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NCAA Women's Soccer ⚽ Nude Bracket Stripping

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The bloodbath of the 2016 NCAA Women's Soccer tournament has already started. The first round has concluded. And as we strip this bracket in half during the first weekend, we now leave just 32 teams left who are ready to strip further. #CollegeBracketMovement
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Text Comments (18)
Farzana Safran (19 days ago)
Men are way better
baby boo (3 months ago)
my ass was shaking when playing with fire came on. an ascending queen.
Colombian flag (3 months ago)
Very well made video.
Colombian flag (3 months ago)
Soccer king of sport's
Eliseo Raciti (4 months ago)
The future of soccer is woman....
Veizai (4 months ago)
Im a simple man, I see 'nude+Stripping', I click
Leticia Paramo (1 month ago)
Amayia Lukie (6 months ago)
All these teams can shoot but they can’t dribble threw players like I can
Richard Browne (9 months ago)
I thought this was supose to me naked soccer.
Clayton Hill (11 months ago)
Anyone want to tell the person who made this video the girls are neither nude or stripping. Most disappointing video I have ever seen
Amanda Shimp (3 months ago)
Clayton preach
Boss Man (3 months ago)
Clayton Hill I gave it a thumbs down for that reason!!!!!
Colombian flag (3 months ago)
Clayton Hill why people are so sick.. this is soccer you brain dead morons.
Andy Werner (1 year ago)
good video
Ron Gibbs (1 year ago)
Andy Werner 0
NINJAKING Gaming (1 year ago)
Why 3 comments
Ste Hall (1 year ago)
anyone know the tune as we love it,but have no idea.thanks
charles king (2 years ago)
Women soccer is growing bigger in USA at all levels. That's awesome. Give women their chance in every sports they chose to play. Is a matter of time they will become as popular like men soccer team..

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