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LEP Rookies Featuring Stallion, The Birthday Boy

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The Rookies of LEP close out 2011 with one of the hottest shows this year in the city of Cleveland. Naughty Night of Dominatrix features the debut of Cherokee and the birthday of LEP's Stallion. Look out for the DVD coming in early 2012!
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Text Comments (142)
yungmamasaywad (5 years ago)
The birthday boy did his thang
Toni Vereen (5 years ago)
Cherokee is too fine
Kayli Arnold (5 years ago)
Smoove is fine!!af!!
Lynnetta Christie (5 years ago)
Cherokee FINE as HELL but can't DANCE!! Do he have site!!!D***
Asia Jenkins (5 years ago)
stallion did his thing
Hayley ThaQueen (5 years ago)
I just love cherokeeee.... soo fineeeee
221x91 (6 years ago)
maries moi !!!
Cassandra J (6 years ago)
Jesus Rodeo!
Ladiblackangel (6 years ago)
Mrs. Conscious (6 years ago)
Tiffany Green (6 years ago)
Cherokee and stallion yall sexy as fuck real rap damnnnnnn
angel mitchell (6 years ago)
how do they keep gf doing all that
angel mitchell (6 years ago)
i like stallion cherokee and rodeo fine ass hell umm
mulain302 (6 years ago)
damn thats whats up
samira potts (6 years ago)
Stallion is fine as hell!!
kimnnnkim (6 years ago)
Ameica Brown-Harness (6 years ago)
I really enjoyed the show
Ameica Brown-Harness (6 years ago)
I really enjoyed the show
Iesha Brownlee (6 years ago)
i love all the man i have a birthday coming up they need to come to Washington D.c at the League club
Katrisha Jones (6 years ago)
did he just drop that woman on the floor wow
Blair Biggar (6 years ago)
hook a sister up with his facebook account or something
MrShirye (6 years ago)
Jesus, I never seen so much thirsty bitches in one comment section.
shaynisha barns (6 years ago)
omg where is this nd when is can i come see cherokee nd his twitter lik DDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
xKrystalRenax (6 years ago)
His smile @1:29 3 #LOVE lol
brianna jackson (6 years ago)
first boy that dance is my bestfriend cherokee
C C (6 years ago)
Lmfao I have never seen a female that THIRSTY OMG plzzz GET YO LIFE
ChineseDoll1994 (6 years ago)
The Birthday Boy Got Blessed Lmfao
blackdiamondtmg1 (6 years ago)
Dude number two looks like my baby daddy kol
Margot brisky (6 years ago)
STALLION.. my jaw is STILL hanging.! Thank you
Mzluvtwerkin (6 years ago)
i wanna book cherokee 4 a party of mines....good lawd sexy aint the word 2 describe....he is so much more than that
Loyalty Sanchez (6 years ago)
CHEROKEE im in love <3 mmm...
Kabrianna White (6 years ago)
stallionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn my baby
Kabrianna White (6 years ago)
stallion is sexxy
chumama31 (6 years ago)
Lmao when rodeo flip that lady
Royce J (6 years ago)
This nigga Lookin Around Makin sure his Baby Mama Dont walk in
angel green (6 years ago)
cheerkoo is fine as hell. but that shirt was killing me.
Karia Robinson (6 years ago)
@ 9:00 - 9:08 .. the best 8 sec's of my life!
Janee W (6 years ago)
Damn cherokee bomb is hell lmfao
Kaia E. (6 years ago)
Rodeo,Cherokee,nd Stallion r sexi as hell
Kaia E. (6 years ago)
Smoove,Cherokee,nd Stallion r sexi
miamartin94 (6 years ago)
STALLION!!!!! <3
leeheaven williams (6 years ago)
omg the first two i couldnt breathe
Tabitha Jones (6 years ago)
I would love to see Cherokee, Extacy, and Stallion in my own private show!
Hope White (6 years ago)
i need stillion baby do me well
msvixenblue (6 years ago)
I hired Stallion for my 40th bday party last month based on his you tube videos and let me say this. He was worth it! And I would hire him again, he was a crowd favorite among the ladies at my birthday party.
04Dolphin (6 years ago)
My favorites are Stallion, Smoove and Cherooke. Man!
Sheree Shanté (6 years ago)
rodeo and stallion are sexy af. stallion went in there and murdered that shit. had me all the way turned on lol
keisha boo (6 years ago)
the 1 wiff da braids dammmm!<3
Melissa Bain (6 years ago)
IDK about the 1st few the were rookies but still good but Stallion?? WHOA.......Do that shit again baby!!!
Krystle Mckitty (6 years ago)
CAROLW212 (6 years ago)
When he dropped that chick in the purple, it looked like she got both her knees and her feelings hurt! She had to be helped up, and she sat there and crossed her arms over her chest like she was pissed!!
Imannie Richardson (6 years ago)
Now What Would Happen If Her Puss Had Stunk ? @ 3:12 Lmao
cjeremyc1995 (6 years ago)
smmove is fine as a bitcch
shevyb22 (6 years ago)
shevyb22 (6 years ago)
7:44-8:03 is the best part of this whole video ^.^
Shiara (6 years ago)
I would like some info on booking in South Fla
Karra Pierce (6 years ago)
me n my friends need a private show in west palm
BreazzyBre (6 years ago)
i need to take my butt to cleveland
quaymia allen (6 years ago)
stallion kills this shit
swanna w (6 years ago)
damn cherokee sexcii anii body know the name of the first song he was dancing to?
Soflynoli23 (6 years ago)
I would love play with that hair. Damn he's fine.
Deonna Brown (6 years ago)
I wanna scream,but my throat is jacked up!!:D
Leonda Reed (6 years ago)
he sexy, i love that hair....wowwww
Cuca Duarte (6 years ago)
Caralhoooooooooooooooooo Morri na BR
Ashley • (6 years ago)
LMAO how did I get to this video?
I'm all about seeing that dick.
asyah digsby (6 years ago)
Mollysha Johnson (6 years ago)
I like how he just took her purse and gave it to the girl like here take this and he never made eye contact like I know I'm about to go in on you lol DAMN i wish I was there
journeyofthespirit01 (6 years ago)
role play time!!! me : hey babe, come check this out ( he comes over) ( looks at the screen)- ~5 minutes later~ ( leaves) me : wait, where are u going? him :....to the gym O____o
Lethal Lexus (6 years ago)
Oh my ever lovin jesus... GOD is so gOOd an he knew what he doin when he put some sugar N those babies hips when they were born cause they was rockin it like WHOWWWWWWW but 2 heck w/ all that i want me some CHEROKEE Oooo he was so fine an tasty lOOkin... Umm hmm if i would get a hold of a man like THAT (time would stop 4 a whole day an NIGHT) i just wanted 2 play N his hair Uh hair is so sexy <3 um hm just OMG ok i gotta go i just can't take it...!!!
DenieceJ82 (6 years ago)
Stallion and Bolo baby....all day
Teila Broxton (6 years ago)
all of them fine azz fuck
cherubicnerd (6 years ago)
cherokee is so attractive. he's gentle and sensual.
Alexandra Noel (6 years ago)
Lmfao he drop that bitch like bitch be GONE ! Anyways the first Guy Omfg -3333 lord how you doing .? Lmao
TheUenvime (6 years ago)
LOL and she like WTF.....lol he was like hit it hit it..drop it..LOL...deuces..LMAO
QueenMari USTARZ (6 years ago)
your so sexy S t a l l i o n you just turn me on baby
Tia Mason (6 years ago)
lawd a mercy cherokee is one sexy ass nigga and he got some pretty hair
ladylove smiles (6 years ago)
damn he sexy
ladylove smiles (6 years ago)
u say he can grind go look up j-smooth
lulu levesque (6 years ago)
i love you baby
zzprettyprincess (6 years ago)
Cherooke nd smooth and the last 1 can grind on me anyday
Melissa Huddleston (6 years ago)
Dat was so sexy tho. He walked away like he know he did the damn thang
LuvBein Me (6 years ago)
ooohhhh cherekee u is soooo fine u took my heart away lol rofl
Remy Martin (6 years ago)
pinksugar821 (6 years ago)
MissGrrtt (6 years ago)
Why he have to drop that hoe doe? lmao!!!!
Mona S. (6 years ago)
Halie Turner (6 years ago)
cherokee was so damn fine :)
Noelle Joy (6 years ago)
Hehehe I talked to Stallion through his email... ladies he replies =)
RhiG505 (6 years ago)
stallion ripped that shit....& dropped that bitch on the floor lol
K Harris (6 years ago)
Damn Cherokee. You sexy. Mmm.
xugrl jenkins (6 years ago)
damn cherokee fine!
Ciera B (6 years ago)
*D E A D* he dropped her ass left her lookin like mofo did u just drop me??
Noelle Joy (6 years ago)
Damn... You Bleeped Out His Number Right ? Cherokee Just Gotta Give Me That Look And When He Give Me That Look Then The Panties Coming OFF...!! Maybe My Ass Need To Leave Texas And Go To Cleveland For A Lil When They Doing One Of These..
mrz. Rasia Baby (6 years ago)
damn why they blank his num out this sum bs
mercadies1 (6 years ago)
ugh how can i get in contact wit Cherokee i want him for my bday
Amy Afrospanish (6 years ago)
Sharde510 (6 years ago)
Speechlesss. Stallionnnn!!
blaxdiamond (6 years ago)
They really need to hurry up and come to Indy. Damnnnnn!!!!!!
Stephany Webb (6 years ago)
OMG...went to the revue they just had this past weekend in Toledo and I missed Stallion's performance damn!!!..lol...but the other four was put on a good show!!

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