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Keep it Simple, Identify as Black and Sene-Benin Style

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Text Comments (131)
Oludum Mo (15 days ago)
At least the A/As live in the industrilized nations ,,,very urban ,,,and exotic islands of the carribean ,,,and we still hang on to our post slavery african culture ,,and respect african culture.but the native africans who critizize Afro/Americans.only want to glorify white culture,mercedes benz cars ,islam,jesus..and shun the black folk culture in africa .have no moral s to say blacks are not africans..they the ones acting non-african.
Jamil London (3 months ago)
Dynast is right, I lived in Ghana for 9 years and the rich ghanaians act and live their lives like Europeans, they even shun their local dishes and would prefer to tuck in to kentucky fried chicken lol smh!
Keith Dixon (3 months ago)
If your Mother is Black guess what your black.
trex gravy (5 months ago)
Game of phenotypes. Colorism. Like my white ancestors ill just claim this land as mine. Im American bcuz of my language(us accent n slang i guess vs aus or brit) and nationality( adopted holidays, social norms dis my land now). Im black in culture(cornbread, afro havin, historical perspective lookin ass).
ceciel Merci (6 months ago)
I am in love with you❤
Rico Cox (6 months ago)
I agree. I mostly use black . But I use African American too as a social political identity.
Lovely Randyrita (6 months ago)
Dynast minor correction: Africans did not identity themselves as Black before the Europeans. They identified as their tribe for example, Igbo, Zulu....etc. However, I get your point and I agree because now that we exist in a post slavery and post colonial world it's very important to identify ourselves as one race first, nationality, ethnicity second. It's the first step towards solidarity which is necessary in combating White supremacy globally!
Search For Uhuru (6 months ago)
Tribalism is the new coonery. video coming soon.
Nzinga Nyagua (9 months ago)
On one of your videos you mentioned a website to purchase men's clothing from Senegal. Can you provide that information again
Search For Uhuru (9 months ago)
Stanley Dougé (10 months ago)
Where can I get the African clothing is it expansive I want the one from Benin Republic.
KenUbeleveit1 (9 months ago)
You can drop him an email - [email protected] or dynastamir.com or here is is list of some black shops @blackistoobeautiful on instagram
sadatkb (10 months ago)
I wonder what is his ethnicity ? Because if your not ethnically a Black American why are you sneaking for us?
sadatkb (10 months ago)
You whats your ethnicity? Secondly you denying people there ethnic identity by trying to force everybody under one name. People get specific so you can know how they are as a person. You trying to deny people their ethnic background? Also are you a descendant of US slaves?
Search For Uhuru (10 months ago)
Who are you referring to?
Eric Semasa Lele (10 months ago)
I speak spanish, french and english but I am only black or african that is. Stop stupidity thks my bro
atum6 (10 months ago)
Everyone across the globe are proud to be what they are no matter what color they are. Live and let live.
Search For Uhuru (10 months ago)
Thats not true, there are many who are ashamed of who they are.
shanawill3 (10 months ago)
All they are saying they are black people in Spanish speaking countries hence Afro Latino it's the same as African American that was also called Afro American in the 70's. The Afro what ever nationality is not new and we was the first in a America to accept the afro aka black concept that there are blacks in a seemingly white nations. Amara is correct we all are don't make a problem out of nothing and just stand together. And I'm just happy they admitted they are afro aka black is a step it's like AA for willy lynch.
ohenewa danquah (10 months ago)
The black people who talk about other identities before identifying as black or African have a complex and there is no two ways about it. They ashamed to call themselves black or people of African decent. It’s part of the brainwash and it sad to see black people affirm to the brainwash ignorantly.
Lumani (10 months ago)
America does not have the best malls or skyscrapers at all. That would be places in the East like Qatar and Dubai with the largest mall and in Africa beautiful cities and malls in places like South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Rwanda in my experience are much better than any American mall especially with the manner the United States is already far behind not just aesthetic wise but in terms of the poor standard of living. That is compared to the BEST America has to offer which is Los Angeles and New York etc that has rampant homelessness and rotting dilapidated subways. African panels do not even represent East, South, North or Central African women and one country being Nigeria can not represent African women in all 54 countries of a giant continent. Although as black Americans you should relate to West Africans especially Nigerian and Ghanaians the most. I understand that you are in search of an “authentic” African experience however you must realize that even with many African countries while there is culture there is also modernization with that and I am not referring to Westernization. The culture of the people is already passed down in our families and expressed in different ceremonies. We won’t live as we did thousand of years ago however it does not mean that culture is lost with many. Within many African nations there is the village life and city life which is the influence of modernization after all ancient architecture and the oldest modern structures and systems are all found in Africa which influenced the world. With that stated, it is up to the individual to ensure that their culture is in tact whether they are in the rural areas or not because living in either one does not denote the loss of culture because it is dependent on priorities and upbringing.
Lumani (10 months ago)
The Truth Hurts You are beyond ignorant it is pathetic. Firstly, the wealthiest billionaires and WEALTHIEST black man and woman in the WORLD are from NIGERIA followed by Angola and it is not from being a joker of society. Google it IMBECILE. Secondly, the safest and cleanest cities are also in Africa with Rwanda being in the top 5 in the WORLD. The most expensive city in the world is Luanda in Angola and the highest growing middle class in the world is in the African continent not to mention the most bought cars, mobile phones and other so called luxury items. Moreover, the only wealth you have in particular judging by your small mind is owned by the white supremacists who throw you bones to rap, sing and throw balls all over the place like overgrown children. Thirdly, you don’t OWN, you RENT since nothing is passed down and while you face drugs, dysfunctional homes, single motherhood, poisoned filthy water (flint), rapid homelessness where you dig for your livelihoods in trash cans while high on drugs in your ghettos yet you are so worried about me as an African instead of the same system and nation that will have you killed like a dog or in prison just like the chains they have placed on your mentally enslaved deluded mind so pitiful. Lastly, since you are so convinced that Africa is a country I will not even bother to waste my intellect on your retarded trolling filled with sick hatred that you have for yourself. You are probably the same hood rat who claims Egypt which is in Africa by the way since you clearly need more than an education. Look in the mirror perhaps then you will realize who is the actual “mud butt” in every sense of the lower grade term.
Only The Truth (10 months ago)
LumaniLulu Lmao, dumb African, your dirty diseased asses are being sold by Arabs in 2017 and drowning in boats. I can feed your whole mud hut family, you ugly teeth having, block head refugee. Furthermore, spear chucking aids butt, we're well off in America, that's why we have millionaires and billionaires, and I come from an upper class household. You're inferior and a third worlder treated like shit by Arabs and everyone else. The Israeli are deporting poor ass Eritreans back to their shit hole lol. Trump is deporting you nasty booty scratchers. Back to your mud hut you go, primate. You warring Africans are literally at the bottom and everyone runs over you because you're trash. Go wash your funky ass and find some food, malnourished slave of an Arab.
Lumani (10 months ago)
The Truth Hurts Lol you need help and don’t worry I will send you some dinars to donate to your madness and poverty if your imbecile self can understand such currencies. I find it funny how your ignoramus nonsensical statement assumes that I live in your racist shithole of a country when I don’t....however, I will not even reduce myself to your low level and degrade my existence while I watch as your nation falls and crumbles and you remain with a victimhood identity crisis if not killed in cold blood in your so called “nation” where you are treated like scum. Freedom and ownership is something your foul mouth will never know and I pity your pathetic peasant existence even amongst your own people who are decent unlike yourself. Kkkkkk utonhlanya kanjalonje kkkkkk uslave.
Son of NOK (10 months ago)
I'm Nigerian and you so speak tyo my African Frustration
Son of NOK (10 months ago)
I so badly wanna meet you men!
Son of NOK (10 months ago)
Dynast, as a NIGERIAN it's so frustrating it makes me wanna bang my head on a rock!
Trevor Mcgregor (10 months ago)
They are trying to keep us apart and the fools go for it his ..span..nik saying your his fool
Yaw Ankh Ra Akan (10 months ago)
Proud "BLACK" MAN here. Proud "AFRIKAN" "AFRAKAN" "AFURAKAN" MAN here. They're synonymous to me- and there are etymological examples from our pre-invasion/ pre-colonial debacles...that our millennia old ANCESTORS stated and left for us. ☻👐🏿✊🏿👊🏿🤛🏿
Athman Juma (10 months ago)
I was also wondering sometimes why you don't document city life on your visits to Africa, that's unnecessary if it's the same thing happening in Black America, and it is the same ofcoz, bcoz here in Africa they watch too much MTV and BET , Wendy Williams, Tyra Banks, World Star Hip Hop, Love and Hip Hop , the list is long , and every detail seen on those shows is appropriated, But you can document the Business and Investment side in African cities, I think that will be good
Peter White (10 months ago)
Athman Juma ....thaank you....i was going to say the same shit.....dont just document the villages....go to the city so people around the world can WAKE UP and see that Africa is not what is shown on tv
Athman Juma (10 months ago)
You just made the right analysis Bro, as always you hit the nail on the head, Weaves and Wigs all over the place across Africa, bling bling and all the Hip Hop package, you will not tell their difference from Black Americans even in the music , except for language, As an African I agree, no African living in Cities in Africa can claim cultural purity and lecture Black Americans on it , he or she must start with him or her self first , by returning to the villages and learn, coz they are as Westernized as your average Black American
TRUTHTEACHER2007 (10 months ago)
You can't just shoot people down who have just began taking baby steps to embracing their Africanity. For you it's simple. For them, it took a lot of soul searching to get to what you take for granted.
TRUTHTEACHER2007 (10 months ago)
None of our people identified as "black" before Europeans and Arabs called them that. Before that, there was no universal identity. We were Yoruba, Asante, Twi, Wollof, etc. It was Europeans who came along, stripped us of our identities and threw us all in one pot. I tell people I'm black I get, but you don't look black, your skins not black, how can you be black, you got the same skin color as me, I'm not black, but your mixed, how can you be black. I keep it simple: I'm a person of African descent, period. If you want more detail, I'll give it to you if you deserve my attention and time. Identity isn't cut dry and simple. It's layered. How many layers I reveal to you depends on how relevant you are in my life. Nobody gets to know all the chapters in this book unless they deserve my attention.
TRUTHTEACHER2007 (10 months ago)
YEEEESSS! It's some ongoing crazy bullshit they created for their benefit trying to make it as science, but as soon as it suits their agenda, the rules change. So first all Africans were "negros". Then when they realized they couldn't deny East Africa was home to some of the oldest civilizations, they made them Caucasian regardless of how dark they were. So now it's skin color has nothing to do with it, it's cranial measurements. So where the European negros? You got people like Babe Ruth with one nostril in Hawaii and the other in New York, head round like a pumpkin and he's not a negro, he's "Alpinid". So they want to tell us that these are caucasians:https://mnprairieroots.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/somali-shukri-khadra.jpg But this woman was a negro:https://media.npr.org/assets/news/2010/05/10/horne.jpg?t=1312459435 Now how many Afro American sisters have the exact same cranial indexes as any East African Horner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgtG0pakX-w&t=14s So if it's all about measurements, where's the AfroAmerican caucasians? It's some bullshit and we need to stopdefendfing it and identifying with it and just call it what it is, BULLSHIT!
Mark Simmons (10 months ago)
Right the problem is we were all born int this system created by them..so we don't question it. They still control the racial categories and will customize them to fit their needs.
Mark Simmons (10 months ago)
Spot on. Neely Fuller says believes there is only one true Race and that is White. The reason being is that they CHOSE that for themselves. Every one else was put into a RACE by them. Why did they (White Race)do that? So that they could practice RACISM. How did they do that? With power backed by superior military might.
TRUTHTEACHER2007 (10 months ago)
Ummmmhh. Hasn't been my experience, but I'll trust it's something you have. Let me peel my onion a bit and give my take on it.  I'm a mixed individual coming from a background of multiple generations. We know it's there, but never really emphasized it or payed attention to the European part, with the exception of actual relative we remember. In my family it wasn't all slave rape. Nevertheless, there is still that resentment. Fast forward to me embracing a Yoruba based spiritual tradition that tells me I have to honor ALL my ancestors, not just the ones I like..... Now, that's a hard pill for us Westerners to swallow, because when they say EVERYBODY, they mean just that.  There is a specific kind of healing process that has to be done for the sake of our evolution and elevation. From the Yoruba perspective, you can't progress while hating and denying parts of yourself. It's not easy, but it had to be done. Understand also that it in no way validates the wrong behavior of the past. So, yes, while there is work to be done in learning to love ourselves unconditionally, there also has to be room to understand and respect people who are in different stages of growth and understanding and different experiences and cultures. In African spirituality, we name our linage, we acknowledge it, so from that perspective, even in naming those "unAfrican linages", they are walking an African path.   Other thing, don't be so quick to automatically sum up somebody else historical genetic background. You make an assumption that granted, often times is true, but is not so in every single situation. Be a little less anxious to jump the gun in that respect. Part of our healing process is learning to love each other and not be so quick to cut each other down just because we don't measure up, speak the right jargon etc.
Chad Tep (10 months ago)
TRUTHTEACHER2007 most African descendant people feel the need to emphasize their non African heritage. The part that rejected them. I don't have time for those types.
Noski 1 (10 months ago)
hello Brother, I need to send you a video, it's very important Please send me your email address. Thanks
Eternal Wisdom (10 months ago)
I concur!! Dont stand there, brown as I am, talking about being Puerto Rican, with "white" written on your birth certificate ( true story), but was born in America! Makes my head hurt!!
Kam Games (10 months ago)
Great video Dynast
Pan African (10 months ago)
Thanks for making that point about my Nigerian people. They've been so brainwashed that they want to be western so bad, and then complain about black Americans not having culture.
Peter White (10 months ago)
A O K (10 months ago)
These are truly the last days...smh. We still talking about this. In the 21st century. Lay aside all this, and let's help build A f r i c a! All of us. Yehudi(Hebrew,Ibri), Muslim, African spiritualist, etc etc. Like someone else said, this, back in the day, paper bag test, are you black or are you Black, you don't look black, you don't talk black, you don't act black, needs to end. Be about your belief system, not about a color. Hell, we all know, they call us black and that's the end of the story, but sorry, that ain't the end of my story! Why would you allow English,Welsh,Scottish,French,Argentinian,Russian,Ukranian to tell you who they are, and you are just....black, wait I'm sorry Black. Find out your tribe, and be that!
Peter White (10 months ago)
My G ...im going to just cut to the chase....You dont wont to be identified as "African" ....being the stereotype it caries in the US.....but again, that is part of the matrix and the mind control to keep you seperated from your origin...but i guarantee you....withing 6 months to 3 years...you will not only identify yourself as AFRICAN , but you will change your name as well...just watch...
Don Williams (10 months ago)
Good powerful point!
Elijah Obadiyah (10 months ago)
Black is a legal status. Black means you are Civiliter Mortuus aka civil dead in the eyes of the law. Look it up! Thus, the doubled standard provided to blacks by law. Black is an Adjective and people are nouns. Thus, a person cannot be simply black since black is not a person, place, or thing simply by it being and adjective. For example, look at the list below: Chinese = Noun German = Noun Spaniard = Noun Black = Adjective Do you see the word in the above list that does not fit? We are Moors and/or Ethiopians. We could possibly even go by African, depending on the actual origin of the word African, but definitely not black, which is an English originated word. We existed before English. Thus, our name predates English. Even Kemetic would be better.
Peter White (10 months ago)
Amara Dumbuya (10 months ago)
yes sir we are all black people
Ingrid Saunders (10 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your information
Prince Samuels (10 months ago)
True...the Africans are confused too bro thank you for this video...you really love your people
Pan African (10 months ago)
Prince Samuels how are the Africans confused?
Tajiri (10 months ago)
We were members of tribes before we were brought over on slave tribes.
Eduardo Litchiyaso (10 months ago)
CC WMS Let's use ethnic group
I can totally understand. I believe if you have African in you, then you are AFRICAN!!! My God. And matter a fact, Hispanics, especially Mexicans first, have a whole lot of African according to DNA. I believe everyone that has evidence of colonization (changed names and changed land names) were black. Maybe a little mixed due to being in the midst of other countries then the wicked take over if Europeans colonizing everywhere. Look at the Austronesians (People are scurred to call them black🙄) and Melanesians! Even Filipinos are clearly black with Asian. Most of these people, you wouldn't be able to tell much that they weren't or aren't from the continent if they were living in the continent of Africa. People are just so scared to call themselves African. I believe the "people of the book", per said in written accounts, were people of color, i.e African/Middle Eastern continent. From what I see they were originally the same people including the surrounding isles. So much division within blacks.
Rico Cox (6 months ago)
Heavenly Beautifully Black Mexicans have very little African blood. The vast majority have native American blood. The ones who have African blood are mostly in they isolated communities and are considered outcast to most Mexican people.
nadoop (10 months ago)
Damn...Slavery did a number on the Negro psyche, for real. These Hebrew Israelite mental cases are everywhere beating people upside their heads with their fictional nonsense. This is a form of mental psychosis.
ttonea martin (3 months ago)
I swear I told a guy that he is showing signs of psychosis. Trying to force me to believe that Israelite none sense. Also they do it aggressively.
DR KHALID REVENGE (10 months ago)
Kalfu Ghede i agree family they make me sick too an im a black person born in the us i cant understand why they want to deny their african heritage instead doing everything to learn about it n accept it
Beast Mode (10 months ago)
nadoop Hebrew Israelites are the worse ,the dumbest people in the community and think they know more than everyone else.
DR KHALID REVENGE (10 months ago)
nadoop i agree 100 percent its just hillarious
A O K (10 months ago)
@nadoop, So what god do you serve?
Hassan (10 months ago)
I rock with you on going to Africa and coming back and spreading the knowledge but you are ignorant when it comes to history. No diss but you just aren’t smart or intelligent on certain topics and I can hear it when you speak on different subjects. Some of your points aren’t well thought out and it’s clear.
Hassan (10 months ago)
Kalfu Ghede ??
Beast Mode (10 months ago)
"You just aren't smart or intelligent on certain topics " says the black person with Arabic script on his profile.
Latoya (10 months ago)
I agree. I love the videos on travel and exposing Africans across the dispora to each others as well as various topics regarding real historical context and women the points get a little shaky sometimes. I am hopefully that as time goes and his platform grows he'll have more time to trully understand what he has limited knowledge of. Understanding how people's across the dispora are affected by colonialism and slavery is something we must all get a handle on to create something new and beautiful. I will start leaving links to help our brother expand his understanding and knowledge as he is working to help us gain knowledge and understanding that we are often limited to in the media.
Ursula Howard (10 months ago)
This is so hilarious about afro-latina when I was growing up we called our self black first then we called our self Negroes now we call ourself African Americans I still called myself black America like James Brown song I'm Black and I'm Proud
Peter White (10 months ago)
I feel what your saying.....but people in your situation MUST know they are AFRICAN as well....why wouldnt you consider your self African?🤔.......mexicans in California still call their selves mexicans , not by a mainstream term that is throwing the world off from the real word MELANIN
Elijah Obadiyah (10 months ago)
Peter White It is obvious that he has the right idea about finding a name or creating a name that identifies all of our Indigenous African family while excluding enemies and foreigners. However, he has not done enough research on the terms black and white, which are actually legal statuses. Also, Europeans can never be Americans; they can only be US citizens. An American, by original definition, is a member of one of the original COPPER COLORED RACES found in the Americas (Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, the US territories, etc.) by the European colonizers. Thus, the Europeans and their descendants by definition cannot be Americans. So called blacks are copper- colored and most were already here. Europeans are also not white, but that is another discussion. When he actually does some research and stop dismissing the Moors like Abdullah Bey, Taj Tarik Bey, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, and others, he will discover these facts.
Peter White (10 months ago)
Search for Uhuru ....Indian or native Americans were moors who migrated from Mali.....mexicans are actually AFRICAN which is why they have alot of the same culture from various parts of Africa from Egypt all the way to their spiritual beliefs similar to west Africa
Peter White (10 months ago)
Search For Uhuru (10 months ago)
Yes, but there are Indians, and white South Africans whom consider themselves African. When you say black there is no confusion
Hassan (10 months ago)
You just said Hispanic is a new term. We’ll “black” is a new term. In fact no one was called “black” prior to slavery. It’s racist to call someone “black” who doesn’t want to be called “black”. You are behaving just like the colonist “lets just call those Mendinka black”, “lets just call those Wolof people black”, “lets just call those Fulani people black”, “lets just call those Hausa people black”.... STOP!!!! No people identified themselves as “black” prior to slavery where the Portuguese decided to call all dark skinned people “negro” Cut this shit out! So called “black” Americans have a inferiority complex where they feel inferior when other people with similar skin tones refuse to identify themselves as their skin color. It’s a slave term. ITS STUPID!!!!
Cerl84 (10 months ago)
Fine. If you have dark skin, then your ancestry has roots from Africa. The reason it remains dark is only because your people lived around the equator. If you are offended because someone can clearly see your African (black, Wolof, Fulani, Hausa...)) features, then too bad. your own inferiority complex aside.
Peter White (10 months ago)
Elijah Obadiyah ....im from mali and i could tell you now....NO ONE WAS FORCED....the reason of africa being in its current situation is being they went against the rules....not only were they killing and sacraficing albinos (whites) they sold them as well along with their own people.....im only reading information and relating to topics that are positivs....the "trolls" or idiots dont even get acknowledge like trash on a curb....unless you work for sanitation....
Elijah Obadiyah (10 months ago)
Peter White When folks start saying African are responsible for the slave trade, because a few of them were forced or coerced into participating in a slave trade that they did not start or benefit from, that is a trolling and it is a classic divide and conquer European domination talking point. So, yes, there is lots of information being mixed with misinformation and disinformation going on. Aka trolling. If you are not a troll, then don't defend the trolls.
Peter White (10 months ago)
Elijah Obadiyah its not trolls....there is alot of information being given.....good POINT as well
Elijah Obadiyah (10 months ago)
Search for Uhuru Nuba, Nubia, Sadan, Kusu, Ethiopian, all refers to people that are labeled as " black". There will always be specific ethnic groups names to maintain the differences within the so called " black race". Having different and specific ethnic group names is ok. However, there definitely needs to be one generalized term, other than black, that recognizes the Indigenous Peoples of Africa as one family in general and then tribal/ethnic groups to recognize exactly what part of the family one comes from. You are on the right path Uhuru. I just understand the legal ramifications of black and the history of black; thus, I don't think that term should represent our general identity. BTW, this whole thread is filled with trolls. Don't feed the trolls.
Peter White (10 months ago)
The reason they give the list is BECAUSE THEY ARE LOW SELF ESTEEM...."BLACK" Comes from the fact that we were the secret race examples because black ops or black market......But what we have in common is MELANIN....WHY CANT WE START OUR OWN NAME? WHY BE BRAINWASHED WITH WHAT IS GIVEN?
Peter White (10 months ago)
Zodiac Trigga (10 months ago)
Peter White I agree with this. We must define who we are and not take on oppressive political terms that were historically used to subjugate us and keep us in this low state. Much love and respect to Uhuru! Love this brothers work But I don't agree with his analysis on this, peace...
Peter White (10 months ago)
We have melanin in common....not "BLACK"
Kwame Ankrah (10 months ago)
I believe the picture in the thumbnail is in kumasi Ghana. Bro. Dynast is standing with the "Asante Kotoko". A kind of ancient paramilitary organization that protects the Asantehene (asante king) and the asante kingdom. I love this photo bro! Bro Dynast, when you go to Senegal have you been exposed to the national sport...Lamba?( A traditional form of wrestling of the Wolof people)
MUSTAPHA CAMARA (10 months ago)
Brother, you are killing me with laughter. You are spitting out the truth.
Post Illusion (10 months ago)
These people have a unique history running hundreds of years in their countries, despite being 'black', these people have a unique culture and history. You made mention of Chinese and Japanese, those are nationalities among people who many consider one race. Ironically, many people who consider themselves Latino or Hispanic are mostly white, nobody identifies as just white, rather American, British, German, etc. Even in the UK census White British is separated from White other.
Yasmin (10 months ago)
Also, some African Americans have a narrow understanding of race and ethnicity and some don’t. We are not a monolithic group. But I will say that on average it is typical to find those with a narrow scope like you suggested. As melanated people we do need to be able to offer accurate constructive criticism to one another and not get so bent out of shape. But it must be offered in a way that is respectable. After all, the last thing we need is another distraction. Personally I don’t agree with Dynast on this issue. What all people of African ancestry have in common is melanin not some label called black. Our diversity in culture and ethnicity is a huge part of who we are and in no way should we cast that aside to just be called a color. That in itself is operating strictly from a European mindset. Colonization and slavery has done a number on us all in the way we think.
Yasmin (10 months ago)
Cool C Usually any person that travels whether they be Caribbean, American or what have you, they begin to have a broader understanding of diversity. Yet and still it depends on the individual. It’s not where you come from but more the state of mind.
Marsiyah Yahuda (10 months ago)
We are all Diasporan but I will not give up my true identity of Ysrael. You are not being told the entire truth but I commend you for your great efforts in truth seeking.
Brutha Dnubian (10 months ago)
Spokesperson is ONE word lol.
Moon glow (10 months ago)
And no one made you all the spokes person as well, but you wanna come on here talking bout "You are not being told the entire truth". You have that same Israelite arrogance that Isupk, HOI, and the many, many other silly alphabet camps out there just cause we don't deal with that Biblical bullshit. And I'm not White I'm a brotha I can assure you this. That's always the comeback with you guys you think that just cause I strongly disagree with all that bullshit you Israelites be spewing you think, "Uh OH.. he must be an agent!". This other Israelite clown on here said the same thing when I got into his ass coming onto an African-centered page saying "We ain't Africans" and so forth. He was saying, "Oh you a agent and you going into slavery.. EDOMITE!". I ain't no goddamn agent and you wasted your time coming on here talking that Israel bullshit when you know people like Uhuru are pro-African. It is high time that you just deal with your own goat herding peasant family and stop coming on here throwing a monkey wrench into this great pro-African movement that's going on here cause there's a movement going on.
Marsiyah Yahuda (10 months ago)
Look who is the dumbass, dumbass. No one made you a spokes person and no one was talking to you in the first place. I'm pretty sure you are a white person Moon glow hired to cause trouble among the community of peoples. Anyone can talk trash behind a keyboard like an agent.
Moon glow (10 months ago)
Well him/her whatever. The point is dumbass if you want to be Israel then take yo ass on somewhere and make travel arrangements and repatriate back to Israel and leave African-centered people alone.
A O K (10 months ago)
@Marsiyah Yahuda. Exactly! Yisrael has awakened, and Yisrael is many shades of melanin. I'd rather be known by my beliefs, then my complexion. We have a connection to Africa, but to deny The Most High, is dangerous...
GameNGrind (10 months ago)
I don't understand why Afro Latinos are treating a language forced Upon them as some high achievement
oceej0 (10 months ago)
What you say about Ghana can be extended to Nigeria. 'Megafest' is to make money first and foremost. You are injecting a dose of sanity into a world where people don't scrutinise religion.
Akoben Renaissance (10 months ago)
Really? Dude, sometimes you really contradict yourself. And sound VERY ignorant for an intelligent man. As a Blackman from the states, Its actually embarrassing. I know what you mean about the so-called Afro Latinos and that "I'm Spanish" shit.They had a DIFFERENT experience from many of us, although essentially its the same shit. COLONIZED negroes. Saying 'African American' its the same shit as saying 'Afro Brazilian'. Or Afro this, Afro that. How is it different? It's all hyphenated. Who the hell are you to tell others who or how they should define themselves? GTFO with that. And then this bullshit history you talking bout? "We identified ourselves as Black historically" is a sweeping generalization that is NOT a fact period. It was the WHITE man and NON Blacks who put all the emphasis on our color and colorism in general. #Facts. If our ancestors were around all Black people in the beginning there would be NO reason for singling out there 'blackness' by virtue of the fact that EVERYBODY was black.Duh?? That shit came from foreigners and is ONLY documented in THEIR historical accounts. As diasporans, many of us whether we identify with being Black or not, we are NOT simply just this or that GTFO! The WHITE man told us this and lumped us all into one pot. #Facts We CAN have solidarity as Blacks no matter where we come from or what our NATIONALITY or titles maybe. If a muhfuh got a 50 foot title and that'sTHEIR tradition, let THEM do that. WTF do you care??? Fallback and leave them people alone , our brothas and sistas where everthey are, with all that shit. THEY will decide what THEY choose, not you, me or anybody else. JUST LIKE I be damned if somebody outside of MY tribe think they will define me. Including those from Africa. We will follow a good lead but not some obnoxious know it all type shit. GTFO with that bruh. Like I say I STILL rock with you in solidarity, but bruh... You too damn simple minded sometimes. You'll fuck around and LOSE the very people we need the most trying to shove what YOU think with YOUR ideas. G'on with that shit. Show more grace and humility. Peace & Respect
joanne gomo (3 months ago)
+Akoben Renaissance why get so disrespectful on a brother who is trying so hard. Cant u discuss a subject without the nastiness ? Is this your lack of education ? This is his channel, his thoughts, his ideas. Start a channel if you want. U are very, very disrespectful. This man is doing what you fail to or cant do. Look beneath the surface and listen to what he is really saying. Big embarrassment from u. Paragraphs of nothing.
Akoben Renaissance (10 months ago)
Salute to my Brotha Dynast. His frustrations are OUR frustrations. We were all born into a global war against our people.We were all left with an insane obstacle course to navigate thru in real time. Yes, I too agree regarding the dialogue. It continues and it will continue on in solidarity. Dynast's platform, his courage and diligence, like that of all of our Ancestors who NEVER gave up deserves recognition. At the end of the day, we are a VERY resilient and dynamic people. We did not inherit a perfect roadmap, (to say the least...) in fact in many ways each generation is charged to trail blaze new paths towards true freedom and liberation while auditing those of the past which have not worked for us. Look how powerful we are. The worst of times has not caused us to wake up with evil in our hearts, nor to give in. Hell, we still have the audacity to even smile every now and then :-) Yes, we are progressing as this war continues. Peace & Love
Akoben Renaissance (10 months ago)
Thank you Queen. Funny you would say you've been told "You act African" :-) I've heard those kind of comments over the years as well. Many times they mean well i'm certain. What can we expect? Many of them have images and ideas manufactured by media outlets we don't own which seek to make us look subhuman. Couple that with disproportionate portions of our population who actually carry on like authentic 'niggas' and bad PR travels fast. We KNOW though, those of us who were raised on the best of precepts and wisdom that has trickled down from generation to generation.We know, that not only do we "Think like Africans" ,we are. :-) Peace & Love
Yasmin (10 months ago)
Maybe what Dynast is searching for is a commonality between us all. It is frustrating seeing your brothers and sisters so divided. We don’t all agree with the label as black but we can all agree that we are heavily melanated people. Our melanin is high and it is what makes us passionate and empathetic. But we have to remember to stay true to who we are. Dynast is frustrated about that because he is searching for the root. In that search he has seen first hand how some have turned away from their religion and fall for some of the same tricks that we have in the states. It is quite the reality check but his platform keeps us dialoguing and although we may stumble along the way, I like to think we are making progress. We haven’t always had a place to come together to discuss such issues. Appreciate all the work that u do Dynast!
Yasmin (10 months ago)
Akoben Renaissance I really enjoyed reading your messages. You expressed everything I thought on this matter so well. Collectively we are a family and we will have different points of view on some matters. Even when we have different points of view respectful dialogue to EVERY group is key. I have been told many times by some that I think like an African. When I pressed them on what that means to them, the response was about the way I love and respect others, the way I don’t degrade or show arrogance like some Americans do. Truth is I am not much different than those of my generation.
Mz Swinging (10 months ago)
Your a King, that thumbnail Tho!
Edward Anderson (10 months ago)
They don't do that because they want to be an other to be in better positioned socio economic is
nadoop (10 months ago)
First! Haha ;-)
Every other nation considers us as just blacks
TRUTHTEACHER2007 (10 months ago)
Exactly. So as far as I'm concerned FK those people!
We was linked to our tribe, even African was created by others

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