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-READ ME- Check out these really cute dresses. I have made notes about each dress if you're interested in buying it: Green Two Piece: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E5EWTTQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Price: $17.99 (M) Notes: Mine came with a hole in the side skirt seam, so be sure to check every seam when it arrives. Free Returns & Prime Shipping Mesh Dress: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A83Z9I6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Price: $17.99 (Sm) Notes: Does not reach ankles (I'm 5'4"), I definitely recommend wearing high waisted under garments with this or a body suit. Free Returns & Prime Shipping Red Velvet Dress: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DPMUTXM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Price: $15.99 (M) Notes: Really low cut dress, but possible to sew straps up for higher bust. This dress feels great and looks amazing in curves. Free Returns & Prime Shipping Beige Cut Out Dress: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XKQZN8T/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Price: $14.99 (M) Notes: This dress fits great but is super low and revealing around the breasts, and also very hard to tape your breast inconspicuously. No longer Prime and Free Returns. Lace and Faux Leather Dress: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AXSK1HU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Price: $12.99 (M) Notes: When I received this dress it smelled HORRIBLE, it smelled like fish so I had to wash and air it out before I even tried it on so beware of that if you are ordering for an immediate occasion. Otherwise, the dress is perfect, fits great, feels great, make you feel sexy. Free Returns & Prime Shipping For better comparison, my measurements are as follows: Bust: 36C Waist: 28 Hip: 40 Weight: 150 Height: 5'4" LIKE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE. --------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA --------------------------------- Snapchat: @roadtogabbiness https://instagram.com/roadtogabbiness https://twitter.com/roadtogabbiness --------------------------------- BASIC INFO --------------------------------- Age: 22 Location: Los Angeles, CA Email: [email protected] (business and personal) Editing and Gear: Adobe Premiere, Panasonic GH4 Lighting Setup: https://goo.gl/F4l5j0
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Text Comments (69)
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Which one is your favorite?!!
jaye bee (8 months ago)
roadtogabbiness I ❤ the black one..the leather one
Skylar White (10 months ago)
I love the nude one! You're acting all self conscious but you're rocking it. I'm actually buying it because of how good it looked. ❤
Corey Ford (1 year ago)
Anytime baby if you ever single or anything let me know I would love to have you as my woman anyday.
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Corey Ford lol thanks
Corey Ford (1 year ago)
That why I luv it baby booty looking and good and all smh.
Sally Moche (2 months ago)
What tape did you use?
roadtogabbiness (2 months ago)
Sally Moche black gaff tape
MojoVybxx (2 months ago)
there are a lot of horny teenage boys in this comment section...Gabbi ain't gonna run out of boys anytime soon
MojoVybxx (2 months ago)
U actually have nice tits...and this is coming from a guy
Miss Lebee (4 months ago)
Have you tried the backless sticky bras? That's what I use then I use a safety pin to keep the front of the dress closer together to not show my bra. The last dress is very flattering!
roadtogabbiness (4 months ago)
Miss Lebee I haven't tried those actually I never knew how those would look in the front of the dress that's kind of see through
Keith Jackson (6 months ago)
your tits look really saggy in the pink one.
roadtogabbiness (6 months ago)
Keith Jackson so you got money for my boob job right? If not, shut up
bobby thomas (8 months ago)
your attitude is so brilliant sexy
Rey B (8 months ago)
You have the same taste as me. So glad about that BC u seem to be the only one.
Kaley W (9 months ago)
Damn! I loved this video. You killed that black one va va vooooooom
roadtogabbiness (9 months ago)
Kaley Worm thank you 😘
suomynona rotces (9 months ago)
Loved this video so much, it helped me out and I bought myself the same red velvet dress for my date.
Brittany McNeal (9 months ago)
Loved this!! I ordered the black dress because of you.
Mark B. (10 months ago)
You need a boob job.
roadtogabbiness (10 months ago)
Annie Lue lol no shit, I literally said that, you giving me money for one?
no existo (10 months ago)
Bitch fashion?! :)
Kay Squad videos (10 months ago)
The way she talks is hilarious 😂. At least she’s keeping it real
Ashton Blaise (10 months ago)
I love your hair!
Skylar White (10 months ago)
Not trying to body shame anyone but it's nice to see a girl with a body type closer to mine than most girls I've seen do halls (usually extra small/small). It's just more realistic to when I buy the product. Again, great for everyone it pertains to, but yours are the best halls I've seen for myself. :)
elloitsangela (11 months ago)
loveeeed this review!! please please post more :) i loved that olive dress on you!!!!
lowrider06 (11 months ago)
nice booty
Dorsey m (11 months ago)
FUCK! Sorry,not very gentleman like of me.but my god are you beautiful! I can't really pick one.for some weird reasons I tend to cry when I see something really really nice/cute.and I'm kinda crying right now 😁
Joey Setterberg (1 year ago)
im writing this comment through my boyfriends account but you're super beautiful, no need to touch what God has already put his brush on (talking about getting your boobies enhanced) ... Jesus loves you bbygurl, & i love you enough to tell you that you're perfect the way you are , no need for the extras, you are literal perfection. Through God you will see everything in a completely different light... you will see yourself through Jesus's eyes & see no flaws, remember you are your worst critic! xoxoxo Jesus loves you guys !
Joey Setterberg (1 year ago)
roadtogabbiness im very happy to hear that.. when you are feeling a little blue, just remember this verse from the bible, "His strength is perfect when our strength is gone. He’ll carry us when we can’t carry on. Raised in His power the weak become strong. His strength is perfect” You can do all things through God & Jesus.. Real beauty comes from within, we have all been blessed with physical beauty, but you my darling are a masterpiece. i say this from sister to sister <3 take care !
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thank you, that really made me smile and made my day 💜
Dee Luther (1 year ago)
😙😙😙🖤🖤🖤🖤Damn your GorgeouS💚💚💚💚😗😗😗 🔥😗😗😗💙💙Nice CutE😍😍 SexY😍😍 try on HauL🖤🖤😗😗😗🔥 😗😗💚Tbh I Love Them All🖤😙😙
Dee Luther (1 year ago)
😗😗Your Very Welcome🖤🖤 Keep em coming🤗🤗
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thano you!
V Mz (1 year ago)
Wear a blazer lol
Shania O. Mason (1 year ago)
Love love love the last dress!
lonzo Lonzo (1 year ago)
Tokyo Paris (1 year ago)
I see you slaying yara 😍
Tanisha Kantar (1 year ago)
Your so stunning💕
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
Lee Raj (1 year ago)
You are so stunning! Great video :)
saint griffins (1 year ago)
the green
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Mine too, ended up wearing it for my birthday
victalah mbewe (1 year ago)
damn girl you are so pretty, whatsapp me +265993831868
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thank you, I don't have whatsapp
Bokang Makhoesa (1 year ago)
🔥🔥💯💃 My new Crush.. ohh gawwd😢
musa mashabane (1 year ago)
wow!! you look soo amazing on dresses..em curves LMAO and my favorite is the second black one(very sexy)
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
musa mashabane haha thanks hun!
Athenkosi Mazitshana (1 year ago)
you actually sexy asf. can i slide in yr dmz😍😜, whats yr insta?
Per Hansen (11 months ago)
So sexy
Athenkosi Mazitshana (1 year ago)
+roadtogabbiness lol ayt then imma hit u up don't friendzone that quick though😆😋
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Haha thanks! let's chat it up, my friend. My insta is the same as my [email protected] (:
Malya Tamar (1 year ago)
Just found your channel! Keep it up girl!
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Alicia Motley (1 year ago)
Hey beautiful, I love your channel! I'm always looking for new YouTube friends who I can support and they can do the same for me as well. I have subbed. feel free to check me out & only if you genuinely like me please sub as well and let's keep in touch 😁😜😗
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I'll be sure to check your channel out <3
D francis (1 year ago)
think i would go for the velvet dress. the last one looked great on you but i think i would need more boobs for it :)
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
The red velvet one feels amazing!!!
Down_ Shift (1 year ago)
Im not even a romantic nigga, but i would put a ring on it. lol.. But u aint hear that from me tho. (Mobster face) >:( B)
Down_ Shift (1 year ago)
roadtogabbiness lol u know I gotta make u laugh ;) <3
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
Lol I swear your comments be having me rolling lol
dsmooth2221 (1 year ago)
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
dsmooth2221 aww thank you!!!
dsmooth2221 (1 year ago)
roadtogabbiness you have such great tastes you look absolutely stunning in all those dresses
roadtogabbiness (1 year ago)
dsmooth2221 lol thanks for the support love!

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