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A Beginners Guide to Magic: The Gathering

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Want to capture footage or stream? Use this link to get an Elgato capture card! Also helps me a bit. http://e.lga.to/holtzmann Thanks for watching! If you want to find me in other places try: Twitch: twitch.tv/holtzmann Twitter: @holtzmann_yt
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Michael Leonard (1 day ago)
Yeah I'm just Getting started, going to try tournament play
Amadeus TD (14 days ago)
The legend rule was changed, it now has that you can't have 2 planeswalkers with the same name, you can have Chandra, bold pyromancer and Chandra, Pyrogenuis on play, but you can't have 2 of either one of the field
Man2Nature xnature (1 month ago)
U get a dislike because of Rick and Morty JK! I like Rick and Morty! Nice vid and thanks for teaching me the basics! Going to play my first game tomorrow!
Matthew Lugo (1 month ago)
Does anybody know what packs the master piece cards are in?
Douglas The Fox (1 month ago)
I’m more into Pokémon this is confusing
Steven Pope (1 month ago)
Ill be using this video for all new inductees i train. thanks a lot i went through a lot before deciding this is what i want to recommend. great vid and very accurate info (except where you showed lotus vale and said some lands create colorless lol she makes 3 of any ONE color( hardly relevant, as you didnt actually SAY lotus vale could do this, but it WAS on screen when you said it lolol) great vid
Oscar Gomez (1 month ago)
Someone at a store gave me a welcome deck of red and blue mana and I'm trying to learn since I have my first match on Saturday lol
Jonathan Hall (2 months ago)
This video is hands-down the best beginner's MTG video I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making this. I'll be using this as the go-to video to introduce my friends to Magic!
fatboymig1 (2 months ago)
Noor Uddin (2 months ago)
Is it too late to be playing magic? I just bought the deck builder tool kit, this is my first time buying magic cards as i got interested in the game after watching my friends play, is this game still lit?
Sean Williams (3 months ago)
The player on the right didn't summon Pepperoni Pizza during the correct phase...
DeathStroke (3 months ago)
Where has this game been all my life?!!!!!!?!?!?!
Mazza666Gaming (3 months ago)
Great video, thanks for the advice it was very helpful, I'm new to the game and it looks really daunting to a new player but your video has answered a lot of my questions. A big like from me, have also subbed your channel 👍
McSteed TV (4 months ago)
This is almost exactly like the Whackbat scene in Fantastic Mr Fox.
Kiba Kitten (4 months ago)
I'm starting to play this game. Coming from yugioh. That game is seriously fucked up at this point.
Max's GFX (5 months ago)
18:12 he has the pizza 🍕
Underhay Kids (5 months ago)
i also cant hear it very well
Underhay Kids (5 months ago)
it helped alot but the video is fuzzy
nobcheesy (5 months ago)
MTG is way too complex for me :(
Tawpdoge O_o (5 months ago)
>u< just got magic today!!! thanks to my friend i got them... little does he know my cards are hella rare and some wat op watch out buddy!
Jeff C (6 months ago)
Chill-Stoner (7 months ago)
this game is confusing as fuck, white people.
The rick and morty Card mat is pure fedora tipping autism
DJ Axiis (7 months ago)
Pat, what if the attack and toughness are two stars?
DeathStroke (3 months ago)
DJ Axiis, you could probably find out on the website he mentioned, MTG/Wizards.com
WakeUpUniverse (8 months ago)
The rick and morty mat is amazeballs
Payton P. (8 months ago)
Tribal is a supertype, like Basic, or Legendary.
Aliff Shamsul (9 months ago)
thanks for the detailed explanation. super video.
lil Jaymew (9 months ago)
this helps alot first timer playing. i got 5 days to learn how to play
Diego Martínez (9 months ago)
And pizza XD
Aesthethic Alkhemi (10 months ago)
Excellent video! Very informative and easy to understand, all with an excellent, professional delivery.
Jim Slow (1 year ago)
Can I combine tezzeret master of metal with ajani and make a deck
Key Silver (1 year ago)
I've been meaning to learn about Magic for years and I always found it too daunting, but this is a very nice introduction! Thank you :D
tsibi panos (1 year ago)
It was very helpful good job,earned a like from me!👏
Kyosean (1 year ago)
Great video! Thank you!
Fran Shepherd (1 year ago)
Bless you Sir. Bless you.
DuckOfDespair (1 year ago)
Great video! Trying to get back into playing the game and convincing my gf to play :D As far as I can tell you never continued yes series ;( Hope you chose to at some point!
Tyler St. Amand (1 year ago)
That pizza at the end looked so tasty.
Daniel Romero (1 year ago)
This video was very helpful. My friends invited me to play magic one day, and I fell in love. I want to start playing but I don’t know much and I’m pretty shy so it’s kind of hard to ask people for help.
JDAWGG (1 year ago)
You are clearly an intelligible fellow with that formidable Rick and Morty playmat like that. Unintelligent scum that doesn't like and/or understand Rick and Morty should kiss the bottom of our shoes.
Arran Haigh (1 year ago)
Yo where the other parts of the series Patrick
Skorby Skorbz (1 year ago)
Hey bud, I've been watching your stuff and listening to the Planet Destiny/DCP podcasts for awhile and I really appreciate the content you guys put out. I used to play MTG and recently have been considering getting back into it. On last weeks podcast you mentioned card kingdom decks and I was wondering if you might consider making a video regarding how a new or returning player might go about getting into mtg. Not really the rules or strategies but more the beginning steps and process of investing time and money to get the most value out of both. I've heard that into decks and premade MTG decks aren't worth it and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thanks for all the great content! Cya starside :P @Patrick Casey
xFractur3 (1 year ago)
Legit question, didnt they revise the Planeswalker Rule? Now its each unique planeswalker, regardless of sharing the same root name. can be on a battlefield at once... or am I getting that wrong?
Aeon Kelligen (1 year ago)
nice vid i needed a refresher and also kick ass play mat love rick and morty man great tv show
gabriel singh (1 year ago)
Is there possibly an app for finding out more info on a card your own?
DeathStroke (3 months ago)
gabriel singh, you can go to MagicTheGathering.com and research on the specific card you have if you wish to learn more about it.
Viktor Dimitrov (1 year ago)
is it too late for me to start learning and getting cards now ;/ ?
Johnny Boy (1 year ago)
The pizza at the end lol
Shawn Ewashko (1 year ago)
This is a really great video. Having my wife watch it so she can learn to play as well.
SomeoneKul (1 year ago)
thanks bro, super helpful!
nick bio (1 year ago)
i would like to play magic but 1) its not that popular here and i cant find ppl to play 2)its expensive as fuk,ill stick to hearthstone and yugiopro thanks
Alex_Gol (1 year ago)
Thigh pizza.
Wolf Dog Moon (1 year ago)
This is by far one of the best how to play vids I've ever seen
Amy McLoughlin (1 year ago)
I am just starting out playing MTG (my boyfriend got me on board, and now I'm hooked, but still a total noob and a bit awful) and this video really helped! Subbed!!
Salman Qaisar (1 year ago)
HELP: Can anyone guide me please? I am NEW to MTG. i am looking for a mode which supports true multiplayer (not 2-headed giant or whatever that is called) for 3-4 players. Key features: 1. multiplayer (3-4, maybe 5) 2. i only want to play CASUAL, with friends on our boardgaming nights, to have some FUN. 3. I DONT want to have to buy extra cards (i wouldnt know what to get!) 4. some decent REPLAYABILITY 5. preconstructed decks be relatively BALANCED. (6. something that allowed a draft eg Winchester would be fun, as long as it is multiplayer On paper, the new COMMANDER ANTHOLOGY box seems to fit. Would u guys agree with that??? What about the PLANECHASERS ANTHOLOGY? Any other ideas? 5 commander decks from the same year? Thanks for your help :) Sal
Salman Qaisar (1 year ago)
Btw what would be best format for 5 player game? You didn't like star. Free for all? Or other format?
Patrick Casey (1 year ago)
enjoy it!
Salman Qaisar (1 year ago)
Ok thanks, I was about to buy a conspiracy 2 booster box, but will hold off for now after reading your advice. Its a shame there isnt any pre-constructed cube suitable for multiplayer + casual + 5-6 players, for people like me. As I said, MTG will be added into the library of games (mainly board games) that we play, so we're not going to get into the collection scene. For now, I guess i'll stick to the original plan and play with the commander anthology + get another commander deck for 5th player. Regards, Sal
Patrick Casey (1 year ago)
You can build a cube from a box, but it will get boring fast since you probably wont have a huge variety of cards. I recommend building a cube once you and your playgroup are more comfortable with the game, since you can really personalize the cards that are in it, and build the entire cube around a theme or powerlevel. The easiest way to do this is to just buy individual cards. You will save a lot of money that way, and your cube will feel way more personal, rather than a random pile of what you opened from a box. Plus, you will be able to bring in cards from other sets to help make it more streamlined. Again, I dont recommend building a cube until you are well into playing magic. It does require a lot more knowledge of both game mechanics, and cards themselves. For basic lands, everyone can either bring their own, or you can buy a land station. That will contain more than enough lands to do a cube draft.
Salman Qaisar (1 year ago)
Patrick Casey Hi again, I've been looking into the cube of the conspiracy set u mentioned (and learning lots of new terms + concepts!). it sounds fantastic. sooo... Bearing in mind i normally have 4-6 players at game night, not full 8: 1. what's the easiest way to make such a cube? 2. Should i just buy a booster box (36 packs)? will that be enough to make a well-balanced 360-400 card cube (not including basic lands)? 3. will i need to get basic land cards + keep them separate as suggested in intro cube videos? regards, Sal
N. Quick (1 year ago)
This is one of the better intro videos. I haven't play Magic since the mid 90's. A lady my wife works with has gotten me interested in it again. Now knowing that there is actually a competitive circuit might pull me away from poker.
Patrick Casey (1 year ago)
Fun fact, most people in vegas that scrub out of competitive magic go play poker. Usually scrub out doing that too, but the skillset is largely the same.
King Lobo (1 year ago)
Neat but I'll stick to yugioh and vanguard for the moment
Erica Poitras (1 year ago)
My boyfriends teaching me to play I go with him to Friday night magic with him sometimes. I'm just starting to get it.
TheShaunathan18 (1 year ago)
17:50 why is he putting a napkin on this leg? 18:10 OHHH PIZZAAAA
Blackjack (1 year ago)
lol magic sucks SAID NO ONE EVER!!
Joshuabrutl (1 year ago)
who am I supposed to play with? I got no friends -__- ,
Jory Porteous (1 year ago)
Joshuabrutl Online, they've made it easy to play it online.
Joshuabrutl (1 year ago)
combat blocking and Planeswalkers are really confusing
Carlo Camera (1 year ago)
Damnit... cravings for pizza now
Alex Loranger (1 year ago)
That pizza at the end, though.
Solid Seth (1 year ago)
Never ever played Magic, but I collected the cards.
Eric Schneider (1 year ago)
Thanks for taking the time to make such a thoughtful and detailed video about learning the game. I'll have to buy some starter decks and see what it's like these days. Also, that pizza...
Ryan Weiss (1 year ago)
I thought both copies of a legendary card go to the graveyard as soon as a 2nd comes into play, not one. I havent played in a while, but I remember playing a 2nd Kokusho to deal double damage and health gain by exploiting the legendary rule.
Ryan Weiss (1 year ago)
Looks like they changed the rule in 2014 for Plainswalkers.Too bad Kokusho...
Sean McManus (1 year ago)
I'm decent at it
Selina Erin (1 year ago)
Liked for that tasty looking pizza at the end.
Zero Gryphon (1 year ago)
Dude I've been waiting for this video ever since you said you played in one of the planet destiny podcasts!! I'm psyched!!! xDDD
aGoodDistraction (1 year ago)
I wish I had friends to play Magic with. Played those Duels of the Planeswalkers games a few years ago and loved them. Would love to get cards of my own and play with people irl but no friends. :(
Sim Mellow (1 year ago)
my boyfriend convinced me to play so he can have someone to play with :))) now I love it
k z (1 year ago)
my man :) kept hearing you talk Mtg in the podcast. I think most people know how to play, you might find good luck with deck techs etc.
Call Me Misvael (1 year ago)
When you said that planeswalkers were introduced 10 years ago, and I had never heard of it before I felt instantaneously old as F*^%. I stopped playing with the Mercadian Block, but man now your are bringing the monkey back...
Mazzei (1 year ago)
More Magic? YES! Do more!
sionat (1 year ago)
I haven't played in so long, I don't think I would even be able to build a deck, it would be like picking up the game for the first time again.  Besides, all my cards are old as hell, like older than some guys I work with; they are nice to read through now and then, but there are so many new ones out there.
Knightfall (1 year ago)
I have met many friends through Magic and have many fond memories of playing it. That said, it is a terribly-designed game. Part of me wishes WotC would make a completely new game to replace it but that wouldn't be a financially sound decision on their part.
iceTryhard (1 year ago)
now do a monopoly Beginners Guide.
iceTryhard (1 year ago)
now do a monopoly Beginners Guide :)
iceTryhard (1 year ago)
now do a monopoly Beginners Guide :)
Broken_ Harbinger (1 year ago)
I tried to explain the game of Magic for a Speech class in college. We were only suppose to use 5 mins but I wasn't even halfway through at 5 mins...
Illogikal (1 year ago)
So the Serra angel costs 5 total mana? Two white three any thing else
Patrick Casey (1 year ago)
Aaron Kinney (1 year ago)
Nashville resident. i used to be addicted to magic from like 95 to 04. are there any local places to get back into it?
The Bear Jew (1 year ago)
More maaaaagic
FrankyTheImmortal (1 year ago)
Came for the destiny, got another MTG channel in the process. "Double Kill!"
Drew Hamilton (1 year ago)
CombatWombat (1 year ago)
Omg finally, ur the best
Datto (1 year ago)
I wanna play Magic again.
Flip Flop (3 months ago)
Datto me 2 but I don't know what beginner decks to get
Damnationization (1 year ago)
Nice video man. I am not a beginner by far, but I enjoy watching these videos and commenting on questions. I never knew of the chat/judge, so TY. Also you should just put that and the Gather link below your video. Keep up the great job. :)
Alex Loranger (1 year ago)
Can I have some if we play some draft?
Patrick Casey (1 year ago)
come over then. i got pizza rolls.
XNTKM (1 year ago)
I've never heard Patrick so enthusiastic haha. Great content as always
liam wood (1 year ago)
i legit was thinking about starting to play magic
Corbi (1 year ago)
This sounds so much like YUGIOH
Frederic Bouchard (1 year ago)
I still have my cards from when i played 20 years ago. A few things have change since than, i wonder how bad my old deck would do against a new one.
ahmadzhuge (1 year ago)
Question Patrick this game isn't sold where I live is it possible to play it digitally?
Cole Pritchard (1 year ago)
ahmadzhuge yes, there are multiple versions of mtg online. there's apps on the phone then there's also websites you can get on and buy your collection online.
Joseph Buda (1 year ago)
More magic content would be great. I love this game but am horrible at it and apparently playing it incorrectly. Thanks for the info Holtzman
S.G. Black (1 year ago)
that Rick and Morty mat is amazing g
Jorge Fierro (9 months ago)
It requires 200 iq points to comprehend it.
musiclover0982 (1 year ago)
You should record some duels and upload them! I would love to see that!
Th3Jez (1 year ago)
As an old school YuGiOh fan I found this extremely interesting thanks Patrick <3
larebe74 (3 days ago)
Th3Jez my son is a big yugioh fan and he loves magic cards as well we play for hours
Oliver Jackson (1 year ago)
Th3Jez oh hi jez
Th3Jez (1 year ago)
As an old school YuGiOh fan I found this extremely interesting thanks Patrick <3
Alberto Martinez (1 year ago)
Patrick, between this and Destiny... good luck finding a gf. Kappa.
Elizabeth (1 year ago)
Interrupts are also a card type if you play Legacy.
Elizabeth (1 year ago)
+Mauro Labate I did not point out anything he did wrong. I neither said those words nor implied them. I merely mentioned that in legacy, interrupts are different than instants and are different card types. That's a fact. I did not tell him he did anything wrong. You're being muted. Enjoy your life.
Elizabeth (1 year ago)
You can brand it whatever the hell you want but what we're playing is Magic. I play Magic with my family, and you can not like that all you want, but you don't have to like it. But we are playing what Magic the Gathering is to US. Not to anybody else. Deal with it. If you don't like it, don't comment.
Mauro Labate (1 year ago)
WotC makes Magic and they get to decide the rules, you can say you don't consider them valid but it just means you are not playing Magic, but your own game which is similar to Magic but it isn't. WotC clearly decided interrupts were a bad confusing thing and they changed them to instants and introduced the concept of the stack. In fact most of the interrupts were then reprinted later as instants, wiping completely the concept, keyword and any rule associated to it. Also for interrupts this would be completely meaningless as: 1) in any case you play these cards in response to another thing and their effect is therefore applied before, which makes them behave as before... 2) are you saying if you play an Ice Age Counterspell it behaves differently than a 7th edition one? That would be totally crazy!
Elizabeth (1 year ago)
There's a lot of updated rules. Like how mana weaving is considered cheating even though it's just a way to shuffle your library. I dont really view that rule as valid tbh, I play interrupts how they're supposed to be played. As interrupts. Not instants. Especially considering the idea behind the cards, and the effects of the cards are that of only being able to activate *before* another instant.
Mauro Labate (1 year ago)
Varista 00 doesn't matter anymore, rules updated 2001 made interrupts behave same as instants.
Joshua Perkins (1 year ago)
I have a filthy goblin deck that consistently kills by turn 4-5 unfortunately it's a deck my friends refuse to play against lol
Mauro Labate (1 year ago)
Joshua Perkins tons of decks beat it hands down, check mtg top8 website to see the best tournament lists
Skyler Sommer (1 year ago)
Magic is awesome!
Shawn Shea (1 year ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH HOLTZMAN!!!! Really happy you made one! Been waiting for you to make a beginners guide for peeps like me! Been building a deck since your last MTG video. I keep jumping between commanders. I think I will settle on a black and red deck for my first one. It's tough to decide.
banana for token XD

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