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Hollywood Undead - This Love This Hate Lyrics │by TheProAkdag 3,5% [Re-Up]

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Hollywood Undead - This Love This Hate & Knife Called Lust Album: Swan Songs Used Clips: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ep. 10&22 End Pic: Gintama' 211 Lyrics: In a time of need Only few can see, what's wrong. Millions tend to crawl, But only those who choose, Can make it through this all, Only few can sing like lions, 'Cause we sing, until we're gone! And we've got each others backs, Until we're back, where we belong! A woman held my shield And through the battles we did wrong. A man, who taught me wisdom through the static we recall. And maybe when we're gone, Our names will echo through the stars. Every start's got it's ending, Even when we've learned to rise above it all! [Chorus] [These lies are leading me astray. It's too much for me to stay! I don't wanna live this destiny, It goes on endlessly! I see you so please stay strong. I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone! I don't wanna live this destiny, It goes on endlessly!] And we once also had a story too. You can see that good men Only come in few. Even in our greatest moments We may win or we may lose! Every song's got it's rules, You've got to learn to make it through. Maybe one day we can choose, How it feels to be a woman or a man, Without rules, but burried underneath There's a picture glued. So when my body burns in ashes, Only sing the truth! Let these words strengthen all your views, Because these words were meant for you! [Chorus] An' now I'm floatin' right above my coffin! As it closes, I look down. I see Sigh, As she's cryin' on my moma's shoulder. I look up into the sky, As the gates to heaven open. Somethin's wrong! Is this destiny or am I goin' home? What will happen to my soul? Will I come back? I don't know! Will you meet me, When its over? Let me know! You can meet me here in heaven, Don't you ever let me go! This love this hate is burning me away! [Chorus] This love this hate is burning me away. This love this hate is burning me away. __________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: I give full credit to the artists and songs used in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own. Copyright holder is UMG 'Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use' ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ I DO NOT OWN ANY ARTIST COMPANY. I MAKE NO PROFIT BY MAKING THESE VIDEOS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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Text Comments (55)
TaniaKamelot (3 years ago)
Nadie me entenderá, pero tras años acabo de reconocer a Gintoki, y ha sido por la inscripción de la katana
my mom (3 years ago)
+TaniaKamelot i do feel ya bro
Normans Fische (5 years ago)
nik berger (6 years ago)
now 9 people don't know good music
Ven5641 (6 years ago)
This song would be perfect for "Looper" thumbs up if you agree
FURRY FAGGOT (6 years ago)
This is the first video/song of Hollywood Undead that I EVER listened to... I didn't know it would be the beginning of an obsession.
xXMikksterXx (6 years ago)
Could you make more AMV? Because you make it fucking awesome!
nik berger (6 years ago)
8 people dont know good music
TheProAkdag (6 years ago)
Thx^^ For some reason I couldn't post a comment on your video (maybe because of the proxyserver I used, your vid is blocked in my country). I have to say, that the quality of your lyric videos are really great. Keep up with your work.
ChannelIsSoCash (6 years ago)
Pretty nice with the "box" effect, I will accept your video response :)
xrhstos sklavounos (6 years ago)
THIS IS A FACKING SONG!!!! hollywood undead stay strong
editoarr (6 years ago)
knife called lust
jnk244 (6 years ago)
Nea (6 years ago)
whats the name on the last song after this love this hate ?
jnk244 (7 years ago)
thats kinda old dude what dont u say: the dislike bar = size of my dick uh? lol
icelandicpleb (7 years ago)
OMG!!! the most epic song ever <3!!
ALAN kloster (7 years ago)
buen video traduse esto en español
D3vilSouls (7 years ago)
whats the last song of the end i really like it
11Angelav (7 years ago)
Очень нравиться эта песня! В принципе будто и все от Hollywood Undead!
Akira Ichika (7 years ago)
it wuldve been a weird coincidence if this was the last song before Deuce got kicked out, "Ill sing you one last song and then im gone" the whole song is suppose to be Tha Producer going away ( story behind the song) , so u can see how it wuldve been weird if this was the last song , but it isnt so just saying :P
RattlesnakeAirsoft (7 years ago)
the 5 dislikes r frrum hollywood alive
Commander Knight (7 years ago)
5 people are fucking Hollywood Undead haters this group is beast i tell you BEAST
Allinnoout (7 years ago)
Best song in the world keep up the kick ass lyrics ProAkdag
HalocraZze (7 years ago)
best lyric video I've seen recently
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
@XBUNNYLORDXXX I'm using Adobe After Efects CS5
Sarah H. (7 years ago)
Omg thanks jake! I love this song!
Jo Ferency (7 years ago)
.... And we germans have Kollegah -.-
Holm (7 years ago)
@Javier6195 he got messages from youtube that if he didnt delete them they would delete his acount, his subscribers have made lyrics vids of some of 'em, watch them if you want to ^^
JayC 33 (7 years ago)
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
@yalex97 I will not re-up my old vids. My subscribers are doing that and I have already made a playlist of the re-upped videos (click on "TheProAkdag" on the video or look the playlist up on my channel). I will make some new lyric videos, but it takes a while, because I have started studying.
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
@Hjkdcrew Some of my vids are reupped. I have put them into a playlist. Activate the captions and click on my name on the video or look up the playlist on my channel.
Hjkdcrew (7 years ago)
All his vid gone forever :(
Daniel Shizuoka (7 years ago)
I love this song =D
Ryan Vande Vegte (7 years ago)
@ARGORAD89 oh my god. one person ruined that! grab a weapon, were goin hunting!
ARGORAD89 (7 years ago)
awesome no dislikes!!! this is the way it should be!
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
@MultiKevin55 I have added it in the description now^^
Menetekel (7 years ago)
Hammer wie ich das lied Liebe<3
I I (7 years ago)
lea leading me a astray? lol
Jiangxhi (7 years ago)
Schade dass man das so verschnellern muss, aber geiles Video^^
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
@CrimsonRider09 With After Effects, but this is nothing. Look up some vids from "xAznDingALing" He has really nice editing skills.
Alicia Escoto (7 years ago)
how did you make this??
Damien Wilkins (7 years ago)
I laughed irl when I sang, "You know this part!"
Cody Burkett (7 years ago)
omfg the coolest lyric vid on youtube keep it up bro
seegurke95 (7 years ago)
geil gemacht!
TheEverlastingMortal (7 years ago)
nice lyrics and song
KrummerGeier (7 years ago)
super toller lyricevideo sieht sooooo geil aus *Daumen hoch* Lg KrummerGeier
Alexis Caldwell (7 years ago)
I love your newer lyric video! Thanks!
DonnyAngel (7 years ago)
I luv this song
Manolo reverie (7 years ago)
deuce <333
Bene Hartung (7 years ago)
@ChazTotti my was paradise lost :D
Alex Graynh (7 years ago)
Yes <3 Endlich! Sehr gut geworden und endlich wieder nur 3.5% :D
DeathBoy262 (7 years ago)
I like the twansitions!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChazTotti (7 years ago)
1st song i heard that made me fall in love with HU <3
Kelly Maemura (7 years ago)
:D fma!
TheProAkdag (7 years ago)
I have hoped that I could get a better thumbnail for this, because this one will confuse you guys... But I hope you enjoyed this vid^^ 2:08 ----->Free Epic Button Please use at rewatch^^

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