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The Try Guys Try The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

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The Try Guys try geode lips, knife eyeliner, and fur nails in an effort to distract themselves from the chaotic events of 2016. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Dance Of The Reed Pipes (the Nutcracker)_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Quirky Countdown_Main Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SWEAT Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Jr High Angstathon Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Auld Lang Syne Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Desperado_brs Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Auld Lang Syne_SoloPno Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Common Grave_Full Mix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Nutcracker Op71 No12 Trepak Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Mysterious & Ominous Music Box_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Funky Urban Chic_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Emoji provided free by http://emojione.com Fur nails video credit @britneytokyo Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
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Text Comments (10160)
If the year 2016 was named it would be called:"The Year of ________" You fill in the blank!
Miya Maki (1 day ago)
EUGENE IS MY MOOD 24/7!!! Like, why didnt Curela think of puppy nails???
Hannah Paxton (2 days ago)
0:45 the perfect Ursula goes to, Eugene Lee Yang!!
Kaylani Sotha (3 days ago)
Kaylani Sotha (3 days ago)
He is like a professional
Kaylani Sotha (3 days ago)
Well Eugene looks like he has done this before
Lexi Hil (4 days ago)
4:54 thanks, Eugene
Laylamoonbloom (5 days ago)
2018 was much worse than 2016
Rachelle Benge (5 days ago)
Eugene: body language, HA Me: HA
Isabelle Farmer (6 days ago)
Only part of buzzfeed we all like
NoobifyGaming (6 days ago)
Ned: Having fun Zach: confused Eugene: doing it seriously Keith: hating life
Martha Barrera (6 days ago)
Keith and zack
Gaby Gacha (6 days ago)
Flip flop was my Girl Scout nickname oof
Bailey (7 days ago)
Aretha Kark. (8 days ago)
How is Eugene good at everything? He is like my brother! 🤣
i s t g im d e a d (9 days ago)
4:02 - 4:14 every junior high student in my school
Cliftonfam606 Clifton (11 days ago)
Because my finger nails are soft
Angel (12 days ago)
How red Keith's face got was hilarious
ToxikLiz (14 days ago)
K Bails (14 days ago)
Went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate a toaster 😂😂😂😂
Gay Noodles (14 days ago)
Eugene:I love amethyst Ned: I love ruby Keith: *blue*
Gabrielle Wetherbee (15 days ago)
tiny gold butthole
phoebe boo_bird (15 days ago)
This video should be called Keith’s Descent into Madness
thatkindoflisa (18 days ago)
Abigail Stone (19 days ago)
A man who went to Buffalo Wild wings and ate a coaster -Keith
Bristol Dudley (20 days ago)
Big Guy Little Girl (21 days ago)
*"TiNy GoLd BuTtHoLe"*
Aria Peters (21 days ago)
Tiny gold butthole
Meryn_ vlogs Sometimes (21 days ago)
Anyone 2019??
ncg89 (22 days ago)
i laughed so hard when Keith had that breakdown
ncg89 (22 days ago)
God. is Eugene the only one who tries?
JordanIsANerd (23 days ago)
Ellie Shay (24 days ago)
Eugene is a beauty guru and I am not...... I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS MAN IS SO GOOD AT MAKEUP!
the meli monster (24 days ago)
Dude i love Halloween so I usually do the bleeding thing. I loved that trend.
Diana Logan (25 days ago)
'being women hard' lol love that
Paige Tartaglione (25 days ago)
Am I the only one watching in 2018?
Zero 13 (26 days ago)
Left:expectation right:reality
ItsCoolCarlyXO (26 days ago)
is it just me that thinks Eugene still looks cute??
Brady Hills (27 days ago)
I just like the fact that both Eugene and Ned look hot while Keith and Ned actually failed miserably
Victoria Such (27 days ago)
Two types in this video: 1. Eugene 2. Rest of Try Guys
Emmy Chandler (27 days ago)
For the christal lips they all chose their four colors
Allie Lynch (27 days ago)
2019 anyone
Talis Jason vlogs (27 days ago)
Is this where I say it looks like you fingered a skunk NO I AM ENGAGED THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!!!!
Carmen (29 days ago)
Zach looks like the Leto-Joker 😂
Wolves Howl (30 days ago)
Tiny Gold Butthole
Jade Archer (30 days ago)
Kaitlyn (30 days ago)
I think Eugene did the best
Joshua Seagondollar (1 month ago)
I can't stop laughing at Eugene putting on the purple lipstic and going "Body language!"
Pat Black (1 month ago)
"Blue, you know" xD
Sara Todd (1 month ago)
Hunter Roth (1 month ago)
Eugene and Ned: *Commence trash talk* "Oh wait.." *Immediately start praising each other*
Misty Thornton (1 month ago)
every video I watch that has the try guys in it Eugene slays everything I am a woman and I cannot pull off anything that the try guys try like what the heck
cora kim (1 month ago)
Tiny gold butthole.. ✨
Star Eales (1 month ago)
I think i have nails like Zach. They're called fan nails and they are fabulous hun❤
Hatun Bulut (1 month ago)
These are so wierd
I am a Potato (1 month ago)
Eugene does better makeup than me 😂
alyssa dennis (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice Eugene is like a pro?!
Dessin Annie (1 month ago)
It's 2019, and being woman still hard.
Veronica Kaplan (1 month ago)
This is the first video I’ve seen where Ned hasn’t mentioned his wife
Jordan Garza (1 month ago)
watching this video in 2019 makes me think how they must feel about 2018.....
Did you see my bag? (1 month ago)
“This is like a man that went to buffalo wild wings and ate a coaster” -Keith 2016
Immy Smith (1 month ago)
I laugh because its January 2019 and none of the comments are from over 1 year ago, and the video was posted 3 years ago 😂
Fox Kady (1 month ago)
2019 -_-
Addison Hardy (1 month ago)
Keith’s face is the reddest thing I’ve ever seen
Error--User101Megan (1 month ago)
im in 2019 and can say....... ....what....
Ana Di Nur (1 month ago)
if you're a dancer/performer you can definitely relate to choking on crystal lips
Jenny’s Gacha (1 month ago)
fugithegreat (1 month ago)
2019, still hasn't got much better.
Natalie Kendel (1 month ago)
Zach screws up every single challenge.
PDB Deb (1 month ago)
Like,hell,he ended up drawing smileys on his face...
Rusne Macionyte (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
Penelope Venhaus (1 month ago)
Being woman very hard Keith.., Being women hard... Eugene: I’m not gonna just spreed it everywhere Zach: *pours glitter on mouth*
Brooklynn Hamilton (1 month ago)
2019 anybody?
TrebleClef Knight (1 month ago)
Can eugene please play Ursula in the next little mermaid?!!!!!!
E Jackson (1 month ago)
Go to hell, 2016
potterhead 62442 (1 month ago)
ned and eugene insulting each other then complimenting each other is a mood
Phellipe Ferreira (1 month ago)
Esse vídeo é horrível, não deveria nunca ter sido gravado...
Raven Brown (1 month ago)
Tiny gold butthole :D
Crazy Connemara (1 month ago)
I love how red Keith got on the first one 😂😂
Pan!c on (1 month ago)
male perspective because thats what everybody wants
Sood Sood (1 month ago)
Eugene looks good in everything
kawii gang (1 month ago)
A tiny gold butthole
Super Savvy22 (1 month ago)
I felt bad for keith😂💔
Jimin’z Jamz (1 month ago)
“I tr- *clears throat* i tried to make it *tHiqC*
Anadia Smith (1 month ago)
Eugene's Ursala reference 😂😂
Luna Blake (1 month ago)
2:37 every spn fan is thinking IT'S CURSED! DON'T TOUCH IT YOU'LL NEVER FIND YOUR SHOE(also watching this in 2019)
Olivia Moore (1 month ago)
Eugene looks amazing in crystal lips and pretty much every thing
LoreleitheMermaid (1 month ago)
I is ded
Sofia Maria (1 month ago)
Zach's lips at 1:18 reminded me of the lips on a Kylie Jenner lipstick box
TherapyCat (1 month ago)
Any Dutch people notice that when they are beginning to close up the video they start playing: ‘we houden van oranje’ ?
Merric Gearhart (1 month ago)
4:01-4:07 my favorite
PhanHowlter (1 month ago)
"Yeah Ihma flih floh"
Rainbow_DIY (1 month ago)
Eugene nails everything...
Noelle W. (1 month ago)
it looks like a man who went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate a coaster
Tabbie Cat (1 month ago)
Poor Eugene, the struggle being the only Asian in the group. 😂
Jaeli Bleau (1 month ago)
Emma Caitlin (1 month ago)
I love the little mermaid reference
Ayesha Hammis (1 month ago)
-_-; .........
Marivic Agamata (1 month ago)
4:01-4:08 *Me trying to avoid a fight*
Brianna Hickey (1 month ago)
Ned and Eugene look fire and Keith and Zach look like death

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