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Patrick Wilson Dating History

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Patrick Wilson Dating History Patrick and Dagmara got married in June 2005. They have two sons together. Back in 2004 Scarlette Johansson reportedly hooked up with Angels in America star Patrick Wilson. They never moved on to exclusive dating however, and quickly went their separate ways. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Patrick Wilson began dating in 2001 after she saw him in a Broadway production of 'The Full Monty' while she was still seeing LFO singer Rich Cronin. She was photographed at several events with Wilson while they were together.
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TeaandFiona (2 months ago)
Dagmara is one of the most beautiful women I've seen. I was wondering what she was doing and I was pleasantly surprised she was married to an actor I've admired for awhile. I hope that stay happy together!
4everyoungsusie (1 month ago)
thats exactly what i was going to say word for word. i love these two

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