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Oracle and .NET

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How do you get started using Visual Studio to develop .NET web applications that leverage the power of Oracle Database 12c? This beginner-level webcast answers that question and introduces Oracle's offerings for .NET programmers, including Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET), Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio, Oracle Providers for ASP.NET, and .NET stored procedures. Step-by step-demos show you how to get started using each of these free products.
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Julias Sam (2 days ago)
Thanks for the video! Just want to add my 2 cents. I prefer using dotConnect for Oracle https://www.devart.com/dotconnect/oracle/ More fast and reliable. Any comment on other vendors besides devart and odp?
TankTheFeels Please (1 year ago)
How do you debug from dotnet code to oracle's PL/SQL packages. When I debug my project it disables my package breakpoints. Has anyone been able to or know of a video showing this live?

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