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Love And Sex In China (Chinese Marriage Documentary) - Real Stories

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Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY With an estimated 180 million singletons in China and people traditionally marrying early, the race to find a soulmate before surpassing their sell by date is frantic. Singles fairs, where CVs are passed around, speed-dating and lessons in the art of seduction are all examples of a booming westernised market. But there is a massive imbalance in the sexes due to the penchant for male offspring since the single-child policy was introduced in 1980. Future brides are in short supply and the men most likely to find a wife are those in a strong financial position. With the economic liberalisation of China and the rise of the wealthy businessman, an ancient tradition has resurged: the concubine. Young women, often students from poorer families, seek positions as mistresses at the beck and call of wealthy men. Hidden away in lavish apartments and given large sums of pocket money, they enjoy a life of ease and luxury. The wives of these men have gone to drastic measures to unveil their fickle husbands’ crimes. We take a ride with private detectives and meet the one dubbed, ’The Concubine Killer’. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Java Films. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Ligne De Front
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Text Comments (1978)
Agnes Mbeya (52 minutes ago)
The commentator sounds like gods must be crazy one..
kL (11 hours ago)
okay but the narrator's Chinese pronunciations are the most cringy part of this
HelenaMikas (19 hours ago)
A excellent video ..The couple at the end are lovely *
Senna458 (1 day ago)
Seems so incredibly shallow. I feel sorry for these people since they have no real concept of love.
Woojee Bum (1 day ago)
the last part about wedding ceremony, i can tell that they are modest couple who look at reality and not brainwashed by media trend. sincerely i pray for their happiness until old.
Sateisa Sateisa (1 day ago)
.....Don't try to get chicks while living in basement, go redo the house NOW!! he'd have a que of women then!
hayat love (2 days ago)
Chengyuan Xu (2 days ago)
Well on the contrast, there are concubine of males
Karl Bryant (2 days ago)
Chinese women are very materialistic
ekcentrik (2 days ago)
Why are the wives beating up the mistresses? Not that I condone violence, but your target should be those cretins you married.
ekcentrik (2 days ago)
There are more than enough men harassing women on the street. That's an awful way to meet someone.
Stewie Griffin (3 days ago)
these men talk like immature brats they are older than me and don't know how to converse with a person
Mikayla Crosby (3 days ago)
This is sick
shitmandood (3 days ago)
By 2020 the PRC will be dealing with the Cult of Elliot Roger. Weird: So all the women want to marry a rich man and then the rich man will go concubine after 10-15 years. Meanwhile, the younger women who can't marry a younger rich man, will concubine as well, leaving a lot of regular men out in the lurch. I guess they don't have the Nightengale Effect in China. Perhaps the gene was eradicated during the Communist Colonic Cleanse..
Dominik Scharf (3 days ago)
one question if that rich guy sees the viedeo would he not realize that its her
SAIVSS (3 days ago)
men cheat yet the women are shamed and blamed and abused for it
gary chan (4 days ago)
Actually the families of the girl are demanding,not the girls.
Wisemen Wisemen (4 days ago)
Asians are an weird group creatures.
r2kaka (4 days ago)
Hello 👋 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Selina Aguilar (4 days ago)
I will never understand why a woman who's been cheated on will place all the blame on the other woman. Your partner made the decision to cheat, they're the one who lied to you and hurt you, and they probably would have cheated on you with another person anyway.
xuyahfish (4 days ago)
They seem to put a lot of onus on the women to defend themselves, to fight back, to find evidence, to be a perfect wife, etc. This is going to create a lot of twisted personalities, these kind of relationships... both men & women, their bodies are an empty cavity.
Luke (4 days ago)
Very Nice story. Good documentary :)
Anton M (5 days ago)
И в Китае за тянучками охота)))
BangEmBeatZ (6 days ago)
lol the 23 year old thinks she will keep the apartment when they break up
ekcentrik (2 days ago)
You would think she would know if that apartment is in her name. That's why you need an education much more than all that shopping.
oakteeth buckshart (6 days ago)
Chinese people are the most awkward retards I've ever met
ekim955yt (7 days ago)
i dont understand how this is different from north america
MAF F (7 days ago)
I rather Masturbate, than go to these market...and raise a dog. Custom or not, it's embarrassing.
Fonzie (9 days ago)
Nehow ... shey shey
D. O. (10 days ago)
Talking about blending in. The Detectives look like the damn chinses mafia 😂😂
Didier Depardieur (10 days ago)
Chinese women in their 30s aren’t very attractive. No wonder they are called leftover women.
Elvin deSouza (5 days ago)
The average Chinese and Indian population above 30 is unattractive
TyraYusof (11 days ago)
Such a picky culture... What's wrong with these people?!!
Ramzes Empire (13 days ago)
Dudes got balls
tony li (14 days ago)
it's out of date
Brian Fromps (15 days ago)
eyeore from winnie the pooh should be a voice over artist..if this guy is
abenz pp (15 days ago)
geez...the ugly mistresses
M.Usman Ghani (15 days ago)
Lol...such an innocent soul...went after datesite and they told him to roger his bravo on street...lol
Mr T (16 days ago)
I love the commentary, truly reflects on the enthusiasm of the individuals
MrCompooky (17 days ago)
It takes 6 detectives in 3 cars to place a gps tracker on the target's car? Anyone can do that themselves while their spouse is taking a dump.
Nikola Sekuloski (18 days ago)
Chinese Charlie Sheen
Ashutosh Joshi (18 days ago)
Chineses are more western than Indians in term of clothing, diet and etiquette but in regard to language Indians prefer English so they can communicate easily and have direct access to the world resource in their original form.
420. EXCLUSIVE (18 days ago)
They have no social skills what so ever
420. EXCLUSIVE (18 days ago)
Bro They have no juice game! I would be like are you a camera Because you have capture my heart!
Elvin deSouza (5 days ago)
Flamboyant Thug (18 days ago)
14:22 lol stupid fucks, that's the time to pick up the woman you liked, they all are going home rejected and lonely, talk to anyone of them. 😂
sumiji888 (19 days ago)
看着觉得很可怜 这么没有魅力的男人还要求这那 又老又丑又傻逼活该单身一辈子 some of those hideous guys should stay single forever
Moyate B (19 days ago)
That lady messy 😂😂😂😂 y’all know who I’m talkin bout 😂
Matt isat (19 days ago)
woman have a god giving seance just for picking her partner that can provide while she is in labor, any weakness any and any insignificant that relate to ability to provide will trigger it, how ever being Ugly is not part of this Biological programming but having handicap body lingo dos.
Rue U (19 days ago)
Lemme guess. Super transactional
he li (19 days ago)
Maybe those stories are real, but these cases are extreme. Honestly speaking, these days, China absolutely has its own social problems. However, these videos don't catch the important ones, instead, these cases would misunderstand viewers. For example, there are so many single males because the number of men is far more than women. But it would be more meaningful to dive into why there are so many single females or female overlefts.
blue gravity (19 days ago)
All I heard Besides noodle arms and fake lashes was money, money, money, me, me, me, money. I guess money doesn't buy morals.
TheGameWhisperer25 (19 days ago)
I just farted in my pants.
CMscarceaurum (19 days ago)
There are more millionaires there than the population of the United States. And between them and Russia they have the highest collection of Billionaires too
May Das (22 days ago)
Mckenzie Mahal (23 days ago)
Its insane how they think 25 is too old. Smh
Mckenzie Mahal (23 days ago)
That basement was do depressing
safermonk (23 days ago)
This was very interesting video. Thx!
artefact (24 days ago)
Chinese are hive mind. Perfect sheeps for elites. Mao killed millions after a short brainwashing sessions with Russian jewish Bolsheviks. Simple minded people: money money money. Really dumb selfish timid people.
flo Asa (24 days ago)
They are still leaving in a culture that's 100 years backward from the present Western world. I wouldn't blame them since their oppressed communist government have and still deceiving them via propaganda that they are the top in the world. So naive and dum dum mentality.
NeoDarkling Goth (25 days ago)
That modern "concubine" who thought she would actually KEEP the apartment if she broke up with her boyfriend is delusional AF!! Pack your bags and get out, Sweetie, the upgrade will be moving in ASAP!!😂
Daniel C (26 days ago)
You have very long eyelashes, they must be fake! LMAO!
Ishwar Mizar (27 days ago)
man I am happy our marriage culture is little tough but still a very good one from the point of view of arrange marriage.. India
L G (29 days ago)
Real love takes time and patience, otherwise that`s not love. That's lust!
Nhi Cao (1 month ago)
Why dont they beat the cheating husband up?
Jasmine Jeanine (1 month ago)
nothing is more attractive then a confident man, in fact im likely to give out my number even if im not necessarily looking or immediately attracted for the simple reason that his confidence is attractive.
hoho ._. (1 month ago)
fake bag?
fatma wati (1 month ago)
thats not how you get a relationship ffs
u2teech (1 month ago)
This is the best documentary ever produced, perfectly translated and dubbed. Instead of reading subtitles from beginning to end, I can actually relax and look at the picture. What an enjoyment!
Stephen Hoang (1 month ago)
very sad in a way. we all want younger and more beautiful partner... so, cheat or divorce can get you that partner.
Charles Crisefi (1 month ago)
Not one obese woman in this video!!
Yogur Lapiz (1 month ago)
Poor may needs to learn a lot about life... If you think a man needs a stupid and useless woman as reason to cheat, see yourself beyonce XD
node (1 month ago)
Chinese have high IQ and study and work hard. But overall, their modern day culture is disgusting.
bass13mary (1 month ago)
The courtesan has a very hard edge to her.
Wayne Bishop (1 month ago)
Chinese are not shy!! they are un-polite dirty selfish people. better they stay in China
Udin Bata (1 month ago)
..Its like buying cattle,...disgusting "culture"....."Everyone like money.."..
arynne hempstock (1 month ago)
The European-style pickup....Over 27 years women are considerd too old??!! Every man and woman's sexual prime is the forties!! So sad this worldwide overemphasis on youth!
A Damian (1 month ago)
William Hale (1 month ago)
*Is this for real? No wonder Chinese are socially very awkward and don't have any leadership skills. Especially when you compare with the Indians, who go on to lead some of the largest Fortune 1000 non-Indian companies in the world.*
jorge rasgado (1 month ago)
talk about your self , you monkey brain
m neoma (1 month ago)
cultural sick, chinese women bully women but never blame men. and money is everything
Michele Conley (1 month ago)
@32:47 it's the Bunny Ranch
Michele Conley (1 month ago)
@18:50 We'll redo my parents home. With her money? Since he doesn't have any.
Michele Conley (1 month ago)
There's a Chinese restaurant in town and I've always had a crush on the owner since a teenager, he's tall and handsome. His wife is so mean and always yelling at him. I told her one day and since she laughs at him, so I told her Hey one day you never know. Since then she ignores me and he smiles. Haha treat him better
Michele Conley (1 month ago)
Re: Rude comments from these men. They have very little self esteem and they don't want to be rejected, so they find something wrong with the woman first. Therefore they can tell themselves that they were not interested because.....
Tiny Hope (1 month ago)
It would have been interesting to interview the concubine’s family to hear what they have to say about her lifestyle.
Chuong Nguyen (1 month ago)
Very ugly side of China, especially young girls as concubines
Daysha Johnson (1 month ago)
Ok so men are lonely, but when they get a chick they cheat? What?
Chloe Broom (1 month ago)
I like how it's the girl that gets all the blaim and gets hit but the man gets nothing
Kenyatta Uhuru (1 month ago)
billions of people, a shortage of women, left over women. and people still cant hook up human nature is an intriguing thing.
buckchoi Gnoix (1 month ago)
One thing men’s make same mistakes over and over is looking for a women who is way over their limit. It doesn’t matter how much you make in a year. If your dumb and easy to manipulate that women will surely only use you to money, child support and etc
Ankush Roy (1 month ago)
I have no idea about China,but in future to secure my marriage life I am finding a Chinese lady in India,but unfortunate I did not find,
Luis Murrell (1 month ago)
33:05- "the pimp can face the death penalty; the prostitute and her client only public shaming." Makes more sense than what happens in the US, where the prostitute gets thrown in jail, the pimp usually remains untouched, and thus keeps the rest of the prostitutes afraid of going to the police, no matter how much abuse suffered from the pimps or johns.
skylark304 (1 month ago)
Karen Mae (1 month ago)
Why. Is. The. Narrator. Translating. The. Conversations??!?!?
N Himadre (1 month ago)
Almost 0 emotional and social skills
James Smith (1 month ago)
I'll never understand why women hate the mistress more than their cheating husband...By angry at the man who broke a sacred promise, not a woman you don't even know.
silverback17 S (1 month ago)
I love it. I find the Chinese fascinating.
ghlhchen chen (2 months ago)
juri o.b (2 months ago)
hahahah therefore everybody look lıke same ın chıne :D :D
Rico (2 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m a minute in and this is hilarious
Jessica Faustin (2 months ago)
the chinese guy speaking french had a good enunciation :)
K King (2 months ago)
The Bible says "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread and provide our own apparel; only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach [of being unmarried]." Why would women do that unless they were about to be given/stollen/kidnapped to be someones wife whom they didn't know??? It also says in Rev 9:16 "The number of the armies of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them." What do 200 million men who do not have wives do? The go to war to get wives as the spoils of war.

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