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We Bare Bears | Ice Bear Moments | Cartoon Network

12207 ratings | 1224681 views
A hilarious compilation of Ice Bear's one-liners. Subscribe to the Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/cartoonnetworkuk Visit the Cartoon Network UK website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk Welcome to the official Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel, the place where you can watch funny videos, clips with theme tunes and songs and interactive game plays from The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Ben 10 Omniverse, Teen Titans Go!, Mixels, Regular Show, Batman, Lego Ninjago, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence and many more. Get ready to laugh out loud and join us by subscribing to the channel!
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Text Comments (676)
Doctor Awesomeness (8 months ago)
Ice Bear is my favorite character of this show.
Kid I know (8 months ago)
i didnt know this was Demetri Martin
Hilbert (9 months ago)
Sugar makes Ice Bear crazy.
Nima Begum (9 months ago)
Ur a dingle.
Nima Begum (9 months ago)
1:16 this is my religion.
Snowcone (9 months ago)
Ice Bear will hunt down 332 people.
0:08 sees diamind in dollar bill on steven universe
Cookie Build (9 months ago)
Ice bear fall
Christopher Donner (9 months ago)
Me in a nutshell...
vildan aydogan (1 year ago)
Ice bear 👍👍👍👍❤
Zachary Swartz (1 year ago)
don't ditch ice bear
Zany Username (1 year ago)
Milo DaSandwich (1 year ago)
"Ice Bear will break you." That ones my favorite.
Young-Red 99 (1 year ago)
favorite "Ice Bear is looking fresh to death"
QuayQuay Swaydeja (2 years ago)
Ice bear silly moments: 0:40 0:51 1:14
SinsCritShot (2 years ago)
1:13 tweet tweet tweet tweet swit swit swat swat ...
Midnight Lycanroc (2 years ago)
Ice Bear is filled with DETERMINATION
bLahssassin (2 years ago)
"Ice Bear will not bless you." "Ice bear heard wrappers, not hip-hop."
......."ice Bear would have been less charming"......I doubt that because ice Bear is always charming!!!😁
Guy Guyson (2 years ago)
Ice bear will miss yoga today
Guy Guyson (2 years ago)
Ice bear wants his money back
TJ The DJ (2 years ago)
I love ice bear
Abyss Auction (2 years ago)
Ahh I love demitri Martin
Ice Bear Watches your sleeping 👀
Dbddvg Hxbxvx (2 years ago)
aawww so cute
Morandito (2 years ago)
Really lovely character! My favorite!
Phantom Hunter (2 years ago)
Ice Bear Is By Far My Favorite Character In Any Cartoon
..........ice Bear has talent
Zoe Paula Strassfield (2 years ago)
Ice Bear is best character.
Galaxy Lolita (2 years ago)
Ice bear wants justice Ice bear smells like clean babies Ice bear has ninja stars Ice bear will hunt them down Don't ditch Ice bear
thizo ghanem (2 years ago)
Who would win a polar bear or ice
Christian Medlin (2 years ago)
Ice Bear... Most terrified bear, in the world. Funny line.
Arnold De Leon (2 years ago)
Ice bear enjoyed this video.
dark wolf (2 years ago)
ice bear wants justice
Ariel Stephens (2 years ago)
Amalendu Das (2 years ago)
he is very smart.
Adeline Penaso (2 years ago)
ice bear will miss yoda today
Drakon (2 years ago)
Simple And Plain (2 years ago)
ice bear has ninja stars
Simple And Plain (2 years ago)
Ice bear settled that out of court
Den'Ok (2 years ago)
Ice Bear talks on bird language.
rip admiral ackbar (2 years ago)
Kanato Sakamaki (2 years ago)
At 0:40 I was laughing
ErrorBerry :3 (2 years ago)
Ice bear will not bless you
some boi (2 years ago)
"Ice bear believes." Ice bear,2015
TOBLERONE TUBE (2 years ago)
Ice Bear will never share again... due to gravity.
Yawninn (2 years ago)
Ice bear likes this video.
weenie hut juniors (2 years ago)
I love this!
Ashley Garcia (2 years ago)
We bear bears is super funny 😂 I will never stop laughing !
Average Toad (2 years ago)
NootyRem (2 years ago)
Ice bear will hunt them down
ice bear
RobbyH5 (2 years ago)
They should have put "the world is not ready for what ice bear can do"
I'm a Random person (2 years ago)
Fav quotes : ice bear smells like clean babies, ice bear will hunt them down and take and roll
Daniel Attrell (2 years ago)
Ice Bear found comb
Don Marcus Vlogs (2 years ago)
In which episode Grizz called Ice bear by his name? 😊
Robert Jindra (2 years ago)
Ice Bear will hunt them down. >:C
Michael Seidenzahl (2 years ago)
I Freaking love Ice Bear n this is coming feom a person who hates people who refer them in the the first person but where is Ice Bear's need for everyday hustlin?
Tanu (2 years ago)
Ruben Patino (2 years ago)
ice bear wants his money back 😐😐😟😟
Shoobee Bermudo (2 years ago)
Alysia Williams (2 years ago)
Ice bear will sush the unsushable lol.😂
Arjun Sharma (2 years ago)
Ice bear liked this
Jayden J. (2 years ago)
Attiyah Soria (2 years ago)
Moe-sama (2 years ago)
Addy Cassady (2 years ago)
whats the first one they showed . #icebearforpresident
David Taylor (2 years ago)
Ice Bear for president.
LOK Oldyman (2 years ago)
ice bear in love
Zeina107 (2 years ago)
LOL ice bear settled that outside of court, ice bear will hunt them down
BlackLuma (2 years ago)
Ice Bear will hunt them down
Nicole Ziegler (2 years ago)
1:59 me
Spankedchicken (2 years ago)
Anyone who down voted this is being kind of a dingle
GabrieLAIan AQuino (2 years ago)
don't forget about when he throw nom noms picture on the trash at the title "panda's sneeze " hahahahaha
............ice Bear is one of my guardian angel.
Hylian Mapper (2 years ago)
Don't ditch ice bear
IceCreamPickle (2 years ago)
Give ice bear his own show.
Jesse Hansley (2 years ago)
1:01 My favorite ice Bear Moment XD
Andrew Mihovich (2 years ago)
Billionare Boy (2 years ago)
Ice Bear Enjoyed this...
Nightpony inRface (2 years ago)
Ice Bear iz da best bear in show
Bryan Chavez (2 years ago)
Panda and Ice Bear are my favorites.🐼❄️
Kyubi (2 years ago)
is it Tina!??
Kaijuhub (2 years ago)
*[Ice Bear throws Ninja stars at Nom Nom.]* Nom Nom: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Ice Bear: Ice bear is through playing games.
Koolbeanz 13 (2 years ago)
Demetri Martin! <3
Ivy Quartz (2 years ago)
00:04 Ice bear is trying to shout! aww
Rare Thunder (2 years ago)
Thumbs up
Rare Thunder (2 years ago)
Thumbs for Ice Bear
Sil Sangster (2 years ago)
This video needs more Ice Bear
The Master Of Awesome (2 years ago)
The Master Of Awesome (2 years ago)
The Master Of Awesome (2 years ago)
The Master Of Awesome (2 years ago)
Neco Ucak (2 years ago)
115 dislikes?! İce Bear will hunt them down!
Kim Lemer (2 years ago)
Icebear will shush unshushable
Potato_Chii (2 years ago)
"Ice bear will hunt them down.. ≖__≖ "
HeyitsKYARA (2 years ago)
1:15 Tweet tweet tweet squat squat chip chip chomp MEOW
Amguy Silvermane (2 years ago)
Uchiha Fabio (2 years ago)
Ice bear was named with my name. The name owner is honored Ice bear likes his name.
Chat (2 years ago)
Ice bear smell like clean babies XD

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