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men's capsule wardrobe | 1 week try on | minimalist

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fall 2017 men's capsule wardrobe and 1 week try on lookbook 21 pieces 1 week of outfits PART ONE
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A fading no one. (1 month ago)
That's a lot for 1 wk.
HellahGood (1 month ago)
It's a capsule wardrobe so you interchange the pieces over the course of 3 months
Celio Almeida (2 months ago)
Great 👍
HellahGood (1 month ago)
thanks man!
정수민 (2 months ago)
Nice fit bro
HellahGood (2 months ago)
thank you!
TimelordUk (6 months ago)
He doesn't look that comfortable to me
HellahGood (6 months ago)
I am
Doryo Zhibetinus (6 months ago)
Naby Keita
HellahGood (6 months ago)
one of my favorite players on liverpool!
Andrew Cry (6 months ago)
Круто одеваешься!
HellahGood (6 months ago)
thank you!
Ilikadafire (7 months ago)
What are the name of those black pants with the draw strings?
HellahGood (7 months ago)
hey I'm not sure of the name but they're joggers from forever 21. I'm gunna see if they have them online but I got these almost a year ago
Eddie Xiao (8 months ago)
some might say you're looking......hellah good! lol
HellahGood (7 months ago)
hahaha thanks man
Steve Benjamin (1 year ago)
Are the shoes leather?
HellahGood (1 year ago)
The maddens are. I haven't gotten rid of any of the shoes I had in my pre vegan life but don't recommend or participate in the purchase of them now. These could be a great alternative - https://unicorngoods.com/collections/vegan-shoes-mens-loafers-slip-ons/products/asos-monk-shoes-in-brown-faux-suede
Roman Lizarraga (1 year ago)
Really nice video man, subscribing for sure!!!!
nyclady27 (1 year ago)
Very, very cool! But that's just a week's worth of clothes?! Sweet! 😃
HellahGood (1 year ago)
Will be posting new videos on all the outfits you can make with each of the pants! So far that one was only with the black pants ;)
RIWAJ (1 year ago)
Dope looks man
Alique Williams (8 months ago)
Not at all.
Adel Bouaouina (1 year ago)
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