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Rescue of the Green Lily

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A retelling of the heroic rescue of the Green Lily by the crew of Lerwick Lifeboat Station. Coxswain Hewitt Clark received a Gold Medal and his crew Bronze Medals, for their role. Tragically, Coastguard winchman Bill Deacon, who was swept from the deck by a huge wave after rescuing ten people, died in the rescue. The RNLI has recognised his courage with a posthumous Thanks on Vellum, with a joint Vellum also going to the remainder of the aircraft’s crew. Footage from the Coastguard, STV and Lerwick Lifeboat Station.
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Brian Vittachi (8 days ago)
To risk one's own life to help another man is the most noble thing anyone could do. Kudos to the whole rescue service and RIP Bill Deacon.
RNLI (7 days ago)
Thank you, Brian.
Linda T (10 days ago)
This sounds like I'm listening to the Penlee lifeboat disaster, conditions were exactly the same, it sent a shiver down my spine.. I'm so glad this ended better. Condolences to the winchmans family and friends.
New Adventures (14 days ago)
may u rest in piece sir
Jack Glossop (16 days ago)
Whilst this must have been utterly terrifying, I can only imagine how much more terrifying it must have been to do this in the pitch black, like the poor lads from the Solomon Browne. Nothing but respect for all of them.
Daveo (22 days ago)
RNLI Real men & women.
red headed stepchild (1 month ago)
Very intense ,,, the blood pumping through the Rescue Squads veins must be 100% solid steel !  Absolutely the Top Dogs in their waters. Superb at all levels. Maine USA April 2019
Simba (1 month ago)
A lot of similarities here with the Penlee lifeboat disaster of 1981. Fortunately, this one had a better ending despite the loss of the winchman.
Hans B. (1 month ago)
Those people attending to rescue situations like this a the salt in the soup. Without them many lifes would be lost.
Magz Sara (1 month ago)
A sad loss for such very brave men. My favourite charity of all..
RNLI (1 month ago)
Thanks for supporting the RNLI. Our dedicated volunteers couldn't do it without people like you.
Derek Thompson (1 month ago)
_So much bravery when could all be all warm at home_ *Time the Politicians got off their fat asses and exchanged places to know what the real world is like* _Well done boys and girls on the lifeboat for your unnoticed bravery_
Glenn Koch (2 months ago)
All search and Rescue people are hero's big and small. They come out of their comfort zones to place themselves in danger, they are the people you want to be able to count on when things go pear shaped outside, to tackle such tremendous odds is awe inspiring. Those resque people who do come to grief are never forgotten,
RNLI (2 months ago)
Thank you for your support Glenn.
Norman Brunt (2 months ago)
You are all very brave and do a great job. As a born to it land lubber, if I joined the R.N.L.I. it would be the river Thames for me - no fifty foot waves there.
modelleg (2 months ago)
Brave brave men. Like the US Coasties famous rescue of the SS Pendleton, from Chatham. Thank you who go to sea to save lives.
barry rudge (3 months ago)
I hope the winch man's family were looked after, very gallant RNLI and coastguard
John Oneill (3 months ago)
ALL,, All !! very brave noble men .
Gareth Davies (4 months ago)
wow this footage is amazing. respect to our brave lifeboat men and women
newsbulletins 247 (4 months ago)
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GOLDSMITHEXILE 2016 (5 months ago)
you have men of incredible and modest courage who willingly volunteer to sail INTO attrocious conditions, to rescue those in danger on the seas....and all the middle clarse common purpose parasites who have assumed control of the RNLI (and so many other fine charitable organisations) are bothered about is wether they are fully submitted to looney left PC dogmas
Maria Lee (5 months ago)
The man that lost his life did so in a job he loved and he save all them people we should all be proud of this man and his family as the family of the services live the life as well so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of them
Pen Name (5 months ago)
What's the lesson of the parting tow line?
Carsten Andersen (6 months ago)
Believe the crew and master of the Maersk Champion also received a medal.
Ronnie Burgess (6 months ago)
David C (6 months ago)
Respect !
ushoys (6 months ago)
Why were there English subtitles for the commentator speaking English?
ushoys (6 months ago)
RNLI Of course! That must be the reason. Silly me!
RNLI (6 months ago)
Hi there, it's just in case there were people watching with no sound on 👍
nuclearthreat545 (6 months ago)
Andy Frost (6 months ago)
Bill Deacon, not recognised enough in this video in my opinion. To every member of the lifeboat crew, the helicopter crew and very rarely mentioned the tug boat crews are pure 100% hero’s. But they turn and say, it’s just my job. Well it may be there job but you are still hero’s .
Felix s (2 months ago)
What worthy candidates for such Gallantry Awards. Bill Deacons family and friends must have been both extremely proud and yet very sad the day he was posthumously awarded an Honour for his work and sacrifice. RIP Mr Deacon.
Silver (7 months ago)
the very brave life boat men and the very brave winchman god bless him
Daniel Price (7 months ago)
If that’s a helicopter why doesn’t it help instantly
Daniel Price (7 months ago)
Robert Mantell tbh this was a classic didn’t-watch-the-whole-thing scenario
Robert Mantell (7 months ago)
They said why immediately, the ship was rolling violently and it would have been hazardous. And before you respond with "but it was hazardous to the lifeboat...." The reality is that no one wants to lose an asset and a crew, but it is cheaper to replace a lifeboat and cheaper to train an new lifeboat crew than it is for anything aviation. Also, if that helo crashes on deck you just killed everyone standing on deck.
berlinmitte10117 (7 months ago)
God bless them all.
Gordon Bickerton (8 months ago)
I worked on an oil & gas production platform in the North Sea where I met up with Bill Deacon. He was in the crew of a helicopter that did cargo transfer (underslung) from the platform to a tanker loading buoy. We unhooked the cargo and loaded the returning equipment. A risky job. Bill came off the helicopter and gave us brilliant advice on how to stay safe, we were new to this kind of work, he'd been doing it for years. I had great admiration for his easy way of helping us. When I heard of his loss it was one of my saddest times offshore. He was one of the best.
keldeo studies (8 months ago)
Q the tugs danger theme
Chris Coombes (8 months ago)
A man lost his life during this - I’m disappointed this isn’t acknowledged in the description.
Chris Coombes (8 months ago)
RNLI Thank you for this, I don’t have any connection with the deceased but it didn’t feel quite right as it was. It’s great that people can see the selfless bravery of the RNLI and Coastguard. For anyone else reading this it’s worth googling this incident to see what the Enquiry made of the actions of the Green Lilly’s Captain. Please feel free to delete my comments if you feel it’s no longer needed.
RNLI (8 months ago)
Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. We've updated the description to include more of the details featured in our article on the rescue: https://rnli.org/magazine/magazine-featured-list/2017/november/rescue-of-the-green-lily
David Farmer (8 months ago)
What courageous men to take on the sea and it's might. RIP the gentleman lost.
Mike pech (8 months ago)
You can't say enough about the bravery these men show. The skill with those men showed there are some outstanding people that are willing to put their lives in peril to save others.
Rory On Air (8 months ago)
So sad about the loss of the brave winchman. The lifeboat and heli crews did an amazing job in absolutely atrocious weather conditions. We are so lucky to have the choppers and the RNLI in tho UK.
Dave Freeman (9 months ago)
I was rescued yacht Shafa (and my cat) 2009 at Mull o Kintyre by Campbeltown lifeboat Thanks
Matt Smith (9 months ago)
Men of extraordinary courage, god bless all those involved. RIP Bill Deacon and thank you for your courageous service.
Christopher Doyle (9 months ago)
We are thrilled to have a return of this wonderful ,exciting ,and totally riveting series of real life series...EVERY serving RNLI crew member is a hero and they have our total admiration and gratitude for all they do and have done. Our only wish would be for the series to be shown once a week instead of the proposed twice weekly which would extend the series for longer.
RNLI (9 months ago)
Hi Christoper, thanks for your kind message of support. We couldn't agree more, our crew members are amazing! There are ten episodes in the series, next week there are two but we believe it will then be shown weekly on a Tuesday .
planesrift (9 months ago)
Must be a fun ride.
Marco Anguilla (9 months ago)
Is it possible to say that I feel proud and honoured to belong to seamen? Among them there're courage and love for the others life. Thanks.
knockatillane (9 months ago)
Every one a hero. RIP Bill Deaco such a terrible loss.
Willie Eckerslike (10 months ago)
This video should be required viewing for every snowflake millennial who complains about pressure and needing a safe space.
ushoys (6 months ago)
Oh give it a rest you tedious fellow
La Barone (8 months ago)
Haha great response!!
Seventy__ __Four (8 months ago)
Have you ever considered self harm?
Delta 001 (10 months ago)
:IIIIII :||||||||\\\\\ soooo 😢 😐but they survived but the boat did not
Will you create a really big coast guard ship???
Robert Mantell (7 months ago)
+Freya Wyrd not to mention they take hours to light off the engineering plant, making them less than ideal for rescue work.
Freya Wyrd (9 months ago)
Why?. What chance would there be that there would be enough of them to be on hand whenever situations such as these arise?.
houk tanh danhi (11 months ago)
Apparently the crew were not allowed to leave the ship until the last moment by the skipper, fuck that skipper or no skipper, no one tells me how to run my life especially if there is a risk to life
houk tanh danhi (11 months ago)
Think of the money your earning, tug crews probably on £40 an hour - think they too over paid to be honest, the coastguard do more and should be paid well
Carsten Andersen (6 months ago)
To be honest, I don't think, you know anything about the work and salary on a tug boat in the North Sea. Beside that, most of their crews are volunteers like in most places in Europe. They don't get paid.
Chrissy Hathaway (1 year ago)
I want to THANK all lifeboat Crew wherever, and who ever they are. For risking their lives, for us, when they venture out in evil seas, and treaturous waters and oceans. These people are volunteers and do their own work during the course of any day. Their Bravado goes beyond extremes, .But are always there in times of peril on the seas. A HUGE HUGE THANKYOU to you all. God bless you all, and keep you all safe. ALWAYS. THANKYOU.
John Smith (1 year ago)
Did they ever recover Winchman Bill Deacon's body? Was there a funeral?
Stephen in OZ (1 year ago)
the British RNLI and Air Sea Rescue are the gold standard in the world. No one does it better and they are all volunteers.
foppo leeuwerke (7 months ago)
All sea rescues will go the extra mile to save lives.It is the nature of the job.
watchgoose (1 year ago)
God bless them all.
John Flanagan (1 year ago)
I think Bill Deacon, the winch-man was the true hero, amongst several very courageous men. He made the ultimate sacrifice though.
Helen Stewart (1 year ago)
The word ‘Hero’ is overly used today and so it has lost the power it once had; However, I think of the original, true meaning of the word ‘Hero’ and it is now, watching this footage, that I feel I can call this gentleman, a real man, a 100% total and utter Hero! RIP and thank you.
Folke Stender (2 months ago)
Anyone risking their own lives to save people is a hero. It's not inflationary to call them that because they deserve it. I can not do it professionally, but as a sailor I like to support also our guys from DGzRS in Germany. All should do this in his her own country, this guys has it more then deserve it.
guillermo moresco (2 months ago)
Helen Stewart ñavio es
dav snow (1 year ago)
I think the winchman was required to assist all ship's remaining crew into the rescue harness, thus he was the last to leave the Green Lilly's decks. That scenario would have been the most challenging and exhausting role in the aerial aspect of the rescue operation. I hope that in future aerial rescues of multiple people, a rotational system of a replacement/backup crewmember is on board the chopper. Otherwise more exhausted winchmen will get washed into the stormy seas due to the impossible workload.
Robert Mantell (7 months ago)
Good thinking, but you're limited by how much a helicopter can carry. If you add another winchman/swimmer you short yourself one seat available to a survivor. Bill Deacon knew what he was getting into when he signed up, we all do, and it's a credit to him that he managed to save all ten. Every lifesaver knows that each mission to help you fellow man could potentially be your last. Surfman #443, US Coast Guard (retired)
Cockswine Clark well done good sir, also well bloody done to you all, inc coxswain Hewitt and RIP Bill Deacon .
Bird Plan (1 year ago)
makes me realize how much of a sissy I really am. I'm ashamed to call myself a man after watching real men busting their asses and saving lives in the most dangerous conditions. I'll tuck my tail now and do the walk of shame down the hall to bed. lol
Dani WS (1 year ago)
John K Lindgren (1 year ago)
This documentary should be awarded. Need I say more? *Bangkok-Johnnie*
Mr. Deacon looked like a very robust fellow, rip and condolences to his family.
parkinsonsjihad (1 year ago)
o7 i salute you.
Robert John Redrupp (1 year ago)
God bless all involved ! Heroes one and all .....And we award Politicians with Knighthoods .......
uncle bobs dead (1 year ago)
Hats off to all the Coasties everywhere!
caahacky (1 year ago)
The tug crews worked their socks off too.
jimmy s (1 year ago)
12 heathens gave this video a thumbs down.
hoplite46 (1 year ago)
Brave men
Alexander Ds (1 year ago)
Brave heroes!!!
Stephen in OZ (1 year ago)
The UK coastguard and lifeboats are the gold standard for the service they do. In Australia its up to police and in an extreme pince the Navy.
Edward Dergosits (1 year ago)
Most of the time working on a ship is a great life. When things turn south it is beyond the fear of anything known except being consumed by fire.
John Cortex (1 year ago)
Thank God for all pf them.
SWSimpson (1 year ago)
Nicely done. I didn't need the subtitles, however, with a Grandmother from Glasgow and a grandfather from Auchenblae, I understand quite nicely.
computerbob06 (1 year ago)
I know you're all about the lifeboat and it's crew were and are extremely brave. But, you might also mention that Winchman Bill Deacon received a posthumous George Medal for his bravery, by his family, personally from HM The Queen.
Jacob Gent (8 months ago)
computerbob06 ;
RNLI (8 months ago)
Hi, thanks for your comment. We've since updated the description to include more of the details featured in our article on the rescue: https://rnli.org/magazine/magazine-featured-list/2017/november/rescue-of-the-green-lily
Austin 27 (9 months ago)
A Winchman is someone who is lowered from the helicopter via a harness and attaches another harness to the casualties and then the helicopter pulls them back up.
Shane Pantone (10 months ago)
computerbob06 IDK what a winchman is, was he one of the people on the Green Lily or was he someone trying to rescue them?
Bytesback (1 year ago)
more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-42010480
Gord Baker (1 year ago)
The Green Lily was NOT rescued! Just the crew.
Gord Baker (1 year ago)
Change the title then.
Jim LePeu (1 year ago)
Gord Baker such a comment is just nit picking
Nicholas chip (1 year ago)
Brave people.
Christian R (1 year ago)
All super heroes.
Richard Wells (1 year ago)
Incredible skill and bravery not least by the winchman who sadly perished.
RNLI are the balls
Sir Never Wrong (1 year ago)
So so sad about the winchman. Such a horrendous way to die. I shudder thinking about it. May the man be at rest now. RIP Sir.
alison pardey (5 months ago)
Sir Never Wrong but
Luis Diaz Montero (6 months ago)
Peter Bentley (1 year ago)
such brave guys
William Victor (1 year ago)
Amazing. (Subscribed)

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