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BEST FRIEND BUYS MY OUTFITS! The shopping challenge 2017

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BESTFRIEND BUYS MY OUTFITS! Annie & Hope did the Shopping Challenge 2017 for the 3rd time! At the Mall. Justice, Dillards, Macys. This video is a challenge where bestfriends buy outfits for each other! In this video my BFF Goes Shopping For Me and I go shopping for HER! We did it before: Winter 2016 http://bit.ly/2tqaVce Fall 2016 http://bit.ly/2sVNVOT This channel is administered & monitored by the girl's parents. Like, SUBSCRIBE & comment!
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Text Comments (1574)
ttmac182 (6 days ago)
Hope was more grateful then Annie
Deona Daniel (10 days ago)
Hop one with the blue and the White short pants Nice and Annie one is the one with the dress fitted on the wasted
Mayur Ayare (16 days ago)
Hope won she tried her best
Lovely English (24 days ago)
Annie:"they had no good shoes what so ever Me:"surrrreee
The Girl Next Door (25 days ago)
In think Hope picked better outfits but Annie was a little critical whereas Hope had it worse but she tried to make the best of it. Annie also keeps on talking over Hope when Hope was staying still when Annie was opening her clothes. “The romper is a bit plain like there’s no big design” are you blind like look at the front
Bella & Hallie (1 month ago)
I don't like annie anymore she just always thinks she's pretty and she always wants to be the best Iam unsubscribed from her channel
melody franklin (1 month ago)
I like the pink dress and heels that Annie where's and I like the hat justice shirt and the hat hope wheres
melody franklin (1 month ago)
I meant shorts
melody franklin (1 month ago)
I meant white shirts on that last on
Ashley Martinez (1 month ago)
Annie didn’t even try I would so be sad if my best friend didn’t like what I picked out for her but Annie didn’t even care if she hurt her
Lisa Arun (2 months ago)
why are you soo exective???????
ariel ting (2 months ago)
1 year late.... great.
Team X (2 months ago)
I think Annie is blind or what!?
Team X (2 months ago)
Hope is the best
Ashli A (2 months ago)
Annie didn’t even try for hope
ᔕ᙭ᗰ TM (2 months ago)
Did annie even try??
fatima aldarmaki (2 months ago)
annie stop talking over hope
Daisy Ortiz (3 months ago)
Omg hope you talk so loud
anime gamer (3 months ago)
Sorry Annie it's hope
Ava Nelson (3 months ago)
If you didn’t think Hope would like any of it then why did you get her it
Candy_ Gala (3 months ago)
I think hope doesn't like anything that annie buys for her
Candy_ Gala (3 months ago)
I want to do that challenge with my Bff
Donuts Rule (3 months ago)
Annie is such a fake friend to hope like she has done this challenge better to other ppl she is so fake
Zayna Siddiqui (3 months ago)
hope won
Elizabeth Lime K (3 months ago)
Annie did better opinion!
Hailey Houston (3 months ago)
I think hope won but that pink outfit was so cute so I think it's a tye
Hailey Houston (3 months ago)
I wanna prank somebody Read more
Areeba Khan (3 months ago)
I say hope matched it better sorry Annie
It’s me EMMA (3 months ago)
Honestly I pick hope but y’all both did really good
Quinn101 (3 months ago)
Hope won but Annie was a little controlling.And hope was being nice about the things she didn’t like unlike Annie “it is so big”
Faith Xyrell (4 months ago)
Annie is like trying to convince hope that the clothes that annie gave her is better
Yasmin Polley (4 months ago)
Guys just stop hating! I LOVE YOU GUYS BOTH SO MUCH!! ❤️❤️
Amelia Gill (4 months ago)
They give you the clothes hanger or clothes pin with the clothes
Peyton Conger (4 months ago)
Did anyone notice that Annie did not wear the necklace Hope gave her when she tried the stuff on??
Kateryna Lashchyk (4 months ago)
I think Annie and Hope both did a great job picking each other's outfits. I really liked Hope's formal outfit and Annie's casual outfit!
Emma Beames (4 months ago)
You forgot the necklace with the beautiful dress
Olivia Dmitruk (4 months ago)
why are they screaming
ᖇᑌᗷY Xo (4 months ago)
I have the shorts in 3:52
Gail Murphy (4 months ago)
Hopes casual looks better and Annie's formal looks better
Zeenat The Peanut (4 months ago)
Annie’s romper looks reeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly good I’m surprised that she didnt like it!!!!!!
Selina Danso (4 months ago)
I love you 😘
Amelia Cole (4 months ago)
Where did Annie get that romper that she is wearing at the beginning? I love it!!
Tia And Carine (4 months ago)
I think that Hope won for sure 😃
Margaret Cole (4 months ago)
I think hopes was better but Annie did a really good job well both of you did a good job
Jesus eduardo Garza (4 months ago)
I think annie was just being selfish but hope was trying and you wenent
Dancediva 18 (5 months ago)
my little sister has the exact same dress as the one annie picked out for hope
Allyson Schlosser (5 months ago)
lol Annie said the romper was plain but it had like way more design than the one she was wearing lol what
Taylor made Videos (5 months ago)
i only disliked the video because annie didnt really try and kept interrupting hope
Valeria Carmona (5 months ago)
Happymealgirls ! (5 months ago)
I love both of their formats! Sooo cute!
Rhea Singh (5 months ago)
U guys did the same strategy
You guys are so girly
Pretty Rk (5 months ago)
hope is more beautiful than annie
Sedona Martin (5 months ago)
Hope did much much much much much more better
Kenzies Closet (5 months ago)
Hope wins
Melody Tan (5 months ago)
Hope won
it's just Ashley (5 months ago)
Did better but props to anne
it's just Ashley (5 months ago)
Joudi Shams (5 months ago)
Hope did a way a way better job eho agrees?
Sammi& Alexis (5 months ago)
Ok y’all why would you say Annie didn’t try hard enough because hope says she’s going to keep them all soo
Stella Savage (5 months ago)
Hope honestly did Not like any of the the casual clothes
BTS ARMY (5 months ago)
Hope really tried harder and you can tell annie really didnt and annie was really judging the outfits and complaining about the clothes
Jihan and Anisa (5 months ago)
I think both of ur formal outfits are gorg even tho the one Annie got for hope wasn’t as formal and the one hope got her x
Annie should learn to appreciate things more
Eden Rubinov (5 months ago)
Hope von
T. Jennings (5 months ago)
Who's watching exactly a year later?
radhika Boro (5 months ago)
I liked your dresses please give me all your dresses na
Bella & Hallie (5 months ago)
I could tell that hope was so disappointed
Uttam Raj Kumari (5 months ago)
Tutu 224 (5 months ago)
I think hope won
Naziya Khan (5 months ago)
In Annie rose where is hope?
Ronald Bourque (5 months ago)
love tour life
Can you not wait for your turn Annie???MANNERS????🙄
Tissue Bustami (5 months ago)
Annie got bad things for hope but hope still looked great in the clothes and also hope said that the stuff that Annie got her was good and annie on the other hand said i don't really like it👿 P.S ANNIE GAVE HOPE BAD STUFF HOPE GAVE ANNIE BUTTYFULL THINGS. HOPE GETS😘😍💝👅 ANNIE GETS👿😔😣😢
Sana Ahmad Khan (5 months ago)
Your style is low class Hope has fashion sense
Ghazal Albahely (6 months ago)
Guys stop throwing shade and hating on her she said in her vlog that when she was editing she took out most of her parts and if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all
Gracie King (6 months ago)
Annie is acting like she rules the camera🙄
love angel (6 months ago)
Annie I am so disappointed.Hope did so better.she definitely won
Monique Batteate (8 months ago)
i like hoppes hat
PURPLE QUEEN (8 months ago)
Hope won because she did her best... but do Annie did?
Lydia Jones (8 months ago)
It’s diana Diana (2 months ago)
Lydia Jones you’re so right
Honiiecomb slimes (9 months ago)
the pink dress looks like you are going to prom which is really cute
Hannah Fortenberry (9 months ago)
Hope did such a great job!
Ayesha Amin (9 months ago)
I Love Annie Sandle
Laurdiy Y (9 months ago)
Annie never even tried
Jaida Crowder (9 months ago)
I think hope tried a little harder and annie just didnt care
Sophie McCoy (9 months ago)
annie and hope put the same amount of effort into their outfits its just because the editing made it look like hope put in more effort than Annie
Mini Slimes 101 (10 months ago)
Hope won
Mini Slimes 101 (10 months ago)
Annie kept giving low scores except 1
Raini Rodreckez QUEEN (10 months ago)
HOPE DID WAYYYYY BETTER Annie seemed like she didn’t try and only cared about what hope got her 😭😭😭
AD MOJZIS (10 months ago)
I think you both win
Amber Gabby (10 months ago)
Annie was being so bossy and in every piece of clothing she pulled out she said she was scared hope did a much better job
its me NELSON! (10 months ago)
How can you go to the mall alone at that age?
Cool Llama (5 months ago)
they're not going alone who do u think is holding the camera their moms went with them
Minifavro6 Hehe (11 months ago)
That goes for all your videos
Minifavro6 Hehe (11 months ago)
Annie...stop acting unnatural because when you are a YouTuber you want people to like you for who you are.
Fiyinfoluwa Ogboye (11 months ago)
I think hope won
kiddy kiddy (1 year ago)
who else think Annie give bad outfit for hope?
kiddy kiddy (1 year ago)
I like hope outfit for Annie better..Annie dress to hope it's look not good for my opinions..
hana K (1 year ago)
Pawesome_ Playz (1 year ago)
I love it 😊
Kasandra Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Hope seemed so happy as she was opening it 😂
Madi MadiluvscHEeR (1 year ago)
Hope won

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