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Why Magic the Gathering Card Game Got Political

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Text Comments (167)
MTG LION (3 months ago)
Who else is collecting Pokemon? Looks like Rudy has a ton....
Foil Ornithopter (3 months ago)
I haven't played it in years collected the original sets when I was a kid. (I played a bit of competitive pokemon before I got into MTG.) I Also played Weiss, FoW, and Yugioh when things started getting too political in MTG I go to a LGS to have fun not to have political drama. I stayed out of the standard scene in MTG almost since I started playing because it always seemed that's where the political drama was the more I got into formats like Modern,Legacy, Vintage. and Things like Commander and Cube less and less I saw of the political drama. Anymore outside of Modern, Legacy, Vintage. I too play Mobile games (Specifically Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy... and I don't mind Whaling a bit. This would have normally been MTG money.)
TeknoKyo Customs (3 months ago)
Play Pokemon TCGO .. 24/7 will have ppl to play with ... and it's really fun ... :D
Markus 132 (3 months ago)
So what will the magic cards be like in 2107?
The Goth King (3 months ago)
Try something made in Japan that way at least it's not likely to get infected.
Johnathan Vodraska (3 months ago)
KINGOFBATTLE 14a "Living Card Game" Immediately followed by "Legends of the 5 Rings"... Umm... I've played this game a bit, but no one I know, either in person or online, plays this. It's not bad though.
Michael Wolf (9 days ago)
It's not the 90's anymore so you don't get a crisp $20 in each Magic the Gathering Booster anymore, but there are still lines for every magic release in my area. Every Local Game Store here sells Magic gluttonously. Far outselling other CCG and collectable games. Every store here has weekly tournaments. Magic generates much more income than Local Gaming Stores deserve. Imagining that there are politics at play here demonstrates an ignorance of what "politics" means. These game industries aren't drawing a line in the sand over torte reform or medical insurance policy. They're taking a stand against bigotry rather than taking a stand for having a toxic fandom that will brand them as a product people should cast aside. It's not a hard choice for these companies whether they want to ban a few loudmouth incels or homophobes. If you think Wizards of the Coast are being crazy, wait until your employers you work for start cutting out the bad meat for their PR.
Rock yo Body (16 days ago)
With the way most far right leaning players comment when they aren’t picking pimples at their local FNM I’ll be happy when magic goes digital and the hobby dies.
Rock yo Body (16 days ago)
It got political because you let closet racists and sociopaths dictate how you think about the game.
Robert Dayton (17 days ago)
Rudy made a video about how much money Pokémon collecting has lost him
henry bleisch (22 days ago)
I honestly feel the main reason wotc is doing this because mostly everyone is its a new trend for people to buy a lot off Amazon or do things online like gaming. Retail sales have been down for years in many sectors. Wizards is late to join in fact but it likely feels strongly it can successfully pull this transion off imo. It makes me sad stires get less support but i dont feel they will entirely go away. I noticed people complaining about what they call sjw which is silly i dont know who they are referring to but selling a product isnt about that iys about competitive sales in the bigest market which online in many ways. I am starting to think more and more sjw is somthing for alt right and alt right lite minded (or brainwashed) people to blame somthing they dont like on get over that its not a solution for any real problem you experience. The sad truth is most people are totally lost on any sense of justice any more social or other wise its time to give it a rest.
The Giveaway (1 month ago)
I Really like to go to the post office. I can do this and so much more. There are many business point of views that we can discuss.
Task Master (1 month ago)
My question is HOW is it more political? All I have seen people complain about is y wimin card no sexy!? I am more worried with card prices, card quality and sets
E-Rank Luck Lancer (2 months ago)
The simple answer, entryism and loud minority SJWs who dont' have money.
NoFlu (3 months ago)
I hate stuff beeing turned into mobile games.... I love the fact that you could read people's faces and it got a poker-ish effect..... well imma go play YGO or something, even if it's gotten too fast and OTK-ish for my taste by WOTC ain't getting more money....
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
Magic is dead. You can't go hard core identitarian ideology and gain players. Sorry, the left has laid too many political mines..no one wants to go near them.
Jerry Glaze (3 months ago)
Star wars has done this. The old fans have stoped buying so Disney bring back every old character to get is to buy. Its not working.
Drew Taylor (3 months ago)
So WotC has left the realm of gamemakers and now are a political action committee? Okay. Glad I stayed with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Netrunner.
MonkeyShaman (3 months ago)
If three to four people hoarding cards are the only thing keeping magic afloat it deserves to die. Also if that is the case why would they need to grab your attention? Super weird how the hoarders are the ones also yelling about the world ending year in and year out. Even stranger is the thing where whenever wotc tries to reiterate being a games company and moderate their own public forum their overall sales and Attendance spikes. And whenever a mtg equivalent of a bad soccer dad is paraded around by altie-neckbeards as 'being the community' sales dip sharply.
VerumAdPotentia (3 months ago)
Congratulations on killing your business debt!
Nerdy George Washington (3 months ago)
Except...Wedge does buy product. He has appeared on channels like The Command Zone playing actual decks. Now whether he bought those cards from an LGS is another question, but he does buy product, most definitely.
zorro R'us (3 months ago)
MTG has sucked for years. Crap blocks...crap card structure...Lorwyn got me back into it. But recently...its been weak. Go back to the basic MTG (elves, goblins, ZOMBIES, treefolk, merfolk, etc). You will then see an explosion and all us "old-timers" will come back...
Doğukan Moradi (3 months ago)
weiss schwarz, very bad game with very good waifus, I mean cards, yes very good cards.
Curtis trollolololol (3 months ago)
ive been saying it for months and ill keep on saying it. wizards dont want to sell cards anymore they want people to put their money into their website and play online. theyve sabotaged the cards and the shops and the customers.
Sakira Cadman (3 months ago)
To be honest as bad as Magic is currently. If someone goes in and cleans house, the company could turn around quick, like 6-12 months. - Remove politics - Increase card stock quality - Go back to real art & make it for teens and adults - Print a high power set block - Put some tournament money on the table - Put more counterfeit preventing items on cards - Bring in swag outside of cards like: card related paraphernalia, (cool dice, deck boxes, sleeves) plush toys, figurines, numbered/signed art prints, original art auctions/lottery, custom card lottery, (real lottery cards in packs) in-game redemption cards (apparently they are trying this now) The best part is if they did all of these noted items, they could actually *increase* the *price* per pack and/or box and players would overall love it. (lots of cry babies in magic so not everyone will be happy to see prices go up)
youngthinker1 (3 months ago)
At this rate, mtg will die. Maybe someone else will buy the ip, and try to fix it, and succeed. Maybe it will make the jump to digital. However, life for those at Wotc, will wane till they are apart of the homeless in California.
ParadiseofDarkness (3 months ago)
Now their doing a dnd blend which im not happy about!
Cornbread's Campfire (3 months ago)
I thought Rudy was a broker in addition to owning an LGS, investing in MTG and of course his channel. I think it could be said he has a job lol
Chesterfield The 3rd (3 months ago)
Pokemon is a rip-off. Every week I see kids get so excited to buy Pokemon packs and then two min later I see them so sad because of the drop rates in the packs. It's a sad thing when a company made for kids rips those said kids off. At Least wotc gives decent drop rates for the premium cards. MTG is on higher level than crap Pokemon. No matter what you think.
Chesterfield The 3rd (3 months ago)
Unsleeved is a negative piece of dirt. MTG is supposed to be fun and positive and all he does is make it miserable. Such a waste of a channel.
Threads Of Fate (3 months ago)
Weiss Schwarz is pretty good actually. You just need to learn to the importance of self milling and how to do it correctly, or else the game seems pretty luck based.
GGaming (3 months ago)
I actually just got into magic, mostly because it's all my lgs does. I'd have to go very far to even go to another store, and even further for one that supports Pokemon on a rare occasion. Yugioh is dead to me, hearthstone isn't fun. Guess I'm stuck playing modern.
Stormerbuzz FyfEnDertig (3 months ago)
Why bother playing mtgo or arena when there are multiple free ways...
456jm (3 months ago)
I'd assume the profit margins for other Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games nowadays are just as slim as Magic because they all have one thing in common which is being unable to address the real concerns players had with these games. Players keep paying into it in the hopes that these companies will turn things around when they don't. Organized Play has become a joke to these companies because they're unwilling to put in the effort knowing that their product won't sell in the long term. We know they're in it for the short term because once the licenses and contracts expires for said game, they either move on to the next project or the company goes belly up. There's a reason why Japan has the largest amount of discontinued Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games where North America and Europe have fewer discontinued Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games. Now it seems as though North America and Europe have sort of adopted this practice from Japan.
Mike Hatcher (3 months ago)
I assume you have already heard from your contest winnner telling you she received the liliana, she was in my livestream last night raving about how happy she was with her prize. Well done on quickly delivering on your word. Keep doing what makes you happy my man.
TheBishop12 (1 month ago)
Elijah M Thompson >Being this entitled on the Internet
Elijah M Thompson (3 months ago)
Its.... going.... to ...... be... okay.... Someone made a joke on the internet. No need to take it personal man.
MTG LION (3 months ago)
you are free to leave and never come back. Please go to wedge donate $70 and receive your "prize"
Daves GoldenDuck (3 months ago)
Magic The Gathering is a dying breed
Deguilhem Thibault (3 months ago)
so why MTG card game got political ? you don't answer that at all here
Halberdier (3 months ago)
the game is so shitty these days, people would rather spend their time flamewarring on social media and getting into fistfights than actually sit down and play it.
Otaku Bullfrog (3 months ago)
Maybe it is time to give Pokemon another chance; I've haven't played it in many years now.
ImperfectCitizen (3 months ago)
I love it, great analysis.
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
What company openly supports Donald Trump and his policies??
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
Collection Connected the way it's going then, they have what, 5 more years? The longest running CCG in a digital world where you can play any game on your phone. They're a well deserved legacy but when it does go down, it will not be because of trolls like you but because time's, they are changing. My collection will be considered a treasure.
Collection Connected (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar yep I can believe what has number behind it and what maro himself has said. Sales and players are down drastically maro has said so and the hasbro stock report agrees
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
Sales are up nonetheless and you can't measure the amount of people who play in their kitchen tables. Also their best product is coming out which always does amazing in sales but believe what you want to believe. There's no changing your minds.
Collection Connected (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar wotc sales are down. You have to analyze what they report and tKe out for monopoly and all the other brands. They do not ot just report magic did x amount. They report the gaming division did x. Also gp ATS dance is down 20 percent. Then factor in that is 10 years magic has lost I forget the exact number but it is a huge amount of player. So yeah on all facets the game is down since they started attacking king fans and pushing sjw values. If the majority of player dont care about politics then it must be the minority of us with money that do and have stopped buying a lot of product.
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
Collection Connected WOTC quarterly sales are up and that's because the majority of players don't give fuck about politics, they want to play. Its only right wing snowflakes that make a big deal about politics in Magic.
Andrew Luciow (3 months ago)
Hasbro is going to end up selling WOTC in the long run, to cut the red. When they do, and I truly believe it is when, they sell to a company that will allow for creative people to once again bring back the game to the place where it truly belongs
Rock yo Body (16 days ago)
Andrew Luciow I hope they sell it to EA just so they keep spitting in your faces
Collection Connected (3 months ago)
Get woke go broke!
Ddewin Aether (3 months ago)
1 card of woke is $10.00 of brokenness
Collection Connected (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar star wars 1 thru 3 are fine everyone know it's the new ones that suck. Marvel was on top yes but they have been steadily losing market share. Just like everything else I mentioned. They are not tanking over night but have been on a steady decline for awhile. It took me about 5 years to break the marvel habit all the while knowing I was buying garbage and being called a racist bigot while doing it. It's hard to let go a 35 year habit
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
Collection Connected 2 questions, is there a comic book company doing better than Marvel comics? Star Wars episode 1-3 sucked because of SJW's?
Collection Connected (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar Like we discussed earlier bring your social Justice Warrior politics in and watch your company lose money proof Star Wars Marvel Comics Magic the Gathering hard numbers to back it up stock report solo losing 80 million dollars Star Wars merchandise not selling in going on Clarence all the proof is right there
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
I think you mean Get Woke or Go Broke
Juan Zarama (3 months ago)
Gosh man, do you need to talk about your business, about your hard work and how other ( mostly scummy ) people have never worked in their lifes? It's getting old and boring.
Sara Wilcker (3 months ago)
Just play Old School MTG, Swedish rules. It's way more fun.
MonkeyShaman (3 months ago)
libraryham driving drunk and dying alone.
Christopher Silverberg (3 months ago)
Free health care is actually a conservative idea. Not that you Americans would know since the last American conservative was Benedict Arnold. What you call conservatism is just an older form of liberalism.
libraryham (3 months ago)
Sara Wilcker what are Swedish rules?
Artr Thormodr (3 months ago)
Old School is being ruined by the Mtg finance people/speculators/hoarders. Those parasites are jacking up the prices on everything. They don’t care about the game, only their bank accounts.
The Goth King (3 months ago)
First Derium quit Magic for Poke'mon I think Boogie quit after the that for Poke'mon too. Then Jeremy Then Lion quit for Poke'mon. Probably Tara as well, I think she still buys singles. Pretty sure Des buys way less now. Rudy and Kevin I don't think buy as much new product as they used to I know Rudy and his friends are at least spending the majority of their money on old and reserve list cards. The only other Magic YouTubers I know buy cards from flee markets or craigslist for random buy videos and that's mostly old stuff. Personally I only buy singles but I've even stopped doing that cause I'm saving for a graphics card. Most people I know buy either singles or trade on Facebook or have stopped buying. Wizards shut down a store with more players than I've ever seen outside a pro event. Whose left? Wedge, Brian and their Wizard shill friends get all their product for free so they don't buy. Wizards has lost a lot of their big spenders in just the last 2-3 years.
Rock yo Body (16 days ago)
Jeremy didn’t quit that cuck got banned lmao
kasPWI (3 months ago)
Once you have the new GPU use it to play Eternal, it's better than MTG anyway.
Uncle Morty's Nerd Shed (3 months ago)
It reminds me of that old line that by removing two olives from each salad in first class, some low level Delta airlines executive saved the company like $75,000 in the 1980s and saved his job.
Komrade Klutch (3 months ago)
Time for Final Fantasy TCG to take stage.... that game is getting really good right now
Blue Capsule (2 months ago)
I thought it'd be the next Force of Will, that's good to hear if that's the case.
Daniel Hui (3 months ago)
11 of 12 commanders spoiled/leaked so far. 6 females vs 2 males (one is a cat ) lol
FulgrimClone #8675309 (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar really, virgin was the best insult you could come up with? git gud nerd.
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
jack the ass oh it's incels now. Is that what you call yourselves now?? INCELS
FulgrimClone #8675309 (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar you're certainly unoriginal, snowflake is sooooo 2017. get with the times grandpa.
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
jack the ass I had to Google what a POC card is... Lol. You're knee deep in this shit huh?
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
jack the ass I'm a lil sexist, I'm lil racist but I'm not transphobic or a fascist. But I'm not a snowflake and I'm not scared of words.
Paul R (3 months ago)
No one ever consider that magic is an old man's game? Eventually we leave, but the kids have better things to do, or simply don't think that the game makes them cool enough.
flightx3aa (3 months ago)
Because all you YouTube streamers are boring and have nothing to talk about
Donny (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your viewpoints and videos discussing these matters, I have been watching all of them!
Andrew Warriner (3 months ago)
I stopped buying sealed product and actively encourage my friends and others to do the same as a form of protest to get politics out of our hobby.
tacitrequiem (3 months ago)
I agree with your premise, but You're friend cody is a whale because he split a case with you? No. Rudy $$$buys pallets, mtghq/ your buddy $$$buys boxes.
Brian Young (3 months ago)
It is not so much the politics, but the actual cards that are killing mtg... every 200+ card set has maybe a dozen to twenty playable cards in it...I understand the need to cater to draft, but there are jus too many unplayable rares and mythics (in both limited and constructed)....
Luis Alvarez (3 months ago)
It's both. Card quality sucks and the politics means the higher ups have misplaced priorities. GamerGate, marvel comics, star wars and now mtg and netflix. The far left ideology infects everything like a virus and it always ends up ruining everything. Remember, these people are authoritarians who believe it's ok to censor or assault individuals if it can help their political agenda. You can't ignore the politics behind it because they will force their politics onto you and force you to choose sides.
ArtoriastheGreat (3 months ago)
I agree with MTG Lion when it comes to Arena. It's fun to play, but I don't plan on putting any money into it. The game is designed where the matches are more or less balanced depending on your skill level. Also, there is no incentive to win because the only prizes are more cards or in game currency.
Matt K (3 months ago)
WOTC became political.  They alienated their customers.  Sales declined and revenue declined.  WOTC is now going to become a digital game.  Arena is their plan for the future.  WOTC wants Arena to be to MTG what Hearthstone is to World of Warcraft.  The digital platform will allow them decrease expenses and allow more control over their customers.  If you have an Arena account, and speak up against WOTC politics, then you have the very real possibility of having your account banned and all of the cards you paid for taken.
mercenarybdu (1 month ago)
It has nothing to do with demonic symbols. It had to do with who the company hired over the years that got us to where we are now with all the decisions they made. Something about Harvard-types from what I heard. It was all compact and minimal. It was to a minimum at first. But once Adkinson bought out TSR and many of his competitors was when it sifted further to the surface.
TheBishop12 (1 month ago)
mercenarybdu what were they political about in 1995? and don't say censorship/removal of demonic symbols
mercenarybdu (3 months ago)
You're late. Wizards has been political since 1995. Its just risen to the surface in recent years with the data previously stockpiled by those who previously done business with the fools. What I see happening now is that Wizards is going the way of TSR. Soon someone has to clean up the mess at some point.
Matt K (3 months ago)
I agree with your points, but WOTC is not the same company it was.  It has a history of making poor decisions based on politics and I think going digital over cards will be just another poor decision made by the company.  Plus, if they don't agree with your point of view, they can't come to  your house and take your cards, but if you have an online account, they can revoke your account and cards even if you paid money for them which they are currently doing with Magic Online.  From the viewpoint of WOTC, digital saves them a lot of money and gives them more control.
PajaKulebrc (3 months ago)
Yea, lets dump hundreds of dollars into MtG Arena, and then get banned and all of you collection seized for any small transgression against the regressive dogma - who knows what might get you banned - kekistani flag, watching inapproriate content (Sargon, Jordan Peterson etc.), pepe the frog as your profile picture... you take your pick. An entertainment company that plays morality police to their customers is doomed to fail.
Jack Crow (3 months ago)
Bingo. People want to have fun. Not police their language and life as to not offend WTC
Bhut_Trolokia (3 months ago)
WotC wants to get rid of paper magic. They want total control of the game and they want to rent their cards to you online. Paper MTG will die. PURP got a vid on that and I realized that WotC wanted to get rid of paper magic 3 months earlier.
Bhut_Trolokia (3 months ago)
Yup, but WotC has become lefty SJW and Petarded.
Jake M (3 months ago)
Wedge said pride is waste if energy or some shit. He was too lethargic to even make sense.
Justin P (3 months ago)
Insightful commentary on money going to youtube Patreon accounts not going into the game.
warren briggs (3 months ago)
My one question is about marketing impact. If someone like wedge makes a video promoting a set, how much does wizards make on him doing that?
warren briggs (3 months ago)
MTG LION (3 months ago)
this assumes wedge makes a video....
Chillsabre (3 months ago)
MTG Arena is too expensive and hugely favors P2W. The cost of a draft in Arena is roughly $10 and when compared to Heartstone which is their direct competitor, they charge around $2. HS gives a much easier time to gather the in game currency to access these activities as well. MTG Arena charges a really high price and you need to be extremely lucky to reach 6 wins. Free Play is plagued with people who have invested a lot of money into the game making it near impossible to get victories for weekly prizes. Unless they drastically alter the costs and matchmaking I dont see this game really ever making a huge splash.
blinkingred (3 months ago)
Congrats on your business being debt free!
Sun Tzu (3 months ago)
Wizards needs to pull their head out of every SJW's ass and start focusing on making their game better instead of trying to police the entire world.
Rock yo Body (16 days ago)
Sun Tzu shut up pussy
Task Master (1 month ago)
From what I have been reading and hearing it just sounds like a bunch of you guys are upset that the game is in a horrible decline and are blaming it on politics than being more obsessed with the games actual problems (which you guys claim that WOTC is)
Arcrombie (3 months ago)
I know. Those twinky liberal asses need my tongue on them, not some corporate fuccboi.
Zach cash (3 months ago)
Just look at where they are stationed. The area openly praises Antifa and communists.
mercenarybdu (3 months ago)
The game was always political, and has been since 1995 from what Jesper said about it. It only more political when Wizards went too far in making the Pro Tour the end all be all of the game. It reached climax in 2011 with the fallout that happened at the Fort, then spiraled from there. How the current administration is managing the game, I doubt we will make it to a full 3rd decade.
mercenarybdu (3 months ago)
Worlds 2011, held at Fort Mason. That event had political convention level security. So security checkpoints and security with guns on top of the unpaid volunteers and regular security. Also, they had a printout sheet taped to the front window near the checkpoint where it said "no one under 13 is allowed" in small print (which members of the press were told to shut their face about). Then copy and paste everything HQ and Rudy said about insider trading that surfaced as of recent (because I was one of the people who went there, verified it and walked out with it). Lots of other stuff happened at the Fort as specified in Raphael Levy's 2011 end of the year SCG report. But all in all, the insider trading on top of that false flag thing on Helene Bergeot.
Bobby Z (3 months ago)
soooo, i've also noticed that there are serious problems with wotc's business model. i've got 2 lgs's in my area, neither make very much money, but one has a huge supply and always has packs for prize support. the other place never has prizes and only does store credit for prizes. wotc doesn't send packs to the second place... like ever. the last shipment the "poor" (neither business actually makes money) lgs got was a crate of the latest vs decks... the store literally doesn't have even one pack of cards in the standard format, not even showdown packs. their last allocation "accidentally" got sent to Oklahoma (no joke). they still have every vs deck wotc won't let them send back sitting on a shelf collecting dust. it's unsellable product. i've been back in the game only a few months, but i can see that wotc is trying to make one of my lgs's go out of business by not supplying them. what kind of business model is that?!? why would they want to sell less product? and what use is maintaining petty grudges over doing good business? i don't give a shit what you politics have, if you wanna buy what i'm selling, show me the cash and let's make a deal... but that's just little old me (that's run 3 successful businesses to this point). wotc is killing their own revenue streams. it's very bad business, and certainly threatens their market share. why doesn't hasbro step in?
MTG LION (3 months ago)
a lot has changed... it's become chic to get people banned. see Emma... She got twoo banned and now she is everywhere on WOTC.
russ rivet (3 months ago)
my buddies last week tried to get me to play magic Arena, I told them they are killing paper magic and in a few years it will all be digital.
Jon De Oliveira (3 months ago)
russ rivet No, because the whole point of them being different, is shoving it down your throat. Because deep down, they know that being different is a disadvantage, and cripples their potential.
russ rivet (3 months ago)
Wotc is killing magic with all this trans/gay, look at me, i'm different, bow to my differences. can't these people just be different and stfu?.
chillsample (3 months ago)
wedge is a ho
Custom Fashion (3 months ago)
Thot estinguished
Allahu CATbar! (3 months ago)
MrRayRockstar (3 months ago)
They're all thot's
Devil_Gundam425 Recio (3 months ago)
Sun Tzu (3 months ago)
Thot = that ho over there.
tragicslip (3 months ago)
card prices on reserved/ old school all time high AND horrible attendance, numbers... the sell case is getting stronger.
xxnwoxx0 (3 months ago)
It'll be interesting to see what people do when Wizards isn't able to produce any new sets and dies out.
Cog Grinder (3 months ago)
Pixels for paper is where this is headed
CrankedEDH (3 months ago)

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