pack.
Lachlan McBeath (16 days ago)
To my fellow Australian’s. Who is keen for $20 - $25 packs... woooo
105 Wonky (16 days ago)
Tooooooo expensive considering I just got some graded summer for cheaper
Heroes and Legends MTG (15 days ago)
Very nice pick-up. I never had any summer magic but always thought it was cool.
Anthony Hall (16 days ago)
This Masters set will cost 504.06 dollars a box in NZ. Many cards eagerly wanted I am sure by many avid fans here down under. It is a shame that wizards are punishing the middle and lower classes with this masters set. Wanna have the best? stop being poor #WOTC2018
Jonas Wijte (16 days ago)
Reprints: good! Pricepoint: Excrutiating!
pops91 (16 days ago)
I haven't received my box topper apology card, does everyone that got the mythic box get one or just selected few?
pops91 (15 days ago)
+Max Ostrov I just got mine today, so I can confirm is people that bought it
Max Ostrov (15 days ago)
I THINK it was only for people who tried to purchase and were unable due to issues with the site and too much demand...
Andrew W (16 days ago)
Cash Grab Masters!
Reece Overstreet (16 days ago)
Uncommon Mana Vault!? sign me up! XD
One pack of this costs comparable to cost of a draft from a normal set. Damn. And there are rares for as much as 0.59 I don't feel so brave.
The Old Republic Fan (16 days ago)
The pricing in these boxes ensures that people who need the reprints will not get it :/ sadly it will eather hit secondary market or investors will hoard it 🤔 sad story of a wonderfull set.
Martin Olsen (16 days ago)
As a casual commander player with a limited budget I will never see the light of this product. Dissappointed but not surprised. Looking forward to the next Ravnica set and hope for some good reprints in that product - a product I can actually afford.
TraucerDaUrbania (16 days ago)
Hope vampire hexmage is in the set. If anyone ever drafts imagine going Dark depths turn 1, Urborg into Hexmage turn 2.
imanujakku (16 days ago)
this feels like all of wizards recent moves...they are trying to capture the money that the 3rd party sellers have been making off them for years and the players get caught in the crossfire. wizards has started to take the appreciation of value of their product into account when setting prices and it just feels bad because they never did previously. my biggest problem is this wont help the high prices of these modern/ legacy staples at all so those formats will still be out of reach. maybe they are trying to push everyone to standard and arena where all the dollars spent go wizards and let legacy and modern die off.
JediMB (16 days ago)
Between all those chase rares and mythics, this could have been an amazing Masters set at the regular Masters price point. (Just like sets like Iconic Masters could have been amazing draft releases at the *standard* set price point.) With that said, I guess I'm basically an addict, because I'm going to pre-order his overpriced thing at my LGS today...
Das Berserker (16 days ago)
They would have to reprint all fetchlands at rare to maybe make it worth it probably
mtg_barrow (16 days ago)
Hey wizards, releasing this a couple of weeks before Christmas!? I'm sure my wife and kids didn't want any gifts this year anyway 🤔 Yes there are some high value cards getting a reprint but the price point is insane and doesn't really help with circulation due to the cost of packs. If I'm lucky I might be able to afford one draft with the set assuming that's what its intended to be used for
Olaf The Sn0wman (16 days ago)
Its ok they bring out this product.. I won't be buying a box or even boosters. Its insanely expensive. But I'll pick up some singles if I can get a good deal on them.
OrcDragon65 (16 days ago)
Feel like this is a slap in the face, every time a Masters set is announced I ask for 2 reprints, Liliana and Cavern of Souls. Finally get what I want after Master set after Master set of disappointments, see these box toppers and for a brief moment, feel excited. Then the reveal earlier today and it all feels worse then the Diablo Mobile game reveal. Especially since the prices for these cards won't be effected as much thanks to the incredible MSRP of this set, the overall market value of the cards I really wanted still won't drop enough into the real of affordable.
Landon Labonte (16 days ago)
Great video as always. Favourite mtg youtube channel!
Heroes and Legends MTG (15 days ago)
Thanks, appreciate it.
Anthony Rose (16 days ago)
Good vid.
Heroes and Legends MTG (15 days ago)
Captain Hindsight (16 days ago)
Is this a force of will ad?
Robert (16 days ago)
"Let's make the masters set they want, but let them pay for it!"
Leng Thao (16 days ago)
I still wanted mox opal to get reprinted. Hopefully the iron works is in this set as a uncommon.
andrew steele (16 days ago)
I think regardless they piss people off be it price lockout, lack of reprints, to many good reprints, print run. There are people that still pay $500 for an original MM box. I look at it this way. If its a product I like then I'll get a box and just skip out on the next 3 sets when it comes to buying a box. If not I'll do what I do with every new product wizards release...buy the singles
Hazunaki666 (16 days ago)
Bye Magic, hello Force of WIll!
Justin Varecka (16 days ago)
Everyone in the comments is complaining about the box. What if I said I was excited for the set
Justin Varecka (16 days ago)
Again, we can not judge until the entire set is released. My point stands
Landon Labonte (16 days ago)
+Justin Varecka unless there are no bulk rares AND there is value in the uncommon/common slot there is no way you will get your money back, especially if you buy individual packs without the bonus full art card.
Justin Varecka (16 days ago)
+Landon Labonte well spoken, but I like the cards already spoiled and the new art for some of said cards. I think we have to see the rest of the set before we judge whether it's good or not though
Landon Labonte (16 days ago)
Then i would say a fool and their money are soon parted.
John Horton (16 days ago)
It will all come down to rares. In Masters 25 I can't count how many packs I opened where a single common was worth more than the rare and all three uncommons. If this product is filled with quarter rares, or rares worth less, then no box topper or super awesome mythic can make up for that. Right now there are quite a few good rares but your rares are going to need to average 6-7 dollars, three mythics at 30-40, 5-8 uncommons at 3-5 dollars then a nice box topper just to have a "good box", or something that gets to back your buy price. This is going to be hard to do without luck. If you get a good foil rare or mythic or you pull a super box topper and the box is just average you might do ok. I will enjoy drafting it and more than likely I'll buy a box but I'm way better off than 90% of the players in my area and for them this is not even going to be an option. Watching people bust these packs are going to be like streamers busting old boxes and and getting all the good cards they are hoping to pull and still not getting anywhere near the buy price. I'm glad this is the last masters set. Wizards needs to understand that a lot of their fan base is under 25 and 300+ for single box is too much. RIP Masters Set I might dance on your grave.
benjamin ratliff (15 days ago)
At the very least every mythic seems to be over or right at 20
Chris Thorn (16 days ago)
If the box toppers are going to be sent out of the box what stops LGSs for pocketing them or opening them and resealing the ones with the lower value box toppers and just give those away
Chris Thorn (16 days ago)
You're literally paying any extra $4 a pack for the box topper 😡Didn't they say they were ending the masters sets after the last masters set?
dustinzk (16 days ago)
Charles Yun (16 days ago)
I thought Demonic Tutor was on the reserved list.
Landon Labonte (16 days ago)
It isnt.
Manho Kwok (16 days ago)
I wonder if the local card store are going to match the big box store price in order to host draft? Might happen if the boxtopper value is sufficient to offset the difference. Otherwise, I can’t imagine those stores can sell individual packs, only boxes.
Jan Venter (16 days ago)
The problem is that we have seen the high end cards and that is great but will the rest be junk? A blister pack is the same cost as last years commander products were
David Larsen (16 days ago)
You should be able to get a blister pack for $36 at wal-mart so $12 a pack to make local stores look greedy at $50 a draft sound like a good idea
W1DO (16 days ago)
Disappointing.. will be $500 NZD a box.. I can't realy justify that to myself so I will probably leave it... last matters box I bought was mm17.
Derek Pegram (16 days ago)
You're absolutely right what you say around the end of the 13 minute mark. I had purchased at least a box of each masters set until being burned by iconic masters and haven't bought any magic product after this year's commander release. I'm done with wotc, and that's a shame bc I love this game. But between always putting money over players and frankly their absurd level of stupidity and questionable decision making I've gone back to table top and video gaming.
Donna Sprague (15 days ago)
You can't really recover table top game or video game expenses when you get out.
RecklessFables (16 days ago)
Clean for the kiddies? Smurf this set and Smurf WotC. Smurf them in their Smurfing Smurfs!
Heroes and Legends MTG (15 days ago)
Lol, that made my day:)
Damn Dirty Ape (16 days ago)
This is nonsense. $335 for 24 packs, while 8 blister packs give me 24 packs also but will only cost $280. Are we guaranteed a $55+ box topper then?
Damn Dirty Ape (16 days ago)
Was just about to post the first message when I heard "try keep it clean for the kiddies". Good thing I heard that lol
Juuso Tiirakari (16 days ago)
I'll give this product a fail. And a pass. That's 42$ for a 3 booster draft - for that to make sense, every card in the set should be worth at least a dollar - every single card. Total fail.
Mike Anderson (16 days ago)
I will buy a box maybe 2
Landon Labonte (16 days ago)
Enjoy spending 700 dollars on curling cardboard.
Aaron Sullivan (16 days ago)
Given the cards in the set I can agree with the price, foil demonic (judge promo) is the entire cost of this booster box, BOOSTER BOX AS IN THE ENTIRE THING! A single that's worth the same amount as this entire masters set box, and you can get the same card with a different art but still foil, and potentially more than one since its a rare
92bagder (16 days ago)
if this was priced as normal master prices this would have been a slam dunk
Jakobi Robi (16 days ago)
The "Full Art" versions are all just zoomed in versions of the art, so you actually see LESS of the entire artwork instead of more. This whole thing is just bizarre....and feels even more cynical and profit-focused than usual....I just don't believe WotC can't be creative and make new "powerful" cards in their new sets, as well as reprint "good cards" in their standard sets, without completely bankrupting the company and entirely disturbing the balance of good and evil, like half the MtG community seems to insist anytime someone even suggests it.
Claude Rodrigue (16 days ago)
This is kinda disappointing. I don’t feel like this will decrease prices in the secondary market due to the price this is being sold at.
Adam Mohammed (16 days ago)
Also the printing sounds to be more than just limited.
MrDrokkul (16 days ago)
This is F'n ridiculous! I knew that if they got away with that Mythic GoR crap they would do it again and worse. That's total crap to saddle LGSs with this. LGSs probably get to profit $10-20 off these if they're lucky. What garbage.
Fofee (16 days ago)
Super bougie, that’s more than a game system!
l0k (16 days ago)
i'm staying the hell away from this. 400 bucks for a box? HAHAHA no ty.
xXHELLXx 4GAMERS (16 days ago)
No, this is BS. Not only is it equal in price to the Nintendo Switch I just bought. There is a simple distinction here. When I opened my Nintendo Switch box I found inside a Nintendo Switch!!! I open a box of this and could get nothing I'm hoping for...
Plain (16 days ago)
Noble hierarch at rare: what we needed. Goryo’s vengeance at rare. The rest doesn’t matter
R (16 days ago)
I don't think you can honestly say that MTG is the strongest its ever been. Yes, standard is good for the first time in a couple years or so. Yes, Arena seems to be drawing a lot of players to it despite the stingy economy. However, not 6 months ago Mark said MTG has around 12 million players. That's down 8 million from the previously estimated 20 million. Even if half the players who left MTG came back, I fail to see how MTG is at its strongest ever. I don't mean to mince words with you and perhaps you meant that the future is looking brighter for MTG than it did months ago. However, this new ultra mythic 340.00 msrp Masters Set is not what modern players have been looking for unless WOTC stops printing draft chaff and feel-bad rares and upshifting modern staples to Mythic to keep the secondary market strong on certain cards and making cards that warp , and I could go on and on but I think you get my drift.
Philip Cardillo (16 days ago)
If they wanted to raise the price, they should’ve made it $12 a pack. That means one pack of Ultimate Masters would cost as much as three regular booster packs. Would it be expensive? Yeah, but I think that would’ve been a little bit more palatable considering the value of the cards included. $15 is almost the price of four booster packs, that’s insane for one pack. This set better have all money rares if they want this to be even close to worth it.
Joshua Wenzel (15 days ago)
they DID make it $12 per pack (technically $35 for 3), the extra $56 tacked onto the booster box MSRP is for the stupid box topper, i weep for anyone who gets a Stirring Wildwood.
CanadianBaconPwnage (16 days ago)
The price point is COMPLETELY off and tone death. If it was 7.99-8.99 per pack, I'd be fine. Heck, even at 9.99 it would be alright with the selection of cards in the set. But 13.99 a pack? US DOLLARS!? What a joke. As a Canadian, it's already hard enough to keep up with the tariffs and the exchange rate, I'll be skipping this set completely.
mouse2588 (16 days ago)
I think this is going to get opened a lot and I'll be surprised if most people aren't happy.
Garrett Clayton (16 days ago)
If this product was any less, none of you would be able to get it and if you ever did have a chance too it would be much more expensive. At 250-300 every singles vendor would just buy them out and sit on them, or sale them black market for twice the MSRP. This is a collectors item and is priced and marketed as such, people are just so used to shitting on Wizards that when they finally give us what we asked for, MUCH needed reprints in mass, everyone still complains without even trying to do the math.
ringod123 (16 days ago)
You can buy 8 of the blister packs (3 pack booster draft product), giving you a total of 24 packs for $280, or buy a box with 24 packs for an extra $55 for a single random box topper. That's pretty disgusting imo.
Garett Blackburn (16 days ago)
BUg Man the box topper doesn’t ether because they have rares and even two uncommon cards you can get
BUg Man (16 days ago)
Except you're not guaranteed mythics doing that
TheKrismage2000 (16 days ago)
Good thing i got my alt art Colonnade sets.
Ryuu Bryan (16 days ago)
I agree its too much. Iconic masters was great even though it did release well.
CraZEEElife (16 days ago)
Not only will the singles not tank in price, but because of the price per pack, people will just seek out the singles, which will keep prices steady, if not make the prices increase!!
Monastery Mentor (16 days ago)
Naaaaah price is too ridiculous I'm not touching it
The Turtler 31 (16 days ago)
So help me if arcbound ravager gets reprinted when I just spent $40 on it lmao
World Kat (15 days ago)
Prices wont change, this is a very premium very limited print. Don't panic.

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