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Is AsianDate a Scam?

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AsianDate only allows real and sincere single Asian women to join. Our dedicated anti-scam team goes to great lengths to protect our customers. If you suspect that a lady is not real, please contact Customer Service immediately. http://www.asiandate.com/ Visit also our social media channels: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AsianDate Twitter https://twitter.com/asiandatego Google+ https://plus.google.com/+Asiandate
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Acko Manah (9 days ago)
I was there for 2 years and never met one real person. You figure after 2 years you'd meet one who is willing to actually use her voice. This is after going through the "callme" process and getting personal info. Not a single one would speak on the phone or do a video call outside the site. They blamed it on USA rules or Chinese government. I was outside USA and the "woman" was "Vietnames". Still she would not talk. I asked her do you know who "Ho Chi Minh" was? The "Vietnames" woman had no idea. I got a real Vietnamese man who was my friend to write her in her own language. She didn't understand one word. It took their translators like 2 minutes to figure out the meaning! This is a joke. They try to keep you on as long as possible to milk you for minimum of a credit a minute. Then ask you questions like: do you like oranges? What the heck does that have to do with dating. Who picks their date based on if they like oranges. The people say most inane things. Then take the maximal time to respond. You watch the bill run up and at the end you get 20 letters at 10 credits each to read.
Hate gambler (4 days ago)
U r right
hasan yücel (26 days ago)
Yalan ve dolandırıcı bir site yakında bu siteyi şikayet edicem
Ross Melnyk (1 month ago)
Sites like AsianDate or Asia Charm, and other European dating sites like them are all scams. They exist there to drain your valet..they want your money. Even if girls are real that does not mean you will ever get their emails without spending some serious cash. I did the math...you would need to spend easily minimum $800. For this price you could just buy ticket to China for example, fly there and talk to girls in China....for free😉🤣🤣 Don't waste your time, money and afford on those sites.
Tyler (2 months ago)
I asked a whole bunch of women for their email. Not because I actually gave a shit, but because I had read a review that says these women are simply paid to flirt with you. Not a single one would do it, they insisted on using the site, ergo making them money. I don't use dating sites, and I never had any intentions to find anyone using this, but nobody should fall for this garbage lol. Fly to Asia and meet some real women, it would probably be cheaper than this site.
Acko Manah (9 days ago)
Oh I had a few give me their email via callme. One even emailed and skyped but only a few times. For most part insisted on the site. I am asking is there one person in USA who actually met one. If not the site must be closed and class action suit follow
Chuy Delgado (29 days ago)
Fortune Brown (2 months ago)
Yeah,, these guys are all scams
Robert Roberts (4 months ago)
these women aren't so happy it seems i went on site yo much money and they were shy to talk and would just drop the conservation
fernando fernando (5 months ago)
Callum Miller (5 months ago)
Uploaded by AsianDate themselves, so of course, I should believe what they say? right? RIGHT??? ha ha! no, I am not that gullible sorry. I would be far more inclined to listen if a third party were tackling the question, not the company themselves. The company themselves are not likely to admit they're scamming people, are they? I mean, come on people!
Marcus Moore (2 days ago)
Agree man this is such bullshit I can’t believe people fall for this nonsense online dating it’s a complete waste of time lol
Space Seal (5 months ago)
Fuck you guys. Seriously, I don't care if I am being rude. I asked for my subscription to be cancelled so that my account could not be charged $15 monthly. I cancelled my card now. How inconvenient. Fuck you guys.
Hey Mufti (7 months ago)
These girls don't even speak English. You're being used for a green card and will be divorced so fast your head will spin.
Scott Johnson (5 months ago)
you would be lucky to be used this way. You will be falling in love and never even meet the girl LOL.
Danny Lucas (9 months ago)
I was scammed by this site when I did not authorize any automatic payments per month.  $96.00 4/7/2018 and again on 4/22/2018
Scott Johnson (5 months ago)
of course you were sucker.
Jason Park (5 months ago)
$96! Around £75. A month?! Wow! Try Asianfriendly. It's free! Yes. Like most Asian dating sites. Western men are often seen as cash cows and escape routes from poverty. But if yoy can battle through the hoards of liars and scammers. ( Mum is sick - Need to pay hospital bills. My rent is due - I'll get evicted and can't talk to you. My room got flooded - Need money until the end of the month ) I've had all those.. Then there are some nice ladies out there. Just not found one yet..
Peter (7 months ago)
Yes! I noticed the auto tic box to auto renew. Tiny little thing managed to clear it. Have been scammed on this very subject.
ekami (9 months ago)
I was a customer of this website and I will tell you from personal experience what the biggest problem is with this site. The biggest problem is despite the nice pictures there is no security that who you are chatting with or exchanging letters with is the actual girl of the picture. When I first started chatting with my Lady she told me a story about how she didn't have a cell phone because she couldn''t afford it. I decided to send her flowers along with a note that had my private contact information with the hopes that once she received it we could get off this site and start communicating directly. Well it is precisely at this moment that she came out with a second story about how she was having problems with her private email and couldn't manage to open it. This for me was a big red flag that something is not right here. I completely cut off contact with her from there on and quickly emailed customer support to have them terminate my account. My Advice to anyone using this site is this don't waste time beating around the bush, make her show her face to you thru video and she doesn't comply then take your business elsewhere.
Andy Wu (4 months ago)
ekami what is your opinion on asiame.com?
Doc Vega (1 year ago)
These fuckers will crush your hopes of finding a Chinese bride and they will destroy your faith in yourself for being stupid enough to believe in their charade! Trust me! I'm trying to warn you!
Fatimah Shine (1 year ago)
Congratulation pure and love asian dating
Tituz Onlinez (1 year ago)
Thanks Inzpirationz
Luis Rebollar (1 year ago)
Infenos01 (1 year ago)
Apparently this is what love looks like...
13Gladius 2 (1 year ago)
How many scamming bitches are there in this world? Stay with this site long enough n U may find out
Doc Vega (1 year ago)
Yeah you'll find out how to piss away 10 grand in a fucking hurry if you're really stupid!
13Gladius 2 (1 year ago)
A good place to find some scamming bitches
Bernard Romero (1 year ago)
amigo yo estube con una vietnamese fue mi mejor conpanera lo maximo en todo.y me encantaria encontrar a alguien mas como ella
trekker2366 (2 years ago)
these are the women that liam neeson couldn't save in taken
*Tony* (2 years ago)
it must be nice dating a woman that doesn't speak English, you never have to talk to her, or listen to her lol
Edwin (1 month ago)
Don't have to talk to her. Just gag her and that's that
Tut Secret (8 months ago)
If you don't want to speak to your wife, then it's a bad sign that marriage won't last. Sad.
Julio Sanabria (3 years ago)
Lo mejor
Julio Sanabria (3 years ago)
Buenisimo para las relaciones de las personas,Good...
HONDATA24 (3 years ago)
They tell u 100% anti scam.Gurantee u find your soulmate.GL
Doc Vega (1 year ago)
A fucking LIE!
Dena Jesus (3 years ago)
placebo site
Doc Vega (1 year ago)
Most definitely they screwed me good!
Gilberto Fernandes (1 year ago)
i love tou!

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