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Hollywood Undead - This Love, This Hate Lyrics (Official)

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Hollywood Undead links: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hollywoodundeadofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/hollywoodundead Website: http://www.hollywoodundead.com/ YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/huofficial MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hollywoodundead ========================================= Other twitter links: J-Dog: https://twitter.com/JDog_HLM Johnny 3 Tears: https://twitter.com/johnny333tears Charlie Scene: https://twitter.com/sirCharlieScene Funny Man: https://twitter.com/dillyduzit Danny: https://twitter.com/Danieldrive Da Kurlzz: https://twitter.com/mattykurlzz
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Text Comments (222)
Namoro Uma Zoroark (7 months ago)
Song Full Deuce............... Song Full Danny *Ghost...*
spartan 4281 (9 months ago)
spartan 4281 (10 months ago)
R.I.P deuce
Иван Хлопин (10 months ago)
2к18 from Russia =)
Samuel Young (1 year ago)
This is an amazing song and obviously Deuce was great in HU. But why the fuck are people still arguing about Deuce and Danny? Deuce was in 1 album and Danny has been in 4. There's no contest.
Exotic Turtles 36289 (1 year ago)
To bad Da kurlzz left he was my favorite:(
little pet kingdome (1 year ago)
this is the first song i heard by Hollywood undead and its still my favorite and its why I love Deuce so much even if he's not with them anymore😳
Doritos Are Yum (1 year ago)
I haven't listened to this since I was 16.
Amcor (1 year ago)
07/15/2017 and still the best <3
Eric Harris (1 year ago)
Tama (1 year ago)
I like both of their voices, though I like deuce's voice a tad bit more
little pet kingdome (1 year ago)
Tama same
in the end this song is the only thing i have that can reflect the pain i feel every day.
Kimberly Liegey (2 years ago)
This is deuces goodbye song... Man... 😭😭
Mike Booth (2 years ago)
the nostalgia is real
numberonerearea (2 years ago)
2016 to
The Outside (2 years ago)
"Will I come back? I don't know..." No Deuce you won't, because now there's Danny. So we don't need ya anymore
Laural Thayer (2 years ago)
I love this song
Donny At10986 (2 years ago)
I like Danny and Deuce there both good
Cody Wilson (2 years ago)
I miss deuce 😩
little pet kingdome (1 year ago)
Shadow Of Darkness yes, but i loved the songs he was sung while in HU
Look At His Lips (2 years ago)
Me 2 he was the best
Shocked Chaika (2 years ago)
Now why don't we stop being fans of certain people or bands, and instead become fans of good music?
Harshv (2 years ago)
Don't try to make sense on youtube!
vales pito (2 years ago)
Emos -_-
+vales pito I feel ya man. Lmao
John Ritchie (2 years ago)
If anybody knows who the youtube L.A. Beast is, dosent part of the beat sound like the instrumental beat Beast uses in his videos a lot?
this song is my life
Braedyn Kephart (3 years ago)
i f^cking love hollywood undead :)
little pet kingdome (1 year ago)
Braedyn Kephart how do you know
+Braedyn Kephart no he is not
Braedyn Kephart (2 years ago)
+Dante Kaus Deuce is a fucking piece of shit
fruitdealer007 (3 years ago)
this moment, when you realize this song is about dying ;_;
Mackan Mygga (3 years ago)
+t o u R i s t Not sure what I'm suppose to reply to that, other than that i understood that the first time i heard the song. But i guess i can see what you mean, if you've been listening to the song for a while and just now realize that he's singing about that he didn't wanna live the life, he was living.
Nexus Clarum (3 years ago)
This song and Black Dahlia are my two favorite songs. No 5 and Everywhere I go are also awesome.
Rafael Marin (3 years ago)
Even After Hollywood Undead's Newest Album This Song Is Still My Favorite
Edison sanchez (3 years ago)
like (y)
mareekah (3 years ago)
2015 and they're still complaining about Deuce and Danny....
Uryuu Minene (6 months ago)
Now it's 2018 and they're still complaining about Danny and Deuce...
Kristin B. (2 years ago)
I like Duece better, but Danny is really good, too!
+Dante Kaus well these "emo" kids don't need to shut up people have a right to express their selves
Dante Kaus (2 years ago)
yep these emo kids don't know when to shut the fuck up
Ratungo (3 years ago)
Srsly. Cmon guyz. Danny is better.
PoPcicle (3 years ago)
Doesn't J-Dog sing the beginning part and not Deuce?
Oliver Abbott (2 years ago)
+PoPcicle You are a fucking idiot...?
Siha (3 years ago)
+PoPcicle Nope ^_^
Crackz0r94 (3 years ago)
only Deuce :)
Zuzana Holá (4 years ago)
this song is really fantastic!!
[Shuriken Symbol] (4 years ago)
*nods to the rhythm*
Steph Corley (4 years ago)
This song, by far, is my favourite HU song it's just so beautiful I love it♥
The Maniac Grape (4 years ago)
It had me thinking shouldn't this be deuce's song i mena sense he is no longer in Hollywood undead and like he is the only one singing the song shouldn't it this love this hate by deuce not this love this hate by Hollywood undead you know just thinking here
Oh Society (3 years ago)
+Shane Wright I understand where you're coming from but Deuce and his "assistant" Jimmy Yuma made the instrumental and wrote the lyrics. So technically he did make the entire song. If you buy the Swan Songs CD it says who the producers were and who wrote the lyrics for each song inside the little booklet that comes with the CD. You should read it, its actually pretty interesting, it has little notes that all the members wrote in it and at one point Jdog calls Deuce god or something haha. If only times were still that simple..
The Maniac Grape (3 years ago)
+Shane Wright guess your right i guess i wasn't thinking about that oh well it's best to just let it go
Shane Wright (3 years ago)
+Steve Baxter just because he was the one singing doesn't mean he made the entire song, there is still all the instrumentals and everything that's like saying serj owns every System of a Down song just because he's (for the most part) the only one singing, but that just doesn't make sense now would it?
The Maniac Grape (3 years ago)
*face palms*
Kevin Wagner (3 years ago)
You need to work on your spelling and grammar way worse than your "thinking",
So who is Cy?
FlyingMelodys (4 years ago)
I honestly can say (In my opinion) that it is a tie between Deuce and Danny for me. They are both great singers, and are very talented. Tho I kind of wish Deuce didn't lip sync live.
spartan 4281 (9 months ago)
This person thank you very much I agree 😎
Nick Plays (1 year ago)
You can't really sing autotune..
Butt Puppet (4 years ago)
Don't hate on me. I think Danny is a better singer than deuce.
spartan 4281 (10 months ago)
haley bell (4 years ago)
I love this song. Yay Deuce! <3
caitlin christensen (4 years ago)
DEUCE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Gùshì (4 years ago)
This song is... ♥...
Zero (3 years ago)
+Gemeral dis it goes on endlessly.
Gemeral dis (3 years ago)
+Loulou2912 Don't want to live this destiny....
drCasey555 (4 years ago)
its should be deuce undead :) 
Jan Rolfs (4 years ago)
you can´t compare deuce and danny 'cause they are different types of singer, deuce is more a rapper than danny and danny is a classic singer.
StrangerMutt (4 years ago)
*💜💜💜💜💜💜* this song
Aesthetic Pepsi (4 years ago)
I love the little jingle and in my opinion deuce and Danny are both good. And Everyone from HU didn't say they HATE deuce or anything I'm assuming he wasn't coming to concerts or he was just slacking off. But this is my favorite song sung by him.
LyricalAce (3 years ago)
Could you imagine Danny singing this?
Nic Whitmer (4 years ago)
duece is the shit undead undead undead
Douglas Bolitho (4 years ago)
lol the only song sung by one of the them, and of course it was Deuce -_-
Danny Smits (4 years ago)
Deuce is the best :D
fallout boy (4 years ago)
Deuce good BYE :D danny is better :)))
Gigan2004 (3 years ago)
+Lord Ultrimanius Well that's my opinion at least, if it's not yours, I won't judge.
Gigan2004 (3 years ago)
AGREED American Tragedy is hands down the best album in history.
Echo2000 (3 years ago)
This whole chain of comments gave me polio.
fallout boy (3 years ago)
sorry for english ;D
fallout boy (3 years ago)
hey man I said I like deuce now -_- its 2015 and I commented in 2014 its many changes...
Bloodock24 (4 years ago)
this is deuce's theme song even though he got kicked out
Nicole Waters (4 years ago)
+hayden hargadon haha, I like dead in ditches, well I don't but I do, well I guess its OKAY, lol, and I like the swearing in it too HAHA XD 
h harry (4 years ago)
why'd he get kicked out my mate just showed me these guys yesterday so far my favourite song is dead in ditches
Minadoi PlaysRS (4 years ago)
who could dislike this amazing song
Nelly jacobo (4 years ago)
i love this song
Snowyantlers (4 years ago)
Skierus (4 years ago)
+dakota whitmer i'm slightly confused on why you chose to say that in reply to a <3 but what ever hahahaha
Nic Whitmer (4 years ago)
duece is better than danny he is the shit but dannys still good and i still like hollywood undead but the fucked with duece and took too much credit for wat he did but i still like hollywood undead but what u guys did is fucked up u know it too i like dueces song story of a snitch hes talking about what hollywood undead did to him in the song and i like thae rest of his songs too 
dakota whitmer (4 years ago)
i like all hollywood undead songs but duece is the original singer so i think hes better than danny but danny is still good and to hollywood undead its fucked up wat u did to duece but i still like hollywood undead and duece and dueces song story of a snitch
Oskar Eriksson (4 years ago)
Diogenes of Sinope (4 years ago)
Adry A'Clown (4 years ago)
thank you Hollywood Undead for this song...this song help me in a darkest moment of my life...thanks so much  for your songs the're are amazing! By A'Clown from Italy <3
ElementziWoW (4 years ago)
I fucking love this song,i listen to it every night before sleep,literally im in love with this song...
ElementziWoW (4 years ago)
Something like that.:D
Erebus Black (4 years ago)
☻/ This is Bob.... Fuck Bob. /▌  / \ 
natan eggers, how about... NO, they were both good, Deuce took credit for songs he DIDN'T write alone, so he got kicked out and they had an open spot, Danny was a friend so he joined
Dillon Brunschon (5 years ago)
God damn people. Deuce was good yes, and he is still good by himself. Danny doesn't have a school girl voice. its called falsetto. Lots of guys make lots of money that way. But I do personally like their older songs more because they speak to me more than the new stuff, not because deuce is in them.
vote4bleach (6 months ago)
ik im late top this convo but to be frank danny and deuce dont have bad blood with each other its the rest of hu and deuce
Erebus Renatas (4 years ago)
+Dillon Brunschon I say that as a sign of good faith they should sign rights of this song to deuce, and bring him in to make some new songs, I'd definitely like to hear him and danny together.
Dillon Brunschon (4 years ago)
+Pankaja Withanachchi that would be wonderful. We can hope. 
Pankaja Withanachchi (4 years ago)
Deuce and danny together in Hollywood Undead  together would make them so much better... to bad that's never gonna happen....
Son Goku (5 years ago)
this is good :)
Mike Tabbit (5 years ago)
Ok danny has his good songs like belive mother murder street dreams and other stuff and deuce has his but just get used to danny bc deuce is not coming back.
Jake Rippe (5 years ago)
Hey fuck tard learn English.
Jake Rippe (5 years ago)
Dustin Bellow (5 years ago)
They sound better with Danny
Caique Melo (5 years ago)
magico o som dos cara :D
Grave stone (5 years ago)
It was a good choice, they've both become more successful and are more comfortable without each other.
Luke Saint (5 years ago)
i agree
Gerald LRG (5 years ago)
And both are doing great! Deuce made a few great songs with 9lives and HU brought out 2 albums i think? I think it was actually a good choice.
Tawnie Bush (5 years ago)
Grave stone (5 years ago)
they've made a hell of alot better songs that isnt just about the shit they used to sing about without deuce. HU is probably a hell of alot happier without deuce. Do you see how much they've changed since he left? Its better that deuce doesnt come back and that danny stays in the band
natan eggers (5 years ago)
HU their best songs was all writed by deuce so they would betther beg for deuce and kick danny out...
Jim Sigs (5 years ago)
OMG, Who the fuck cares!!! just listen to the music t(-_-t)
Padrae (5 years ago)
why you listening to the band he made and shaped then, danny is good but deuce made this band and shaped its style so your saying hu sucks
LEPROSY Bitch (5 years ago)
deuce sucks to danny
trevor driggers (5 years ago)
Hey youytube, fuck your advertisements, know why, i can listen to it all on playlist or my cell, so quit the shit, or lose a person, and i'll talk to my peeps, and you'll lose us all, 1 by 1, i'm tired of the bs we all gotta go through.
Blueninja1800 (5 years ago)
we can still dream tho :( </3 miss Deuce but still love Danny
JTRW (5 years ago)
I like the old and the new HU and I like Deuce as a solo artist. Life will be easier for you if you follow that same philosophy. And shut the fuck up.
JTRW (5 years ago)
I shat.
Pink Sharpie (5 years ago)
This really is the only music to help depression, its just life being told through someone's mouth
jimmy RJ (5 years ago)
this was the best song of hollywood undead for me
Grave stone (5 years ago)
fucking hell. To the people who say they keep wanting Deuce back in Hollywood undead just shut up. Its been more than two years he isn't gonna just magically return and we all know that so why not get over yourselves even Hollywood undead has moved on and replaced him with Danny. Deuce made his choice a long time ago so just get over it.
NickSpS (5 years ago)
"screw danny" he isnt only syaign he prefers deuce he is shit talking danny for no reason just cause he took deuce's place
Danton Steele (5 years ago)
cabrillo, anacapa....red bug....stockton, cocoa beach.....every side...cheap skate, lame deadbeet...heidi fleiss black guys..ex something, willy wonka, scabbed lips ...fish pimp
Wolf Crimson (5 years ago)
UH IS NOT DEUCE ! Deuce was just a part of HU ! Danny is amazing too,only he is not a whiny bitch and a douchebag.
coconutbxnny (5 years ago)
Ʈɦɨȿ Łǿ˅ƹ, Ʈɦɨȿ ɦąƮƹ
Odin (5 years ago)
your profilepicture is a cat in a tophat smoking a pipe, your argument are valid before you even spoke them
Alex Blaze (5 years ago)
this song seem like he knew he was leaving and he was singing it out of his heart
Nova (5 years ago)
Megan Post (5 years ago)
Anthony Haller (5 years ago)
Who's Cy.
aricia loockx (5 years ago)
People please stop argueing about the whole "Deuce is much better"thing you people should be happy HU is still making music ((my english is a fail,just saying))
Sami Ibarra (5 years ago)
they are the best band ever with or without deuce and thats never gonna change
NowScreamAndRockOut1 (5 years ago)
Deuce could care less about the band. he aint comin back just look up the song when we ride by duece.
Leo (5 years ago)
i kind like Delish
Sean Becker (5 years ago)
Deuce was good, but he was a dick to the band and got kicked out by the band. Danny took his place, and the whole HU crew is happier now than they ever were with Deuce. These things happen. Now Deuce is solo and does nothing but bitch about not being with the band he didn't treat fairly to begin with. Don't like Danny? Listen to Swan Songs and Nine Lives.
D SM (5 years ago)
dont be hater. Just enjoy the song - prob the perfect song, or at least the best of hu-.
Maria (5 years ago)
To the people saying that they miss Deuce and/or hate Danny: Yes, I like him just as much as Danny, but if you would like to know exactly why it is that Deuce left, according to the rest of the band members, then search up Hollywood Undead on wikipedia and read about the Departure of Deuce. Thank you! (I'm not trying to create an argument, I'm just getting annoyed.)
KSPexicutioner (5 years ago)
So go listen to your lil wayne wanna be
Tom C (5 years ago)
Just listen to delish... danny make pussy music, HU with danny is like 1 Direction with mask...
Marius Milušauskas (5 years ago)
Back when people like you just didin't comment shit like this and just enjoyed the music wich you should do...
xDarkWarrior88x (5 years ago)
How selfish he's in a six man band and he makes a solo song? no wonder they kicked him

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