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HK (Heckler & Koch) Flak a Chinese Benchmade Knife Review *Sold

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For sale by EDCARIZONA form instagram for $20 if your interested make contact with him and he will let me know who is the owner of this HK Flak by Benchmade. Instagram DM to: edcarizona Printable Glove Sizing Chart http://www.blueskysports.com/image/data/pdf/website_sizingchart.pdf Instagram instagram.com/bladebanter/ Email [email protected] YouTube Channel youtube.com/bladebanter Blade Banter 3624 Commercial St SE PO Box 4441 Salem, OR, 97305
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Robert Huntington (2 months ago)
No axis lock and Chinese nah I'll pass on this one...keep up the good work?
Blade Banter (2 months ago)
No axis lock but the HK was made by Benchmade. I have a button lock HK I just had sharpened as it still falls under the life sharp.
mrblauer1 (5 months ago)
Great video. I am curious about how the assisted open spring works. If all my money was not dedicated to batches of used knives and tools for them, I would probably buy this just for that. I also wonder also if Benchmade sharpens and services the knife if it is branded for Dicks Sporting Goods?
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
I'm not sure who services the HK since it was a budget Benchmade for a period.
JT's Knife Life (5 months ago)
Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure this was 8Cr13MOV, and was a sister knife to the HK Unsub model. Price point was similar too. Regardless, good video, I like what talking points that you hit on and all the comparisons.
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Awsome! Thanks look forward to it.
JT's Knife Life (5 months ago)
Absolutely, that's the point of it! The goal is for it be ongoing, and something that could continually come back around to each person over time. I'll be in touch when the next one is going out. 👍
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching and the comments. There isn't a lot of information for that knife. I just saw your wrap up on the "take one, pass one" is this something I could be considered for?
Jack FarmBoy (5 months ago)
Interesting knife.... odd assist mechanism. It seems like a mutt knife if that makes sense.
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
It does make sence and I would say that's pretty accurate.
Common Man Conservation (5 months ago)
Not a huge fan of serrations but looks interesting. I really wish I had picked up the HK Axis back in the day.
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Haven't seen that knife, probably comes at a premium now.
Steve Milk (5 months ago)
Video great. Information great. knife meh. Assisted and serrations AVOID! ugh!
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching Steve.
w3g3l (5 months ago)
Hmmmm...I think it’s one of those knives that if you like it you love it but if you don’t like it you hate it. It seems like they they took good features from a lot of other manufacturers and tried to mash them into one knife but not doing it very well.
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Jack of all trades, master of none. I'm sure there is someone that would love this knife.
Troy Wheatley (5 months ago)
Wait , what...a titanium coated blade?
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Camillus blade coating seems to be pretty good though.
Dave Donkey (5 months ago)
O serrations serrations ,sorry just don't like them ,good informative video as usual
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
You as well Troy and quite a collection of long guns you have there.
Troy Wheatley (5 months ago)
Im with yall, serrated is a deal breaker. Same goes for assisted. Although thanks for sharing and letting me have a look , Have a great Sunday
Edcarizona (5 months ago)
Yeah I feel you there, I'm not a huge fan of serrations either, sadly this knife only came with a serrated blade I believe
Blade Banter (5 months ago)
Thabks, I'm all about the fine edge too. Thanks for watching.
Edcarizona (5 months ago)
Great video as always! I love the sharpness tests you do as well 👊 yes this one is only $20 TYD which is a great deal! Shoot me a DM on Instagram my username is @edcarizona

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