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Brand New Castor and Elmira Skins!! (Wizard Skins)

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Text Comments (8040)
Ninja (4 months ago)
What do you all think about the new skins??
Christopher Garcia (2 months ago)
U have ligma
Christopher Johnson (3 months ago)
CHICKEN TACOS (4 months ago)
Ninja s
Awesome 2beat (4 months ago)
+Javier 23 they never had ideas.
Aleplays 123 (4 months ago)
You should get banned
Jaclyn E (1 month ago)
your good can i friend you
LULÚ (2 months ago)
Perchè tiè venuto 50 di scudo senza berlo
Christopher Garcia (2 months ago)
Ninja has ligma
Lita (2 months ago)
OMG he said at 10:18 bwawa bwawa Knadulul Knadylul WOE :o
Lita (2 months ago)
Lol funny Tyler Ninja pro funny video funny video I liked this video yes!!!! :)
GAMES TÜRK (3 months ago)
did you see the ninja hacker, the guys got rid of the man and saw 50 shield dol du hacker dir
GhoulishTrooper 777 (3 months ago)
Why don’t people just report ninja by stream sniper and stfu Edit: or by reporting people of stream sniper even they didnt
Sedric Gahler (3 months ago)
If you guys could follow me on twitch that would be awesome! My username is BoxHeadLary!
Veronica (3 months ago)
That poor default in the beginning LOL
Frank Fernadez (3 months ago)
The skins are fire ponpon ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ
Nickho Bugayong (3 months ago)
Zak Butz (3 months ago)
Anybody else think the girl wizard looks like Black Mage from final fantasy or am I reaching?
AJ Gaming (3 months ago)
Ninja, I think you should stop trying to ban people. What if the "stream sniper" isnt a stream sniper what if he is judt really good at fortnite. You view yourself and alot of people view you as the best fortnite player in the world but that doesnt mean you should punish people you think arent better than you and making some false accusations
Team Alpha (3 months ago)
Dope Team Alpha Gaming Certified ;)
FAKE NEWS (3 months ago)
He reports everyone this fag
Osvaldo Mireles (3 months ago)
Ive seen your ninja dojo vid it looks siiiick also I subed good job ninja and red bull
Josee Rizkallah (3 months ago)
I am one of your biggest fans. Great vid btw
Artwann Harmon (3 months ago)
Did anybody notice when ninja got his first kill he got 50 shield
Aka-Jordan TV (3 months ago)
If y’all sub to me I’ll sub to you
Inforgames Lanhouse (3 months ago)
oi nija
Monsterman123459 (3 months ago)
I got real mad when he left the golden heavy AR and kept the blue. Smh.
Paul Mungia (3 months ago)
Wait, is the max 500 now?!?!?!?! PLEASE comment and tell me.
Spec Light (3 months ago)
When at 9:35 he gets shot but doesn’t take damage
Wolf (3 months ago)
Ninja is a really good person. A lot of youtubers are bad sports about things and dont care about their views but Ninja does care and he is a good sport even though he can rage sometimes. Lets just honest everyone rages
B rkn (3 months ago)
Thats the Fake Ninja he have not 19999999subscribers Real Ninja have 19999711
SpickeyPlayz_YT * (3 months ago)
Or your 19,999,999 sub
SpickeyPlayz_YT * (3 months ago)
Ninja I was your 20,000,000 subscriber
Ninjas better than myth and tfue
Louise Colley (3 months ago)
You are really good at fortnite
Ayaan Bearingwala (3 months ago)
He is a hacker i suppose
Ayaan Bearingwala (3 months ago)
Open this video to 32 seconds and watch his shield boom to 50
Colin Barry (3 months ago)
Ju ar de best Fortnite pleier of de wörld
wrigs wrigleys (3 months ago)
your a little bitch ninja
AJ Formentos (3 months ago)
ummmm 8:45
Georges Kern (3 months ago)
50 Erhan (3 months ago)
8:43 cheater why you have no damage ?
Aloysious See (3 months ago)
how did he get 50 shield jus by killing tht person??
Ryelly Beauvais (3 months ago)
LeAnne Mellon (3 months ago)
cool skins
mightyburst 693 (3 months ago)
ninjas a hacker--dont belive me--does he get hit at 8:23 and take no damage
mightyburst 693 (3 months ago)
+HAPPYTAPER not a glitch ether
HAPPYTAPER (3 months ago)
Broken skull 308 thats. True
mightyburst 693 (3 months ago)
sory meant 8:44
Carter Andersen (3 months ago)
just kidding your one of the best in the world
Carter Andersen (3 months ago)
dumb ass pick up the golden scar and epic heavy shotgun
Delay_ Pancake17 (3 months ago)
Did your other video got taken down for copyright
Delay_ Pancake17 (3 months ago)
Did your other video got taken down for copyright
Markiya Cannon (3 months ago)
Bands all hackers all hackers
Andrew Brooks (3 months ago)
Why did he not take damage at 8:44
Andrew Brooks (3 months ago)
Also at 9:30
TS (3 months ago)
This is fake ninja lol....
you are mi best tuber and you are best for fornite
MadMachine YT (3 months ago)
What mouse sens u ply on
ll OGxDre ll 2 (3 months ago)
Y'all are legit dumb this is a bot account this ain't ninja
William Wills (3 months ago)
You are a god at fortnite
Anna Auriemma (3 months ago)
Ninja come fai dire rete che mio assassina
Juan de U (3 months ago)
Why when he killed someone he instantly had 50 shield?
Not Secret Op (3 months ago)
Tyler you missed a suppressed scar like and comment if you saw it
Skyleronthetrack F (3 months ago)
Hi Nijia
g g (3 months ago)
If u don't like ninja and all your gonna do is say that he accuses everyone who kills him a stream sniper y do u watch h just fuck off
jaime ramirez (3 months ago)
first video I ever seen, I never used to watch your videos but the I noticed how good you are. Keep u the good work and you'll reach your dreams. P.S Best gamer
Noah Olislagers (3 months ago)
Gets hit but no damage at 9:33
Nicholas Comet (3 months ago)
BOI STOP ADVERTISING ON FLARE TV! Some of us are trying to pay attention to the big guys.
Navjot Deepak (3 months ago)
Can you give me v bucks
HomeGrown (3 months ago)
I need 900 more subscribers to get monetized help me out guys
Kle idi (3 months ago)
shifty shifts its you fav
RedgraveGaming (3 months ago)
Wait did anyone else see ninja get shot at 8:44 but took no damage
Fares Da Ana (3 months ago)
What is best aim
Roman35 Romani (3 months ago)
There was a laamma
Csenge Sára (3 months ago)
Oh hi, i love you❤️
Sven Soric (3 months ago)
I love your solos keep it up
Jose cortes (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me what support a creator means ? Or does 🤔
Lance Rice (4 months ago)
Ninja's a cheater, look how he instantly gets shields from killing that football skin 0: 31
Creative coley (4 months ago)
☠️☠️🍖☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃Ninja sub to my channel
David Vasquez Salazar (4 months ago)
I am love ninja you are a beautifull person
I love you Ninja
Ninja is the best 🏆
Jesse Thames (4 months ago)
How the hell did he get that 50 shield right after he killed the first guy look at second number 30 at the beginning. I swear kills the guy and gets 50 shield? How? Like so this can be seen
Ninj a (4 months ago)
Check out my name
Busta Jam (4 months ago)
I lpve ypu
Busta Jam (4 months ago)
Your the best
Busta Jam (4 months ago)
The skin reminded me of hairy poter
kim ellis (4 months ago)
Ninja why do you have to get so mad if someone kills you,no one's perfect at fortnite, at the end of the day it's just a game
Time Of Vynz Vynz (4 months ago)
Ninja which is best blue tacktical and heavy shotgun
mason forrest (4 months ago)
Is this the real ninja channel? If so, why was he spamming in the pewdiepie and tseries live sub count?
Indubitably Papa (4 months ago)
He got hit at 8:45 and didn’t take damage?
Amanda Marks (4 months ago)
At the start of the vid when he kills the player, he gets 50 shield. Like if you see this too
Elaine H Hines (4 months ago)
You r acting trash there was a heavy shotgun and did not pick it up
lee77 (4 months ago)
A ?did you comment on crainers vid
lee77 (4 months ago)
lee77 (4 months ago)
Never mind there is a guy who copied u
Bryce Hall (4 months ago)
Your my favorite
Antonio Palacios (4 months ago)
Your trash
Antonio Palacios (4 months ago)
Your trash
Ryan Miller (4 months ago)
Why did you not hit the win button
Hcbv Vhvjb (4 months ago)
And i add you in fortnite mi name is mahfigh123
Hcbv Vhvjb (4 months ago)
Pleas ninja im noob give me 950 v_buks i not have the battel pass pleas mi account is ([email protected])pleas mi bro
SgOgZ ! (4 months ago)
You're a God my boy😅
Daniel Gretka (4 months ago)
Everywhere i all I see is hate watch some one else if you don't like ninja
windsor career college! (4 months ago)
keep up the great work Ninja you rock. Hey if you ever play with Frequentgiraffe he is a God-Mod hacker so just a Heads UP
Swift Cosmic (4 months ago)
“ your a HaRrY wIzArD “ 😂
Olfa Amari (4 months ago)
Why he don't take the good guns ??
Jesse Neeleman (4 months ago)
How did he get 50 shield after his first kill?
DooM DomiNation (4 months ago)
Fuck you ninja you winy bitch

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